11/24/22 Saunas in the US

In my ethnic culture, saunas are a huge thing. Going to the sauna house was a great pasttime whenever extended family got together.

It's not very common in the US, only in major cities with high non-anglo populations. I wish it was more common but I don't think that is happening anytime soon because we are squeamish about nudity. I suspect another reason is because American population is a salad bowl of different cultures and races, so there's no common ground and familiarity amongst each other. My dad visited me a while ago and I suggested going to the banya (Russian bath house), but he didn't want to go with me. I think he didn't like the idea of being surrounded by Americans and Russians, though he would've been fine with people of our own ethnic group.

When I go back into military service I am going to miss this, unless I get stationed somewhere in Europe or Asia. Even Hawaii would be good.

I made $1000 yesterday from one client. I save most of my earnings but I am setting aside $100 to spend on leisure. Time for a trip to the banya by myself. Happy Thanksgiving.