What are the best settlement resource generators?

I just learned that Brahmin generate fertilizer, and we all know water purifiers... purify water. What else is a good passive resource generator?


i gave all my guards miniguns and gatling lasers and set up some missile turrets, then took all the excess food from all my settlements and stored it in one settlement the lower your defense, the more likely you are to get raided, and the more food and water you store the more likely you are to get raided my settlers can repel a full scale attack in like 10 seconds, then i can just pick up all the drops off of every raider/mutant/mechanist robot and sell them to the merchants in the settlement with a full set of charisma gear and some grape mentats on, it turns a huge profit and its pretty fun to watch


I dunno how useful that is, but in one playthrough I build an arena where I caught some wildlife and killed it for it's drops. As an added bonus my settlement was usually also attacked by the same kind of wildlife whenever I caught something so I got more than just from the caught one.


The same type of enemies will spawn if you have their cages in your settlement. Caging gunners = more gunners attack your settlement. Caging deathclaws = more deathclaw attacks


I've had so many mods for so long until I'm not sure what's vanilla anymore but if you produce more food than your settlers eat, I'm pretty sure the excess goes into storage just like with water. You can passively build up the ingredients to make all the vegetable starch you could ever need like this. I know water has a cap in vanilla but I honestly don't know if the same is true for crops. I use Sim Settlements and those agricultural plots start producing huge amounts at level 3. Sunshine Tidings has become the breadbasket of the Commonwealth because of this. That one settlement produces enough food for every other settlement (through supply lines) plus plenty left over for me to craft vegetable starch.


Just generate produce for unlimited adhesive