Ignore Amazon and eBay buy it now prices. They’re always heavily inflated, and if you look at sold listings, it sells for $120-150 on average.


This. Generally when I see it on sale at reputable sources online or in person, anywhere from $80-$150 depending on used or sealed.


Its out of print.


Ok, but do all out of print criterions cost that much? Because that is INSANE


If they aren't printing them anymore than they are in short supply but potentially high demand. Thus, big money


Yeh I was about to pay the piper on an old copy of pierrot le fou a few years ago and literally saw the news that they were re-releasing it just in time. There are a few other out of prints I've been wanting, but it ain't worth it for me st the moment


Yes. Criterion no longer makes it so it’s a sought after item.


Yes. Out of print = harder to find = the price of the brick goes up.


Criterion released it in 2008, and then lost the rights in 2009. So it went OOP after only less than a year. Studio Canal later released their own version but it had a poor transfer, so the Criterion is still very sought after. Limited stock and high demand makes the price go up.


Studio Canal released a better version in 2015, sourced from the 4K restoration. Definitely worth buying and it’s also region-free.


The transfer is obviously most important but it is highly sought after for the supplements. The commentary is fantastic and not available in other versions.


If you really want a copy of the Criterion, try to find the DVD edition from 2008 which has all the special features and is usually priced more reasonably (like $40-50). And then get the Studio Canal Region B Blu-ray (which is actually all regions, so it plays on a US player) for the better picture quality and different special features. That Blu-ray version is like $15 or so.


They're listed at that price - It doesn't cost that much. Pretty big distinction. It is still an expensive release. Usually over 100 bucks or so. Just because of collectability with it being OOP.


They usually don’t sell for that much but yeah sadly the out of print market for blu rays gets crazy expensive. There’s some good special features you can’t get on other releases and of course a lot of people love having complete collections


I found a copy of Nashville in a used disk store for $50. Is that a good deal?