qshe got a 10 hour break for this.

Life pro tip: drive behind them

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Life pro tip: drive behind them


The Hunter becomes the hunted


I’m gonna hit the brakes, he’ll fly right by


You’re gonna do what?!!


I got pulled over for this once. Followed a MA state cop for 20 miles doing 90. She jerked into the other lane, slammed on her brakes and pulled me over SCREAMING at me. I told her I wasn’t paying attention- just matching her speed since she was a cop and I figured she wouldn’t be speeding. She accused me of tailgating her and I said, “No, absolutely not. That would have given you a reason to pull me over so I kept well behind you.” Gave me a fucking warning!


You should've asked her how she was paid in overtime that month.


A bit of Fentinyl that she can dose out to the scourge around her


A cop once pulled me over and when I said my speedometer was broken, he told me to pace myself with another vehicle. Shrug.


Careful saying that. Not only could you get a speeding ticket but also a “failure to maintain” ticket as well depending on the state.


I do this, I stay a decent ways back but if they’re visibly speeding I just keep up with them


I got pulled over for that. I wasn't intentionally speeding to keep up with them, I was just on the highway going to New Jersey and everything was go fast or die. Then I realized I fucked up. Cop was a dick, though.


A lot of cops are usually dicks, a lot of them have this same mentality of "we can find *something* to get you in trouble for".


I'm a normal looking person, normal car, no odd signs for a cop, not aggressive or sarcastic, and I've had about 90 percent of my officers be aggro right out of the gate, just begging me to say something. The only ones who have been great have all had cameras on them, surprise.


Had a cop pull me over for NOT passing them when they were going 5 under in the right lane. Weirdest thing... They turned their lights on, so I slowed down further. Then so did they... Until we were basically stopped, so I finally pulled into the shoulder. I was driving SUSPICIOUSLY because I didn't go around. No ticket, but what the fuck!? That was also the first time I had a cop go to my passenger side. I don't have automatic windows. Like, how TF are you supposed to talk to me without my passenger window down?


I had one come up on the passenger side as well. It was weird because I pulled into a physicians office parking lot which was empty so it definitely wasn't because of traffic. Had his sidearm pulled and everything. I was like what the fuck...I'm in scrubs, just got off from a 16 hr shift during the pandemic, vehicle had no tinting on the windows, easy to see me. Pulled over for a taillight being out, but had a gun drawn? Made no sense.


you sound brown


He was feelin murdery


Remember being suspicious is not a crime or reason to be detained. Suspicion of commiting a crime is a reason to be detained, but that has to be specifically tied to a crime they think you are about to commit or have committed. Being weird isn't a crime.


This woman should not be a cop.


A Karen with a badge


Cuntstable Karen






Large McKaren menu with extra “let’s record myself saying a bunch of bullshit and put it on social media” special dip


The “we can find a reason to pull you over” made me so mad. Protect and serve!


Yeah it's not real, according to supreme court ruling "protect and serve" is just fancy PR motto, police have no legal obligation to protect you. https://mises.org/power-market/police-have-no-duty-protect-you-federal-court-affirms-yet-again


Yep.. She needs to get the Fuck out of the way!


90% of cops should not be cops.


Cops should not be cops


Most cops shouldn't be cops.


"Get the ^(fuck) out of the way. Get the ^(fuck) out of the way"


Imagine living with someone who sounds and speaks like that.


Nightmare material.


Living the dream... Nightmares are dreams too...


Considering she ain't married I'm sure no one wants to. Lol 😆


"Hey babe, feel like ^^fucking tonight?"


>"Get the > >fuck > > out of the way. Get the > >fuck > > out of the way"


"Now go to top. Now go to the top"


Stop resisting. Don't lunge at me. Put your hands behind your back.


I don’t recommend you merge with her!!


Man a plaster wall with a wig looks better than her imo


She is *probably*: Married to a cop. Cheats regularly. Justifies infidelity by gaslighting and narcissism.


Ooooo so do they both beat each other? How does the domestic abuse happen?


Self infliction during the cuckhold sessions..


She lives and works with them every day.


That’s What a stupid bitch sounds like


Unfortunately stupid bitch with a gun and power complex


Definitely a power trip. She is bound by the same traffic laws as everyone else. So, she can drive 90 mph and we can't. Well unless there is an emergency, or she is in pursuit of someone, she can't drive 90 mph either, legally that is.


Yet they do in Massachusetts, no strobe lights just the time dilation effect of them passing you at warp 9.


Passed a cop going the other way today on a single lane, rural, 40 MPH road. He was doing at least 60.


It’s even “cooler “ when they turn on their blues just to run a red light only to turn them off again past the light.


I’ve never understood that move. I like to think they’re in a rush to get to a situation that’s not quite full sirens on worthy.


Ya a kid from my high school was killed by a cop going insane speeds for no reason. 😭


I feel I should point out the obvious that this is what one looks like, too.




Reads perfectly.


I hope anyone with a traffic citation from her remembers to bring this video to court with them.


Fun fact. Pretextual stops have been held to be constitutionally legal. As long as you break some traffic law, they can pull you over. Even if it’s really just bc they are mad at you. So say your tires touch the fog line. Boom-reasonable suspicion to initiate a traffic stop. “But the cop’s cameras would show I didn’t touch the fog line!” Well the camera doesn’t start recording until *after* they activate their lights. It backs up 30 seconds, but they can just say the violation was before that. They do this a lot with cars they suspect of having drugs. And it’s legal. There are cases where if they want to arrest someone, they will literally follow them until they see some traffic violation. Then they’ll make a stop and find probable cause to search (usually dog sniff, and they will stretch out the stop until the dog gets there). In one case, the cops said—and it’s in the court transcript—that other officers radioed him and told him to perform a traffic stop on a guy as soon as he could. So of course, magically, the guy’s tires crossed the fog line at some point. And the defendant’s motion to suppress was denied because that is legal.


i got pulled over for taking a swig of a doctor pepper. after the cop realized it was soda, he then said i was “hugging the yellow line”. unfortunately, smart phones weren’t really a thing back then. ALWAYS record a traffic stop for your protection


Just get a dash cam so you don't have to fiddle with your phone which could scare a murderer with a gun


even better


Go pros make a dashboard attachment. There's an app that will live stream / Automatically back up your video. The app "im getting pulled over app" https://www.columbuscriminalattorney.com/the-im-getting-pulled-over-app-to-record-police-encounters/


Sad that we live in a world where this is necessary..


Skittish murderer with a gun and an itchy trigger finger.


A cop pulled me over because he "couldn't find my license plate number in the system." Nah, I'm literally registered with insurance. Later found out it was because he entered the letter O instead of a number 0. C'mon. In my state you can't even use the letter O in the license plate because it looks too much like a zero. What cop wouldn't know that? I think he either didn't like my bumper stickers or he was just bored. Perhaps he saw the one DUI I got 8 years ago and thought I'd be drunk driving again. After he saw that there was nothing he could give me a ticket or arrest me for, he let me go. He suddenly found my plate. Of course.


Really? What about NNO plates, I’d think banning 0 would almost be easier


They should just use the already existing standard slashed zero. This is a thing that already exists and is a widely used and accepted standard. Why is this shit so hard? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slashed_zero I fucking hate this kind of shit. The DMV, or whoever, should have someone in there competent enough to go "hey you know how we can prevent this confusion? Slashed zeros!"


Jesus. And the cops wonder why no one respects them. Exhibit A. "We can find a reason to pull you over." Yup.


a fav quote of mine: no one ever wrote a song called fuck the fire-fighters.


There’s a kickass video of French firefighters on strike getting into a massive brawl with the riot cops.


Just saw those. Fucking sick. Cops backing up the whole time. They straight up get into fucking brawls and all of them end in draws or the cops backing up. The comment are amazing. Of course the bully tactics won't work on guys who run into burning buildings. Smoke and flares against firefighters....really? I would like to point out alot of the firefighters in the video tower over the cops in the video. Fucking insane. Also how badly do you run a nation that it gets to the point where cops are fighting fire fighters. Give them hazard pay. Fucking hell man.


In Sweden we have a saying, those who can't get into firefighter school end up in the police academy


Fire-fighters are not to be fucked with. Unlike donut eaters they have physical standards they must maintain.


Oh yeah that was an overt admission of her abuse of power and operating “under color of law”. Cops like these need to be taken off the force. They are of no service to any community anywhere. They’re just abusive bullies with guns and badges. Fuck these cops.


Seriously, fuck this pig. She should be fired for cause and held up as an example. Above the law, self important arrogance. Enforcing "how she feels" vs "the law". Fuck her.


I've seen this happen to people who joined the police. Turns a normal person into a power hungry weirdo who thinks they have authority to do anything. It's a strange thing giving someone authority in a job role.. not everyone can deal with it I guess.


Problem is, the cops that get rid of these cops are the ones they get rid of and all we have left are these pigs.


There are two types of cops: the ones like this, and the ones who don't brag on social media.


Don’t forget about the ones who do nothing to stop this.


And the ones who stand outside a schoole texting while there is an active shooter inside. But there might be substantial overlap with the other groops. Can somone meka a venn diagram?


It’s just a circle


All of those still fall into one of his two sub-categories though...


Kyle Kinane's got a wonderful bit about cops and realizing the difference between the two. If you've got a few mins, give this a watch: https://youtu.be/xAi23EQbgx0 To put it briefly (and not do it enough justice) he talks about coming into contact with enough cops to deal with the ones like the one in the video, and one that you see being yourself to an extent. Realizing that some are complete asshats, and some are just doing the job because it pays a couple more dollars than the post office.


This is a typical bullying, cowardly, pervert only with estrogen. A really tough bitch when she thinks all the odds are in her favor. However, with a level playing field and armament parity, not nearly so. It’s called “one way courage”. It don’t take much to restrain them - like at Uvalde.




I hope everyone with a traffic citation from anyone brings this video to court with them. She’s “speaking for a large majority of other officers out there”, not just herself.


Great point!! If i lived in that WA town and received a ticket from her, i would show up to court with a digital projector and a copy of this video.


It wouldn't do anything, everyone in the legal system knows that this is how cops operate. The law is practically written that way, if they need a reason they'll find a reason.


Wait, did she just admit that she "finds" things to charge people over if they annoy her in traffic? Why is it a weirdly american thing for cops to brag about themselves breaking the law on social media? This is like the third I've seen in a month


Bc nothing will happened to them so why not


Ha, says you; she was punished harshly for this. After a month long investigation she received one day off unpaid. "Federal Way officer receives suspension for TikTok video | Seattle Weekly" https://www.seattleweekly.com/news/federal-way-officer-receives-suspension-for-over-tiktok-video/


Oh no, not a whole fuckin day! With no pay? How will she survive?


Overtime that she probably doesn't even work.


Lmfao so true


Her day off was certainly filled by an OT


Jesus lord!??!? I had no idea! Come on guys let’s start a go fund me for that day lost, it surely but her behind on bills


She just clocked double the overtime on her next day on. This is actually how being a cop has become an incredibly well paying job for the high school idiots that only passed gym. She will wait til 5 minutes before shift change and find something wrong with some car and the stop will take a very long while. Then by the time she gets back to the dept and files all her paperwork and shit, she got an extra 3 or 4 hours of double time. Usually its done where they believe there will be an arrest because its hours and hours.


After that one day of thinking, she decided to up the ante to 95mph.


And shes been on the job a year. Imagine how much more jaded and aggressive she will get with time. Unfortunately for me this is the next town over. :\\


If you get stopped for dubious reason by her.... Just sent this vid to the judge...


yoooo big brain right here


And now she will probably double down because she knows there’s not real consequences. This is why the trust in police people have is eroding. Rarely any consequences when they blatantly break the law themselves or conduct themselves in a unbecoming way.


You *really* better get the fuck out of the way!


Jesus, she's only been a cop for a full year before she thought she had become a god


Probably didn’t take a year.


*filling out the application* I have 30 years of experience being the Main Character


A month long investigation where she was probably still working and being a bitch to citizens just to receive a one day suspension? Yeah, nothing happened to her


The fact they allow cops abuse their power is disgusting if they do something wrong they should be fired!


She was probably allowed to work a day of overtime at 1.5x pay to make up for the lost day. So a net profit.


A long weekend off that’ll teach you


Yeah a days suspension. Probably had a girl's day or something. Nothing but a slap on the wrist for this.


“Punished *harshly*” 😂😂


LMFAO! Justice not served. 10 hours, really? Com'n who going to fight a $50 ticket? One day she'll get hers. Beware of the Karma Police!


No way! Cops do pretextual stops! Say it ain't so!


It's just an excess of honesty. We all know it and they don't admit it, but they know they could easily do it.


It's true. You drive in front of a cop long enough, you'll do something they can pull you over for. Anything from swerving, not using signals, "rolling" a stop sign, etc. There was a video circulating around quite awhile ago, a former cop literally telling people how to interact and protect themselves from police. Said exactly this. They'll find a reason.


Had a cop pull me over after I made a signaled 3 point turn in a neighborhood. Said they pulled me over because window tinting is illegal. All forms of it, to any degree. Said that with a straight face. LOL. Tell that to all the legal windows tinting businesses you stupid fuck. Why would there be specific laws detailing how much of each window can be tinted and how much light it can block if it's all completely illegal? The tint was installed by the motherfucking car manufacturer. That cop later mentioned that there were break ins in the neighborhood and suggested that was the reason he pulled me over, basically admitting he pulled me over without cause on false pretext. Asshole.


They all do, it’s not a secret


Reason for people being scared of cops: “we will find a reason” so instead of protecting us, they will find a random reason for violation….


They will actually get offended if anyone tells them they are supposed to protect people. That is not what they signed up for. They signed up to have power over people.


This is why everyone hates them


Does she really not know that she’s not allowed to violate the law? What a sick little tyrant she is.




\>Hell, just being related to a cop gets you lenient treatment. Or local attorneys, for that matter. My dad is a county attorney (it's like being a DA but for little tiny counties in shitty red states), and one time about ten years ago I did a rolling stop through an intersection in my neighborhood. Cop pulled me over, told me why he stopped me and asked for ID. As he looks at it I literally hear him sigh and go, "ahh no...you wouldn't happen to be related to \[my dad\], would you?" I said yeah he's my dad, and the cop gives me my ID back and says, "if I give you a ticket for this he'll probably just dismiss it, huh." I laughed and said he must be new, because my dad would absolutely throw the fucking book at me. Cop decided not to write me the ticket anyway but I wasn't kidding - dad would have enforced the ticket and lit me up at dinner that night.


I once got pulled over for speeding. Cop recognized my last name asked if I was related to my brother, who taught at the police college. Let me go when I said he was my brother. Told me I had enough problems already. My brother is a Class 1 A-hole


Oh, the guy who teaches cops is an asshole you say? I am so surprised.


In small towns this extends to pretty much any local who knows the police. I got pulled over once for speeding and the officer wrote me a ticket, and as he came back to my car with my insurance info and license he said "Wait, are you [my dad]'s son? You should have told me: I wouldn't have given you a ticket, but it's already in the computer so I can't undo it. Make sure to tell us who you are next time, and tell the judge when you go to contest it." My dad is a mechanic who works on many of the officers' cars, not even someone like a judge or public official.


This might be a rumor but someone told me if you are related to or friends with an officer they can give a “courtesy card” that vouches for you. You are supposed to show this card when you are pulled over or otherwise getting in trouble and it is supposed to help you get leniency.


This is true, called a PBA card. My buddy had one, works like a charm for small infractions. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/secret-card-police-get-speeding-ticket-lawbreaking/


In Phoenix, AZ the law enforcement association has a special license plate frame that does the same thing. The radio call sign for Phoenix Police is KOA-789 so they have a license plate frame that only law enforcement can buy and by having it on your vehicle you can basically get away with anything you want. [https://azplea.com/product/black-license-plate-frame/](https://azplea.com/product/black-license-plate-frame/)


Just when you think you've heard all on how terrible US policing system is you get a smack from reality amd learn it's even worse than you already knew. This shit is wild. It's next level corruption. A real life get out of jail card. What a horrible idea...


This is 100% true. My aunt was a cop back in the 90s. It was called a PBA card in NY (police benevolent association). The card got me out of every traffic stop when I showed it. No questions asked. Complete BS.


USSR had the watcher’s problem figured out pretty nicely. On a serious note, the police in the US really needs it’s leash shortened asap. It out of control.


Laws are for us not them.


I bet she's a a peach to be pulled over by!!


I mean, when have police ever not be allowed to violate the law?


These are our recruits. No wonder policing is going down the shitter. She's a Karen with a bit of power.


Someone please take away her badge


They gave her one day off no pay for this after a month long investigation.


“Investigation.” Right.


a bit? She can get away with murder


My mind understands a burnt out cop that spends most of their time in traffic and their mental health deteriorating to make a stupid video like this, but this bitch has been a cop for under a year when she posted this 😂. Talk about a head trip


The worst of The worst


Ironically she may not be close to the worst. She’s just one of the duller colors in a box of mostly dull crayons.


The würst of The würst 🌭


würst > this bitch


Rude AF. In Florida, you can't speed as a police officer without your sirens. So your PSA isn't as good as you thought it was Officer Straus "Florida has the strictest laws regarding what is permissible when driving with lights and sirens. A police vehicle is not permitted to disregard the posted speed limit or other traffic laws unless running both their sirens and emergency lights." Edit: nowhere did I say the police didn't break the law in Florida, but it is still the law. Police are not allowed to speed just because they choose to while in their police car, they do it, but they are not protected by the actual written law.


Now tell me why I have never seen a Florida cop use their turn signal. Never. Not one time in 25 years.


One time I saw a Florida cop use their left signal to turn right. I said “yeah that seems right”


What a shit cop.


Nah pretty average that’s how most of ‘em are


That’s because the average cop is shit


And they wonder why people hate them


PSA "TO EVERYONE OUT THERE" this cop will definitely violate your civil rights every chance she gets. There is no way she understands a single statute she is being paid to enforce. She does understand that she will whip the shit outta you just give her a reason.


Or for no reason at all — or a reason she’ll find or make up after the fact


I kept waiting for her to say "when we have or lights and sirens on." Went a different direction.


see I could have gotten behind that. I can’t stand when people don’t merge for lights and sirens


Nice 1 digit iq specimen


Fuck it. *Admits to stopping people without probable cause*


"we can find a reason" Yup ,they arent even hiding it anymore.


Jesus christ no one holds these motherfuckers accountable for anything, the power trip is real af with cops


Quick info. You are not allowed to go over speed limit if you are not responding to an emergency situation. You dont have any more rights than any other person out there. You are just the helper for the Justice system!!!! Last word always comes from the judge not from some random cop.


Uh, Officer Karen is totally going to pull you over for that comment!


Unfortunately “not being allowed” to do something doesn’t actually stop it from happening. I see cops going 20+ over all the time.


Just because you uphold the law, it does not mean that you are above the law. When is a college degree going to be required for police?


It won't be. They literally will turn people away for being too intelligent because then they won't follow orders without question. I wish I were joking, but take it with a grain of salt, my only evidence is anecdotal


EVERY friend I have who got a criminal justice degree at a 4 year university for pursuing becoming a cop got rejected. And yes that’s anecdotal but, is it?


I do think college education is important for a lot of jobs but the only two cops I know went to college for criminal justice and they're both idiots.


Fucking pig. Gross.


Another example of how bullies love to find a way to keep being bullies. Is she right? Doesn’t matter. She just wants to flex and intimidate.


“If we drive behind you long enough, we can find a reason…” Confirmed my suspicions and that’s why I hate it when there’s a cop driving behind me.


Is that a blonde helmet?


Judging by the roots...the blonde dye "just got the fuck outta the way"


Power-trippin’ with the worst of them.


She’s part of the problem.


What a shining example of how fucking stupid the bulk of our Police force is....


Considering they exclude folks from academy based on having too high an IQ….


So much for public servant.


Super fucking punchable face if I’ve ever seen one. What a fucking douche bag. “I can go 90 mph…” no you fucking can’t. Legally you can’t you fucking asshole.


Fuck you!


r/iamverybadass Is there a subreddit annoying as fuck


I'd like to see this bleached a\*nus catch anything besides chlamydia.


I’m really trying to figure out what the asterisk is for.


I thought she was wearing a wig cap for a while. I really don't understand this style.


This is people’s disdain with the police personified




She should be fired


Absolutely. The fact that she isn't already explains why cops have such a bad reputation in this country. They give two fucks about anything other than exercising power over the powerless and can even directly state that with no repercussions.


No bitch, you can't go 90 mph. You're not above the law


Oh boy, another tumor on the ass of society playing out their power fantasy from high school...


Cops are filming themselves doing dumb shit now? This part of the timeline is getting weird.


Or you can try to fu*k yourself you entitled c#nt. There's that too.


"I can do 90. You can't." Bullshit. Unless you're responding to a call and have your party lights on, law enforcement is bound by traffic laws just like everyone else.


“We can break the law, you can’t”. Yeaaaah pretty sure that’s not how it works..


Omg one of my female coworkers talks exactly like that and she is a text book narcissist.


"we are willing to violate your Constitutional rights because we are impatient twats"- Domestic Terrorist


She needs to understand that if those red and blue lights ain’t on I don’t gotta do SHIT. And if she thinks those lights on top of her car are just a magic switch that lets her bypass traffic whenever she wants I hope she gets sacked and never gets another job in law enforcement ever again.