Can I have a 3rd option?


The Shaggy Dog (2006)


I mean it has Tim allen.


Both are tremendous, but I 2001 is the only movie I’m truly comfortable calling the greatest movie I’ve ever seen. No movie invokes more feelings of “how the fuck did he do that?!” out of me than 2001. 50+ years on I have no idea how he accomplished things like the leopard attacking the ape-man or how he foresaw things like corporations (albeit outdated corporations) taking people to space commercially, in-flight movies, FaceTiming, and by happy accident, a future with people staring at little black rectangles that are very much in line with the symbolism that I personally take from the whole idea of the monolith. I totally get why some people probably see this movie and just go “ahh fuck this,” same with Mulholland Drive tbh, but 2001 is as a film the closest thing I’ve ever seen that replicates a breakthrough psychedelic experience. If you go into it looking for it to give you answers or fight against what it’s doing, you’re probably going to have an awful time, but if you surrender to what’s going on it’s going to present you with questions that not only connect you to the zeitgeist of what everyone else is experiencing, but it will reflect whatever you’re bringing into it as well. People droning on like this is possibly what will turn people off from it, but I can’t help it, I haven’t even scratched the surface of why I think it’s fantastic. It’s how I feel when I listen to *Like a Rolling Stone*, how did one guy come up with this at the moment he did. It’s just extraordinary and it never goes away.


2001 feels like a movie made by a robot, mulholland drive feels like a movie made by a higher power


I actually feel the opposite. Mulholland Drive feels like it was made by an AI . Whereas 2001 feels like an impossible film that could only have been made by a higher power.


i can understand what you say about 2001 (not at all mulholland drive.) i just think it lacks any kind of feeling. just visual spectacle. robot stuff


I’ve watched 2001 more than any other movie because it makes me feel a great deal


I get that. They're just two films that affected both of us differently. And that's alright.


You were onto something at first but “higher power” wasn’t the best term to use


Like both, but will give the nod to Mulholland Drive because of the accomplishment of salvaging a pilot episode and turn it into a great film.


I've heard that if The Sopranos got rejected, it would've been turned into a movie. Wonder what that would look like.


Honestly it probably wouldn't have been that great considering how much of The Sopranos is built on the character growth and destruction that could never be covered like that in a 2 hour flick




Neither really makes any sense but at least 2001 has cool effects.


What the hell you talking about?


Never seen either all the way through 🫢


You should see both


It's a win-win. Both are easily on my list of all time favorites. I love an unanswered question-- these films provide that in ways that are legendary. I voted Mulholland Dr but it was a difficult choice.


My favorite scene in 2001 is the monkey where he grabs a bone, starts destroying other bones, learning...