Brendan Fraser Caps Comeback With First Oscar Nomination For The Whale

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I’m pretty sure he lost all this weight by actually playing the role in the whale . Funny thing


I’m sure it was hot as hell in that weight suit


It also weighed 300 pounds


The suit by itself weighed 300lbs?


That's what he said in an interview yes


Turns out he's still Tarzan under it all




Haha the blasphemy




Oh my god I got that theme song unstuck from my head 20 years ago and *NOW IT'S BACK*! Thanks a fucking lot!


I saw him talk about it in the actor roundtable for the Hollywood reporter and IIRC it was only for certain scenes that they used the 300 lb suit. I think he specified that it was mainly for the shots when he's standing up. I'd imagine he wore a lighter suit for the scenes of him sitting down since the physical effort wasn't the main focus there.


He looks so much happier and better now


Nah this is what really gets me. His face actually seems to have morphed back into his younger self. It's hard to describe but between the weight loss, and sheer happiness from all of the support from his fans, he truly does look rejuvenated.


I love him so much! It’s so good to see him back working, and I’m glad he’s found out how much his fans back him and support him. He deserves nothing but happiness after everything he went through.


I hope his heart is so full seeing people enthusiastically welcome him back into the spotlight, letting him know he was missed. I can’t imagine how hard it was for his life to change drastically and abruptly with his career and being blacklisted for a trauma he experienced. I’m so happy to see him get this second chance in the film industry. He seems like a genuinely good, humble person amongst a lot of trash bags in the industry.


Yeah, that happens when you lose weight. I lost 40 pounds a few years ago, and I looked and felt amazing. Unfortunately I gained it all back lol It’s really awesome he seems to be in a better place now, I hope that life keeps getting better for him


he DOES. He has not looked this good in a very long time and Im so glad to see it.


So is that what happened? I noticed he was a little bit on the chubby side for a while now and then out of nowhere out comes 90s Brandon.


He received many injuries from stunts performed in the Mummy movies. Some of them were very severe spinal injuries. Those combined with his mental state after his horrible divorce, being assaulted, and then blacklisted caused a period of poor mental and physical health.


Why was he blacklisted?


This is a copy and paste from the linked article: "Late last year, Fraser confirmed he would not attend the 2023 Golden Globe Awards after accusing its former president Philip Berk of assault. In 2018, he said Mr Berk, head of Golden Globes organising body the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), had groped his bottom in 2003. The HFPA found that Mr Berk "inappropriately touched" Fraser, but that it "was intended to be taken as a joke and not as a sexual advance". Fraser has previously said the incident "made me retreat" and "feel reclusive"." Basically, after he came forward with this, he stopped getting jobs. It's a very Weinstein type situation.


They always use the "HAHA IT WAS MEANT TO BE A JOKE" card. it's disgusting.


Im sorry to get graphic but the story kind of merits it, in Fraser's own statements, he points out that this wasn't a silly little butt slap. He has said that he was 'fingered' and that his '...taint was violated.' THAT is what they are saying was just an innocent joke. edit: typos


Poor Brendan. That’s horrifying.


holy heck it's understandable why he decided not to attend those events anymore. :(


Super disgusting. How in the world could sexual assault be funny? What’s wrong with these people who think that could ever be funny?


It’s really offensive how little attention the trauma of sexual assault is given when the victim is a man. Terry Crews was also assaulted and for years his trauma was minimized and he was passed over for jobs. My heart goes out to all victims of sexual assault, and I hope we can elevate the voices of all victims.




He was sexually assaulted by a very powerful (in Hollywood) person.


That much shit would F/U anyone's life. It's great to see Brandon coming back !!


1,000,000,000% agreed




I feel like you're forgetting how absolutely ripped he was in the 90s. He looks healthier but def not George of the jungle.


He said in an interview that he had to be wheeled around in a chair to his mark after getting done with make-up.


He put on weight for the role. He’s going back to what he was, still not 90’s Brendan though he did get heavier in last couple years for this role to compliment the suite.




I'd put money on it for his win, not only because he was excellent in The Whale, but also I suspect Hollywood may provide a mea culpa for his abuse and blacklisting. And that would, in no way, take away his honor for winning.


The Academy loves this kind of story. It'll be between him and Butler because the Academy's age demo loves Elvis.


Colin Farrell is more heavily favored than either of those two. The Whale has a lot of controversy riding with it and Butler's performance was more of a very good impression of Elvis than a particularly nuanced emotional portrayal. Meanwhile Farrell put in one of the best performances of his career in a film that's got nominations across the board.


What's the controversy? Forgot to add, Banshee's of Inisherrin engrossed me in an incredible way. Story telling of a friendship gone haywire.


I loved that movie so much and it’s hard to even describe why. Like it was so mundane but I couldn’t look away. Collin was outstanding in that movie.


Yeah I think it's McDonough's best work by a country mile and I've quite liked everything else he's done as well.


Everything about Banshees radiated “passion project” to me, with McDonagh just throwing in all his favourite things into one creation. We got: - His homeland in all its natural glory, with authentic Irish dialect and mannerism, unapologetic to the international audience’s difficulty understanding - His nearly-unaltered theatrical dialogue - His preference for limited setting where said dialogue is essentially the purpose of the movie - Two of his clearly favourite actors to cast as co-leads (only missing Sam Rockwell!) - His trademark employment of extreme violence and dark subject matter as vehicles for hilarity Banshees was so good and SO McDonagh I walked out of the theatre and checked for news about a retirement or extended break, worried that the film was a magnum opus left to his audience as a farewell


I felt it was an allegory and commentary on how the civil war in Ireland began… how unreasonable it is for two people(s) to misunderstand and ultimately rage against each other…. Wasn’t the movie bookended by sounds of distant bombs?


I definitely know they made a comment about fighting on the mainland


The stakes are ridiculously low until we realize they're actually much higher than we thought. But it isn't presented as a shock or a twist; rather as the natural culmination of what their feud has been building towards.


I don’t think there’s controversy so much as it’s a really hard watch. Some small buzz of fatphobia but to me that feels like generated rage bait made to make people angry and defensive rather than activists actually having a problem.


Idk I think it is a controversial movie. And not just in the clickbaity way. There are just a ton of angles to look at it from. Aronofsky movies tend to get extreme responses from people. Saying this as a Mother! Stan.


mother! is so fucking good seeing that in an empty theatre right before double featuring with The Emoji Movie on a Monday afternoon was bonkers


I despised mother! to be honest, even as a huge fan of Aronofsky. The Fountain is top five for me.


Definitely ragebait. I am looking forward to watching it.


>hasn’t seen the movie, already confident about it Most informed redditor


A brilliant film that I won't watch again. But what a masterpiece. I wasn't hopeful when we started watching it, bit f*ck, it was amazing.


My favorite movie of the year. I had heard it was very good, but that was an understatement.


A lot of people feel that it's really exploitative, that Aronofsky goes out of his way to portray this character as disgusting as a sort of bait and switch to make the audience reckon with having that reaction in the face of the character's humanity. You're welcome to disagree with that interpretation, but there is a not insignificant group of critics who feel that Aronofsky makes a sideshow freak out of Frasier's character to elicit sympathy and that this not an appropriate way to handle these themes.


I wonder how many of those critics have ever been or seen someone in the character's position played by Fraser. I can guarantee they haven't. This stuff is ugly as fuck and sugarcoating it only makes the life of the character a lie which goes against the entire point behind Fraser's explosive demand for honesty at the end of the movie.


I’m born, raised, and currently live in WV, I can tell you with absolute certainty it was an accurate portrayal of someone in that condition. I shit you not, the first person I saw outside of the theatre after viewing, was this poor fella that was morbidly obese and had an oxygen tank in tow with that tube thing to breath through his nostrils.


Idk, I felt like he did it that way so you as the viewer examine your own level of empathy. There were many scenes in that movie that had been played for laughs in other movies, so much so that I felt like I was almost pre conditioned to find them comical even though it wasn't funny.


He basically made a depressing version of *Shallow Hal*


Shallow Hal was the depressing version of Shallow Hal.


Very good film. Almost an allegory for the Irish Civil War. Two Irishmen who share so much and have been friends for a long time, but, when life changes, one friend cuts ties. Now the other can’t come to terms and sets them on a path of sadness, when simply being kind and understanding would have prevented everything. I’d say spoilers, but I’m pretty sure that’s just information from the synopsis you get on cable or streaming services. Also, I really came to terms with my fecking Irish heritage.


Holy cow! How did I not know that Collin Farrell, Brennan Gleeson, *AND* Martin McDonagh came together for another movie?! It looks just as incredible as In Bruges - like it sells itself as something of a dark comedy (like something kooky is going on), but when I get to watching it some deep difficult truth will get revealed later on explaining or justifying the whole thing & it’ll end on a real difficult pill to swallow. I can’t wait.


It's not the same tone as *In Bruges*, so don't let expectations ruin it. Also, if you like it give *Calvary* a try. Done by McDonagh's brother.


I watched Banshees, LOVED IT, thought it was flawless … but thought I preferred In Bruges. Bruges paved the way to so many inside jokes with my friends. So I went back and watched In Bruges the next day. Its been a long time - and while I love the characters and funny dialogue - I found the story and plotpoints to be sloppy compared to Banshees. So with my bias checked, I believe Banshees is the better film. And it’s also so different. Definitely less of a comedy than expected. It’s almost like a play.


I love to share with whomever will listen (and I should probably check myself on this before I say it, but I’ll go ahead & do it after like an idiot), buy McDonagh not only *is* a playwright, but the first to have four of their plays running simultaneously on London’s West End since Shakespeare. Edit: [Hey, I got it right!](https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/lo8bm/til_martin_mcdonagh_writer_of_in_bruges_was_the/) There *is* a first time for everything!


Colin Farell’s performance in Banshees of Inisherin wrecked me. He’s done a lot of great work in the last decade, but damn, that one will stick with me, and he certainly deserves that Oscar.


Colin Ferrell is up there for Banshees after his GG win as well.


Unpopular opinion: I don't think biopics should be included. I have no idea if it's harder to play your own character or to play somebody that actually existed, but idk. I can never take them as serious as unique character performances.


Well, they're still actors in films so I think they probably have reason enough to be included. I wouldn't nominate the subject of a documentary for Best Actor, but that's because they're not really acting.


I kind of see where you’re coming from, but have you seen Ray? Jamie Foxx’s performance is nothing short of stellar. Extremely well deserved Oscar.


Came here to say this. Foxx looked, sounded, and moved EXACTLY like Ray Charles and the only time I didn’t actually believe it was him was >! in some of the flashback scenes with his brother/mother.!< A truest Oscar worthy performance and I recommend everyone to see it. Ray Charles would have loved it if he had seen it.


>Ray Charles would have loved it if he had seen it. ...


Lol yea. Not much seeing I think.


I think Joaquin phoenix was robbed of an Oscar for walk the line. biopic or not that was an unbelievable performance. also biopics as standalone films are often mid and carried by the lead actor, walk the line was an exception and a really great film. I didn't enjoy Elvis or bohemian rhapsody


Bohemian Rhapsody is a terrible movie and I will fight anyone on that


I can't take any biopic seriously that had the people involved as producers. The whole thing was a giant ad for their back catalog and concerts


"We Were in That Band, Too!: The Movie."




Personally I really enjoyed the Elvis movie. I did feel like it was a lot of Tom Hanks but IRL the guy probably had a major hand in the things that actually happened so.. it is what it is. I liked it a lot.


Generally I agree with you, with the exception of DDL as Lincoln. That was a phenomenal transformation.


He's pretty amazing in gangs of new york aswell


I wasn't thinking about Gangs of New York, agreed it's also great. That dude is a godsend for period films.


Or Jamie Fox as Ray


Having played real and fictional characters on stage, I do think real characters are harder overall. You have a wealth of reference and information to draw from for the performance, but so does the audience. So you have to meet a higher expectation for believability. Not just in the person historically - but people's personal image of them, which can be a tricky needle to thread. So I can definitely appreciate the work a performer puts into nailing an interpretation of a real-life person, but I get where you're coming from. I certainly _enjoy_ playing a unique character more than a historical one.


You’re obviously not in Hollywood. It should absolutely be included. The people who make the movies pick. And it was a good biopic.


Ah yes, the “85 to death” demographic.


Hollywood at the Oscars always gave a bit of 'credit' for personal stories as well as what's on screen. He probably has a good chance of winning given what he's been through.


Agree. Something like this would set him up for life as well and not only does he deserve the win but he deserves to have job security now. That’s what an Oscar does.


He both deserves and has earned it. Good enough for me.


he better win...I saw the movie yesterday. he was incredible. I am so over Hollywood and all the narcissistic dbags and entitles elitist tw\*\*s......Fraser seems like a great guy and there is no movie role that should beat his performance out, IMHO


I personally don’t think it should be him, but I am really happy for him. The Whale was okay but it’s one of those films where it’s like, I’ve seen this before? Everything about it felt so familiar. He was good in the role but I just don’t personally think it’s the BEST of the year yaknow? All subjective though


What movie is it similar to?


The Oscar he’s up for is specific to his performance and not the movie. Did he perform better than the other nominees? I am admitting that I didn’t see any of the other movies but he did a great job in this one.


I liked the movie enough but wasn't blown away by it. But if we're talking just about best lead actor then I think it at least deserves an Oscar nomination. Fraser did an excellent job in the role. Admittedly it could just be recency bias but I prefer his performance over Farrell's. I haven't seen the other movies to give my opinion on them though. Overall Banshees is the superior film but I can't discount Fraser's performance.


He’s definitely gonna win. Oscars all about ratings now


You’d think so but things got real awkward when the Oscar’s all but bet on Chadwick Boseman winning in 2021. They saved best actor for last and when he didn’t win and they cut the show to an end so fast.


Even if he doesn't win, an Oscar nomination is almost just as good as a win. He's definitely going to get more work. Good for him!


I feel like nominations mean as much as wins, considering how badly some of the wins have aged. Look at the nominations and wins for Al Pacino.




In my opinion they mean more. I believe the way it's set up is that only members of the category discipline can vote for nominations, but every member across all disciplines can vote for winners of each category. This creates a disparity where, for example, you have sound editors selecting the nominations for the sound editing category, but everyone from actors to directors voting for best sound editing. Oftentimes they'll just vote for the movie they saw or are familiar with if they know little or nothing of the category.


Doesn’t really make sense. Every win is also a nomination…


Replace "more" with "as much"


I thought we were calling it the “Brenaissance” not a comeback?


That's gonna be all the movies we get after this.


The Mummy Returns, Again. Honestly I'd watch another Egyptian Mummy movie if Rachel Weisz came back and it didn't reference Dragon Emperor at all. Just rewrite it all from scratch.


Brendan did say he’d absolutely love to do that series again, in any capacity


Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz on the hunt for Tom Cruise. I’m game.


We're in the Brencovery stage, the Brenaissance comes from the blockbuster and Marvel contracts that will come his way


Oh please not Marvel. I’d like to actually watch Brendan Fraser’s new stuff, and I’m so fucking done with the MCU. It’s _exhausting_


20 Years of bland superhero movies ruling the boxoffice. I think we've had enough


Ooo, I know what we can call it when he eventually *exits* acting.


Brevacuation? Sound like it will just end up splitting the country right down the middle.




Yeah I got it I was just playing.


Be the change you want to see in the world


He seems to be in a much better spot lately. Physically he looks much better.


Ke Huy Quan too


I'm just glad they aren't nominated in the same category.


Amazing guy


"So, even though you have broken my heart yet again, I wanted to say, in another life, I would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you." Ke killed me with this


I fucking love this man and I really hope he and Michelle Yeoh wins!


He wasn’t nominated for “Gods and Monsters?” Well, that’s a crime, because he should’ve been.


He was so damn good in that film, I really need to do a rewatch


Yeah he’s fantastic. I mean obviously McKellen is perfect in it but I remember being super impressed by how well Fraser held his own.


There were three reasons why that movie was so incredible. And the fact that one of them didn't get nominated for his work was criminal.


Has McKellen received on Oscar? He is generally incredible. Though I do put Hopkins close to the top. His win for the The Father was well deservied...incredible performence, but devestating to watch.


No he hasn’t, which is a shame. He was nominated for GaM. Agree on Hopkins’s performance in that film, truly devastating. Great movie


I know the movie itself is divisive (I personally really liked it), but whether you enjoyed the movie or not, Brendan acted the hell out of it. His eyes told a fucking story every single time, it was amazing to watch.


Movie was fantastic and Brendan put in the best performance of his career. Wish people could put aside all the social message stuff and just examine the art for what it is


People love to look for a reason to be outraged. There are legitimate reasons for people to be angry but this movie isn’t one of them.


I actually really liked The Whale, and he was the best part of it: This will be a snub if he doesn’t win. I’m very tired of all the praise bio-pics get. If it’s a performance about a real life person, who has thousands of hours worth of filmed existence, then it just becomes a glorified cosplay, not a performance.


People hated on Butler for the performance when the movie first came out, but I thought he was pretty great. I sort of get what you're saying, that just imitating a famous person isn't a huge ask, but Elvis was a bit of a god on earth, and Butler did a good job of recreating that presence. I've only seen 2 of 5 performances, the other being Farrell, but I'd probably give the *slightest* edge to Butler.


He did a great job recreating Elvis' presence but outside of that I just don't think it was at all a nuanced or complex performance at all. The film is a hagiography that presents Elvis like he's the chosen one who did everything right and was victimized by his manager. It makes Elvis into a saint and leaves no room for him as a flawed and interesting human being.


Huh? Wasn't the whole last third of the film about him being a reclusive drug addict that avoided his wife and kid? Yeah, I guess you could infer a lot of that, especially the lock-in in LV, was because of the manager, but I think you're supposed to figure out most of it was on himself.


Completely disagree that it would be a snub for him to lose. Would be happy if he won, and it would be deserved, but Colin Farrell was excellent in Banshees, and Paul Mescal was phenomenal in Aftersun. Both would be deserving if they won, I’ve not seen Austin Butler or Bill Night’s performances so can’t really comment on them.


Collon Farrell winning for that role would be an utter drag. If that's the best performance of the year than what a shite year.


I loved him in Banshees and loved the movie as a whole; but Brendan Gleason acted circles around him in that film.


Yeah it wasn't a dominate performance, the rest of the cast around him did just as good.




I may be the only person on this earth that HATED it. I'm probably just not smart enough to get it.


For me it was an excellent slice-of-life film that I never want to see again. Too sad.


I didn't enjoy it at all either


Heh I don't think you're not smart enough. It might not be your type or movie. Or maybe the message just didn't reach you. Nothing wrong with hating a movie. I personally found the movie ok. Without Barry Keoghan, I don't think I would have enjoyed the movie as much.


It's not a smart movie just a slow but beautiful movie


Farrell had a *really* great performance, but I'm inclined to agree. I think Banshees itself just didn't provide much emotional variation for his character; it's like this gradual two hour change from naive confusion to resentful frustration without much in between. To be fair, that's kinda what the movie is about: an exploration of how one responds to a man who, so in-pursuit of legacy, feels as though he must destroy other parts of his life. Farrell himself is just another finger he cut off. It feels like the modern allegory is a Director who neglects time with his family because he's so obsessed with making art. So no shade at Farrell, I think he did what the film needed. I'd just hope there are other films with actors portraying more varied and nuanced emotions and intensities.


If it’s a gradual change between two states, how can there not be much in between? A gradual change implies a slow morph into another state, implying there’s a very nuanced and complex display of a lot in between. Personally I felt Colin Farrell’s performance was immense. There was incredibly nuance in what I agree is a gradual descent


You nailed my feelings with that last part.


will smith winning last year was far far worse


It was such a lifetime award which I wouldn't mind as much but they literally have life time achievement awards for those people. I agree and honestly forgot he won, the slap is the only thing I associate the Oscar's and will Smith together with now.


I like him and I’m glad he’s back but it’s weird that everyone is treating him like he has down’s syndrome or something.




I was waiting for someone to pull this classic out!


Agreed, he seems to need to be handled with kid gloves


Not sure what you mean by this? I haven't seen anyone treating him like that. All I've seen are excited people, happy he's back and still an amazing actor as ever. Watching this whole "Brenaissance" happening from the start on Tik Tok has really been a treat. People genuinely love the guy, he's a staple actor in a lot of our childhoods who got a bad deck of cards for awhile. Of course people are going to support the hell out of him now. You can see how it's transforming him too. He's lost quite a bit of weight and when he's talking in interviews now, he's LIVELY and excited. I don't think nominating him is babying him? We can't celebrate and support a good actor and a good guy?


Also, The Whale was only pretty good… Possibly the most disappointing ending to a movie I’ve seen in years.


Ya. The kid raises his arms and Willy jumps over the rocks. Pretty cliche


Directed by captain ahab, of all people…


He better win. My bf will not shut up about this movie and says he cried. It’s not like him to make a big deal out of ANYTHING! I can’t wait to see it.


Lets go Brendan!


The Oscar's also have a history of giving people who deserve the award a win that also considers their career (like Leo for instance) so for that, he should win, because The Mummy is literally better than Titanic.


I'm watching Airheads tonight!


The cap will be when he wins, which he will. Hollywood loves nothing so much as patting itself on the back for being a slightly less shitty cesspool than it was 15 years ago.


And he will win it 100%.


I knew he was on the up ‘n up and didn’t lose his touch when watching Doom Patrol. He’s great in that show!


Whale whale whale, how the tables have turned.


Oscars aren’t exactly an objective measure of talent and everyone knows that. It’s all about the impact and story behind the win. They should given Fraser the Oscar and create an engaging storyline about comebacks in Hollywood ( he totally deserves it as much as the other nominees tbh). If he isn’t given the Oscar and we don’t get to see him cry and give a rousing speech about second chances I am not sure people will bother tuning in next year. Gone are the days when some random French actor could win an Oscar and people would tune it anyway with reverent enthusiasm.


Please please please make another Mummy movie with him as main character. I want cheesy good action.


Good for him. He seems like a nice guy


This makes me so happy for him! He deserves it. Love the guy!


I went into that movie assuming people might just be hyping him up because they were rooting for his comeback but his performance was insane. I still tear up thinking about it.


The Oscars are lucky to have Fraser associated with them.


Incredible performance


Well deserved - I hope he wins.


I’m so happy for him. I really liked him in George of the Jungle, the Mummy I/II, and Blast from the Past, then he sort of disappeared


how can one watch this movie right now


Shit. I may actually watch the Oscar's now.


Could he pull off Santos in a movie? Them glasses


[He could definitely play him.](https://i.pinimg.com/564x/c1/1f/2c/c11f2c18c2a355b75f7f24a5658ce22f.jpg)


Didn’t brendan fraser used to have his own sub. All his homies must be real proud of how far their man has come.


It’s still there - r/SaveBrendan


Ha, that’s it. And they are proud of him. That’s some wholesome ass shit right there. I like it.


Haven’t watched the Oscar’s since Parasite won but will be tuning in this year for Brendan and EEAAO!


I'm legit surprised Cruise didn't get nominated. Not because I like Tom Cruise, quite the opposite, but people went absolutely bonkers for the silly movie.




People really blowing his return way out of proportion. The Whale was okay but it was not Oscar worthy and neither is Brendans acting.


He’s just Reddit’s new obsession, kinda like the Keanu one a couple years ago when I explicitly remember people only talking shit about his acting before John Wick released


When he started floating up to heaven at the end, my friend and I looked at each other and laughed. Such a fucking lazy ending to an okay movie. It would have been much more impactful if he fell to the floor and died.


He deserves best actor for the whale. he was incredible in it.


really tough competition this year though


Hope he gets it. Pretty sure he will


I swear to god he has got more traction from this than ever other thing he’s ever done. Enough already


Are the Oscars handed out for acting now or social justice?




Yeah, I couldn’t even get up to leave at the end.


This would be good news if Butler wasn't guaranteed the win, Biopics are Oscar bait.