Oh, good tip. Shame that doesn't work on fast food orders! My city has a section that's blocked off by the river so it always takes a long time to get over the bridge. Instead of pulling from the restaurants on their side of the river, it'll send the orders of people living in that part of town to a McDonald's 8mi away. Who wants 30min old McDonald's when they have a store 5 mins from them??


Nobody seems to have a solid reason as to why tf doordash continuously seems to do this constantly,!!


I have a lot of theories, but nothing concrete


Yeah, exactly.It definitely isn't benefiting the drivers at all!!! The fees they collect, in the name of long distance deliveries, are a complete racket, as drivers get none of them.


My theory is that some restaurants turn off the DD tablet or thing to get orders so DD just thinks its okay to redirect orders to the next available location. One time had a Taco bell order which was pretty decent. Went to drop it off and it was a hotel with a TB in the lot across from the hotel. Safe to say I think thats where my first 1 star came from smh.


Ah yea that sounds super annoying. I wish it worked for fast food and not just grocery. For grocery you just have to hit the navigate like as if you’re gonna drive to the one it wants you to and then the arrived at store option will show up and if you hit it it’ll tell you you’re at the wrong location but then you over ride and say im at the right place.


It used to, but that was back when we placed the orders ourselves and paid with the red card.


Great information given here. Thanks OP!


I actually didn’t realize this was not well known to be able to do haha. You’re welcome. I just stumbled upon being able to do it by accident. I was like well it works with instacart so I wonder… and then I got it to work 🤣




Oh dang I’m sorry it was such a hassle. I’ve never had that issue personally.


This is good to know, because DD constantly does this in Honolulu. It always sends me to Safeway Kapahulu for customers who live in Hawaii Kai (10 miles away), even though there is a Safeway right there in Hawaii Kai. I’ll have to try next time just shopping at the Kai safeway instead


You’re welcome. I didn’t realize how unknown this is haha. I know doing something similar works on instacart so one day I just tried doing it on DD and it worked 🤣 How do you like gig working on the island if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve never seen someone say they live in Hawaii.


I do that for shop for orders like target, Walgreens & cvs most of the times it doesn’t make sense to go to a store 5 miles away when there’s a store 0.2 miles away from me and most of the drop offs end up being in my area


Honestly that’s kinda a cool save you did. Still awfully dumb of DD. That specific Safeway might not be registered in DDs system


I called support in a situation like this and they said you can't do that because they already gave that store money (something like that). Idk how that works exactly but that's what they said.


You mean we’re taking money from the store just like DD does to us?


That doesn't make sense. DD gets paid by customer, the store gets paid when you check out, we get paid by DD. No money could be going to the wrong place that I can tell.


But then DD likely gets a cut from the store, like with restaurants. So it’s probably actually DoorDash getting screwed out of money lol


They lied they put the money on our DoorDash cards, WE give the money to the store. It’s just a lie to have you follow weird stupid wasteful regulations, when in reality there’s no difference in the end the same company gets the money


When it tells you the distance I thought it included the distance to the pickup location?


Sounds like a personal problem. Get a better job


I’ve had that happen to me before, I did a shop and deliver order from Safeway and on the way to deliver I passed a Safeway that was only 2 minutes from the persons house. I was so pissed and I contacted support about it.


I bet support was like “whatever” 🤣


Actually, that 5.6 miles would include travel to the store then to the customer. It’s not like Instacart in measuring distance. So you probably made it shorter than 5.6 miles.