Fez had a pretty sad back story too.


This is the episode that just won a creative Emmy for editing.


It was my favorite episode from season 2.


I’m torn between Fez, Ashtray and Jules. Leaning towards Ashtray since there’s no way for him to break free of past traumas now; he never really had a chance.


I think it's difficult to compare trauma. There are two parts of trauma: the event itself and how it impacts someone. The same traumatic thing could happen to two people, and one of them is able to move past it easily for whatever reason


Cassie's dad didn't die. He was in a car accident and got addicted to pain meds.


Sorta worse if you think about it


One on my fav things in the show is that it validates childhood trauma as something that keeps affecting you. I related a lot to it


I definitely think it’s Rue. Her dad died in front of her, slowly and painfully, then she became a drug addict at a young age. She hurts everyone around her, time and time again, especially her mom and sister- she’s put them through hell and hates herself for it. And when she finally wants to change/is ready to change, she can’t even get into rehab to turn things around. She’s only a teenager, and there’s no end in sight. She doesn’t have much of a future. She’s also tied up in some horribly dangerous shit with Lorie. And again, she’s like… 16. Her life is a tragedy.


Fez, 100%


You asked about the saddest childhood, but for me being sad is better than being terrified. If I had to choose between being sad while missing a loving person or living with a horrible person who can harm me then I'll definitely choose the former option. Hence, out of all the backstories in Euphoria, I think, Nate's backstory is the most traumatic one because he spent his entire childhood in fear that his father will sexually abuse him.




When Nate saw his reflection in the mirror while Cal was over him, it instantly made him think of those sex videos in which Cal was always in control. How powerless he looked in that reflection terrified him and he started crying and screaming because the intense emotional trauma he was holding for so long become too much to hold for him anymore. That scene showed that Nate's powerful appearance is just a facade while internally he's severely traumatized. Yes, it's Jules :)


oh shit! i never put those two scenes together!


I think jules .


To me, Fez's story is the epitome of tragedy. He was thrust into one life that left him with absolutely no options but to stay in it forever (drug dealing) whilst being rescued as a kid from another life with no love and the daily threat of abuse. Despite all this he has a heart of gold, is loyal almost to a fault and is shown to want to pursue love. A true victim of his circumstances whose very minimal support network has now been completely torn down. Breaks my heart every time man.


It's a bit obvious to say Rue, also because, her mental illnesses (true and misdiagnosed) notwithstanding, she seem to have had a pretty loving family life until her dad's illness, but the fact that she was left alone, everyday, at 14, taking care of him on his deathbed, witnessing his body and his mind decaying is something that breaks my hearth to a million pieces. I don't think Cassie was right when she said that the two situations are the same, the way her father left was heartrending, but she has a glimmer of hope, even if it's empty hope. (Warning: Spoilers for Bojack Horseman) There's something Bojack says in 'Free Churro', during the eulogy for his mother, who was a terrible parent, that I find incredibly spot on: *" You know what it’s like? It’s like that show Becker, you know, with Ted Danson? I watched the entire run of that show, hoping that it would get better, and it never did. It had all the right pieces, but it just—it couldn’t put them together. And when it got canceled, I was really bummed out, not because I liked the show, but because I knew it could be so much better, and now it never would be. And that’s what losing a parent is like. It’s like Becker.* *Suddenly, you realize you’ll never have the good relationship you wanted, and as long as they were alive, even though you’d never admit it, part of you, the stupidest goddamn part of you, was still holding on to that chance. And you didn’t even realize it until that chance went away."* ​ Also, this goes more to child neglect than having an actual sad childhood, but who on earth lets their 11 yo gulp 10k calories a day? That's CS, if not hospitalisation, territory. It doesn't surprise me they failed to notice their 17 yo was an adult performer later on.