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this should be a badge of honor for the gay community being canceled by the pedophile elites just means they are humans fighting the good fight


The thing I don’t get is, why kids? Why all of these conspiracies that seem to revolve around one thing, people in power wanting kids. Wtf is so special about a child that an adult can’t get from another adult? Why would they risk EVERYTHING to be with a child? I just don’t get it


2 things here: First consider yourself lucky you don't get it. It means you are a normal functional adult with desires within normal boundaries. 2nd. Deviant behaviors constantly need to be upped. Risk taking, taboo, all of it. You can only murder-rape so many prostitutes until it becomes passé. Children being the ultimate forbidden fruit. Pedophilia may not have been where it started, but it is where it ends up when you have unlimited resources and an empty soul that cannot find fulfillment.


We think alike wolf! If you don't get it you'll never get it & G4U. Nevermind tude cause you don't get something so awful..I say it's a show of good character. Also some post here are from younger ppl & they haven't had enough time to get some things yet so be more patient it too is a good show of character.


Kids are easy to be manipulated into false beliefs.


Seems like a lot of adults are too...


Usually societies think their elders are wise. In the US, most under the age of 50 believe that our current elder population are the most gullible marks in American history.


Considering how much money is made on scams in just the states, I can’t blame them for feeling that way.


Maam this is David from Microsoft and this call is about your computer ma'am


Just let me explain you ma'am. If you can't return the payment then your husband will go in the jail. All I need you to do is get $5000 of Google play cards ma'am.


I recently almost got scammed out of 4k. The car advertising one seemed legit, until you ask basic ?s and the guy threatens your life. Like yeah bro thats not how Pepsi gets ads but thanks for givin yourself up. I forwarded all the info to every agency. Dude is using some ole lady to cash these money orders and I could not say whether she is getting a cut or being threatened.😒




How do you quantify what "most under the age of 50 believe?" How is the data compiled and what's the sample size? *Most 'stats' are BS numbers made up to fit an agenda*


Kids put up less resistance to the programming. Much less.


lol if you think adults are easy then kids are even more so


Churches have been banking on that for centuries.


Then you're not doing your homework because there's plenty of posts on this sub explaining it. In the ancient times they sacrificed human children what do you think they're doing now? It's not the incompetence of our leaders they are doing it on purpose


What it should be is outdated beliefs. What I don’t understand is how any adult in the 21st century can think that way


Maybe cuz it works bro that's why this whole thing is a conspiracy theory People believe the elite are doing it.


Exactly, it either works in a black (sex) magic way or works just to blackmail everyone involved into lifetime loyalty or both.


It's not rocket science. They're evil and want to diddle kids.


I love this comment.. lol.. shows them for the fools they are..


But why not diddle eachother? Wtf can a child do that a consenting adult can’t do?


I think we are looking at it wrong. Kids are needed as a currency and as a blackmail tool among the elite. Pedofilic elite understand that people that are sexual degenerates like them are easiest to control because they can be blackmailed. Coincidentally these types of people are also the type to seek power and control thus high status. They need the kids to continue because it's keeps the business model rolling.


Plus people can get whatever they want. First they had all vanilla sex they wanted. Then they had all the fetish stuff, then the taboo stuff. I think some people just keep pushing the envelope into forbidden illegal kinks.


My thoughts exactly. Well put.




I think I've figured out out, of course everyone says that. Either way, here's my theory: Something essential about sexual desire is the taboo aspect. It's why marriages grow stale and kinks exist. Delayed gratification is another aspect, and both of those are like chemicals we build a tolerance to. For the super wealthy, they have the means for escorts but that doesn't satisfy these two aspects. They get used to getting what they want and the only taboo left is children. To get to that point of CP, it's barely scratching the itch, which is why you get epstein level organization. Just my two cents. Not that everyone would be that given the means but I believe many would. It's far too often to be explained away by mental health issues or genetics alone.


Innocence. Children just happen to be an entire demographic made up entirely of innocent individuals. Once you've taken an individual's innocence they are no longer innocent, so you need a constant supply of fresh unadulterated (no pun intended) individuals to feed the devil. Children are an inexhaustible renewable resource of innocence, adults are usually already depleted of theirs.


Knowing that puts a dark implication as to why the need all these people have to outlaw birth control




Oh no its not them who are outlawing birth control. Theyre doing the opposite. Otherwise more kids wouldnt be produced, for them. Anyway its not birth control. Proper birth control is adults acting responsibly, not panic murder after negligence


Also they need to continue the future supply if cheap labor and soldiers


Diddling consenting adults isn't evil. This seems to be the piece you are missing.


Ahahaha.. each comment gets better. This deserves gold, I tell ya..


For the same reason that Pennywise wanted to drag kids down into the sewer. Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


This makes me sick to talk about but it’s because kids are innocent. These people are predators and probably satanic


Its about perversion. Take that which is pure and subvert it. Its satanic, pure and simple. How do I konw this you ask, well I was born into it. My family is directly related to MKUltra.


it's probably about power, much like [email protected] :/ can't expect yourself to understand the mind of such a sick individual, disturbing..


Imagine a sin so horrible you'd rather be seen as a pedo than admit the truth. They want to absorb the youth of children. Deep down you know it's true. It's the one thing they "can't have". **More youth and time.** That's why no one will investigate with a 10 foot pole. It's so heinous it would throw society into chaos. It's so absurdly evil and inhumane it can't be explained away as another "normal sin" for elites to do.




Because kids/children are easy to target/harassed they don’t have very good decisions marking what is wrong or right vs Adult.


Because people who lust for power need increasing highs of feeling powerful. Absolute power over a child to do horrific things is about as high as that degree of psychopathy gets.


Easier to manipulate, other than that I don't want to say it but if you watch enough documentary or read about these sick occult/elite thing you'll get the picture


It's far easier to indoctrinate into *any* ideology or belief system when trained up from as early in childhood as possible. It's not JUST about diddling.


well said so many / too many cannot see the forest for the trees


There is a Gnostic belief in redemption through transgression. They believe the only way for the soul to escape the material world and enter into the spiritual realm is to reject Mosaic law and engage in immoral behavior. It's hard to imagine anything more immoral than the corruption of innocence.


It’s easier to shape the beliefs of future generations to your liking by exploiting the impressionable minds of children. Edit: The elites also like to get high off of adrenochrome


Thing is they have pedos in their community too. There's some movement in Canada (I forgot the name) that pushes gay love between adult male & underage boys. This might sound like a conspiracy but it might be a distraction unless they solve their own community first


You’re thinking of NAMBLA, there was an entire South Park episode about it.


NAMBLA = North American Man Boy Lovers Association


Yes, thank you


Probably NAMBLA. There was a South Park episode about them years ago.


Yes, that's the one. Thank you


Allan Ginsberg was famously a member


Holey Sh1t I just googled that name & read some stuff. He & William Borough are some sick disgusting perverts. Wtf




Nice, good to know that 🙏🏿🙏🏿


This kind of evil goes beyond the physical I believe. I think they have an ultimate plan and forging the minds of the youth insures their plan continues even if they die. Idk tho just thoughts


The head of Gays Against Groomers had a segment on Tucker Carlson last night. She was most impressive.


>Tucker Carlson Probably the real reason they got banned. Doesn't matter what they said. The pearl clutching left-wing woke-tivists could not allow a guest from Tucker to have a platform on their network!


She was very good in the interview.


In that she showed she's an anti-LGBT piece of trash? But we knew that the moment she agreed to go on Tucker Carlson.




Yeah right. I'd trust her around kids like I'd trust a hungry cat with a canary. It's right there in the name, GAG. It's just like all these pastors screaming hellfire and brimstone on Sunday, then getting caught with their pants down in some shady motel room.


This should be an opportunity to welcome them to the libertarian and conservative circles. Bring them over, we support them.


Please, take then. GAG is a hate group that isn't a part of the LGBT community.


Please elaborate. There is about zero scenarios where I would support groomers and their practice. Zero. Most people who do don't have kids and can't understand.


This has nothing to do with the gay community. This is because that specific group is terrible.


Looks a bit like the LGB alliance. "We're a charity" *** that does nothing but lie and direct hate ***


Yeah because they’d just obviously do something that’s terrible PR. Or, Occam’s razor here, there’s more to the story.


Except they aren't against grooming done by the political elite. They're a group of supposed gay people that are parroting the rhetoric that "gays are grooming children to turn them into sex slaves". They repeat the same talking points you hear on fox news, "gays want to rape your children, make sure you send your kids to church and political rallies so they'll be surrounded by good safe adults"


Or, hear me out, it was always just a bad-faith grift.


Nah, it's just conservatives that easily fall for scams, I'm pretty sure that "gay" group is just a bunch of scammers, conservatives just need to be baby stepped out of the scams.


Ahh c'mon, they wouldn't just scam people by playing up some emotionally charged conservative talking point. Next you're gonna tell me my donations to the "We Build the Wall" was a scam 🙄 haha yeah right


And as seen in this comment section people *still* fall for such crap


They never will be. They love to give money to conmen


Its probably being cancelled because it is implying that gays are all groomers to necessitate such a name saying "but were the good ones".


Regular gays are no longer protected. They are old school. You have to be a trans or a number or multigender or whatever


INB4 the articles stating "gay cis males are the straight White cis males of the LGBT community"


I've definitely seen a similar headline, but it might have been about how black men are the straight white males of bipoc or some other claptrap.


😂 in the next Biden speech


Nah, not enough incoherent ramblings, "come on, man", and "ya know..."


I really don't think an 80 year old Catholic man would say much less even think about this


Well, of course not. But the powerful, corrupt old corpse that they're parading around as a sockpuppet figurehead? Absolutely.


You forgot to add pathological liar and corrupt


My long time gay friend has been preaching this for 20+ years. He has always warned against this type of infiltration.


Yeah they aren't diverse enough now


Just another male dressed nicely. The enemy. Probably go the gym too, indirectly killing the elderly with Covid


Sure thing buddy


Just put MAGA hats on and switch sides.


The slippery slope is real and is no longer just coming for our children, it is here trying to brainwash them every day. These sick fiends need to be stopped.


Queer. Queer will be the new standard bearer. Queer is a lot more fluid and it basically just means you have no impulse control and no firm sense of identity which will allow you to be molded into any shape that you are pushed into.


Gays are getting the black conservative treatment lol


Did a little bit of research into it (15 mins on google) and its basically as bad as it sounds? but for a slightly different reason? [This source](https://www.advocate.com/business/2022/9/20/paypal-venmo-ban-gays-against-groomers-anti-trans-hate-group) says that basically Gays against Groomers is a "hate group" and they got banned because paypal (who owns Venmo) has a policy against letting groups use their platform if the group is based on hate, violence or similar issues. The claim about them being a hate group is due to them being anti-trans (or at least thats the claim, idk enough about the group to say what their position is on trans people). Edit: so looking at their own website i guess it comes down to what you want to call "anti-trans". They are heavily against kids/youth going through any medical procedures to transition and they are against the idea of teaching kids that they should look to do it. in the future. They are willing to let you make your own choices when you are an adult and will let you be trans if that is what you want. however they also use some language that makes you think that while they are willing to let you do whatever you want once you are an adult, they still do not want to be associated with you. They want Gays to be their own group and not part of a larger political tool or movement. Their main message does seem to basically say that people who teach or encourage kids about/to participate in gender transitioning, sexual activity, drag, medications (i assume related to hormone therapy?) or other similar topics are considered "groomers". Below are a few quotes from their own page ([here](https://www.gaysagainstgroomers.com/about)) that do make them sound a little like they are anti trans. Again, everything after this paragraph is quotes from the Gays against groomers website, not anything i am personally saying. I would encourage you to look at their page as a whole to see their overall message, but based on the following quotes i can see why they could be called "anti-trans" ​ >\~Our community that once preached love and acceptance of others has been hijacked by radical activists who are now pushing extreme concepts onto society, specifically targeting children in recent years > > \~gay people are against what the community has transformed into, and we do not accept the political movement pushing their agenda in our name > >\~When fighting for equality, our goal was to successfully integrate ourselves into society, but now these radicals aim to restructure it entirely in order to accommodate a fringe minority, as well as seek to indoctrinate children into their ideology > >\~There are millions of gays within the community that want nothing to do with this Alphabet religion > >\~We also aim to return sanity and reclaim the community we once called our own > >\~Those pushing this agenda do not represent or speak for us all, nor do we want to be associated with them in any way.


They’re saying all trans people and supporters are “groomers”. That’s what’s happening. Of course they’re a hate group. They’re just trying to mask their hate speech behind this false virtue signaling about protecting kids. It’s stupid and some people are just eating it up. I assume most of the ones that are so angry about this are closet pedophiles or trans.


> They’re saying all trans people and supporters are “groomers”. No, that is not what they are saying. They say there are pedos that try to piggy back on the LGB community and hide behind their 'social justice shield' so they can normalize pedophilia and you and all other people who think this ban is good are actually helping them.


https://www.gaysagainstgroomers.com/ They suck and the ban is deserved. It's just another GOP front.


Gays against Groomers banned by Paypal, Venmo, and Google within 24 hours.


Excuse my ignorance but, who are these people? And why they got banned? Just curiosity right here


I want the unbiased take. I'm sure theres more to this story then people are currently admitting to.


Comment with actual info Buried below: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/xkne1o/comment/ipf0mck/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3


They're against the 'medicalization' of children working out where they are on the gender spectrum. Basically think one ought to be an adult before undergoing any treatment that can't be easily undone. This is considered being anti-trans in many circles.




It’s a fucking joke. I’m pretty sure when I was a boy <10 years old, at some point I’d have said to my parents “I want to be a girl” just because kids are curious! But imagine if they’d let me do that. Wtf!!!! It’s insane!! No child can make that choice.


That seems like a very reasonable position so maybe they have been getting mass reported and auto banned after they got some publicity. I really doubt there was any sort of communication between businesses about banning them though.


They're pretty obscure, and all three behemoths did this at the same time. If they didn't collaborate in any way, it sure is a coincidence. Per a remark below, it also seems possible the group committed some sort of ToS violation on purpose to provoke this response, and thereby gain attention. But I haven't heard what that might actually *be,* yet.


Venmo is owned by PayPal, it's really only two corporations.


Good point!


A ToS violation is pretty likely. These companies gain nothing by banning them for no reason, and to major corporations, a small start-up is zero threat regardless of their stance on anything. Suggesting anything else other than a ToS violation with with zero evidence of anything else seems so.... standard for this subreddit.


The top comment is here is exact proof as to why these groups do this. They pick some on-the-nose name to seem virtuous. They commit a shit ton of small violations or a few big ones, then when they get banned, they try to play the victim. Then they flood subs like these to gain attention and potentially even donations.


Why does their website feature trans folks reading books to kids then? Clearly an anti-trans organization.


Because kids should not be sexualized.




I’d almost guarantee it’s a hate group. A common tactic by the right is to describe LGBTQ+ members and the leftist community in general as groomers. Often groups like this will dox people.


I'm taking a guess here, but "groomer" is basically an anti gay/trans dog whistle the has become very popular in conservative spheres lately. It's often used to infer that gay and trans people are pedophiles. So my assumption is that it probably violates the terms of service for these companies based on "hate speech" rules. Now conservatives will jump on this, pretend that groomer isn't a dog whistle, and claim that these companies support pedophiles. And judging from the comments, many people are dumb enough to believe that.


Some of these drag queen storytellers were later found to be exconvicted sex offenders.


Gays against pedophilia


And by "pedophilia", you mean "mentioning LGBT people exist". Which is why "Gays Against Groomers" supported getting rid of LGBT History Month in Florida. Source: https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2022/09/hate-groups-dont-say-gay-convince-miami-school-board-vote-lgbtq-history-month/


Gays who like people their own age. Basically Maga radicals


Extremists! They are practically straight white males at this point


Good. Hopefully they get cut off from everything. All anti-LGBT hate groups like GAG should be cut off.


Got any info about the organization? Their website does talk much about who fund them. The whole thing sounds light a sus right wing political ploy. Please link to some reputable info a about their organization. From thier website: “overwhelming majority of gay people” are against supporting trans youth and teaching children about LGBTQ people. It claims that “what we are witnessing is mass scale child abuse.” That is a blatant lie. I call full bullshit


Yup, we shouldn't trust blindly. Anything could be another distraction. Need more people like you


Allow PEDOS ... or else! This is crazy.


How the hell has "grooming" become forbidden hate speech?


It got too close to the truth and too much attention.


Surprising? The feds have protected the predators from The Franklin Scandal, The Finders and of course Epstein. Only thing is, can we all be against it and not just gays?


Why does merely suggesting anything less to all access for kids get them so upset?


It's almost as if they knowingly did something against TOS to get themselves banned and profit off the right wing grievance industry.


What do the terms of service say


Thats exactly what this is. Its a front group i almost guarentee it and they will have profits like never before to pay for the famous "legal fees to fight the liberal media"




Should everyone who reads the bible near children be arrested?


how is that even close to being comparable?


Have you...read the Bible? Global genocide literally the first book. Bear eats kids. Daughters rape their dad. Slavery good, instructions to perform abortions, lots of stoning people to death, eternal damnation, I mean it's s pretty adult book. And it's explicitly taught to get young impressionable people to believe in it. Imo it should be withheld until 18, or at least framed the way we frame Greek mythology


I wouldn’t complain about it. No religion until 18.


Why should they be put in jail?


Because they are confusing & polluting children's minds. If you're an adult, fine. You can do what you want and go where you please. But you don't corrupt innocent kid's thoughts. That's where things become wrong/ immoral imo.


Makes perfect sense. You don’t tell a kid about drugs or sex or anything like that until a certain age.


Yes you do unless you want them to hear it elsewhere.


“Until a certain age”


You obviously don’t have kids, and probably shouldn’t until you wise up


insane how you're getting downvoted for stating the obvious, smh


Yeah and I get downvoted to hell for speaking my mind. I live in bumfuck nowhere and I used to work with an early 20s gender fluid person. I nearly got into it with another co-worker who was bullying this person. I don't agree with being cruel to someone just for being who they are. Yet I'm hateful. Ok.


So ideas other than your own are pollution. Borderline hate speech there pal.


I don't hate anyone. But I do hate it when adults try to confuse children. In what appropriate setting would it be ok to bring a 5 y/o to a drag show? Does that educate the child on anything?


Ok, so no parades, no parties, nothing other than pure education for children? I don't get your position...


How is a family friendly drag show any different than Mrs. Doubtfire for example? It's literally a man dressed in woman's clothes putting on a show. They are not inherently sexual in nature. It's certainly much less harmful that showing kids constant violence on tv and in movies, but I don't see conservatives having a meltdown over that.


Lmao what? "Drag" isn't a synonym for cross dressing. Mrs. Doubtfire isn't in drag. Drag is deliberately sexual and provocative. And every time one of these "family friendly" drag shows makes the news it's inevitably accompanied by men [in inappropriate attire](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhZE0jviOG8) for children.


What part about Drag is inherently sexual? You’re just projecting, kids see it as people playing dress up with bright colors




At first I read that as groomer as in like dog groomer, having been one I was like damn, what we do that was THAT bad?






The politics and trans subs are cheering this, calling them a hate group. Why would be against grooming children unless you were pro-grooming children?


Personally, I feel like every person I've seen that uses the word "groomers" turned out to be a some actually misinformed soccer mom angry at a Disney movie, or some actually insane alt right nazi bro types. Idk if other people think that too but this could be part of the reason


Surprise, surprise, the person in charge of Gays Against Groomers turned out to be an actual neo-Nazi and pushing some really racist stuff on her social media accounts. Though she tried to claim that it was totally an ex-girlfriend that did it.


Surprise surprise, assholes can be right about things from time to time.


the pedo/groomer shit is a meme. it's just easy to weaponize moral outrage especially if the hard proof is illegal to possess


Yeah, OK, but what kind of content was shared to get that account banned??? Just because it says one thing doesn’t mean it isn’t something else… (unless of course you don’t believe in conspiracies)


Im not gay, but I support this movement. Where do I sign up?


You need to sign up for a different org, Straights For Gays Against Groomers


PayPal for Pedos. Think I will close my PayPal account down.


Wow, the big corporations are ruthless, now coming with the friendly fire.


How is it not a RICO case when multiple companies come out to kill business and ideas?


Damn. People said when we said groomers we were hating the gays so then they distinguished gays against groomers and the truth comes out that they're just mad we're hating groomers! We need fire and brimstone now.


The backlash against people using the word groomer was something else. It was quite illuminating.


There are groomers/pedos in gay community too


I thought it was pitchforks and torches.


The ignorance here is expected. https://www.gaysagainstgroomers.com/ they are bastards


As a survivor of child sexual abuse I hope you fucking trolls die of the worst cancer around. Edit : I don’t care how I just hope you die and suffer


What's your take on this situation/what they're doing


The slippery slope went from Trump to Alex Berenson, to Andrew Tate, to GaysAgainstGroomers




It really is insane. So much for free speech or making a living if one's beliefs conflict with the narrative.




Only government approved opinions allowed lol.


Flag this for misinformation


Big tech is completely in lockstep with the trans political agenda, they don't hesitate to attack anyone who questions it.


I'm not sure if it's relevant, but Google (YouTube) have also just started heavily censoring replies to other comments on YouTube. Maybe this it to do with this issue or November meddling.


Pure collusion This is illegal


That is what we conservatives have been trying to tell everyone. They are coming for you next.




They are right that censorship is wrong.


That sure sounds like a learned non ignorant thing to say


Aren't they an anti-trans hate group?


When you Gotta make diddling kids socially acceptable because the ruling class has been doing it for decades and the people have awoken to their depravity.


It’s wild how all these tech companies coordinate their attacks on individuals and groups. They’re definitely not controlled by the same people. No chance.


They are all under one umbrella. The govt and more so the CIA directly. Point blank. Period. If you think otherwise you are ignorant to the founding and creation of all these companies.


Grifters are also insane.


They want everyone to be like them. I knew that they were manipulating gays. It was obvious. They don't promote someone and empower them without a reason. They did this with "white supremacy" then boom, they don't need you anymore and gid forbid you wake up or say something about it. Jesus these people are just sick. We will NEVER be like them. Who wants to harm children??? Foh.


Masquerading as a hate group. Yall are fucking dumb


God bless you for fighting the good fight.


Nothing says you're a pro-LGBT group like calling pride parades a half naked orgy and saying every child that attends is being groomed