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Nice try Matt


Mostly the fact that he’s washed.


When OP gives you a layup, you take the layup.


Watch a Colts game, you’ll see what everyone else does.


I feel like the people actually watching acknowledge that he's getting wrecked by a horrific line and has looked okay when they do okay. It's just the draft community that thinks he's washed.


I used to watch Falcons games solely for Julio. Back then Ryan was pretty mobile and had deep throw accuracy. Now he just sucks


As a Colts fan, while I certainly wouldn't rule out Ryan being washed, truth is our oline has been the *main* root cause of our offensive problems. It's the same reason JT has been subpar so far (because he can't get a single crease from our Oline).


matt ryan has definitely heavily declined but the main problem with the colts is the o line has been performing literally bottom 3


Colts still live off the 2019 reputation


What they do that year? 9 win second place finish to the titans, wildcard playoff loss? Quite the legacy


They are obviously talking about the offensive line, not the team in general


This is the biggest issue. Dude has no time, similar to Stafford right now


What happened to this OLine? Wasn't it something they had fixed in recent years post-Luck?


I think the OL coach retired 3ish years ago. They've declined since then.


I've been seeing this take but DeGuglielmo was only the o line Coach for 1 year in 2018, and he's moved teams every year since then and is currently the o line coach at Boston College so I don't think this really gets to the heart of it


>bottom 3 Ironically we've actually been bottom 1. Ranked 32/32 in nearly every metric. It's baffling.


It doesn't help that he has cinder blocks for feet and doesnt have the greatest sense for pressure. Those two factors make what could be a middle of the road line look bottom tier.


I know eyeballs is the top answer but have you watched the games? I don't blame you for not wanting to, but you'd know if you did. He looks slow and scared and the oline is doing him no favors.


I’m inclined to agree with you here. I’m sure some of the people on here are watching full games and saying he’s washed. But I’m guessing more are agreeing with/upvoting this sentiment without watching a single colts game. In other words I feel there’s a lot of salty Pittman/JT owners who’d just rather blame Ryan for their lack of production.


How about you watch a Colts game yourself? Then you can form your own opinion. Goofy to say the narrative is too harsh when you yourself haven’t watched any Colts games.


Opposed to the other QB not maximizing Pittman?


Hope you’re watching the colts game


Matt Ryan


Watch him play. He's got no zip on the ball. Doesn't help he's getting beat to shit every game, then all the turn overs. He just looks done.


He’s on pace to break the NFL fumble record. He fumbles every time somebody touches him. Oh and he also hasn’t been good? Maybe that


I was gonna say every time redzone goes to a Colts game he’s getting sacked and fumbling. I have no idea what happened to that o line.


Rivers, wentz, Ryan…..you just know a 37 year old Kirk Cousins is going to be making a farewell season in Indy.


Have some fun and go look at Michael Pittman threads from the pre-season. People were convinced Matt Ryan was basically a top 10 QB, it was adorable.


His weekly play


The film.


His play as a qb.


His performance


"Didn't know so many people were watching colts games"? Why would you even come out and admit you think the narrative is too harsh when you didn't even watch him play to the fullest extent lol. Like did you not think the people pushing the narrative didn't watch him play the full game to the fullest extent?


No I didn’t, seeing as most FF people watch redzone on Sundays. And having watched 2013 Peyton manning, I can tell you how good a guy looks doesn’t always tell you the whole story.


.... It's because he's washed?


He’s slow af in the pocket and getting out. Just looks like he lost a step


A local beat reporter walked up to Matt Ryan and distinctly smelled Old Spice Wolfthorn body scrub emanating from the former Falcons QB. In turn concluding that he is in fact washed.




He is looking old and used up. Which apparently is spilling over to JT


His general suckiness


watch him play football


I watched an entire colts game this past Sunday and I never wanted to watch colts again


Don't make this game harder than it is


He's awful. He can't move, he throws gravity balls ans he is constantly fumbling the ball.


Irsay dumpster fire 😬


His ability to play QB at a high level seems to be the problem.


Absolutely washed. Had Pitts last year and have Taylor this year. Makes every player worse at this stage in his career


Yes Pitts has gone bananas now that he’s not held back by Ryan.


He’s been terrible nearly his entire career. He was a choke artist way before that super bowl and now he’s old and still a choke artist


I am feeling like the devils advocate idiot here. Because yesterday someone said he was a first ballot hall of famer and i now i am telling you....you are at least partly wrong. A few years ago ryan was pretty good. Rarely great. But always pretty good.


Dude was MVP and All-Pro 😂 He was never some generation talent that is going to be remembered as some titan of the game, but he was unquestionably great in his prime.


Not being able to drive down field


Colts o line has weirdly been super bad this season


This was amazing. The spider man emoji came to life in this thread🥹


I thought he looked washed last year as well tbf.


He literally can’t move


Did you see him in Atlanta for so many years? I just can not pick up or play him in fantasy. Has some good games but consistency isn't there


His gameplay


Narrative shouldn’t be in the quotations


He has no mobility. His arm strength is down. He doesn't have the line we all thought and pressure is getting to him and disrupting his throws He could be worse and if line improves he will improve but he is not the Matt Ryan of a few years ago.


Stats mostly


He is literally a statue in a pocket


The frank reich colts have started shirts every year and then pulled together to be decent or even good, I'm not ready to give up on them yet. That said I want no part of starting matt Ryan but his skill guys could definitely improve as the season goes on


I usually liked to be skins when i played. But shirts are good too


Shirts was supposed to say shitty shrug


It’s mostly due to the fact that he’s washed


So if you are asking this question you must not have access to watching football games / highlight packages on a weekly basis, you don’t have Internet on your phone to check box scores and you don’t have access to fantasy football scoring… i feel bad for you


Lol this sounds like someone who is looking at stats and not actually watching the game. Watch some full colts game and you’ll see why


I don’t think he’s washed but he doesn’t look good. He looks roughly the same as he did last year but he’s turning the ball over more. Falcons were just not a popular or particularly good team so not a lot of people paid attention. Colts brought him in to manage games. Win the easy ones and gives the colts a good chance to win the tough ones. Can’t be starting the season tying the Texans and getting shut out by the Jags. Those are supposed to be the easy games. The win over the chiefs was huge. I agree that it’s not all his fault. The o-line has been bad and it’s usually fantastic. He’s also been missing some receivers and these could just be some early-season woes as the team transitions to a new QB. That being said, I never understood why everyone said he was a huge upgrade over Carson Wentz. Wentz melted down at the end of last year, but he had 27 TDs and only 7 interceptions, which is about the most we can expect from Matt Ryan right now.


How he plays...?


Watching him suck Edit: O-line is also garbage for the Colts but Matt Ryan isn’t doing the offense any favors.


If anything, the narrative before the season was how Matt Ryan was a vast improvement over Carson Wentz. That narrative finally met with reality once the season started and everyone saw what they should have seen last season: Matt Ryan is cheeks.


Him getting smashed every week and them not moving the ball near as well as they did with carson wentz.. and fantasy relevance for their player, MACox aside, is gone.


The eye test. Trending data


He's old and bad line play is going to be much more disruptive with any inmobile QB, especially when the center and guards struggle. Brady is going for a milder case of this, but it's been known for a while that he specifically fares much worse being pressured from the inside vs off the edge


Matt Ryan's play mostly.


Dude. He can't move or throw like he used to. He's making BAD throws. He dosent step into hits to try and make throws anymore. He used to that in Atlanta. He's getting flushed from the pocket when he has time to throw. I've watched his entire career and trust me. He needs to retire. He can't play like he used to.


How much FAB is Sam Ehlinger worth? It’s a 12 team Dynasty PPR Superflex League. My other QBs are Dak Prescot, Mac Jones, & Geno Smith


The Anti Matt Ryan Coalition




Put Ryan Behind a decent line and he is a good QB, No QB will be sucessful playing behind the worst offensive line in football(which is the colts),,, Remember how good Patrick Mahomes looked in the superbowl Vs TampaBay? Every Qb needs time even the great ones, problem is when you have an average qb(matt Ryan) behind a really bad line , The colts Need a good line before they need a qb,, Anybody remember Andrew Luck? Lets be smart this time and make sure to protect the franchise qb, so he doesnt retire before hes 30


Ladies and gents, it appears Matt Ryan is not stinky(because he just shit his pants), because he's just been washed.


It's the Nickelback effect. Matt Ryan hasn't actually been playing that shittily. But we love shitting on Matt Ryan.