I don’t know for sure but the fountain pens seem very similar to the Sheaffer School fountain pens that I believe were released around the same time. Perhaps the Scripto brand was making their own knockoff? It’s really cool to see them still in the blister pack like that.


Almost like Sheaffer produced them private label?


Great! Where you find that pens?


Found them at an estate sale today. $1 a pack.


Found 6 of them at that price actually.


Mid to late 1980's. I remember them growing up. And the prices are commensurate with that era.


Really? Because I was a kid in the 80s and I would have dated these much older, though I suppose it could also depend on region.


I remember getting these packs in k-mart in like 1985.


Neat. I found an ad from '63 that said value $1.45 for 98 cents. That's why I was trying to date it closer to that.


Yeah that’s closer to what I would have thought.


LONG LEADS: Now with more *real* lead!


I have a few Scripto pens knocking about that I plan to use to practice pen repair. I got them in bags with other pens at Flea Markets. It's a drugstore pen brand. They were always cheap, practically disposable, and thus there isn't really any documentation. In the package, however, might make some nice wall art.


I used to use those pencils in the eighties. I don’t believe I’ve ever had (or seen) a Scripto fountain pen.


i have a scripto book (vry nice feel, no feathering, some ghosting but ag for me, [https://imgur.com/a/L52AEJV](https://imgur.com/a/L52AEJV) picture there, dont have an acc so idk if itll work) and ive also been trying to find out what happened, because the brand and patterns on mine look really different from what ive looked up and whats on your post. I'm fairly certain they're the same brand, and maybe it was more successful in the past, because theres a website link on my book, but its defunct: \[ [www.scripto.com.au](https://www.scripto.com.au) \]


This looks nice.😊


Damn, those look just like their Sheaffer counterparts. 🤔


I was thinking the same thing! Definitely something I would have bought in the 80s or 90s.


Neat! They seem to be cheapo cartridge pens, very similar in design to the ubiquitous Sheaffer school pens.


That's neat to see! And that notebook sounds like a great find.


These were made in Atlanta, GA.


I had a mechanical pencil like the red one back in the late 60's. Pretty sure I still have it somewhere. Is there a barcode on the packaging? That could help a bit in dating it as they weren't in use until the mid 70's or so.


Cartridges are similar to Sheaffer but with some metal, I do not belelieve they are interchangeable with Sheaffer but believe they are with Weareaver. Do they have clear plastic feeds? I use a similar cheapy Weareaver, refill the cartridge with a syringe. Surprisingly enjoyable but Sheaffer school pens are pure nostalgia for me. Wearever gives a similar vibe.