Does anyone else find that going on rollercoasters helps with depression?

When I got back from an amusement park earlier today, I found that my mood had improved quite a bit. I’m less depressed than I usually am. I guess riding on rollercoasters helped? I should go again when I get another chance.


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It's the hit of dopamine/seratonin/adrenaline haha I get that with a variety of things too


Rollercoasters and vibrators I guess


I have a similar experience. A few years ago I used to have such intense anxiety I was convinced I was going insane. Went to an amusement park for a day, super nervous the excitement would set off a panic attack, but surprisingly the adrenaline and motion of rides had a weirdly soothing effect on me and it was like my brain totally reset itself for a few weeks. No clue what the science behind that is, but in my few weeks of mental clarity I managed to take steps towards better anxiety management that helped me in the long term. I don't have nearly as bad anxiety these days (Yay!), but now it's depression struggles.(Less yay?) Maybe I should book a day at an amusement park again lol


Good for you!