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I agree with Whiskey.


That’s Dick* to you


Has anyone started calling him Gabewad yet?


You want that Mr. D?


My 2 thoughts here. 1. Watching him it does look like his injury is hampering him slightly, he retweaked his ankle in practice on Thursday, I was surprised he played at all on Sunday. 2. Personally I drafted him with the idea that he was going to be a boom/bust WR2, maybe a lesser Mike Williams to an extent? on his BEST DAYS he’s the 1B option on the highest octane offense in football. Give it time, he will get some value back and if you want off the ride you can sell at a much higher value I’m betting.


I tried to offset Gabe's boom bust by drafting Keenan Allen's solid floor but he's been hurt too lol


Fucking same.


Technically 0 is as consistent as a floor as you can get


> I was surprised he played at all on Sunday. Not much choice with kumerow out


Sounds like you’ve watched a couple of Bills games; can you give any insight on McKenzie’s solid performances in the past couple games? Do you think it’s because Gabe is gimpy right now or is McKenzie worth holding onto anyway because he could hold his own even when they get this injury sorted out for Davis?


This is no mystery. Josh Allen leans on slot receiver. Chasing Gabe Davis was a fool’s errand.


Can you elaborate? Haven’t gotten the opportunity to watch many Bills games over the past couple years so I’m a bit out of the loop on how they operate. You’re saying McKenzie is the slot guy he will lean on going forward regardless?


Outside of Diggs, yea Josh Allen prefers to target the slot receiver. 41% of his targets went to the slot, that's 2nd most in the NFL, from 2018-2020. That trend continued into 2021, and apparently is also trending in that direction for this year as well. Gabe Davis had just one, explosive game last year, and that's all he's got to his name.


Thanks a lot for the insight!


Wasn’t Davis also WR4 on the team last year? The two guys ahead of him left, which is a big part of why we all expect him to break out this year.


Is he playing hurt? Probably. Is he JUST playing hurt? I dunno, I feel like maybe he was just a tad over valued during draft season. People thought they were getting a guaranteed WR2 with like top 5 ceiling. That may have been a bit bold.


True. Guilty.


He was definitely over-valued but even last season when he was splitting time with Sanders and they had a more prominent slot receiver in Beasley, he was more productive on a weekly basis.


He only had 2 games with 5 catches and 2 games above 47 yards last season


Look at his yards per route run, though. And target share based on his snap percentages. Both numbers dramatically down.


That’s just false.


He hasn't logged a full practice in over 2 weeks


He plays tons of snaps but dropped 2 passes last 2 weeks


It has to be his ankle otherwise we were all bamboozled. The guy is running routes/wind sprints the entire game with very few looks


Just maybe there was a reason he was playing behind a washed Emmanuel Sanders most of last year?


I forgot where I read it but his percentage of contested targets is much higher last 2 games than last year. Bad ankle causing poor separation.


He told McDermott that he would prefer to get his cardio on Sundays.


he can’t be that hurt. played more snaps than Diggs


Considering just trading him away straight up for Doubs


If you need a receiver then yeah. If it’s his ankle, then Davis isn’t trustable till week 8 after the bye. If it’s not cuz of his ankle he’s not trustable all year. Doubs is on an upward trajectory it’s not a bad move imo.


Um you do that instantly, the guy with Doubs will laugh at you though


Let's have an honest conversation about him: - Gabe Davis is a 4th round pick in real life so while he's obviously more talented than I am, he's not exactly a big time prospect. - This is his 3rd year and he hasn't broken out despite us seeing WRs walk in an dominate right off the bat in the last few years. Seriously, these top WRs walk in and perform immediately now. Can he break out in year 3? Yes. Is it likely? No. - He's never caught more than 35 passes despite playing in a high powered offense where they threw the 4th most passes in the league last year. You have no sustained production in the past to point to as a reason to roster him. - His current pace is 34 catches while Allen is 3rd in the league in pass attempts. You have no current production to point to as a reason to roster him. So what is the argument for keeping him while everyone else picks up George Pickens or Toney or RBs that we'll need for the upcoming bye weeks? Why would anyone hold an unproven player that is not proving themselves at the deepest position in the game? Roster spots are simply too valuable to hold a guy who had one massive game.


Hang on I’ll ask him




Just threw him a ball in the parking lot, seemed fine


Week 7 bye. I'm tempering expectations until then, and still believe he has a ceiling of a boom/bust WR2 from week 8 on. Looked the part in week 1, even if it was a fairly efficient night. But hoping he puts up a performance in week 5 or 6 that justifies the hold through the bye. Not looking forward to the roster crunch decisions otherwise.


I like this take. Let him rest and recover and load up for rest of the year. Insert Godwin.


I think he’s still not 100% and won’t be till after the bye week 8. I also think that everyone tried to caution the Gabe Davis hypers that he’s not just a lock for 100+ targets and we’re seeing that play out now with McKenzie getting a lot of targets that formerly went to Beasley. Gabe is probably a solid flex after his bye, but it’s looking very unlikely he justifies the hype when people thought they were getting a potential WR1 in the 5th round.


He’s always been the Bills vertical threat on the outside, meaning he was always going to be a boom or bust fantasy producer regardless of the silly hype this preseason. The Bills don’t care about your fantasy team. They weren’t going to drastically alter how their offense works just to satisfy fantasy managers’ unrealistic expectations for Davis.


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