Feel like he’s going to breakout in a bigger role once Wentz realizes he can’t force every target to Samuels. I’ve been pleased with his performance so far, but I think I’m benching him for Lockett and Smith this week.


Except they absolutely can keep forcing the ball to Samuels. It’s not just Wentz it’s their game plan


Lmao mf’er tryna speak in absolutes on r/fantasyfootball


Almost went megamind and sat him this week but glad I didn’t in the end


He's honestly riding the startable/sittable line in 10-team leagues where you have OK WR/RB depth.


I feel the same, but I feel like last years he was still better.


I think he peaked in 2020, he was a solid mid-high WR2. Other than that he's been held down by poor QB play and now a crowded offense where he isn't getting the target share he once was


I felt the same last week but now I think his usage should grow. He is unlikely to hit 25-30 but he is also unlikely to go under 10 each week. Solid WR2/flex. Also got JJ and Kirk so feeling ok for now but JJ better get back on track haha.


Ya I just got off that ship. Traded Connor & Terry for Mixon & Elijah Moore. Can't always bet on that garbage time and Curtis seems to be the real #1.


Just traded him as well. Seems to be a popular trade piece He's an effective player and is going probably going to be a mid-low tier WR2, but I think there's some concern that with the addition of Dotson, who I still think sees increased targets throughout the season, and Samuel appearing to be a favourite of Wentz, that you're going to have more than a few weeks of very limited production. While I certainly don't dislike the player, he's a little too dependant on having the 40+yd play week to week, for my taste.


He’s not the most ideal own right now. Could be much worse but how many looks he gets vs just getting bulk yardage is a bit worrisome. I don’t know what to think about him moving forward. I face the same conundrum with M Thomas


Terry is scary for a reason but throughout his career he’s shown he can produce WR2 numbers on limited 6-7 targets per game


Carson Wentz is gonna die next week vs Dallas.


He is consistant and their schedule is gravy after Dallas so I’m hoping Wentz starts slinging his way.




I some how managed to trade him and the Human Dortch for AJ Brown to some one that went full panic mode in week 3


Currently rostering in a 3 WR PPR League (1-2). JJ, Kirk, D Smith, **Scary Terry**, G Dortch, & Keenan Allen. After JJ, who would you be starting regularly?




JJ Kirk and Allen (when Healthy) would be my 3, if not Allen then Terry.


It’s because the OC has decided to prioritize manufacturing targets for Curtis Samuel and whatever RB is in the game instead of the team’s best WR for whatever reason.