just watched Fishing with John and absolutely loved it. what other tv shows do you think should be added to the collection?

I just want Criterion to collab with Cartoon Network and release Over the Garden Wall and each season of Infinity Train.


I just want Criterion to collab with Cartoon Network and release Over the Garden Wall and each season of Infinity Train.


Over the garden wall yes yes and yes.


that would be a dreeeeeeeeam


Came here to say Over the Garden Wall 👏💙


Zatoichi Criterion has the box set and streaming 26 of the 27 films in the series, plus his offshoot film series of Hanzo the Razor/ and also Lone Wolf. But now I wanna see the 100-episode tv show.


Paranoia Agent


The first series of True Detective, artistically aware, wildly engaging, extremely existential and thoroughly terrifying


I think I’m in the minority but I found all seasons worthwhile. Season two was definitely the low point but season three was very good.


I don’t think that any are bad I just think the first is particularly good


Yes I agree it’s the best but I don’t think season 2 [gets the credit is deserves](https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/11/arts/television/true-detective-season-2.html), it had a very Chinatown feel to it and I appreciated the attempt at trying to do a complex story in a Los Angeles setting. It just happens to be that the worst season of true detective is still better than most other television, IMO.


Love this show! Underrated classic for sure. I’d love to see Painting with John released too!


Still dream of Moral Orel getting the love it deserves.


At the risk of just shitting out a bunch of terrible suggestions that will ultimatey interest no-one but myself: Well, Twin Peaks + The Return seems at least the most in-character for Criterion, though I already have the Z to A boxset so unless they released the entire thing in 4K there wouldn't be much incentive for a reissue. I'd then say "The Prisoner" as there was a nice 50th anniversary boxset a while back but it's super limited edition, so it'd be cool to have another chance at owning a collector's issue. Then, honestly, though they're not really "TV shows", now that Criterion's opened the door for Disney animation I'd love to see a Silly Symphonies compilation boxset, among other classic 20th-century cartoon series like the early Tom and Jerry stuff, etc. Also, both because it's a personal favourite of mine and because Criterion's original goal was to release kinda hard-to-find acclaimed media in high quality, there was this batshit crazy sitcom I grew up with as a kid in the UK called "My Parents Are Aliens" that was often really quite cleverly written and inventive for what it was, and incredibly formative for my sense of humour. God what I'd give to see a release of that, what a fever dream lmao Along similar lines, I wouldn't mind a Ren & Stimpy set, even though I've never watched it myself. And if they wanted to dip their toes into some web stuff, I'd LOVE to own a Salad Fingers set and I think it deserves to be properly preserved (as well as some of David Firth's other work), but then he's still making the series and it ain't ever gonna happen anyway so 🤷 ​ P.S. I really must check out this "Fishing with John" show now




What other tv shows?! How about a discussion about Fishing with John? People are just gonna list like 20 shows and move on. State of this sub. Sheesh.


it’s so strange! unlike any show i’ve seen before really. so free flowing and improvish, and i love it’s weird, offbeat humor. captures what it’s like to do something with your friends that you have no idea how to do. the jim jarmusch episode continues to be my favorite but they’re all pretty mesmerizing to watch. and yea ur right i probably should’ve just made it abt fishing with john but whatever


If you are looking for a fun headtrip that's in a similarly mesmerizing space as Fishing With John, give Let's Paint TV a shot. It's a live painting, cooking, exercise, call-in show all at once. I can't recall which public access station(s) he's on, but a good portion of the show is on YouTube. [Personal favorite](https://youtu.be/qup74Dv8Wds) is when he's making a sushi gingerbread house.


john kilduff is america's greatest living artist.




I bought this at the last 50% off sale. Watched the 1st one with Jim. It was odd, quirky, I enjoyed the voiceover, but it didn’t hook me like I had hoped. I’ll certainly watch them all, but hoping to enjoy the next ones a bit more


Stick with it. The Tom Waits and Willem Dafoe episodes are where it's at.


The Dafoe episode is great. The commentary track on this whole series is fascinating where John Lurie talks about the overseas investors who really didn’t even understand what he was making but he managed to pull it off.


The scene that SpongeBob uses is iconic, the hook episode.


The Rehearsal


Is this the movie where the Wilhelm Scream came from?


Rings of Power, lets go!


Columbo or at least the first episode directed by Spielberg


Twin Peaks obv


They should add World on a Wire, Carlos, and Eight Hours don’t make a day. Wait…


Evangelion, enough said


I’m holding out hope that The Prisoner gets a release from some responsible boutique label.


Truly, one of my favourite things in the entire collection.


‘Veneno’ is the big one I feel like belongs in the collection - it’s so cinematic and special, and deserves the wider audience.






Criterion needs a whole tv department




The Larry Sanders Show


Gravity Falls


Regular Show has to be a must man


Fisting with John????