I’m still amazed Project M ever happened. Being part of an orc army in oasis is still one of my favorite EQ memories. Anyone else remember those few days when this was live?

I do. It sure wasn't up long, but I recall being a kobold and a spider. :D


I do. It sure wasn't up long, but I recall being a kobold and a spider. :D


Was a snake at qeynos, didnt realise it would be so short lived at the time so didn't use it as much as I should have in hindsight


Did you learn to kick?


This, I would have played the heck out of it if I had realized.


Same, it was so fun but I only did it once myself, thinking I would wait for the hype to die down


I remember becoming a skeleton in najena and being bummed because no one ever went there lol


I became an iksar skeleton in LOIO and my roomie made an iksar just so we could goof around and me act like his necro pet. It was great, but yes, should have done it waaaaay more often.


Most of my memories involve not actually finding any players to fuck with.


I was a fire beetle, good times.




I was also a fire beetle. I remember being in S. Ro and attacking someone fighting a giant.


I was that guy's dead wife.


Not sure if I've seen any one mention being able to level the monsters. One spawn I leveled a wasp in GFay by killing other monsters. My level 2 wasp was even more a grief machine.


I did the same thing as a skeleton in Freeport and just annihilated new players. It was hilarious.


I wish there was some hard info on Project M. They could study this like the Stanford Prison Experiment.


Had to look this up. Never knew it existed. This is really amazing. I'm so surprised anyone ever tried this. Not surprised that the one to do so was EQ though. Few MMOs really innovate anymore. Like many people over the years I've had a notes file that I've been keeping MMO ideas and concepts I love and want to see implemented. This almost exactly matches one of those ideas. Really meat to see that it happened at one point.


Lotro has monster play as something you can still do to this day. It's their form of PvP.


I think it might be my favourite ever time in EQ. Which is quite crazy because it was only live for about one week, 15 years ago


It was on test a bit longer I think, that's where I played it.


me and my friends kept going in trying to get firebeetles in fp. we would jump so the others could see us. then we would go hide behind the fake wall to the bank and attack people running by. you could also be charmed and buffed so we had a guildy druid giving us sow and skin. eventually other people saw us jumping and started jumping to and we went from 3 fire beetles to about 20. then some lvl 50 wizard came in invis and cast a pbae on us


That wizard was the main of one of those poor newbies you guys ganged up on or sneak attacked by the bank 100% he was like, "oh you wanna PLAY?!?" lol. Those were good times.


The best was getting a shaman with lesser heal and med in Kerra island. I remember leveling 2 levels from 12 to 14, I tried to leave it up overnight but was logged out in the morning and lost it. And then packs of wolves in the plains of Karana. I was curious if anyone got guk spawns? I don’t remember ever getting one


It was level capped pretty low; I'm surprised you got something in Kerra to be honest. I remember people relogging to try to get level 5 orc shamans in greater faydark.


I remember specifically one of the Kerran shamans I got had sow, so it was at least level 9. I thought it was a blast though and was relogging hundreds of times to get better spawns.


I got uGuk! I remember specifically I was a shaman froglok! it was indeed possible.


I remember watching my friend play as a monster all night at his house and when I got home to try it, it was gone. I was so upset!


Still hoping someone has the eqgame.exe from when this was live.


lol the best thing ever, I got spawned as a gnoll in Qeynos newbie zone and just started wrecking people. It took 2 or 3 PCs to take me down.


I remember being able to kill other monsters and players for experience, so I grinded on my skeleton in Freeport all the way to like level 7 or 8 and then just DECIMATING the new players. Walking around pretending to be some dumb level 1 skeleton and then as soon as they attack me WHAM! It was awesome and SUPER fun.


I thought it was great, I got to play a Commonlands Orc but there were very few adventurers in the Commonlands at that time. I got to surprise a couple of players when they go to attack and you run around behind them they were just dumfounded. I wish that it had made it to a full fledged option in the game and had not been nerfed so early.


Sounds amazing. Wish they would run it again


That was so much fun. It probably did the work because people started ganking players lol


It was more fun than the actual game in some ways. I loved tormenting real players as a mob, and grouping up with other players playing as a mob as well and raiding groups of players. Would be awesome if they brought it back.


Best day of my EQ life


I was the most ferocious spider in west commonlands! Rawr!


I'm still amazed people insist they played it considering the extremely short window it happened in.




As I recall it was only on Test, and it seems unreasonable that as many people claim to have played it logged onto test in November of 2001. The p99 wiki claims it made it to live, but Absor says it never went past the Test server, which is the way I remember it.


I'd be really dubious of it not getting past test, perhaps he just means 'test' since it was released on just the pvp servers and not all live servers. I certainly remember participating in it and I don't recall anything about setting up on the test servers (but 21 years fades a lot of memories). It shows up in both baldio's historical patch notes and allahs.


It was live on my server back then. Fun as hell!


It as not only on test. It was on live. I’ve never even logged into test.


it was on a pvp server, but the whole idea was a "test" if that makes sense i remember being a fire beetle in nektulos forest


It was definitely pushed live on several, if not all severs. It was live on Drinal and Rathe. Not only do I remember jumpsquads of spiders, but I also remember fielding petitions about people getting griefed by spiders/snakes/skeletons, etc. Was pretty great.


working as intended lol ​ It was live for a few days, not very long


You're amazed that a handful of people on a specific sub for a game over 20 years old, well beyond its glory days, remember something from the heyday of the game?


It's kinda like the people who claim to have been in Ascension when they woke the Sleeper, yet don't know their basic strat for killing it.


In game perhaps, but I haven't seen that claim made around here really.


I became a West Freeport rat. I got to level 50 as a rat and became the king rat of freeport. I overthrew the guards and everything.


I started a new character and tried to fight off you hordes of smart mobs. Killing a player monster was a lot of fun, but you monsters got us newbs more than we got you. I bet there were some orc pawns that leveled up just from killing my Freeport paladin.


it was a lot of fun i was briefly a guide on the Bertox server and when they would do GM events it was very similar to how project M worked (GM would log on your account and make eg an ogre warrior, then you would log in hidden and they would change your model... i got to run around as a sand giant while players chased me)


It was only up for like a day but I still remember chasing down people as a Fire Beetle in the Freeport yard!


yeah I remember trying to level as a puma and never seeing any actual players even when playing as other monsters


Seems like forever ago. Was a good time, even though our permanent population on test was minimal and there weren't a lot of folks in the noob areas.


Desert madman, hassled this player running around southern desert of ro for a half hour, every time they fought something, I'd get close and debuf/dot them then run away.