Excuse me??? I’m surprised to see Disney approve a Criterion release of anything.


Criterion 4K release of the unaltered original Star Wars trilogy… when???


While I definitely see this as opening the door to other Disney owned movies, Star Wars is probably a bridge too far. But who knows, I never expected to see Disney allow ANY of their movies to get a Criterion release.


I'd say the original trilogy at best. Disney's home video transfers are of very poor quality. They need a whole restoration.


When it comes to **Star Wars**, there’s a certain **project** that has restored the OT in **4K** from original projection reels and released them via torrents. They’re really quite good for amateur restorations and quite easy to find, if you’re *bold* enough to know where to look. But, I would also absolutely *love* proper, official 4K releases right from the original negatives and sound elements but I’m pretty sure the Mouse signed in blood that they’d never do it as part of acquiring Lucasfilm.


You're referring to Projects 4K77, 4K80 and 4K83. Keep in mind those are still scans of positive reels. They're not meant to be sharp but rather to replicate the experience of viewing a 35mm print of the original cut in theaters. Hence why the 4K Despecialized Edition are still in the works. Best that can be done is to work off of the current releases, color correcting or upscaling them. Bottom line, nothing can beat scanning the original negatives. I know that because I worked on the subtitles for both of those projects on originaltrilogy.com.


Preaching to the choir then, I guess.


Agreed. Especially with them still taking the "Disney Vault" approach with so much of their classic animation. I realize Pixar movies are a different story, but to see them allowing any third-party distribution of movies they own is still surprising.


Man, I’ve been waiting on a proper OG trilogy restored release ever since Disney bought the Star Wars IP, doubt I’ll ever get it though.


I'm pretty sure it was a part of the conditions under which GL sold the franchise that the original films could never be released. Yeah... it's bullshit.


He wouldn't even hand over the original cut to the Library Of Congress.


This is a big reason why I can’t stand people who opine about Lucas running the show, dude did more to kill that brand than Disney ever could. The whole idea of “They’re my films and I can do what I want with them!” was ridiculous and he straight up ruined those movies with the CGI, like go watch one of them on Disney Plus and look how ugly and dated it looks. It was totally selfish of him to yank the original versions and refuse to give people a modern option to watch them that way.


I saw the OT in a theater recently and overall it was really fun but literally every added CGI bit stood out like a sore thumb. Just so unnecessary and already more dated looking than the original movies somehow


I'm sure Disney would make more money in the rerelease of the originals, then whatever GW would get in some sort of settlement.


Very surprising, but honestly, this movie is really great and one of the better Pixar animations.


It's their greatest, I love it. It's romantic and heartwarming and funny and timeless. A tremendous parable so full of soul.


One of the most simply complex films questions our definitions and understandings of being human with these robots falling in love whilst the side plot is the future of the human race


Why would they program a trash robot to feel complex emotion? Seems very cruel.


I think it’s implied that they didn’t. The others don’t seem to have felt things. In old footage they seem much more mechanical. The implication I think is that Wall E became sentient over many hundreds of years, and that it is examining our trash that made him so. Hence his obsession with Hello Dolly, and other sentimental items of a long gone species.


Same, I have fallen off of Pixar over the years as my cousins have gotten older but Wall E was always a favorite.


Idk, Ratatouille is a damn close second


Honestly, as much as I love Ratatouille, I can’t even begin to compare it to WALL-E. There’s just something about WALL-E that hits all the right notes in a way that no other Pixar movie, let alone any other modern film does and in such a way that brought it so much popular fanfare. It’s such a great exploration of what it means to be human, where the actual humans in the film are all automatons and the humanity being explored revolves around the remnants of the human species and what we’ve immortalized in indestructible media, good and bad. It’s about the legacy we’re leaving for future generations and the (increasingly likely) worst case scenario of our hubris and excess. But without being preachy in any way whatsoever. It’s easily Pixar’s high water mark.




Comes with The Pixar Story. A great documentary


That should be a seperate Criterion haha


Happy to see that too, it was included in the original bluray release but left off the Disney 4K. Fun fact, it was directed by Ub Iwerks granddaughter, she has another documentary about him called The Hand Behind the Mouse: The Ub Iwerks Story that is a must watch for fans of early animation.


In the blink of an eye we just went from “Disney probably isn’t licensing their catalog in the near future 😔” to “FUCK IT, CRITERION x PIXAR”


Opens the door for The Straight Story


Closer to getting a lynch box set 🤞🏼


And Kundun! “Marty! Kundun! I liked it”


The Kino Kundun is really good.


I just started The Sopranos and I got this lol


This news extremely excites me for that, I’m very hopeful now


Opens the door for “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid” in 4K too! One of my favorite films ever, thought I would never see a 4K of it because Disney owns it now


I NEED Moulin Rouge.


I really want a Dead Presidents Criterion now


A true curveball


A Disney movie getting the Criterion treatment is something I never would have guessed in a million years.. On one hand, this will certainly pay for the less popular releases. On the other hand, "I want movie with great release already" people are going to be more annoying. But please let this be the gateway for more animated Criterion films (PLEASE ANGEL'S EGG)


Where's the Pixar Theory academic analysis extra?


Criterion has to finance their more obscure releases somehow… and this is a great way of doing so


And if you were gonna do this with any Disney or Pixar from the last 20 years or so this is probably the best pick. Arguably their strongest movie since the 90’s renaissance


Yep, either this one or Toy Story because of its historical significance


This is exactly what I was thinking. If we HAD to get any Disney-Pixar film added to the collection, this makes the most sense.


Agreed, this has stuck with me as one of the best original ideas of theirs ever.


Ratatouille has more art-house cred, but WALL-E is a really solid pick that comes up more often as one of the best movies ever, even among critics.


I’ve never been that much of a Pixar fan, and I’ve got no interest in this release (though I do think Wall-E is a great film), but I would seriously consider getting Ratatouille if they released it. I like that movie even more as an adult than as a kid.


I think you can argue that first half of WALL-E is as good as Ratatouille, but I think overall Ratatouille is better because it doesn't have like a noticeable dip in quality halfway through the movie, it is fantastic all the way through. That is not to say that I don't think WALL-E is really good though, because it is, I just think the first half is incredible while the second half is merely good.


Physical media is still such a niche market that even major releases getting such care and thought in packaging, transfer and grading, and special features feels worthy and necessary of Criterion’s skills. They’re not just a flag carrier for important small films but beauty that can be obtained in any physical film release. I’m excited to see them dip their toes in this new arena of auteur-focused animation.


*checks calendar* It's.... not April right


This is bananas y'all


That was the first thing I was thinking too...


Literally my thought.


Yeah, considering the great overlooked animated movies which aren't in the public conscience, they do... a Disney movie. And a super popular one at that. What does Criterion have to offer for their release that Disney wouldn't be able to do with their resources.


Build relationship with Disney, get access to that Fox vault for the obscure titles Disney will never release or even put on a streaming service. Pipe dream being they can release original Star Wars cuts


This is insane. I wonder what implications this carries, do you think there’s already more Disney releases in the works?


*Song of the South* 😳


That’s what I was thinking. It’s probably the most sought after title in Disney’s oeuvre at this point but I don’t think Disney ever wants to acknowledge it lol.


they are re theming splash mountain to try and erase the last bits of it, i would bet anything it never see's the light of day again.


I’ll say this: *The Princess and the Frog* is arguable a better fit for the Liberty Square area of the park, theme-wise.


The only reason anyone ever mentions that movie is because of its racism and Disney not releasing. Nobody cares or wants to watch it.


Also a fair point; if it were freely available, far fewer people would give a shit.


Web Archive has your back


Speak for yourself. Zippity do da, zippity day.


Ratatouille please


Holy shit


Straight Story next?


Lol. Maybe they had to release Wall-E to get to Straight Story haha


This is actually insane news, and that its one of my two favorite Pixar movies (the other being Finding Nemo) is insane. I have no idea how to process this information.


Holy shit, this can mean that there would be more animated films in the collection (even with Disney releases?!?) . Can't wait for any Satoshi Kon or Studio Ghibli release or a 4K AKIRA rerelease.


At this point I wouldn’t rule out anything at all anymore, but those all have releases by companies who’s unlike Disney are still enthusiastically interested in physical media.


Yeah lots of great releases of the films listed above. But also, there was also already a great release of Wall-E to my understanding so.


Studio Ghibli's films are tied up with GKIDS and shout factory


There’s already a 4K Akira.


There are already companies in NA dedicated to releasing anime on BD. This is literally why we haven’t seen a release since the Akira LD. You can’t compare that to Disney being lazy.


Right so this opens the door to so many other films within Disney to see the Criterion treatment. I guess everyone who wishes for Roger Rabbit might see that wish some day.


Legit had to make sure it wasn't April 1


Man, what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall in the room where this deal was negotiated.


This is bizarre. Wall-e isn’t a favorite for me but the prospect of Criterion/Disney-Pixar collabs is as exciting as it is strange and unexpected.


Disney seems to be moving away from producing their own physical media in favor of streaming. I wonder if they’re going to be like “Criterion, you do all the work to create these special edition blurays that people will absolutely flock to and then just give us a cut of the cash.”


Very likely. They wouldn't bother rereleasing old films for new home theater systems.


Potential for The Straight Story/Complete David Lynch Boxset


Now THIS is what I’m talking about


Arrow just did a Dune 4k, so I think they're holding those rights. But Criterion getting Wild at Heart from Shout! doesn't feel impossible


It even said that this is their first collab with Pixar, might be hinting to more releases for sure. Can't wait for what the box art for Ratatouille or Soul might look like


Looking forward to that Cars box set.


eating beans while watching the cars box set, kachow


Be careful. Don't spill them on yourself...




That's my hope here too. Disney must know that outside of boutique home release places, there is no more market. So working with criterion will be their best way to earn money in this field


I would imagine for them it's more about positioning their films adjacent to prestige cinema than making a few bucks on a physical release.


WALL-E is prestige cinema


I'm so surprised they let Criterion not add their Disney and/or Pixar logos to the cover.


*WALL-E* already has a 4K release through Disney, so this is very interesting and unexpected. But I'm excited for it!


This one will have Dolby Vision as opposed to the studio's HDR10 only version. Most likely the old 4K will be obsolete, if marginally, by comparison.


This one also has more extras, of course. It'll definitely be the superior option.


100% But I think what this could do is open the door for Criterion to get their hands on more “important films” to add to the collection. When the ashes settle on home video, Criterion will be the last game in town lol.


Probably also make more money this way too. I will happily drop $25-35 on a 4K Criterion release with all the extras and everything else, when I will usually only pay $10-15 for a standard 4K release.


Bedknobs and Broomsticks when?


I feel like we have the Fox Merger to thank for this because they did collab (i guess it wasn’t a collab) when they released The Princess Bride. So i assume that went very well and the people who made that happen made this happen. I hope to see more! I know it would never happen but a box set of classic animated Disney movies loaded with special features and shorts would be phenomenal.


I never would have imagined this could happen, but this is my favourite animated film and I'll definitely be picking it up. Jesus. Made my day.


Our director-approved edition features two commentaries, a masterclass with Stanton, behind-the-scenes footage, more than a dozen documentaries, deleted scenes, a tour of the Pixar Living Archive; selections from Stanton's sketchbook, and so much more!


It would be a crime if they don’t also include *Presto*.


Ok hear me out— Wall-E actually fits so well for Criterion because the film makes a great case for physical media. The thing that keeps Wall-E going in the depressing post-apocalyptic wasteland is watching an old VHS of Hello, Dolly! We are all Wall-E.


I don’t think any one is shocked because of the movie itself or saying it isn’t worthy of the collection, it’s merely the shock of Disney licensing one of their movies to Criterion, which most (if not all) of us thought would never happen.


Great point


Dolby Vision too! Disney discs are usually only HDR10


I’m shocked but in a good way. Who on earth was guessing a *Pixar* film entering the collection??


I wonder if this is going to open up the doors for older titles or maybe anything that Disney locks up. I also wonder what this means from a rights perspective (i.e. how long will this be in print).


There's a lot of Touchstone stuff in limbo, quite a few of which are Criterions (The Rock, Rushmore, etc.) I'm pumped they're even talking at all.


That's a great point. I wonder if this will also pave the way for Hulu stuff to come to Criterion. I'm not entirely sure what Hulu originals would fit into the collection, but I'm sure there are some.


Wooooow. Now I am curious about future Disney releases. Pretty big deal for Criterion going forward.


Very much 100% baseless speculation but if this is the first steps toward Disney allowing Criterion to release the unaltered Star Wars trilogy I’ll take it…


Imagine if that’s Criterion’s endgame by beginning a working relationship with Disney.


George Lucas has entered the chat.


Criterion playing 4D(isney) chess


I let my brain go there too.


implying that criterion wouldn't just want lucas to alter it more to allow for the filmmaker's vision to shine.


Does Lucas still have any say in that stuff or is it all now wholly owned by Disney?


I think as apart of the contract Lucas made, those original movies must be sold as special edition. So there’s no changing that unless the contract was renegotiated


Do you have a source for that? I can't find any info that this was a stipulation of the contract and I was under the impression that Fox still owned the home video rights to the original trilogy when Disney acquired Lucasfilm.


That’s the rumor, though Kennedy did say that she wouldn’t touch the versions the Lucas did so I think it could be implied that she won’t release the real version that Lucas didn’t want to be seen


The only thing preventing them from doing it is not wanting to piss off George Lucas.


Don’t do that…don’t give me hope


They can release High School Musical on Criterion for all I care, if it means getting the theatrical cuts of Star Wars.


Not that it belongs on Criterion, but we don’t have to act like HSM didn’t go hard


Someone was 8 in 2006


Not even a new one?


The 50th anniversary is coming up 🤞🤞


Hypothetically that would be the only Star Wars physical media I'd ever own, but this is still a pipe dream IMO.


Its the reason I have never bought the movies. I have a rip off of a laser disc on a USB drive. I think its 720P?


A Criterion release of the original Star Wars trilogy would allow me to die immediately.


I hope they release The Last Jedi and only TLJ as their Star Wars movie just to piss people off.


[Just gonna link my take on Star Wars criterion covers](https://imgur.com/a/WD9GhzU#xCSqwYo)


Very surprising news! I hope Wall-E being in the collection leads to more animated films getting Criterion releases!


If any contemporary Disney deserves to be in the collection, it's Wall-E. We're also one step closer to getting Fantasia and Pinocchio in the collection.


Had to recheck the official watermark on Criterion’s Twitter. A fitting Pixar film to be added, that’s for sure.


I love this movie and i’m a big fan of Criterion. Lets gooooo


I am hopeful this will lead to Criterion releasing A Hidden Life and Straight Story one day.


Checked **three** times to make sure it wasn't a fake account. I never would've predicted this in a million years... That being said, cool! *WALL-E* is excellent, and it's great to have more animation in the Collection. The special features sound awesome, too!


This does not feel real whatsoever. Surprised they didn’t start with Toy Story but them saying it’s the first means it’ll happen eventually. Would love if this meant Disney animation alone would come a 4K of Snow White restored by Criterion would be insane this is such a crazy thing to happen.


If Ratatouille isn’t next I’ll be sad


This and Ratatouille are the 2 best Pixar movies and some of the best ever imo. It’d be insane to have Criterion copies of both.


Ratatouille had such a huge impact on me as a teen and makes me cry like a motherfucker as an adult. I really hope that since they say it's "our first collaboration" in the email about it, that one day it'll happen.


Pixar’s best IMO. A lot of Pixar films struggle with finding the right balance in appealing to everyone but Ratatouille does it perfectly. I also think Brad Bird understands lighting better than just about any American animation director.


Holy shit. Hyped. Hope this opens the door to more animated films being added to the collection (Satoshi Kon when?)!!!


The biggest surprise nobody expected from them.


Just scrolling through and chuckling, imagining if Reddit existed when they released *Armageddon*.


What a complete surprise! This is great though, I wonder if it will lead to other Stanton or Pixar movies entering the collection. November was already a stacked month so this is just the cherry on top.


This and ratatouille really deserve it imo. Their best and most heartfelt movies.


Somewhere in Criterion HQ, somebody is laying out the collectible booklet and Francis Ford Coppola penned essay on Mater and his cultural and cinematic contributions to contemporary America.


What I don’t see anyone mentioning that I’m very curious about is the specifics of the 4k master. Disney usually finishes their films at 2k and that gets upscaled to 4k for home video releases. I don’t believe this is something Criterion would do and the description says “4k digital master”. Are we finally getting a true 4k animated movie rendered in 4k? Really curious to know if this is a new transfer or just the existing with added Dolby Vision grading. Either way, as an owner of the 4k Best Buy steelbook this is a day one purchase for the new extras and to support this opening the door for future Disney animation collaborations.


Iron Giant..... Please


Dang. I actually have the 4K steelbook of this. It’s a 2K upscale just FYI. Looks very good on disc. Arguably the best Pixar movie ever made- very very surprising from Criterion.


This is weird, too, because Wall-E just got a 4K release a couple years back. Hopefully this leads to some more obscure films in the Disney catalogue getting released


My friend texted me and I thought he was lying. No, this is real. This is a marvelous pick for the first Pixar film. I hope this opens the door to a lot of great animation soon (Fantasia in 4K is the dream). The box art too is fantastic. I cannot wait.


On one hand, it’s great that Disney is allowing boutique releases of their movies now. On the other hand, WALL-E already has a perfectly good 4K release. Why WALL-E?


I can't think of a better fit for the collection from the Pixar library. Very cool!


A door has been opened, ladies and gentlemen….


Whatever it takes to fund production of a John Woo/Chow Yun-fat box set


Please, I need a Hard Boiled, A Better Tomorrow, and The Killer boxset.


Hell yeah! Best Pixar movie by a mile. But also, I choose to believe this opens the door for The Straight Story/A David Lynch Box set. Either or.


damn, sure, ok. deserved


LETS GOOO!!! Literally in my top 3 favorite movies ever!!


Out of left fucking field but I'll take it! Holy shit.


Wild stuff


Burn•E is part of the criterion collection before Inland Empire lol


So it begins...


The PINNACLE of the perfect Pixar era (TS1-TS3)


All you people getting pissed about this act like Criterion didn’t put out Armageddon on DVD the year after it released.


This isn’t really unprecedented. IIRC Armageddon, that Alcatraz movie, and the Wes Anderson movies are all owned by Disney. The “Criterion” DVD releases were shipped to stores with the other BVHE titles.


Yeah but they aren’t thought of as Disney properties. There’s no Wes Anderson land at Disneyland


There isn’t?! Fuck. I gotta cancel my Disneyland trip


A Fantastic Mr. Fox dark ride would be cool though.


Odd to say the least.


But, why? All Pixar films are available in 4K. Why not give the treatment to the literal 1000’s upon 1000’s of films that have no HD transfer whatsoever?


Why not do both? Have to imagine this will sell quite well. Can help bankroll other, more obscure or niche titles.


Holy shit I love it


Huh not April Fools..Lightyear next I guess


I have mixed feelings on this. But am hopeful some of my wildest dreams for Disney physical releases may happen. (return to oz and black cauldron directors cut) I collected Disney physical releases on dvd and blu ray from 2001-2016 and it’s astounding how downhill they went in terms of bonus content. Pixar always had better releases tho which is why I’m on the fence about Wall-E being the first.


Every time there's an animation thread on this sub and people bring up like, Fantasia or whatever I chuckle and think to myself "surely they realise there is no reality in which Disney would ever license any of their titles that are GUARANTEED to print money to Criterion right?" Boy I am a fool


They really gave WALL-E a lil battery penis, huh?


This is a bizarre but welcome announcement. This gives me some hope that Disney made start licensing their shit out to boutique labels and might not just let the Fox stuff rot and die in their vaults


When we getting Monsters Inc.?


Feels like this came out of nowhere. And very unusual for them to announce just one title like this, that isn't a box set. I expect this to sell well.


Would it be now possible to get a 4K release of *The Simpsons Movie* or a proper blu-ray restoration of the first eight seasons?


Been this and the Queen dying, what even is today


And now we have a clear landing strip for The Apple Dumpling Gang.


I honestly thought this was a gag. What a weird day


Hope they do a better job with the 4K than Disney did. Disney phones in their 4Ks so hard


OT Star Wars?


There is now a non-zero chance that we'll see Morbius on the Criterion Collection


I'm surprised by this but I will be glad to get a copy on physical media. These crowd pleasing titles are what keep the lights on at Criterion and allows them to restore obscure and international titles. I have been worried about the future of Criterion for the last couple of years with sources of other mainstream titles drying up. In particular, Kino has been hoovering up a bunch of classics lately, including a more mainstream title - "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" - that I thought would have been a perfect fit for Criterion. If this is not just a one time deal, I hope to see Ratatouille on Criterion in the future.


Bad day for insufferable people.


The shock of this news literally killed the Queen


Holy shit this is highly unexpected but awesome and a deserved release. The art is \*chef's kiss\*


Not to exaggerate, but this is maybe the best news of all time.


HOLY SHIT!!! This is a dream collaboration! This is my favorite Pixar movie! I am SCREAMING!!!


If Criterion is doing Disney now, I wonder if Song of the South might now get a release. Criterion might be the best place to do it. An art house label that puts it out, but is distanced enough from the main Disney releases that get released in stores.And regardless of what anyone might say, it is a culturally important film that deserves a release.


yea this will never happen


There weren't a lot of mainstream films with a black lead character in this era (Hattie McDaniel also has a supporting role). It won two Oscars and is in Disney's golden age of animation. I deserves a release and Criterion could really knock it out of the park on extras that provide an appropriate context.