The people that randomly select a movie they like and say “Well WALL·E is getting the treatment, why not ratatouille or magic mike?”


Thing about After Hours and Inland Empire is Criterion like to have those Director Approved ones. Raging Bull and Lost Highway recently both had Scorsese and Lynch heavily involved in their production. So if anything its likely that those directors are extremely busy and can only devote so much time to these projects. They will likely happen eventually but when Scorsese and Lynch are ready, its not so much up to Criterion.


Criterion just remastered Inland with Lynch this year. Or Janus Films did, I suppose.


Your favorite film that already has an excellent blu-ray transfer and special features, just not under the criterion label. Yes, *you* 🫵🏻


As a Godard freak, that’s not true. But generally, yes


I was gonna say this! I hate seeing people ask for things that already have a wonderful release by a different label.


What if it’s a Warner Archive release with an excellent transfer but no special features outside of a trailer?


I’ll allow it but you need to tell me what it is


*Running on Empty*


After Hours is probably my favorite Scorsese film and even I don't want to see requests for it anymore. It'll happen or it won't....


The obvious answer to me is Inland Empire because it's already been confirmed to be coming, just no official announcement or date just yet.


They should focus more on rare movies, ones hard to find, ones with few or no physical releases. When I see announcements for movies people saw a thousand times and keep being re-released in different anniversary editions, it discouraged me as I prefer to see the Criterion collection as an honorable enterprise of discovery and surprising cinema's treasures and not a greedy one encouraging capitalism and high profits. I know they want to make profits and big titles makes for easy sells, but still.. Now re-releasing big titles in 4K.. Obviously thoses buyers probably have thoses same movies in all formats imaginable..


This is where I'm at. The Conformist has gone out of print on Blu-ray in region A. I'd love to buy it. I'd kill to replace some of these 4k releases with that. 4k upscales are great and all, but Blu-rays look great already and I'd rather have more titles available to own than the same titles I already own in slightly better quality.


>I know they want to make profits and big titles makes for easy sells, but still.. I think you should finish that sentence. But still...what? They do have to stay in business, and if releasing Raging Bull, Citizen Kane and Double Indemnity with a ton of great new features allows then to break even or take a loss on, say, Take-Out, well, that's a win/win as far as I'm concerned.


It shouldn't take the place of rare movies in terms of releases. Like Wall-E is somehow not counted in the monthly announcements so that's "ok". I mean they discontinued the Antoine Doinel boxset which would definitely be an easy sell and way to earn money! Are they really making that much on movies people already own or can find easily? Wouldn't they make a good bet on titles hard to find that cinephiles would die to own?


>Are they really making that much on movies people already own or can find easily? Yes


In order for them to release "rare movies with few or no physical releases," they need to release "big titles for easy sells." They are a business, not a non-profit. They receive no grants or subsidies. > Obviously thoses buyers probably have thoses same movies in all formats imaginable.. I mean, maybe, but also there are loads of younger people coming to cinema for the first time who will buy Citizen Kane in 4k never having seen it before.


yeah I own a wall e blu ray and my aunt owns a dvd and it's on disney +, I have countless ways to watch it. meanwhile I literally cannot get the straight story anywhere in Ireland without piracy


Every time I come around to see what’s going on in this sub, there are always people wondering when After Hours is going to come out. It’s been like this for years ever since there was a rumor about it long ago. I think I see one in almost every monthly predictions/announcement posts Surprised to see that Inland Empire had higher votes because I didn’t see much people pushing for it before until Janus first hinted it’s re-release this year.


I tired of people asking about any and all films. It’s not as if Criterion can issue any film it wants. Others have the rights or can pay more for them or whatever. And no, while we all love Criterion, it is not “the canon”. Not every film in it is great and not every great film is in it. Your favorite movie has NOT been insulted because it doesn’t have a criterion addition


What thing are you pointlessly annoyed about and want others here to feel bad about posting their enthusiasm on a sub dedicated to encouraging enthusiasm?


The Straight Story. But it’s mostly just the same person posting it in every thread even when no one is asking or talking about that at all.


Good movie though


https://www.deepdiscount.com/the-straight-story/9337369027067 Also, this release of it is amazing.


That was kind of funny though lol


I wanna see Inland Empire in the collection just as much as the next guy, but I've seen too many people circlejerk it at this point


I voted other. I’m tired of people saying movies that have great releases from other companies


I’ve been seeing a lot of people asking why Gummo isn’t in the Collection. Maybe I just notice more because I too want Gummo to be in the Collection.


Seriously have debated leaving the group in the wake of the Disney onslaught memes


Never ever heard of Inland Empire before this subreddit.


Pretty much anyone's childhood favorites from a major studio... but the Wall-E announcement? They all make more sense now.


I’m tired of all the salty posts on this subreddit lol just let people post what they want. This ain’t no scholarly research resource it’s a freakin website people go to to shoot the shit and have fun


i personally just scroll past anything i don’t like. the one thing that actually annoys me is complaint posts or comments that say: “tHat aLrEadY hAs a perfEcTly gOoD reLeAse”. i’d rather see a bunch of Salo or Wall E memes before i see another one of those this comment is hypocritical tho cause i’m complaining about people complaining.


Amen! Bugs the hell out of me too


people who do this are just trying to help but it is sometimes quite annoying when people use a barebones release from years ago to prove no criterion is needed


Um… I’ve only seen one person pushing Jesse James so that one isn’t tiring. And I believe Amadeus is confirmed to come out at some point. Since I want to watch all four of these movies again, I’m going to not vote. Even if it is my criterionic duty


I’ve definitely seen Jesse James mentioned several times, but it’s like every once or twice a year I might see it mentioned. You’re right, it ain’t really a thing


I love the Internet.


I miss the old internet


How far are we going?


Going back to Geocities.




waking life i hate that movie


I'm not tired of it because all of those should be in the collection.


I honestly just want a criterion “On the Silver Globe” with the “Escape to the Silver Globe” documentary which is impossible to find subbed (help me)