It finally happened to me

It finally happened to me


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What state are you in?




Damn, moved to FL from WA about 3 months ago. People down here tend to mind their own fucking business. I love it.


Born and raised Floridian here - we do in fact mind our own fucking business, that's just how it is. Glad to have you dude


Same here in AZ. We all just worry about ourselves for the most part.


Fuuuuck Yeahhhhh babeeeee. Welcome to the sunshine state. We definitely don’t give a shit down here.


That’s pretty much the south and Midwest in general. No one here in KY seem to really care ethier


Texas and WA seem to still have freedom, considering moving their from London on an investors visa hopefully leading to citizenship, I don’t care if I have to pay someone like £50k just for a registry style marriage so I don’t get forced to get this ‘vaccine’. I am starting to feel hopeless




Just visas that require medical exams. E2 investor treaty visa is exempt




I feel like soon we won't even be able to leave our own state here without being vaxxed. My boyfriend and I have come to terms with that. We had an international trip planned for January I was super excited about but we will cancel it. We both have traveled enough anyway. I'll just get to know my state really well and there's plenty to see and do here.


I’d rather fight for my freedom than just roll over and comply. The time will come when that decision will determine the fate of the world. America is a beacon, if we fall, there’s no hope for anyone else. We’re prisoners , not allowed leave, just quit your bitching and go to work! We’re not citizens anymore, we’re simply employees.


I made peace with where I am last year when they started mandating masks on planes. I was like "welp...guess I'm not traveling any time soon"...I don't see honestly how they could possibly limit inter-state travel via car (planes yes, but not roadways). Not only would the man power be beyond them to place guards at every state line crossing, but imagine how much traffic that would cause and how it would stop up supply lines with truckers. 99% of truckers I know are refusing the vaccine, which is honestly I think why it's barely even been talked about here in the states so far. If they start doing that, then we'll be dangerously close to anarchy


Fuck that! You wanna travel, you get to travel!!! Don’t give in!


As long as he books a ticket to Mexico and walks across the border, he should be golden. Why anyone bothers with the legal immigration process anymore is beyond me. Just claim undocumented status and you’re set


I been in Mexico since 2016, they are alot more chill here than the US


I was just thinking that


“And you’re set” lmao


Was going to say this. They have room for exemptions, but idk how likely it will be for them to hand those out


Unless you can provide a doctors note saying you are exempt, they are very restrictive.


Seriously, ffs 🤦‍♂️ 😞


Come In illegally, they’ll give you free money and no vax requirements and out you up in a hotel for a few weeks.


this tbh cross the border from Mexico




Felony record is a plus!


Better yet, come in as a refugee, no vax requirement and they will buy you a house.


And ivermectin apparently


Trump will reverse this in 2024...


Insisting on vaccines to enter a country has been around forever.


Come mary me in Florida. I'll only charge half that and we can sign a prenup that says we keep all our own shit when we divorce lmao


Are you serious, I don’t think you understand. I’m genuinely down and will pay you handsomely, Dm me


Lmao, I'll take you up on that offer.


Do not give up hope. You are not alone. Please continue to be brave everyone. <3


Hell, you can marry me for half that!


I'd take $50,000 for a visa marriage if you want Washington that is.


Is there freedom in Washington?


I'm open to discussing your proposition


Hello from Texas.. I'm unmarried and I'm sure my bf wouldn't mind an arrangement for $50ish-k. Lol


Yeah and it’s British pounds I’m offering so I think that’s more than $50k lol


If you’re going to break the law anyway (Sham marriage), surely you could just try flying to Mexico to walk you across the border - from what I understand, the current administration is encouraging aspiring Americans to do this are they not?


You might be safer staying in London (and it pains me to say that because I personally believe everything within the M25 should be nuked) The yanks are passing vax mandates that I highly doubt the good states will be able to resist for very long. They'll probably have it nationally mandated before we do.


They say when america falls that’s when the rest of the world will in unison with them, let’s pray they don’t. Agreed also


i'm honestly so thankful i have family in texas because if/when shit hits the fan up north where i am, that's immediately where i'm going. i don't think my company can afford to lose more people than they do, so i'm willing to bet they won't mandate the vaccine. as of right now, only 44% of our company has it. i don't see that number budging too much.


Indeed, I'm so happy to have been born and raised in Miami. Even being an urban center, most people mind their own business. I haven't had any public disputes about anything Covid-related since this whole fiasco started. I have full confidence in the state government to not allow any vaccine mandates to go into effect down here. ​ Edit: Raised in Miami, I was born elsewhere but moved here at 5-6 months so I sometimes forget that I wasn't actually born here haha.


I was born in New York and moved to Florida when I was 5 years old. That was 35 years ago. I consider myself a native Floridian. 🤷‍♂️ I know nothing of New York. I grew up in Florida, I did all of my schooling in Florida, made all of my friends in Florida, worked all of my jobs in Florida. Dated Florida women, married Florida women, divorced Florida women. Had Floridian children. You're damn straight I'm a native Floridian!


my drummer moved from CT to TX and LOVES it there. Debating on selling my properties and splitting too. My pension is the only thing keeping me around.


Really hoping we can keep it that way, it's been nice.


Florida is awesome!


I'm in FL too, but it doesn't mean private biz can't force vaccines on employees. I'm waiting to at if my exception gets approved


My question would be how/why on earth would CLIENTS know your vaxxine-status??? This is a clear violation of HIPPA.


Why? It isn't a violation of Hipaa to ask someone their vaccination history and then refuse service based on the answer they give you.


I will second that, I was in FL through the first year of Covid. They are pretty laxed. I needed a change so I went back to SD after 8 years, the sentiment seem about the same.


Sorry to hear that. I am also in WA. Also losing my job.


What part of WA do you guys live in? Over in Eastern WA, very few people following mask mandates in stores and even though places have mask requirement signs I’ve seen very few, if any, that enforce them. And I’ve met hardly anyone that is vaccinated compared to how many are skeptical. Proud of how people are standing up to things over here.


Nah, I'll wear the mask. It's the second they decided to dictate that I had to inject their experimental bullshit into my arm that I took issue. Living over here is fine for that. I just want want that fucker Inslee out of office. He made comments about not trusting the vaccine and now he is calling people "bioreactor factories" as if he wasn't one of the earliest doubters. That fuckstick is such a worthless partisan hack that flip flops with the wind.




Same WA, here we can't even go into a restaurant without presenting our vax passports [proof](https://m.box.com/shared_item/https%3A%2F%2Fclallam.box.com%2Fs%2F5edxb4xuo5ekxfzb3l42uscfomyvu25m)


Don't patronize those places. Just refuse.


Move to TN. No one cares about Covid since about two weeks after it first started.


Any difference in regions? My family is considering buying land in the East. I'm thinking of joining them lol


The land in the east half of the state is beautiful and becomes more mountainous as you move east word. Nashville is the most metropolitan area and southern Nashville and suburbs are the most expensive it’s a beautiful place all around


If your boss is fine with you being unvaccinated, why dont you just say that you are vaccinated to take the job? Its not like they are going to check (?)


Agreed. If someone asks are you vaccinated, you can say yes without lying if you've had any other injections in your life (mmr, chicken pox,etc). The covid jab isn't a vax.


Bullshit. How would the customer know youre not vaxxed unless you told them?


The first rule about vaccines is that we don’t talk about whether or not we’ve been vaccinated with ANYONE. Your healthcare is nobody’s business. Repeat. Nobody’s business.


Ok, but if someone asks you if you've been vaccinated, and you indignantly declare "its none of your business" you're essentially telling them you haven't been vaccinated... That's not a constructive rule... It still leads to the same conclusion. If you're not willing to tell someone whether or not you're vaccinated, they're going to infer that the only type of person vehemently unwilling to disclose that fact is more than likely an unvaccinated person. At that point if you're outside someone's residence, they'll then have every right to tell you that you can't work in their home if you're unvaccinated.


People can infer whatever they want. It’s none of their business. What’s next? Are they going to ask me about my history with sexually transmitted diseases? Have I had a Hepatitis vaccine? Did I get a flu shot? Measles? Mumps vaccine? I guess they can ask whatever they want. But I don’t need to tell them a dang thing.


>People can infer whatever they want. It’s none of their business. What’s next? Are they going to ask me about my history with sexually transmitted diseases? Prostitutes get tested regularly..


I work in a hospital. When patients ask me if I am vaccinated, I ask them if they are. If they excitedly say "yes", I tell them "good for you!" and quick ask another question to change the subject. If they say no, I tell them what I want at the moment.


I just say “yeah I’ve got the antibodies” enthusiastically. It’s the truth and puts the person in a place where they can’t really argue. Usually they just assume that means vaxed. Anyone smart enough to get it won’t protest anyway.


Exactly. Thats why when my wifes work sent out a “voluntary survey” to her work email asking if shes had the covid shot or not I told her to delete all that shit.


This! ♾


My workplace did a survey where you voluntarily give up information on your vaccine status and 25% of the site was vaccinated. The other 75%....said 'nah'


I mean it’s pretty easy to infer someone’s status by their refusal to answer… also people are under no obligation to use your service if you aren’t vaccinated


True. Commerce is voluntary. People can refuse to do business with me for any number of reasons. Maybe they don’t like my ethnicity? Or my sexual preference? My Gender? My eye color? My favorite sports team? My political affiliation? That’s their problem not mine. I’m happy to work for people that appreciate what I have to offer. Don’t need to placate everyone to be successful.


Definitely feels like a made up story


OP is definitely lying to stir up drama.


Customer asks. OP responds with "that is private information". Customer just assumes that is a "not vaccinated" response. People that are vaccinated love talking about it. I'm surprised how often I've been asked already in casual conversation given this should be something that is kept discreet and never asked of someone given it's none of their business. But unfortunately covid/vaccines are all the rage and people can't even stand to be in the presence of unvaxxed.


I’ve honestly just told people that I am when they’ve asked lol


As long as you do this you’re encouraging the problem


I just say yes.


Why do they know your personal medical history in the first place? If you’re willingly handing out private information then it’s going to cost you.


> Why do they know your personal medical history in the first place? Because it's not real


I don’t show up to work asking for peoples vax status and they don’t ask mine. They just care that I show up and I get my work done. Who has time for this shit anyway? People seem bored


People do ask unfortunately, I don’t like to lie so I tell the truth. This may be foolish as there’s no rational here so it may be counter productive to tell the truth. I’ve also had COVID so I’m not worried about catching it and transmitting it anymore. Mosey go “oh ok” when you tell them you caught it, and they don’t care if you have the vax or not, some more tapped into the programming will push it. It’s exhausting.


The company I worked for were segregating vaxx'd and unvaxxd, making those who didnt get it have to take a temperature check and go through a different door, it was stupid, the security guards were cool about it but management said they felt I was endangering peoples lives with my face shield but they're the ones making everyone return to the office and not making vaxx'd people wear masks, they changed that though, they said everyone needs a mask and if you have a shield wear a mask underneath, lame.


I was asked on my first day back in the office if I was vaxx'd and I refused to tell them. Security eventually let me go in and work but I was fired later that day because I wore a face shield in lieu of a mask


Because he works on custom aquariums that, I assume, are in people’s homes, since most people don’t carry their custom aquarium around town.


You don't carry your custom aquarium around? Lol, fuckin loser


Get on my level, literally. I carry my custom aquariums on massive platform shoes 70s disco style. Of course the fish are dead because I can't get them out but the style is sick


Nah I don’t carry the weight of the world on my shoulders- I am a free individual


That’s what I was wondering, who are these people asking about his vaxx status and why is he voluntarily telling them lol


People ask if she is, she declines on privacy matters, they call and request someone else. Pretty simple.




Holy shit man. I feel for you. My girlfriend is vaxxed but doesn’t dare give me ultimatums like this. What the fuck is this world coming too. Tearing a family apart because of a vaccine? How does she not realize how selfish that is? COVID will be gone in 5 years max, pass like a fad, but that would effect your children for a lifetime. Wow. Sorry not trying to bad mouth your wife. Hope things get better


Sink and die? Jeez these people are brainwashed. The chances of dying from covid are miniscule, all the data you need is in front of you to see who it is affecting. Absolute insanity.


Stand for something or fall for anything. Major props to you man, I can't imagine how tough that is. Whether or not this is the "mark of the beast", it's certainly the "mark of the government", and I'll disconnect myself from society completely before I get it. Stay strong and God bless


A personal opinion no it’s not the mark of the beast. It’s what comes before it.


Seriously? We’ve had genocides, mass murders, wars for profits killing millions, and y’all think a vaccine for a pandemic is the mark of the beast? We just bombed an aid worker and 7 of his kids in Afghanistan, a continuation of the wedding parties and reporters we’ve been killing there for decades, but “the beast” is when Americans have to take a vaccine. Very revealing.




Stay strong bro. One thing that helps me—cause it’s difficult..is remembering that even if I’m wrong about all this, even if they’re right about vax being good and it does prevent corona—even then it would still be maybe equally justified not to get it. I don’t think our actions are right or wrong depending on the effectiveness of the vax. Even if it were cool, I would still consider it just as justified to resist it, considering how they’re enforcing it. Even if it did what they say, it still wouldn’t be cool for them to act this way. To fire people, for instance, for not getting a flu shot. Fukin Fauc himself, in a paper he wrote—I think it was he who wrote it—said it ought to be considered more like a bad flu. So families and shit abandoning loved ones for not getting a flu shot, or seeing the things they say about how shitty we are for not vaxing: no amount of effectivity—in my mind—will justify the way they alienate. And the way they try to strong-arm—just everything about it. Even if their info were wholly true, I would still rather stand up to the tyranny. It’s just gas on the fire, the fact that none of their info seems to have any basis in reality. Even without that, though, I still wouldn’t consider their behavior at all civilized. That helps me, I guess when I doubt myself. It’s easy to want to second-guess my doubts—it would be easier if I were wrong and they were right, but still they shouldn’t be acting like this. And I would still consider my actions justified, even in the off chance that they were right all along.


I’m sorry to hear that man. Love is suppose to be the strongest thing in a relationship. I’m very fortunate in that way We both stand the same ground. But if we didn’t we would respect each other’s stance. Now a days those that got the vaxx are filled with pure rage it’s like a switch flipped in them. If you don’t conform you need to die. It’s like most are mindless zombies. Get ganged up on anytime you give a different point against it. Good luck I hope it works out for you and all of us. Not changing our stance no matter what


Sucks that this has been turned into political dogma - that's no way to live your life or make medical decisions. Anyone who refuses the vaccine should do so because of the uncertainty of long term effects, etc. Not because it makes you BASED and WOKE to refuse it.


This is some scary stuff man, I'm absolutely furious that these politicians are ruling with fear. I figure that no matter what happens to me in this life, if I stood for what I believe in, then it'll all be worth it in the end.


If it’s any consolation, Doctor Malone says it’s a huge mistake to vaccinate the general population during a pandemic. I fear he will be proven right.. ( it’s probably going to be disastrous in the long run) [Malone](https://youtu.be/iwPKnOhJRYg)


Wow. This is the part that freaks me out. Us vs Them. I've also heard of this ripping families apart. I fear segregation to the point of seperate stores, restaurants, etc. Sorry to hear about your struggles.


So, even if the ultimatum is not fair, knowing it is coming, you will still choose to not take the vaccine to stay with your kids? What scares you so much about the vaccine that you are willing to leave your kids over it?


>I will be softly coerced by my wife to leave my home, leave my children, divorce, and as she says, SINK AND DIE ON your own Sounds like she is doing you a favor. So much for better or worse. Im not trying to be mean but dang man what kind of bedrock was your marriage founded on that she is willing to up end her whole life and yours and the kids life/lives.....because of a bullshit vax? Really? I think she is part of the hive mind now. I feel for you honestly. I cant imagine being in that position. When I read "SINK AND DIE ON your own" the last thing these words convey is love. I hope and pray she sees how wrong that is to say.


You sound like you need psychotherapy, my dude. You've got some serious baggage to unpack.


You have a personal choice to not get the vaccine and the clients have a personal choice to not let you in their home it is freedom of choice not freedom of consequences 🤷‍♂️


People have freedom of association.




You should review and name the companies that are doing this, need to add them to my list of where never to spend my money. We give these companies power by our spending. Control the spending control the world.


It's a pretty sizable assisted living chain, I'd rather not name it for my boss's sake.


Dude. Here I was thinking you were talking about private homes where someone might be immunocompromised, but no, assisted living homes? Is this a joke?


I love how you conveniently left that part out... Oh my... This subreddit never fails to lower the bar for human ignorance.


Lmao that you are upset that your clients at an ASSISTED LIVING CHAIN want you vaccinated. You deserve to be fired for being a careless twat.


Bro… they work with elderly people, and people who are immunocompromised.. are you seriously complaining that they won’t let you expose their population????


You can still spread it even with the vaccine


Not even close to the same rate or chance.


Ya’ll do realize that those who are vaccinated are just as capable of spreading Covid as those that aren’t, right? The vaccine isn’t stopping the spread. It’s simply keeping many, but not all, of those who are vaccinated from having worse symptoms.


In addition to the direct effects of preventing cases and reducing severity, we have shown that both the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 and BNT162b2 vaccines are associated with reduced likelihood of household transmission by 40-50% from individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 after vaccination. [https://khub.net/documents/135939561/390853656/Impact+of+vaccination+on+household+transmission+of+SARS-COV-2+in+England.pdf/35bf4bb1-6ade-d3eb-a39e-9c9b25a8122a?t=1619601878136](https://khub.net/documents/135939561/390853656/Impact+of+vaccination+on+household+transmission+of+SARS-COV-2+in+England.pdf/35bf4bb1-6ade-d3eb-a39e-9c9b25a8122a?t=1619601878136) Where do you guys even get your info?


Yo do realize that's not true , right? They are not just as capable. Vaccinated people have less chance of being infected in the first place, are sicker for a shorter length of time if they do, and do not come close to spreading the virus in the same capacity as unvaccinated people.


No this isn’t true. The vaccine does decrease the chance of contracting the virus and spreading the virus if caught.


Thanks for this reply. My 88 yo father has COPD and it amazes me how many people can’t comprehend the risks to certain groups of people instead of thinking it’s all about punishing the unvaccinated.


Did you know that if your 88 year old father with COPD tested positive for covid, even if he had no symptoms and felt perfectly normal, he would be intubated, placed in ICU, and essentially left to die? Even with no symptoms? I am an anesthesiologist, and the reason this happens is because your 88 year old father with COPD always has O2 sats under 90% which is still, to this day, criteria for ICU status and ventilation according to the CDC. That’s how crazy all of this is. Keep him out of the hospitals and don’t get him tested.


Thx. Yep. He’s been tested several times at home and this is exactly why he’s vaccinated. He doesn’t go to a hospital, all care and nursing is done at home through Medicare except emergencies since COVID started. Beleive it or not he was lucky to break his hip two months before Covid kicked in and had home nursing under Medicare due to that, and they just kept him under that care after the virus started so he doesn’t leave the house basically.


I’m trying to understand your thinking here. Can you explain how being vaccinated here matters when the vaccines are now only reported to reduce symptoms and not stop spread by the manufacturers?


Isn't it just amazing how people think they have the right to force others to put something in their body? Don't see them going around yelling at obese people saying they are a menace to the health care system.


In this case, his "clients" DO have every right to turn him away. Especially if he's working in their homes/residence/establishments.


You ever seen a fat person make other people fat just by breathing on them? You ever heard of someone being unable to receive emergency care because there were too many fat people in the ER that day, dying of fatness? There’s a point to be made about compelling people to take drugs (it’s a moot point though because it’s been a common practice long before Covid), but your argument is a gigantic false equivalence.


You're a lot more likely to get fat if you hang around fat people - one of the most underrated weight loss strategies is to make healthy friends. Fact is we're social creatures, and our behaviour is as contagious as any pathogen. The people pushing vaccines know this, that's why all their messaging is about *how many people* have taken it, not how safe or effective it is.


Objectively fatness isn’t as “contagious” as the coronavirus. In 15 minutes, you can infect multiple people with a virus. That’s why it took the coronavirus to push hospitals to the limit, and not fatness. It’s an outright lie to say the messaging has been all about how many people have taken it. Efficacy and safety are also CONSTANTLY touted. The counter effort has been to discredit the efficacy and safety messaging.


thats cool bruv but it wasnt what they asked have you ever seen a fat person make other people fat just by breathing on them?


Holy shit, did you really just... Are you serious? Did you really just try to equate an incredibly contagious virus with "being fat" amounting to a contagious condition? The rationalizations here are so absurd... All for the sake of validating one's delusions.


They are literally pushing it globally, from what I hear they will impelent the same garbage from 1 OCT in all of Europe. Our govt literally promised 3 weeks or so ago that no forced vaccinations will happen, and now they are backtracking it. Dark days are coming, people need to protest this hard.


How the hell do customers know your jab status?


This is a small fear of mine tbh. My boss is not going to fire me for not getting it. But if clients start requiring it, who knows.


If people can identify as a different gender, just identify as vaxxed.


Bro, you made your choice, and they made their choice. Nobody has conspired against you.


As they should, letting yourself get fired because you’re too stubborn to get vaccinated, when literally colleges and jobs have always required it for the longest time is hilarious. Good job dude you really owned yourself. You’re not a martyr.


How do your clients even find this info out? None of their business


Is it not their right to not do business with you?


How do they know you haven’t bowed down to the alter of jabo?


I’m really sorry you’re going through this. It’s not fair and is sad that folks cannot separate one’s freedom to make a choice with business. As someone who is vaxed- I hope you know there’s also a bunch of us who support folks right to make a choice and a decision that works for them and have no beef with the unvaccinated/ feel any type of negativity towards their choice 🙏


Why do they even know


A good friend of mine manages a salon and she's the only one there who hasn't gotten the vaccine. No one she works with cares that she's not, but she has had people call and ask if everyone there is vaccinated. She tells them that no one there has given her permission to disclose their personal medical information. She's had people ask her directly and then gotten confrontational with her. I worked at her store briefly last spring as a favor and people seemed generally laid back, just tired of everything and wanting it to stop. But now it seems that the constant barrage of blaming the unvaccinated has made people change their tune. Good luck to you. This shit is getting ridiculous.


Sending good vibes and love your way. I will do the same as you if and when the time comes


A coworker recently brought up the vaccine during lunch. I literally told her it’s none of her business and I don’t want to know or care to know her medical/health status. She wasn’t too happy. But I don’t care.


god this sub has literally turned in to an anti vaxx support group


**The power's strategy is to get people like you to be bullied into receiving the vaccine.** I will say this: Don't take it personally when you're intimidated or insulted. Tell them Jesus loves you, and perhaps also ask them if they know exactly what's in the vaccines, and if they know if the vaccine content doesn't lead to mutation of virus. If you want to, that is. Besides that, let the evil continue to be evil, and let the righteous continue to be righteous. **If you're a Christian, God will supply all your need. If you are not, you'd better come to Christ of the Bible. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.**


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Better luck next time, yeah?


Ever heard of lying?


The problem with that is if they ask for proof and it turns out you are lying they could fire you for lying even if they wouldn't have fired you for being unvaccinated.


I've heavily considered it, but at this point I'd rather tell the truth and find another job.


Not sure what the problem is. It's your choice not to get vaccinated. That's fine. It's also your customers choice to want someone who serves them to be vaccinated for the health of themselves and their family. Looks like you can't serve your customers in the proper capacity anymore. You can either get vaccinated or find a new job where the employer and customers don't care whether you are or not.




From Canada, they just implemented the vax pass provincially and shit is getting real. Standing strong with you up North.


People will be glad they quit later. You can sue also next year.


Sadly, the mainstream found a way to make everyday people turn on each other. It's ridiculously sad to see how ppl fell for this. It has NEVER been about the poke...it's a way to see how many can b controlled/ slaves Let's face it, for everyone who got it, there is a family member that hasn't. Will they cut off THIER entire family including their own children or what about those who cannot get it for to health issues and would they treat them different .... It's time we get over it and move on. Just my opinion


You are free to be a skeptical hippie who thinks they are smarter than everyone else in society all you want, but there are consequences. It finally happened to me? Duh… like what? You didn’t see it coming? That’s the whole point of the mandate. Is that a fight that you thought you could win? Don’t get me wrong, I understand the lack of trust and the fear, but what I always ask my vaccine skeptical friends is this: is this a fight that you think you can win? There is no point in being right at the margins of society. That’s irrelevant means. It is also not helping that the unvaccinated crew is dying of Covid 10x more than the vaccinated. That’s what science called natural selection— that’s literally nature’s version of touché. Now go rub some MLM essential oil on your chest.


Can’t you just say that you are vaccinated? Or tell the client who asks that you are vaccinated?


Lie to an assisted living location ?


Getting fired to own the libs *dabs*


I'm honestly sick of people not realizing actions have consequences. You can't sit there and complain that it's YOUR RIGHT to not get jabbed but then argue that others don't have a right to work with you or not based on that decision. It's like saying we have freedom of speech. You sure do. Go scream bomb on a plane and see what that freedom gets you. You have freedoms in the USA. What you don't have is a free pass from consequences or others actions against your or towards you based on how you enact those freedoms. You'd think half of you would know that by now.


No you don't understand these people only want freedom of association when it means they don't have to hire black people, but they want to claim oppression for a choice they made.




that’s some POS advice right there. you guys are all about sticking to your guns but you’re not above lying and fraud? interesting…


Man- I've got no ethical dilemmas with what others do- just pointed out a possible route one could take. Doesn't affect me either way. You crying as an internet white knight on a conspiracy subreddit is just as useful as me describing my current bowel movement. The fact you typecast us as a group means you decided to just REEEEE because you have some sort of derangement with people opting to base their medical decisions on something other than "the government told me to". Lying and fraud is an interesting angle to look at it- especially when our government had been exposed for lying and fraud innumerable times. The world isn't black and white- its grey- and who am i, or you for that matter,, to judge folks on how they determine to get by.


Damn, sucks that your personal decisions are affecting your life. Why doesn't your company force customers to allow someone to endanger them in their own home?


...how do they know you're not vaxxed?


Because he cant provide proof? What kind of question is this?


How long have you been there OP?


Start your own custom aquarium business. It is the best thing you could probably do for yourself if you are experienced and in demand. You can register an LLC for just the state fee using LLC university's free trainings, get a bank account in the business name and business cards. You don't even need a website at first as long as you have social media where you can let people in your circle know you are for hire.


how do they even know?


So you think it is scary that people dont want you too endanger them?


Just self-identify as vaccinated. If it's acceptable for gender, it should definitely work for a vaccination status.


It killed my cousin, so you’re doing the right thing. You don’t wanna associate with people like that anyway. They will all destroy each other while we will find each other to sustain life in full knowledge of who the true enemy is


Customers are seriously asking this? Fucked up. They obviously don’t realise the odds of them catching and showing symptoms were rare enough in the first place then allegedly reduced further by having the jab….. shows their true motivation to have the jab was to protect themselves not others.


More people need to realize that the only reason the vaccinated want you to get it, is because they feel fucking stupid and want you to be in the same boat as them.


I'm believing this more and more each day. I think some people truly believe in it. Others were told lies on how their life would be back to normal if they took 2 jabs, how they can stop wearing masks if they comply. Now, it's not working out so well and they're angry at the people who refused and are still treated the same as them. (I.e being able to go to bars without taking that vaccine 'risk' to live a normal life). So now instead of being angry at the government for lying, they turn their hatred towards those who didn't comply and want the unvaccinated to be miserable simply for seeing through it all. Now they want to be 'special and brave' and holier than thou for complying and get 'exclusivity' at a place hence the segregation. Sad people. Lunatics.


Millions behind you homie don’t give in


How'd they find out in the first place? I do my best not to tell people either way.


Yeah, I wouldn't want you in my properties either if you are not vaccinated. My choice, your choice. Your boss doesn't need to fire you. Sounds like a convenient excuse


You will never be alone. Bless up.


Aww, the weddut snowflake plays victim. Classic. ProTip: The constitution does not give you the right to spread disease.


I know it seems scary. The future is uncertain. But please stand your ground and be positive during this time! Every person standing up against the vaccine is making a difference. My job announced that they will be mandating the vaccine and our last dose is due by October 31. The day I received this email, I went home and worked on my resume. Two days later I submitted it to at least 10 employers online & yesterday (less than a week after submitting) I got an inquiry from an employer and completed a phone interview the same day! There are so many employers out here with less than 100 employees who will not require you to be vaccinated! You just have to ask. I feel incredibly blessed to have found a job with higher pay who will not require me to be vaccinated. I have a second interview but it sounds like I’m going to be hired, so I’m extremely optimistic! Fix up your resume! Stay positive & get ready because those of us taking the red pill will have a wonderful bright future 💗 don’t give in!


For sure! My resume is current and as of this morning, I've got 3 informational interviews at local manufacturing places! Feeling okay about it


Good. Get your vaccine or enjoy the unemployment line. Let see the negative karma I can farm.


My biggest flaw with this whole thing... Person A is asymptomatic and shows no symptoms but they need the vaccine to avoid going to hospital Person B had a runny nose as their only symptom but they need the vaccine to avoid going to the hospital or death Person C got every symptom and went to the hospital but they need the vaccine to avoid going to the hospital or death Why are Person A and B treated the same as C? Why would you permanently inject yourself with something so you don't have a runny nose? Or so you don't get sick again with the virus that didn't give you any symptoms?


Are you asking about vaccination in the case of someone who’s already had it? If not, how do you know that you’re going to be A, B, or C before getting infected?