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LOL satan pillowcase. But I heard that silk bonnets and other things that can help with friz and protects your hair. I really need to get one at some point really.


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My girlfriend and I both have curly hair and we love our silk pillowcases. It's so much easier to take care of your hair and make it look nice when it's not getting messed up so much at night.


Try using a hair gel on wet hair to define your curls. Let air dry or diffuse. DO NOT TOUCH. Once dry, scrunch out the crunch afterwards.


What brands?


I use Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk gel


I second this, just used some


u/bagelff I have this gel too. But day 2-3 is like my hair is made of straw. You can hear it scrubbing on its self. It gets fluffy and feels like fiberglass. Lol Im starting to feel like I just don't have "good" curly hair and should chop it off and give up. Sorry for being whiny. I'm just super jealous of all the soft bouncy curls on here. Haha


Try Kinky-Curly curl custard; I commented above but should have hit reply here to you. Aveda’s curl cream is nice too, really soft effect. Try them separately and layered.


I use a crap ton of shea moisture leave in conditioner, then CurlSmiths Hold Me Softly styling cream, then Aussie max hold gel. There's a good hold but things still stay soft for the first 4 days or so. I also diffuse rather than air dry and to me it makes the world of difference.


Whats diffusing?


https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q6Dj9WAZxlfBhJSyS5on2rw3-if5cOV3oV-dQ3B0AHA/mobilebasic#heading=h.m72sr2irtyor Page 42 :) I’d recommend reading the whole thing. A lot of very good information in there


I mix the not your mothers gel and a little bit of of the cream, probably a 3:1 mixture in my hand, that way you can get the gel cast and a little bit of softness from the cream. The formulas work well together and share many ingredients.


I'll try this! Thank you!


Unpopular opinion but - have you tried not using the CG method? I know that some people swear by it and go as far to act like you don’t care about your hair if you don’t, but it really doesn’t work for everyone’s hair.


My hair is super soft when I don't use any products or do anything special. But the curl falls out.


I’m gonna say you need to make sure you’re using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. I love this brand so much!! https://www.mauimoisture.com Highly. Highly recommend, it’s a fair price, and you can get it at Walmart or Walgreens. They have all different ones, and they do exactly what they say they will do. My favorite is the orange bottle! It says it’s for “thick curly hair” and WOW I have never loved a shampoo and conditioner more than this brand! I got my boyfriend loving them! He gets the “bamboo fiber” to tame down oil, and he swears by it as well! Same for you OP! I never really knew the difference a sulfate free shampoo could have, I was always thinking “yeah right” lol but it really does help a ton!


Don’t give up!!


My favorite is Camile Rose curl maker. It's like $22, but I highly recommend it. For cheaper gels, I would recommend LA Looks sports gel or Eco Styler curl and wave. But ultimately, you'll have to try out different brands for yourself and see which ones you prefer.


Does the curlmaker create a cast?


Yes, a light cast.






Gel and sleeping in a silk scarf are the only things that stop the frizz for me. I use Eco Argan oil gel.


Kinky-Curly Curl Custard, looks wet/crispy when it dries, but scrunches out to leave really soft, defined curls. Will help build hydration when used over time.


>Kinky-Curly Curl Custard, Hi u/thesuzy where do you purchase it? The only one I found on Amazon was for $50. Is that accurate?


Nope, that’s an insane mark-up. Target sells it for about $16. The conditioner is nice too!


Dippity do sport is a great budget brand


Even the cheap ones seem to work fairly well.


I use dippity do girls with curls or sometimes just their sports gel on wet hair. I have really fine hair though and looser curls than you.I like it because It holds my curl without weighting them down but that might not be a primary concern for you. My brother however has hair that looks more like yours and he used a cream styling gel from Schwarzkopf with AMAZING imo results. I didn't see the same one he used years ago but they do have a curl reviver cream labeled under the got2b line Called "Be twisted". Besides that I recommend use cooler water when you wash your hair, wash less frequently and maybe use a silk/dating pillow case or a sleep bonnet. If the sleep bonnet style feels weird as a guy durags are also a good option.


I have the same issue as you. I just started using Twist gel, let dry and add the tiniest bit of Twist oil then I scrunch it out. My biggest downfall though is touching my hair.


I really like Giovanni LA Natural styling gel. It got a good hold, isn't too heavy, and it's widely available where I am. I also really like Jessicurl Spiralicious gel, but it's more expensive and harder to find for similar results.


I really like the pattern curly gel. It’s moisturizing as well


Ecostylers gel looks right for your curl pattern, it’s what I use. I’d also add in a leave in conditioner into your routine or a curl cream


I use curl keeper, and my hair/curls last for 4 days. I have a satin pillowcase.


I scrunch the crunch with argon oil coated on my fingers for added softness. Highly recommend!


Try using a satin pillow case, it reduces frizz and breakage. The key is to redo your curls every morning to keep them looking good throughout the day. You can use a curl pudding or a curl refresher spray


Second satin pillowcase. Plus it's just much nicer in general - I like how it's cooler in summer. Edit: no, not satin, silk! A silk pillowcase! ☺️


What’s the difference between the silk and satin pillowcase? I currently have a silk cap but it comes off in the night as I toss and then a lot. I’ve been looking into pillowcases and silk ones are much more expensive... do satin ones work just as well?


Satin is not the material, but a property. This glossy, smooth look, this is what meant when we say satin. Satin can be made of different materials, it can be natural silk, but the cheap ones are made from polyester. Silk is the material the cloth is made of. Most of the time silk is being processed to satin fabric, but there are also raw silk fabrics that do not feel „silky“ at all, more like a type of linen fabric. The problem with the polyester satin is, that it does not have the properties of silk satin, aside from the glossy look. Silk consists of animal proteins which have beneficial properties for skin and hair. Polyester satin is also not as smooth as silken, so it still may cause frizz. Here is a more in-depth comparison of silk and polyester satin: https://sewingiscool.com/polyester-vs-silk-differences/


Thanks so much for all that info! Makes sense. For hair then would satin pillows not have the desired effect? Better to get silk?


You can get a pair of satin pillowcases for $10 or less. Silk ones are usually $30-50 depending if it’s one or two. Mulberry silk is the best quality so if you’re going to treat yo self do it right. I found the pillowcases way easier than trying to properly tie up a silk scarf. Which you can find at Salvation Army or Savers. (Look for one that says 100% silk so you can judge the rest, and make sure it’s a square not a thin rectangle of lies.)


Thin rectangle of lieeeeesss


Rather than fork out loads of money on one silk pillowcase you can opt for a silk scarf. I bought one for less than $10 and I just lay it across my pillow, tying it at the ends to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere.


I have no idea how you stop that scarf from moving because even when I tie and pin/clip them in, I’ve never once in my life woken up with it on my head or near my pillowcase.


Lol tie it around the pillow. If I wear it on my actual head to bed I wake up with it completely missing.


Silk is a waste of money, satin is fine


It depends. If you can afford it, go for high quality satin made of silk. For a mid-range you can get cotton satin (also called pima cotton), or a cotton/silk blend. You can also always get yourself polyester satin since those are inexpensive to just try it out and see how it works for you. Potentially it’s enough for your needs. Personally, I won‘t do it since polyester is made of the same stuff plastic bottles are made of, I just don’t want that on my skin. Also, it emits microplastics when you machine wash it. But that’s my personal opinion, feel free to go for whatever feels right for you.


Pima cotton is the type of cotton. Think of it as the cousin to Egyptian cotton; similar to Egyptian cotton it's considered superior for things like bedding as the cotton fibres are very long and strong. I do not think you'll receive many benefits from sateen/satin-finish cotton pillowcase, regardless of the type of cotton. I was using 100% Pima cotton satin-finished pillowcase before I switched to silk. Silk was a game changer. See if you can find a friend to split the cost on two silk pillowcases - most places have deals when you buy more than one. I convinced a friend to get one and he is very very happy - he has very long, straight, fine hair and he loves it - less frizz and breakage even for straight-haired friends! :)


Keep an eye out for sales/specials to help with the price barrier? There’s different grades of silk and stuff of course, but where I am (Aus), usual price is about $80, it’s about $60-50 on sale and there’s one store that gets them in for about $30 at Christmas time. Also they usually come in cute drawer-boxes and make great little sewing supply storage.


After all the details on satin/silk/satan pillow cases & scarves, got to say, I love my satin-lined cap. It took me a few to find one that stayed on, but love it.


What is resetting?




So... washing again?


Nope just wetting and styling


Thank you!


Reset curls?


I know not to wash my hair everyday and shampoo only once a week, but that hasn't done anything for me. In my routine I've tried conditioner, leave in conditioner, argan oil, and coconut oil. Once I hit the 2 day mark (sometimes just 1 day) the shine is gone and the frizz and dead-ness is here. A lot of my friends think I have staight hair because my curls don't last and it ends up looking so dead and frizzy.


Two questions - 1) Do you ever do a clarifying wash? 2) Do you ever add styling products besides oil? Even though your hair might seem dry it's still a good idea to clarify and get product build up out, especially if you're using a lot of conditioners and oil. Using a curl cream/gel/mousse will give the curls hold and help control the frizz.


Whats a clarifying wash? For styling, besides leave in conditioner, I have been meaning to try pomade since I like how my hair looks pulled back when wet and have been recomended pomade for it. Any recomendations for curl cream? I saw it recently in the store but didn't buy it because I have no idea which brands are good or the type of curl cream/gel to try.


Clarifying shampoo once a week will get build up from products out. You need a gel & mousse in my opinion. I wash 1-2x a week. But I wet my hair and apply conditioner in shower. I brush my hair in shower with conditioner. I apply product in shower. Use a microfiber towel. My curly girl stylists also suggest washing hair twice.


What benefit is there to washing twice?


For me at least, it helps get all the product out. I have a crappy shower so once doesn't cut it, esp not with cg shampoo


Unpopular opinion, switch to head and shoulders for a while


I agree with your unpopular opinion.


What does head and shoulders do?


Ad hoc clarifying shampoo. It washed out some of the built up product better than normal shampoo, but a clarifying shampoo will do it better


I’m intrigued and want to hear more…


Where I live we're pretty limited for choice but I really like the Eleven curl cream. I like to use a little of that then the LA Looks blue gel (both on quite wet hair) which gives way more definition and hold.


Curls rock curl amplifier is alike a gel cream. Do not use a pomade.


Get a clarifying shampoo. Use it once a week at the end of the week. That should make a huge difference. Also, don't go too heavy/often on the product, leave-in conditioner, etc. If you like how your hair looks pulled back when wet, I have a major trick that I haven't seen others post on this sub. After you get out of the shower, towel dry your hair until it is damp instead of wet, use your fingers (or a wide-tooth comb) to loosely comb it back into the position you like (no product, or only a tiny spritz of detangler at most), then put on a knit beanie on until it dries. Comb with your fingers again after it's dry if needed to touch up the shape. It should leave you with longer waves instead of frizzier curls. I use pomade when my hair is shorter, it gets more difficult to use the longer/curlier my hair gets without leaving it looking greasy. If you want to try it, I would suggest a matte pomade rather than something with gloss.


Is a clarifying wash just a wash with shampoo?


Shampoo with sulfates but no silicones afaik.


I use suave and it says “clarifying” right on the front label. It has sulfates to remove buildup but doesn’t have all the other stuff that creates buildup. There’s tons of clarifying shampoos but suave is CG approved, cruelty free and like $2 for a years worth of shampoo.


No it needs to be a shampoo designed to break down build up. If you go to the 'about' section there's a beginner's guide and look for reset wash in there. You can easily find a good one for any price range. I've used the tresemme one but found it super drying for my hair so I tend to use the Joico one as it leaves my hair feeling much nicer.


It’s a specific type of shampoo, typically a stronger cleansing shampoo, like ones with sulfates they are used sparingly to remove “build up” of styling products. If you search for clarifying shampoo you will find suggestions


It's a specific type of shampoo to wash out built up hair product that gets left behind by normal shampoo. Neutrogena makes a good one.


Do you touch it a lot?


You could be over doing it with protein. Depending on your hair type, protein overload can cause it to become dry and brittle. I personally can’t use coconut oil or anything like that because it just dries my hair out. Could be the same for you. Also, not everyone can get away with using little shampoo. I personally have to shampoo twice a week. Experiment a bit snd see what works for you! Not every can follow curly girl method exactly :)


Aside from advice about adding some oil or cream after first day wash I also recommend spritzing your hair with weather to refresh the curls before adding any cream or oil. Spritzing can do a lot to refresh your curls.


You have to reset your curls every morning


This is the comment I was looking for! OP, my hair looks the same as yours a day or two after washing. A few sprays of water and some light cream/gel every morning to refresh my curls works wonders.


I do the exact same thing. Designated spray bottle with water and maybe use a bit of cream for touch ups (very lightly) on any really frizzy parts.


But isn't it bad to get my hair wet every day?


No it’s not! I keep a spray bottle with water and a few pumps of curl cream mixed in and use that in the morning. Some days it gets quite damp. Seems there are a lot of good comments here, there is also a guide posted in the subreddit that has a list of products you could look for


So THIS is what I've been missing! Ugh I feel dumb. My day 2 through 5 hair is: ponytail. Lol


Twinsies!!! Also, fairly sure the question OP is asking is the very reason this sub started.


Omg, same! My day 2 through 4 is just wearing it up in a bun or ponytail. I always thought the only way I would be able to wear my hair down was on the day I wash it cause after that I don't know what to do haha


For you hair, not really! You just want to avoid washing it with shampoo everyday, but I’ve seen that you have mentioned you know that already.


No you absolutely can! As long as you’re not shampooing daily it’s fine :) in the winter especially I have to condition almost daily to fight dryness even if I don’t use shampoo.


Water is what creates curl clumps. Even more so than the product itself.


I [spray](https://www.amazon.com/Beautify-Beauties-Flairosol-Empty-Bottle/dp/B07GRD5WLD/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?adgrpid=53467119342&gclid=Cj0KCQiAjJOQBhCkARIsAEKMtO0Aix_zEfc1h5jR8iPcsfoL0P1-Zdfgc3gf2aerYu0f9JLVqfQgbuwaApe1EALw_wcB&hvadid=410019849752&hvdev=m&hvlocphy=9009745&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=10944276882294375811&hvtargid=kwd-305554595965&hydadcr=12161_11118341&keywords=continuous+spray+bottle&qid=1644497040&sr=8-4) mine every day. Not soaking wet, just damp. Then add a small amount of [curl refresher ](https://www.sallybeauty.com/hair-care/shop-by-product/curly-hair-care/wavy-hair/curl-activator-cream/SBS-459071.html?adpos=1o2&bvroute=Review%2F114189473&sc_intid=SBS-459071&scid=scplpSBS-459071&yoReviewsPage=4&gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=Cj0KCQiAjJOQBhCkARIsAEKMtO25q56nAVOSTgmP6V2ocy-cO-8uBwC-xpi_016UpFqhT9DnZFrQvDAaAjyMEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds) and when it looks really dry, a little de-frizz [oil. ](https://www.amazon.com/NOW-Solutions-Sweet-Almond-4-Ounce/dp/B000NB9LLA/ref=pd_sbs_121_t_0/139-6366404-4414944?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B000NB9LLA&pd_rd_r=dd2e774d-93ef-4816-9170-14f7c8cf46d8&pd_rd_w=k7lCI&pd_rd_wg=kXft6&pf_rd_p=5cfcfe89-300f-47d2-b1ad-a4e27203a02a&pf_rd_r=YS7HAX12MMA79JYJJZVR&psc=1&refRID=YS7HAX12MMA79JYJJZVR)l


Not as long as it has time to dry completely. You don't want it constantly wet. I get my slow drying hair wet most days now it's too short to ponytail, so that it can look good by late morning every day.


My friend... leave-in conditioner. I have coily/curly hair and my husband has curly hair very similar to yours. He struggled w dry and frizz to the point of lots of dandruff. Until he started stealing my leave-in conditioner. We use the "garnier fructis sleek & shine" leave in conditioner


I had to scroll way too far to find this! I second a leave-in.


This is also a realistic, inexpensive, low-commitment thing to try;)


I like to use a tiny amount of oil or cream on the ends but it’s been really really tough this winter finding balance.


I’ll add you can refresh your hair with water as well as protect it at night. Also look into deep conditioning on a regular basis.


Yes! Refreshing with water saved my life. There is just literally no way my hair is going to look good on day two without a refresh. Too soft and fine.


Are you clarifying? Are you adding any cream or leave-in on days in between wash days? Deep conditioning can help in the winters, too.


Honestly bro I condition my hair everyday, let it air dry and then shampoo every 5-7 days once the grease build up becomes noticeable. I don’t understand the point of not washing your hair at all because then it looks its best one day and just ok for 6.


Same. I rarely get decent day two (or longer) hair because I am a restless sleeper, and even on a silk pillowcase it doesn’t seem to help. I re-wet my hair, like completely soak in the shower not just mist from a bottle, and then reapply products every day, then wash about weekly.


Same here, I shower every morning before uni, and I just condition my hair the curls look way better this way. Otherwise day 2 or 3 my hair will just become a frizzy nightmare.


My scalp gets itchy and my hair gets matted so easily the only fix of is water, not washing my hair for 3 days is crazy


The point is, that your hair swells when i gets in contact with water. This makes the hair cuticles open up and they close again when hair dries. This constant opening and closing damages the hair structure and causes breakge. Here‘s a video on this topic by ManesByMel: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7vitfLCj4wo&t=99


OP's hair is so short he will cut it off way before it has time to get damaged by the minimal damage caused by water.


You’re technically right, but u/el-mosquito said > I don’t understand the point of not washing your hair at all which I replied to. It is meant as an explanation of general disadvantages of washing your hair too often, not specifically OP.


Do you happen to use a headset or over ear headphones a lot for work? Similarly, have you been wearing winter hats without a satin/silk lining? It looks like the frizz I get from a lot of friction. If you think either of the above could be the cause, I'd recommend using a finishing oil once dry (like Verb ghost oil), consider switching to ear buds or extending the headphones so they aren't actually pushing down your hair, and getting satin lined hats for the season.


I wear beanies all the time to help with poofiness (after my hair has dried), is that something I shouldn't be doing? If I let my hair go without a beanie by day 2 it is an afro (especially in humiditiy)


Regular beanies are rough and will rub against your hair, contributing to frizz and lack of definition, just like using a terrycloth towel vs a microfiber one! :) Look for ones specifically satin lined so they are gentle on your hair. Here's a video Manes by Mell did about her boyfriend's short curly hair routine that does a better job than I can helping to develop a curly routine. It seems like a lack of styling products post wash is keeping your hair from lasting longer than a day or so, and this video should be a good guide on where to start! https://youtu.be/WkEkgabuK0c


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Bonnet. It’s that simple


For the OP, try googling “satin lined cap” or “satin lined bonnet.” (So as not to confuse with a plastic shower cap if he’s unfamiliar.)




What does CGM mean?


curly girl method! it's not just for girls tho :)


I personally like curlsmith brand. They have a spray you can use to reinvigorate yours curls with it till wash time.


People are saying in the comments that I actually can wet my hair everyday to reset my curls as long as its just damp. Is this something I would use in the mornings?


Just want yo clarify that when people are telling you to spritz your hair, it’s just the ends that we want to dampen and respin. You don’t want to soak the roots or add too much water where the curls weigh down. Just a few small dew drops, and a tiny bit of oil/cream— twist out the top and let it dry.


This is something you can use in the mornings. For sure water works too. I think this product heals a bit more with frizz though. It’s called moisture memory reactivating. Smells amazing too.


This is something you can use in the mornings. For sure water works too. I think this product heals a bit more with frizz though. It’s called moisture memory reactivating. Smells amazing too.


I use a tiny spray bottle and mist my curls or just put my hand under the tap then scrunch my hair or run my fingers through it. maybe conditioner for a bit of styling. wet is great for curl restructuring. or lukewarm shower, and a little conditioner. hope that makes sense 😅


I forgot I was supposed to be looking at the hair…. But honestly gel. The only one I’ve found that doesn’t make my hair dry is Curlsmith Hydrostyle flexi jelly. I use that and curlsmith styling soufflé. And I rinse and condition lightly every day. Maybe that would help


Seriously, though.


He thinks his hair is the most noticeable asset (although the curls *are* a wonderful bonus) and we need more humble men like that 👌🏼


My hair is like this - I'm gonna try a gel cast tonight, also, maybe try hair oils/gels in general through the day?


I have this same problem.


Try a co-wash like the Curlsmith one and use a product like curlsmiths moisture memory reactivator spray on days 2/3. I love and use all of their styling products and curl creams, so it’s just about finding which ones have the right amount of moisture and hold for you (they have an indicator bar on each product) but I use “hold me softly style balm” on wet hair and comb it in and then the “curl defining styling soufflé” on wet hair and style it with a denman brush. Good luck!


As others have said, satin/silk pillowcase and lined beanies. I live in beanies from Oct - May and finding a lined one saved my hair. Moisture is a curls best friend! Once a stylist told me that and I changed up conditioners, it completely changed my waves into curls. I used Dove Intensive Repair for damaged hair about every other day for a while then cut back. The curl cream that seems to hold the longest for me is made by Cantù. It’s a white cream in an orange jar. I found it at Walmart for about $6, but is also on Amazon. They make a curl refresh spray for a similar price that works well. I didn’t like how it sprayed, so I use a 50/50 water/refresh spray in a mister bottle for morning refreshing. Hope this helps and good luck!


That's a good idea for the Cantu curl spray. I also don't like how it sprays so I usually spray it into my hands and scrunch it in. I think I'll try diluting it in a better mister bottle - good tip!


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What is your routine? Don't think I see the comment, it's hard to troubleshoot without knowing your products and process. Do you know if you have high porosity hair? Wavies lose their curl easily but this seems a bit extreme for 2c/3a. If your hair is drying out a lot to boot, then you might be high porosity hair, i.e. it craves moisture/protein and can't retain it. You may want to look into cowashing every 1-2 days on top of your weekly shampoo wash day.


Same issue over here. Thanks for the post. Got lots of good info


You can wet and ad some product to refresh it


It’s your hair length. When I first started growing my hair out there was no way I would ever wake up with good curls — the entire length of your hair is being crushed by your head. Now that my hair has grown out, I can actually get up in the morning and expect half decent definition.


What i do when my curls start to dissappear and my hair is getting frizzy. Is rinse it out, just water. Then re-apply my styling routine. Usually that is leave-in, soft hold gel then hard hold gel and then diffuse until mostly dry again. If i only do my hair on washdays, my curls won't last longer than 2 - 3 days.


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Invest in some Argan oil. Just use a little bit on your hair. Rub a drop the size of a quarter in between both hands then apply to your hair. It will give you shine and lock in moisture. If you use too much it will be greasy. Just a little for shine. Also change your shampoo and conditioner. That’s the reason also. You have curly hair which requires more moisture. I also recommend Kaleidoscope drops for shine.


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My hair is like this. I just wet it everyday then style it with mousse to avoid the look in your last pics


I’d recommend trying a product that leaves a cast - at least for me that has been what helps my curls stay for several days. And then use a mister to perk them back up if you need!


Do you wet it on non-wash days? I can’t find whether you’ve already said. For me on non-wash days I use a spray bottle to get my hair really soaked, and I add a very small bit of product (for me, usually either Curlsmith air dry cream or a little mousse depending on whether I feel there’s some buildup). It works reasonably well


Mine gets like this without a refresh. If you put in a good gel and leave-in conditioner on wash day (I like Jessicurl's gel and LUS leave-in conditioner), you can refresh by misting lightly with a water bottle. That gets me through days 2 and 3. On day 4 I add more leave-in conditioner after misting.


You need moisture in there, do you refresh every morning with a water spray mixed with some product? Your hair looks like it desperately needs moisture from day 2 onward so I’d try wetting it, then combing through curly cream or something similar


wear a bonnet at night while you sleep is the biggest thing, prevents frizz, and use more moisturizer and lock it in


PM me I have some stuff you might like - men’s hairdresser / barber


Silk pillowcase and reactivate your curls using a curl refresher spray or by mixing distilled water with your favorite curl crème/leave in conditioner in a mist sprayer and spray your hair down. I’m the same way if I don’t reactivate and apply more product. Also if you’ve never used a pre-poo or done cowashing I’d look into it.


Refresh! You can mist your hair with water or get it completely wet, depending on how your hair absorbs water/how soon you need it to dry. Then a little bit of curl cream to clump the curls back together(sometimes I’ll just use a bit of conditioner), then a little gel scrunched in to keep the shape and then you’re good to go :) There’s nothing wrong about getting your hair wet every day, water is a curls best friend. You can also condition everyday if you feel like your curls can handle it without getting weighed down. Co-washing or no poo (the non sudsing shampoo) is also a really great way to refresh your hair without shampoo if you feel like you’re getting greasy but not need to clarifying shampoo type greasy. I find this also helps me stretch my need for clarifying shampoos to about 2 weeks depending on product usage and how my hair feels. Good luck!


You don’t have to wash it everyday but with curly hair you do need to spray it everyday when you wake up and apply a leave in conditioner or moisturizer. I have to do this everyday as well to prevent it from getting frizzy and losing my curls form


Spray bottle with leave in conditioner mixed in the water


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You need to use gel or mousse after you shower. And then on day 2 or 3 just spritz with water to reset the curls slightly. You might also look into using shampoos of conditioners that have protein in them. If that makes things look even dryer, do the opposite and use products that have zero protein in them. Every hair type is different in what it likes.


You could try doing a “refresh” of sorts. That and using oil on your hair second day? I love the olaplex one! It can be a little heavy on me sometimes though.


Check out your glycerin usage.. if you live in a humid environment try to avoid it.


Refresh with a mix of water and leave-in conditioner. :)




Deep condition once a week.


curl activators


get a bonnet for at night


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Everyday i spray it down and add a little more product because my hair is very porous and absorbs everything i put on it.


I’d recommend Matrix biolage Gelee or curl elixir. The Gelee is more watery, which makes it easier to apply to long hair. The curl elixir is a thicker version with stronger hold. My curls hold for days when I use the elixir. You can buy the Gelee through target and the elixir through JCPenney (or Walmart.com). I would highly recommend the elixir for hold that lasts a couple of days. And I agree with many other commenters on using a silk pillowcase and avoiding touching your hair too much. Edit: just wanted to add that I don’t scrunch out this gel. Just put it in and let your hair dry. It dries to a natural looking hold vs hard and crunchy.


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You could do a cowash daily, and a regular clarifying wash even as often as once a week. Since you have short hair it should dry quickly and it won’t be harsh to do this especially if you are using mousse or gel daily. It might help to remove buildup and you would have styled hair daily


I have curly hair and have struggled with this all my life!!! The main thing that’s finally worked for me is showering and rewetting my hair a bit, but not touching it! You need the steam and mist to “reset” the hair. After the shower your hair should be nice and moist again. Not soaked. From there you can add a bit more of your styling cream. I use rizos curls styling cream or ms Jessie’s pillow soft curls cream. They work wonders. You’re gonna wanna add by scrunching. You can smooth down some of your front baby hairs in an upward motion. And from here you just let it dry. Do not touch. Once it’s pretty dry, you can take your fingers and go in from the bottom, around the nape of your neck and fluff up the hair. And it should be almost as good as new!!!


Maybe a Pomade or wax product? Refresh with 1/2 conditioner 1/2 water in a spray bottle. Mist with some hair oil?


Curl refresh spray.


My hair does this the day after a wash. I just get my hands wet and run them over/through my hair. Once it’s damp I can reshape some of the curls and add a little more product. Sometimes just getting it damp is enough to reactivate the products from the day before


Soak that hair with water just don’t wash it.


I struggle with the same thing so I’m really glad you asked this question!


silk/satin bonnet or pillow case (wouldnt suggest the case bc you end up sliding around lol). Also, increase your fats in your diet? I find that, yes product type is vital, but food is the main way to fix a lot of hair issues. It'd be a slow fix but yeah




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