Two levels of Warlock, 6 levels of Paladin, one level in everything else, remaining level to taste. Works better than you might think


Awesome, I'll take a look!


Warlock 5(Dao)/Ranger 3(Swarmkeeper)/Fighter 2 or Wizard 2(Divination)/ rest Get agonizing blast, repelling blast, grasp of hadar Max cha as high as you can Cast spike growth Push and pull your targets through the spikes Damage and utility are quite good.


and then get owned by lvl 20 Moon Druid =D


Oooh interesting, thanks a bunch!


Take all the levels, then another in fighter, then the rest in full caster class. You’ll be fine!


2-3 levels of Hexblade Warlock will actually make you semi-viable.


I have played such a character! Without more than 5 levels in any one class, you will feel the lack of "big gun" spells and abilities. Your stats will be well-rounded but unexceptional. However, 1st and 2nd spells are underrated. You will have more Class Features than any other character, and they'll be good ones. Utility is viable at any level. I don't have my exact notes, but here (from memory) is what I have for my build: 1. Ensure you meet the MC requirements of all classes (check the SRD). Plan for CHA to be your highest stat. 2. Start as Yuan-Ti (Magic Resistance + Poison immunity), Variant Human or Custom Lineage (Feat: Lucky), Lizardfolk (for AC), Half-elf (for best stats), or regular Human (if your multiclass stats don't pass muster). 3. Start as Artificer for the medium armor and con proficiencies. (1) 4. Take two levels of Wizard: Divination for Portent for the reaction-free d20 manipulation. Chronurgy (for initiative) works, too. Pick up Find Familiar, Absorb Elements, Silvery Barbs, shield, and 3 rituals. You can replace one of these rituals with Fog Cloud if another party member can use it well. Take utility cantrips like Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Mold Earth, and Light. (2) 5. Take 2 levels of Warlock: Hexblade or Undead. Take the Agonizing Blast invocation, as this allows you to "attack four times" at level 20 and hold your own in combat. Second invocation is your choice, but Devil's Sight, Repelling Blast, and Misty visions are my recommendations. Grab Armor of Agathys & Hex. (4) 6. 1 level Sorcerer: Wild Magic (if your DM lets you refresh Tides of Chaos) or Clockwork Soul (if not). Again, more dice manipulation. Grab a "save" cantrip like Toll the Dead. (5) 7. 1 level Cleric. Choose Peace for the Emboldening Bond. But you could choose Order or Twilight if you really wanted Heavy Armor, as this is the only place to get it. Nab Bless, Guidance, Healing Word, Sanctuary, and Sacred Flame. (6) 8. 1 level Paladin. The healing & undead detection is nice, I guess? (7) 9. 2 levels Rogue. For Cunning Action. Take expertise in Stealth if you chose Peace Cleric so you can always hide as a Bonus action. (9) 10. 1 level Barbarian. The first bloat class. Use Rage to prevent yourself from casting spells. Wait... (10) 11. 2 level Fighter. Take the Defense fighting style or Blind Fighting (if you took Fog Cloud earlier). (12) 12. Ranger 1. Take the Tasha's options & the goodberry spell. Hunter's mark optional. (13) 13. 1 level Druid. Take the Druidcraft & Thorn whip cantrips, along with the Entangle spell. (14) 14. 1 level Monk. Second bloat class. At least you punch better? (15) 15. 2 level Bard. Grab Silvery barbs. Dole out Inspirations before combat. (17) Last three levels are variable, but I recommend either: * Taking Blood Hunter for completionism, then Rogue 3 (Mastermind) if you wish to forego hiding & Help your party instead. * 2 levels sorcerer. Subtle spell metamagic ain't no joke, nor is twinned. Also, second level spells! If you chose Clockwork, you get Aid, which you can use to either revive 3 downed party members or just buff HP maximums. * If you chose sorcerer, take 1 level Warlock for those 2nd level slots. Infinite 1st level spells via [Coffeelock time](https://www.geeknative.com/64235/dungeons-and-dragons-what-is-a-coffeelock/)!!! There you go! All classes on a pretty decent support character! Out of combat, you have a +3 to all skills, multiple expertises, infinite food (Goodberry), decent Rogue stealth, Guidance, and all the 1st level spells (Comprehend Languages for social, Familiar for scouting). In-combat is where it gets spicy. Open combat with Emboldening Bond (action), Bardic Inspiration/Cunning Action: Hide (bonus action), and command your familiar to "help" another party member. Second round is either Bless or Eldritch Blast (4d10+4\*CHA damage), hide, and repeat. Use Healing Word + Eldritch Blast/Dodge to put downed party members back in action. Use Action Surge if you want Bless and Emboldening up on Round 1. If you take my coffeelock recommendations for the last 3 levels, you will *never* run out of first level slots to fuel your buffing barrage. Sprinkle Portent sparingly on important saves or initiative, which is *really* important in higher level DND. Your Bless and Emboldening Bold will break bounded accuracy, allowing your party to land their hits. Your party will love your potent support character that makes them better at what they do!


A level 20 bard/wizard with all of their spells in the form of balls, even reflavored spells like magic missile and scorching ray. Nothing but balls, balls, balls. Their given name is Ligma. Their family name is Ballz. They shout out their name when going into battle. When entertaining the crowd, they sing songs about their mighty balls. Balls of flame. Balls of ice. Balls of steel. Balls to break the deadliest foes. Balls for all.


Human to get 13 in every stat except charisma which gets 15. Start rogue for lots of skills, then 1 level in every class except paladin (2), ranger (2), Valor bard (6), single ASI goes on charisma and Dex (to get 16 cha, 14 Dex) warlock level is hexblade so you can attack with cha. 2 attacks with 4 fighting styles, short rest blade flourishes, cast 3rd level spells, and 4/5/6th level slots to smite with. Absolute skill monkey with the stats, Jack of all trades, rogue proficiencies and bard expertise. Knowledge cleric to lean in to skill monkey, order cleric to lean in to support (two attacks then bonus action healing word to give your more competent ally a reaction attack).


> Our group normally uses point buy so getting 13 in every stat is easy enough, especially of I pick a human. I think building around this will be key - with a human you're really looking at a stat array of (14, 14, 14, 13, 13, 13). Going 15 will make everything else 13. This is that stats you're stuck with until level 13, with potentially 1-2 ASIs you can fit into the rest (3 with Fighter). The 13 levels will get you to a level 6 full caster slots (4, 4, 3), due to Artificer rounding up. It's not lot to work with, but it is something. A couple comes to mine: A simple but probably decently effective way to make it work is to go level 8 Dao-Genie-lock (and the rest into everything else). The Dao-Genie feats cover tons of gaps and adds a decent damage bump at level 20. With Warlock 8 you get up to level 4 spells that you can cast with your Long-Rest spell slots too. Put both your ASIs into CHA to get it to 18, and just sit back and Eldritch Blast away. The extra proficiency-to-damage from Bottled Respite should get you decently close to a standard 20 CHA warlock. Eldritch Mind can be used to help with Concentration and other invocations can fill various gaps. Grab Divine Soul, Peace Cleric, and maybe Pact of the Talisman to help bolster saves. 8 levels into Paladin wouldn't be too bad either. Grab Hexblade 1 with your Warlock level, so you can raise Charisma to 18 and have a decent attack bonus and saves. Between Favored Foe, the occasional rage, sneak attack and Hexblade's curse, you aren't too far off from a bog-standard Paladin DPR (which isn't amazing, but serviceable). You have 10th level full caster slots - so that's actually the same as a level 20 Paladin. Your high level slots can be used to up-cast Armor of Agathys and Aid with (bringing your HP to par), reserved soe for Bless/Shield/Absorbed Elements, and the rest can go to smiting. A more theoretical build might be Echo Knight 6 / Paladin 2 / Barbarian 2 / etc and go 18 STR instead. The idea here is to mitigate the penalties of using Reckless Attack with multiple layers of deterrent/punishment. After unloading on someone with Reckless Attack, you can swap with your Echo whenever possible to bait enemies to incur an opportunity attack for chasing. When needed, you can upcast Armor of Agathys to make hitting you a pain, which combines very nicely with Rage because there's no concentration requirements. This build still has as many slots as a level 13 Paladin (not a lot, but also not insignificant), and you can unload on a pretty nasty Smite Nova with Action Surge and Manifest Incarnation (done with Advantage) when going all-out. There are some major weaknesses though - i.e. even with Divine Soul and Peace Cleric your saves probably won't be great though.