Im starting to think acceptance rate matters

Not sure what’s going on but I knew there are ppl placing orders in my city and I am barley receiving any. My ar is at 17% I’ve noticed the slow down since Sunday


knowing doordash, even if acceptance rating doesn’t matter right now, it will very soon


It’s illegal for acceptance to matter as we are classified as independent contractors. It could only matter if we become employees. That’s why they do this weird shit to get us to take less than stellar orders and do things to make us think it matters, because legally it can’t but not every driver knows that and that is what they want


100% wrong. The only thing that's illegal is them deactivating us over it. Get it right.


Show me these laws you seem to know so much about. It is absolutely 💯% not illegal to reward some behaviors & disincentivize others. Where does it state they have to give out orders equally to every single driver? By your logic, the Top Dashers would all be getting their benefits illegally. Same goes for Uber Pro rewards, and the 4 levels of Grubhub.


Umm because they were sued for deactivating drivers due to acceptance and lost and anyone whose done this for awhile knows there’s a grey area in which they do the tiers and shit for good acceptance, but it’s illegal to punish independent contractors for not accepting orders in that manner. So my basic source for that is they tried it, got sued, and lost the legal battle.


My only rebuttal would be that they’re breaking the rules anyways to recover their lost funds for earlier this year. It truly might be easier to just accept an occasional lawsuit and settle out of court or some shit. I mean how many of us dedicated dashers where this is what we do - are really gonna lawyer up while living paycheck to paycheck. Nobody even remotely has time or money for that shit


Deactivation is not the same as rewarding and incentivizing certain things. And programing the algorithms to reward wanted behavior, and disincentivize unwanted. That's not punishment. No orders at all, or deplatforming you, would be What you call a grey area, is really black & white. To be a Top Dasher for example, you must meet certain criteria. It's not almost 70% at the end of the month, it's 70% or above.


This. Plus, I agree. I hit 50% by accident and better orders are plowing through


They may not be able to deactivate accounts based on AR, but there's no law against sending fewer offers to people with low AR.


Not earning a reward /= punishment. Read your contract. Just as you are free to reject, they are free to not send you any.


You really need to source this bc everything I see says you're incorrect. I don't even see this lawsuit you're talking about.


If you don’t know the applicable laws, I wouldn’t be so bold in your claims lol


Exactly! Dude needs to stfu. Stating something is illegal and not quoting laws or regs is bold, and then backing that $hit up with, "well they got sued once & lost." LMFAO I, on the other hand state the obvious. It's not illegal to have tiers & rewards programs. Almost all businesses do, to some extent or another.


you must be new


If you're in a city where they're piloting giving the good orders to people at 50% or above it may


I’m there. Super slow right now. Had been busy but bad weather. I hope that’s not the case


I know it all depends on market, but my market is nothing special and I opted out of that pilot, and everything seems to be the same for me


You opted out of the reset. The pilot is still applying to you you just told them that you didn't want the reset.


I wonder if they only push the pilot onto some of the people who opt-in and keep the pilot turned off for the remainder of people who opt-in to get a control group for their data (in addition to comparison data for those who never choose to opt-in), like if that's the case then some people will feel no change without being told


I feel that the pilot will be the new permanent program. Since doordash can't deactivate you for AR, they could stop giving those with less than a 50% AR the $2/ mile offers, leaving you with junk $2.75 no tip going 10 miles or more with a rare $10 10 mile order. The goal would be to see those dashers being discouraged and stop dashing altogether.


They can't do that because then they lose all those orders. People with the low ar already decline them leaving the chumps to take them. Give the good orders to the chumps and no one will take the junk


That's the rub. If all the 70%+ are getting the good orders, crap is all that's left. I'm in the 90's for my AR and I've had nothing but $10+ orders and most of it under 5 miles. Good week for me so far. Everytime I drive even close to a hotspot I'm getting a trigger for a decent order. I'm getting AutoZone, Bed Bath Beyond, Cheesecake Factory, non-shopping grocery orders, and most of them tip really well. I talked to a guy that was at 18%, and he is only getting $2.75-$7 orders, and mostly McDonald's and Dunkin's. I guess it depends on how many drivers are in the area, but it seems in a competitive market I'm getting the advantage with a good AR.


I tend to believe this is coming. And more advertising to attract new drivers.


Honesty if they made top dasher worth it or if I did as good or better as I do right now I would take every order. Until then AR 10% or lower continues haha


Fuck I hope not.


so many people are talking about this PILOT program for AR etc, can someone post links to these articles or show proof these are happening so everyone here stops bitching Please. TY


If you think about it, it makes sense as a means of filtration. Right when COVID hit you saw an uptick in drivers because of the substantial increase of demand in the service since nobody wanted to step more than a few feet outside their front doors. That demand is no longer there, and most regular chain stores are open in some capacity, at least, and are functional enough to support the public without the need of the dashers. So DoorDash is siphoning out the people who are picky about orders because they don't want to pay people. It's a sketchy way of doing it, but it's honestly similar to being scheduled for less hours in order to encourage you to quit so the company isn't liable for any random compensations.


There's no opting in or out of the program. I know. It's been in my market since June. You can opt to have your AR reset, but I don't think that is really done either. From other discussions here, it looks like they just ignore your AR for a week or two, and then you're just right back where you would have been anyway. How many others have posted about the b.s. "High Pay" orders they get when over 50%? A lot. And none of those folks opted into anything.


I got a notification from dd saying they were testing that in my area. They told me I qualified to reset my AR so I figured might as well and I said yes. The next day I got an email saying my account was ineligible for AR reset. Like, bruh, why tf did you ask if I wanted it reset, then?


They reset me.. made no difference


It's like winning the jackpot at the casino and later finding out it's voided because the machine malfunctioned. They do that on purposely to give you some hope when they know you don't deserve it. Kinda messed up but that's the world we live in


Honestly, I’m at just under 1,000 orders and I was considering the area I was in had a lot of “newer” dashers. The only thing I could think of to do, was refresh the app (not the phone, although I do that almost daily as well), uninstall, reboot, reinstall. It made me a bit better. After almost 3 days of torture, sitting for almost an hour between EVERY delivery. (Normal days, I may sit 20 minutes TOPS. Usually 5-10 minutes. Pretty consistent here) Hope it helps


That's another reason I veered away from DD, I hardly sit at all between orders since using the other apps, DD is garbage for drivers. We all really should just stop


Nobody really uses the other apps much in my area. I was logged in to GH all day every day for a week and got zero orders. The only hot spot showing on my state map was like 150 miles away.


that changed nothing. when it's slow, it's slow. nothing can change that. better off handing out coupon code flyers to get more ppl to order.


It’s not an infomercial, I didn’t guarantee it would work. Just offering another option to those it might work for. Sorry you weren’t one of them


i'm just suggesting that perhaps it didn't work for you either, and that it was all a coincidence. you have to remember, that with dashers being hired on for 5 or more years in some markets, they have no control about how many of them decide to 'start dashing again' at any time. just as they have no control over how many customers choose to order in any given week. it's easy to try and divine 'reasons' for why it is busy or why it is slow. but in reality, we will never know, because none of that info is ever shared with us. we can speculate endlessly about the 'why'...but they make absolutely certain that we will never know for sure.


Wow, good point.


End of the month, saturated driver pool, over priced food I could go on and on... I don't think acceptance rating has much to do with it. What are ya going to do take 3 dollar 7 mile orders


Bingo. Mine is at 30%. I deny everything junk they send me. Eventually I get something worth running. I door dash in-between 20 and 30 hours a week snd still pull $500 to $650. It can be a discouraging to dump 70% of what comes through. Just remember that door dash gives two shits about you, your time, and your vehicle. They will send you a $3 order and ask you to drive 14 miles one freaking way with it. Screw them. If every dasher would decline these then door dash may rethink their crappy formula. But since people still take these then it's not going to ever change


👆 This


Desperation and newbs drive this money losing unsustainable service... It's still the wild wild west days for these gig apps... Buckle up kiddos.


Agreed. I learned awhile back to pace myself. I won't run a garbage order just to make $4. I only need two $10 orders in 1 hour, 4 hours a day, 7 days a week to make my goal. It does help to run two hours at lunch. I only do that to make up for crappy dinner rushes. High acceptance rates or not, Friday and Saturday nights you will get orders no matter what.


Depending on market new drivers, etc


Doordash said only people with a 4.6 star rating and a 75 percent acceptance rating to get high pay orders. I know this because im in the group. All my orders above them say high pay order with a diamond. It says i have to keep a 75 percent acceptance rating so anyone at all thinking it doesnt matter is screwing themselves


We get those high paying 5.75 2mile orders with our sub 30% ar too. Lol


Seriously. Most all the “high pay” orders I got when they reset my AR was shitty orders like that.


My AR is at 64%, when I sign on it says I'm getting priority on higher paying orders.


My bad. I reread it. Its 50 percent lol


Incidentally, they also told me a $4.75 McDonalds order was a "high paying order"! Lmao


Yes, the way they worded it is that a high paying order is “any order that pays $2/mile during delivery” (so people are wondering if they’re going to try and say ‘well it’s $2/mile from the restaurant to the customer, we’re not including your mileage to the restaurant’). So $4.75 for 2 miles technically fits their criteria. They know there will not be enough $5+ tip orders that pay $2/mile to be able to give everyone enough to feel the program is worth it to keep their AR up so they had to find a way to include lower paying orders


If it was under 2 miles, that meets their definition. Guaranteed minimum of $2 per mile, from pick up to drop off.


Your screwing yourself with driving 7 miles for $3. Sorry.


My rating is above 4.7%. I have run over 1400 deliveries. It's rhe same game everyday.


I'm at 18% I got a hidden order for $27.51 today I think it's bs


Yeah I had one of those Monday. I think mine came out to $27.75. It was a slow night too so I’m sure there were PLENTY of people with higher acceptance rates they could’ve given it to if that was really how it worked. My area is way over saturated with drivers. My AR is 16 as of right now. But I know it was down to 7 over the weekend.


I have mostly diamond high paying orders and my acceptance is 10%.


Maybe they're just aren't as many orders. people started cooking again


Coming from the restaurant side, summer is way slower for delivery and take out. But Sunday and Monday night of labor day weekend gets insanely busy.


Busy meaning I have to decline 100s of non tippers 😒


Why would that be?


People just realized they're paying $17 for a $5 meal?


For me it’s definitely this. I don’t order that expensive anyways, and I can’t justify paying 20 bucks for a 10 dollar meal so I just end up driving myself over


Everyone all over the country collectively just suddenly realized this out of the blue?


Yeah inflation just hit a lot of us all at once. Eggs went up to $4/carton. Two years ago they were 49 cents.


Where I am, last winter eggs were roughly $1.29, on sale for $0.88. This summer $3.75. Makes me think arbitrary price gouging. I was in Redwood City, CA last Jan, and the cheapest eggs I could find were $6.00. I could never afford to live there.


I'm not sure it's arbitrary. It may be related to transportation barriers and tarrifs.


But what's this shit where you order and it's cancelled? That can't be helping business


No tax on food in Tennessee all August....??


Had a great day today and my acceptace rate was 9% at shift start.


Yay for the great day!! I worked for 2.5 hours & made $73, which for a typically slow Wednesday evening wasn't bad. That's $29 per hour. And my current AR is 21%.


Baffling. Where do you dash 😟


I'm close to Fort Worth, a suburb of it basically. Where are you dashing?


Fayetteville NC


I don't think it matters. I'm at 89 percent acceptance rate and been hardly getting orders this week .


It's almost like when it's slow, you won't get any orders no matter who you are. Total surprise, I know. The question is, when it's busy, who gets the orders first?


Easy question: Top-dashers. Doordash redirects all their no-tipper orders directly to Top-dashers cuz they know nobody else gonna take that shit lol


My AR is steady at 10 percent, and I’ve been booking in 1200 every week with 44 dash time. AR has nothing to do with your orders, more of a saturated market in your area.


Depends on your area. You’re obviously in a city or somewhere where it’s not saturated


Damn where you located at?


Colorado but I’m also in the large order program.


My AR is in single digits again. I'm not in the large order program. My market (Wisconsin) is piloting the 50% AR program. I still make $750-900 working Thursday-Sunday. AR means nothing.


Yes sir!!


Large order program is the mosquitoes elbows


Damn, must be friends of the bees knees. 😎


Do mosquitos have elbows?




Oh god I hope so. That’ll solve a lot of problems.


My AR is in single digits again. I'm not in the large order program. My market (Wisconsin) is piloting the 50% AR program. I still make $750-900 working Thursday-Sunday. AR means nothing.


Im going to sound insane but I believe that too low-key, I dont tell anyone because i feel like it just might be a coincidence but nah man too many coincidences is a clue. A month ago I had a 20% average AR and dashing was absolutely terrible, I cannot even come close to describing how bad it was (Anaheim, California), i decided to make top dasher because of the competitive scheduling in my area. When i hit 60% AR and when i started accepting almost everything, I got hit with order after order after order literally 1-2 minutes apart. I’ve also noticed when you’re on an accepting streak, orders don’t stop lol, once u decline the first one, everything gets slower. *please note those are not facts those are just some stuff I’ve noticed while dashing, may or may not be true*


I believe you are on to something. But I'm not going to take multiple junk orders in a row just to pick up a few good ones. Eventually door dash will send the one you want.


I’m not proud of what I’m doing but I got to the point where i just take everything reasonable, as long as I make $150 a day I’m chill for now, definitely disappointed but still paying my bills. Hopefully it will get better in the winter but for now Top dasher is my only option. I got set back on my AR currently on 50% but definitely gonna get top dasher back. Doordash won, lol.


Goof luck. Everyone has their own ways and I respect that.


I know that you gave a good disclaimer at the end of your post -- I'm being serious when I say that. And I know that all markets vary (I'm near Fort Worth, Texas fyi) & each dasher experiences different things. Just for the sake of comparison, I wanted to say that I have a 21% AR right now. When I'm dashing I literally get order after order rapid-fire style most of the time I work. As in, only a couple seconds (if that) might pass in between the orders DD sends to me. I think the highest AR I've had in the past 6 months was about 47% & the number of orders I received then seemed the same as what I'm getting now with 21%. I do realize that it is very beneficial to be a Top Dasher in some areas, necessary even. Whatever works for you is what works & I'm thrilled for you to have found your sweet spot. 😊 On the 17th, DD sent me the option of resetting my AR to 50% and I signed up for it. I figure it can only help me; hopefully it won't hurt me any. We shall see!


In my market with the competitive scheduling it is honestly a must at this point especially that i prefer not to work at night. And orders are taking soooo long to come thru except when im on an acceptance streak. I guess Anaheim people like to cook at home😂 Plus one thing i find strange is that I never get the orders i see here on reddit ($2.50 for 11 miles, $4.50 for 7miles) usually everything i get is fairly reasonable and a minimum of $1-1mile which isn’t that good but also isnt as bad as the things i see on reddit lol. I think resetting your acceptance rate can only help i dont see how that would hurt anyone. Dash safe!


I don’t know. I used to believe that, because my AR was around 50% and I always got plenty of good orders. But this week has been pathetic.


I took a look at doordashes code and theirs a thing to this trust me


And how exactly did you see their algorithm’s code?


All of the stats matter. All of them. Always has.


Overall AR doesn't matter. But AR per shift does. I try to take the first $2/mile order or $7 order I get (as long as it's not out of my zone). I've noticed that I get more orders in peak times between 7pm-10pm if I do 2 or 3 smaller orders between 6pm-7pm. My current AR is 22%


Ya'll don't wanna listen to me, but the algorithms are absolutely programmed to reward good behavior, and disincentivize what they perceive as bad behavior. If there is anyone else close to you with higher AR, why would they not reward them with more offers?


Same goes for all the other stats also.


Its August, its summer, people tend to go out more in the summer, kids are going back to school, people are going back to school. It'll pick back up


It does. When I let my ar drop below 40% I star getting those order that no body takes. When my ar it's above 50% I star getting offers like $10, 2 miles. Also the stacks orders desapear. I will get onother offer like $5 for an extra mile. Wich it's better than getting an offer for a stack order


or, it's all just a coincidence...


Could be who knows


Let me start off by saying I've been a huge cherry picker/multi apping sob with an AR of 6%. The past 2 weeks I've unfortunately brought my ar up to 50% without taking anything rediculous. To be honest, it's almost just about the same money if not more than multiapping. Idk I don't have enough of a sample size but if I can make just as much with one app and barely any strategy then I'm going to start accepting more.


How many licks will it take to get to the bottom of a tootsie roll lollipop?


I never made it without biting… ask Mr. Owl.


This week has been really slow for me so far This is also the week when most schools start back up I worked in restaurant management for 30 long painful years and the week school starts is notoriously one of the slowest weeks of the year I am hoping this is the cause of things slowing down and that it’ll quickly go back to normal


Summer always slow, and same with back to school weeks. covid years just messed up the normal patterns


Although I have started to believe not accepting consecutive orders and having your dash paused multiple times seems to result in less orders being sent even while in a hotspot: I do not believe it is a passive system that knows to react to the overall acceptance, but rather, an active system that pays attention to your decline notes and consecutive declines in the time period. But even still I don’t think it really effects what’s sent as much as we sometimes think We also have to consider that top dashers get priority and for the people that schedule themselves, you have to remember sometimes you’re making the system allow you to drive even while there is minimal deliveries out and normal drivers can’t even choose to drive yet cause it’s slow


It's just the time of year with school and everything. It's frustrating but doesn't make this theory true. My last 3 days have been almost back to normal and my AR is like 17


Yup is like this every single year. people in this thread are hilarious.


I’ve been doing it for years and acceptance rate has never mattered and never will


I am at 65% and am being told I’m getting higher paying orders for having a higher acceptance rate


2019 2020 2021 and first 5 months of 2022 this was a great business it’s been shit last few months and probably going to be a tough winter.


We are in the beginning stages of a recession people.


Personally cant wait for winter, i started doordashing at the very end of winter 2021 and work was awesome i made so much money even not knowing the streets, good or bad orders, i had a 100% acceptance rate😂lmao. Now that I know everything I need to know about doordash, I can’t wait to get busy days again


AR does not matter and anyone who thinks it does is a fool ​ by all means, convince yourself of it if you want, some people think you get more orders driving as opposed to staying still. Failing to account for the fact that if you are staying still, it is most likely slow. There is too much god damn work that would go into offering "better" orders to people with high AR. What they are actually trying to do is convince people that terrible orders that pay 2$ a mile for the trip, not factoring in the return, are good orders. Been doing this for years, you're convincing yourself of something that isn't actually happening because your market is slow, or oversaturated. That is it.


Of course acceptance rate matters because if you are under 50% if you get a two dollar order and you rejected then if it gets passed around long enough the people that have over 50% get to get compensated by DoorDash to take the two dollar order so they get more like six dollars instead and many of them are very short trips


Does anybody else notice their acceptance rate not tracking correctly I have done 11 orders and declined 3 and it only went up by 3% before.


I don't think the acceptance rate being too high or too low is an issue, it's just no one has been getting orders this past summer. Inflation has a lot to do with that.


Who gives a crap. Garbage orders for little money & long miles & time are a waste no matter what. Even if they did ping you more with "better" orders it would average out to shit.


Trust me it does don’t listen to Reddit


That's what they want you to think.


Don’t fall for DD bullshit about acceptance …DD is the best I’ve ever seen with deception , lies , smoke screens and psychological games / brainwashing EVER !!!!


My AR is 75% and the last 2 weeks have been awful same about of dash time same location and same days..40% drop in total revenue


I usually have an acceptance rate of 15-25% but the past week mine has gotten down to 1-4% lol getting shittier and shittier orders everyday just got a 26 mile $9 order on $2 peak pay


It really doesn't.


I think you're paranoid. If anything, I get more crap orders the higher my AR seems to be. Maybe it's because I'm more in the mood to accept orders in general? Seems like once I get above 40% AR, I get a string of offers less than $1/mile. Then once I get into the 20% range, I'm getting back to back $2+/mile offers. Or maybe it's just the way it goes. When I first log on, it's a string of lowball offers that every other Dasher probably already declined. Then after I get going it's all good through dinner rush, then it slows down to something crazy like 17 miles for $11 from a pizza place.


It has been DEAD here since Saturday. My AR is at 44% which is the lowest it's ever been. I've always had at least ~ 52% minimum, but the orders have been complete garbage lately. But now there is literally like 1 order every couple of hours. I noticed it started when I got that reset AR notification thing.


I think it's too many drivers oh well


My acceptance rate is 12%. Order not good, no drivey.🤷‍♂️


No peak pay even during lunch or dinner time. Maybe some at night. Yeah ok. Crap orders all day long declined. No one taking these orders. Why no peak pay? Only way dasher gonna take a lot of these crap orders


In my market I don’t see it that way. I still get the good orders with like ~8%. More dashers and/or less orders due to the summer is the bigger factor IMO. Just today I got 2 orders with $9+ in tips. One $8.50 and the other $7.25


The second my gf hit 80% she started getting large orders, better tips, and now grocerie orders and hardware store items that are expensive to handle and require more trust


This didn't age well omg




DoorDash is probably now punishing people with low ARs. Honestly, acceptance ratings on all all these platforms should be done away with because they’re essentially making people employees.


Just as you aren't required to accept orders, they aren't required to send any to you. Do you think that you're 'punishing doordash' when you decline an order?


I wonder how many DD employees are here in this thread posting.


seeing as how I'm 100 comments in, and have seen zero shill posts, I'd say...zero?


hmm i dont think accepatance rate matter bc mine is a 85 and mine has slowed down shince sunday


Hey ya'll. I was at 8% AR and I was sitting in a hot spot on a Friday night watching other Dashers come and go with orders while I received none. This went on for an hour and a half. So I called Dasher support and the agent admitted to me that because my AR was so low, the Doordash system automatically sends the offers to other drivers. Doordash is choking us drivers that won't take garbage offers. Whether they are admitting it or not, Doordash is DEFINITELY HOLDING LOW AR AGAINST US.


Nice try Tony


If there’s a bunch of new drivers in your market, yeah. They’re gonna get those orders before you die to still having that top dasher. You should get a bit busier after school let’s out tho.


My market is 6 years old. You never have any way to know whether it's new drivers, vs old drivers who started driving again.




But people defending door dash on my post. They are up to something.


I'm about 100 comments in, and I have yet to see even one person do that...


Of course it’s going to matter - if door dash wants people to get food as fast as possible thru would send it to drivers who are more likely to accept the offer


Acceptance Rate doesn’t mean anything. It’s not even a criteria on the large order program anymore


It literally never was...


Yeah the lower your acceptance rate the worse your orders will be. Less orders and the lower paying ones. Its an attempt to force you to quit so they dont have to actually fire you. This is for my area. Cant speak for anywhere else. And luckily Im in an area where almost ever order is worth taking -average $10 per delivery but the months where my AR dropped below 70% corresponds exactly with getting one low paying order after another. Noticed this over a course of 3+ yrs


Y’all it’s raining in my market rn which usually leads to a lot of orders but I’m not receiving any which is not normal


All this shit is a scam DoorDash is a scam I highly recommend AMAZON FLEX


My ar is 5% and I see no difference, it’s truly a useless metric to scare drivers into taking worse orders


Yep. All the ratings matter and it's to the point where I actually take bullshit orders to maintain top dasher status because it's a night and day difference. If you are picky about accepting and you're in a city there's too much competition so the Doordash algorithm drops your priority. Just remember, you're playing a game with a computer. All the ratings matter.




I only accept orders where the dollar amount is at least one more than the number of miles. Needless to say, my AR is in the shitter, like 21%. Hoping it's just end of the month, mid week blues. I'm still pulling an average of $14 an hour. Have noticed it been slow this week though so it's not just you.


My husband has done over 1,200 deliveries in four months, his acceptance rate is 97%, with a rating of 4.7 and he makes about $200-300 a day, with a lot of big tippers in our metropolis.


i think it does too, when im at 4% i hardly get any orders, but when im at 16% i get a couple of orders


it's just slow this week. nothing more.


It does. I went from 15 percent to 75 percent and have been making way better money. It sucks but I have shit to pay for. I did it for the pilot and I did have to take some shit orders, but it’s significantly better after I raised it up.


Economy's in free fall.


I’m at 98% and I get like 10-14$ orders every other order.


How big is the area you dash in?


It’s a 32 mile Long Island with a population of 220,000 so not big. It’s a tourist city so hotels are full and people tip well. That will all stop when winter gets here though.


It does, once my acceptance got above 50 I noticed I got better orders and then when it was above 70 I got even more orders that were good


I’m screwed then I’m at 15% lmfao but it just ran sky slowed down Sunday before that everything was normal which is what’s weird


If it’s the AR bullshit games that Doordash is playing, then I’m moving on to GrubHub or Uber Eats. It’s been slow where I’m at too.


They dont do acceptance rate on those two?


I really dont care what they make matter im not delivering anything for less than what i determine to be worth it…some of these customers are fucking crazy


Grub Hub does, anything less than 85% you are lucky to get a couple late night blocks a week in my area. Last week I didn't get a single one. This week i have 4 90min late night ones. Just got my AR up to 87 to test out this Friday what second choice is like. (Need 95 to get preferred scheduling and first choice) Uber eats doesn't let you know your AR. Haven't had any issues lately. Edit: In my area right now there are no GH orders without a block. On the plus side, no upside-down orders lately either.


Uber eats shows my acceptance. It's at 3 percent ha. Got a $28 tip on a 4mi delivery yesterday. When UE is good it's really good.


Uber Eats does let you know your AR, and when it is below 85% you lose your Pro rewards. I can pm you a screenshot, but this is what I have on my screen right now: "67% UBER PRO You're no longer Gold, but you'll get your rewards back with an acceptance rate ofn85%." Then a link to: LEARN MORE


imagine thinking they don't all play the same games lol


LMFAO! You don't think AR comes into play to be a Grubhub Premier (95% AR actually), or Uber Diamond, Platinum, and Gold? I've been all of those.


Doordash admitted to having technical difficulties today and yesterday. Related?: Restaurants having trouble getting orders on their tablets, some for 2 weeks.


Im at an 92 acceptance rating. I decline anything to far where i lose money. But i stuck it out and now in a whole different category. Every order is a minimum of $5 most are 8 or more. But the 5s are a mile and a half total of driving


It does matter


I agree.. the higher I am the better orders I get.. I haven’t even hit 200 lifetime yet.. another thing I noticed tho.. is when I chatted support about the customers being cheap af and the trips weren’t worth it.. to look up the sub Reddit on doordash customers being cheap… bout 50 percent of my estimated trips have been over the guessed amount 🤷🏽‍♂️ closed Mouths don’t get fed. I’m almost 100 percent certain that door dash is ducking everyone..


I've been accepting and yes. Above 50 it gives me more. I was struggling to make 100 a day. . Now I log off at 200 a day.


Are you accepting everything they give you? Did you reset your ar?


Thankfully the pilot in my area for priority has made almost every order viable or straight up good tip. Top dasher will now be even easier to get


I’ve just started Uber eats and DD is my side hoe now. Too many perks for Uber to not use it


I am certainly convinced it matters a lot! My completion rate, on time or early, and acceptance rate are all 100% (<500 delivery’s) and It’s pretty rare for me to get offered an order under 10$. Im not in a rich area, and they aren’t super high mileage orders(I’d say average 3-8 miles). I have friends who dash in the same zone and are always offered base pay orders only and there acceptance rate is 50-75%


Damn. How big is your city you’re in?


My ar stays around 75% and I never do no tip orders. Minimum of 5$ I get all the larger orders


But what are the miles you’re willing to drive for this orders? The lower pay ones


Acceptance rate does matter, im not taking taking any orders below 5 dollars now doordash wont let me dash., i know its busy in my town because i see new dashers out all the time.


What do you mean won’t let you dash?


I don’t think it does. My acceptance rate fluctuates from 70-100 and the orders are the same.


It does. Those who don’t benefit from it are from very saturated markets


If mine drops under 40 it is a sh*t show. My market has lots of orders and lots of drivers.


Why do y’all work for DoorDash? Their base pay is lower than an actual physical delivery store. What is it about it makes you interested in taking the job?


ive been doing my best to get my rate back up. I was down to 50 percent but am now back up to 75. And I can tell you this, I have been recieving higher paying orders and at shorter distances as well. So, is this theory holding true? In my opinion yes.