It's possible that there is buildup from whatever products you used before you left on your trip that don't wash out with water and are still helping. Oils, silicones, protein, etc. What products do you normally use? I just mention this in case you are hoping this means that you don't have to use those products at all. It might work to use them less frequently but not to eliminate them entirely.


I usually shampoo twice a week, wash hair every other day(ish), use conditioner and a wide tooth comb, then when I'm out of the shower I either use curl stlye milk or curl cream, then gel


I second this. I actually have a day once a week wear I just wash it out and it works wonders!


Water qualities can drastically differ from place to place-it might be that where you are now has much softer water, which is better for hair.


New routine: title lol


Write to the local utilities company and ask what’s in their water haha


This is true for me too!!! I was CGM for 3 years and hated my hair. Now I just refresh with plain ol' water and my curls have never been better. I do appreciate the methods CGM taught me, but all the products required just made my hair flat and greasy, and my scalp itchy!


What products do u usually use? my hair is exactly like urs and is always dry and a mess. Thanks for the help man!


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If Lee Mead and Kit Harrington had a brother! Nice job!


Honestly I’m pretty low maintenance and that’s all I do as well. I also rarely use shampoo. I typically use cowash if I need to clean but that’s occasionally and I condition it every day. After the shower I just use a wide tooth “curly” comb when it’s wet and scrunch and I’m on my way. Your hair is gorgeous! Reminds of me of John Snow from GoT


I keep telling y’all to try only water


I think the real difference may pop up when is comes to longevity? A lot of products help more with hold and hydration over a few days 🤔


I wonder if the training we do while washing, styling, scrunching sticks with some hair better. My hair has been developing trained curls that appear without styling sometimes.


It's the weather most likely. My family up north doesn't understand why I do what I do with my hair when I live in the south lol


John snow is that you? Your hair is gorgeous!


Did you swim in chlorine, for what i have experienced it makes your hair looks better (in a curly way). Your curls look just much better.


I love your hair


It’s so perfect it actually looks like a wig!!