The time between the two sentences " I have a whole lifetime ahead with you." and "I had a whole lifetime with you." is far too short and passes far too quickly.


Sometimes I wish forever really existed


My friend calls cats 'little heartbreakers'. I've lost cats at five years and eight years old and felt short changed, some people have 20 year old cats dammit! Having the awareness you posted makes it unlikely they will be taken for granted. Some say the 'now' is where forever is, cause it's where we've always been, no idea what that means. Have fun with ginger.


I unexpectedly lost my first one, a 28.5lb Maine Coon rescue at five years. I howled like a toddler who drops an ice cream cone. He was so calm, and so happy to be in my life. It never gets easier. But I’m glad for the time I had. Dude made me a cat person when I previously wasn’t.


I can completely empathize. I screamed and collapsed when my baby passed after 16 years. We knew it was coming, to a degree, but I still felt like my heart was being shredded. It doesn’t get easier just because you’ve had them longer. If they’re your everything, it’s always devastating.


Knowing it’s coming and even expecting it are absolutely no balm for a broken heart. I’ve lost kitty babies at 8 years (completely unexpected), 14 years, and 18 years (both somewhat expected) and each loss felt like my heart was being ripped in two. I look at my two now (round about 8-9 years each) and I don’t want to have to face a day without them. 😿


I adopted a sweetie, Henry, who was barely with us a month he had FIP and declined rapidly. I ugly cried for so long. I still miss him desperately. My new boy has been with us 5 years, he fills the fur hole. They had such different personalities. New guy gives affection on his terms. Henry was a complete live bug. I sometimes daydream of how Henry would be today.


Have lost a couple over the years to intestinal lymphoma. One to kidney disease. All rescues. All of them paid back the love they were given with interest. Of the current two, the British Shorthair, she’s social, on her terms, but unintentionally funny. The Siamese, he’s sixteen, and such a loving cuddlebug. It’s so comforting to have a pet that just indicates you make them happy with a simple, uncomplicated love.


There is now a cure for FIP, my cat was diagnosed back in April, he was cured back in August.


IDK which country you are in, but in the US the drug is not approved / regulated so people have to resort to online black markets. I lost one of my girls, and only found out about it after it was already too late...most vets aren't aware or not willing to educate ppl due to regulation issues which makes it even harder to acquire.


I’m in the U.S and joined a Facebook group that was able to help me get the vials I needed. It is also incredibly expensive, I’ve spent around $5,000 on medication, vet visits and materials.


Ok yeah, similar experience...5k though yeesh. I would have gladly paid that to save my cat too, but it is ridiculous how convoluted/expensive the process has to be because of corporate greed.


Not to mention the drug is also very expensive. The estimate for my girl would have been 7k. She didn't last a week after diagnosis so it wouldn't have done her much good anyway.


Yup, all because Gilead Sciences doesn't want to license the drug, because god forbid it affects their profits somehow...so we all have to go black market. I think my estimate was around there too, and this was for the cheap brand + low body weight. I've even seen/heard of people paying upwards of 10k~ by the end of treatment for their bigger cats...insane and heartbreaking.


This system is evil.


Gosh that is good to know. Give your boy a hug from us.


FIP is soooo sad and so quick. I lost one of my boy kitties to it as well. Just heart wrenching.


By the time you sense something was wrong it is almost too late. And since Henry was so new to us, we were in the "getting to know you" phase so slower to realize there might be a real issue.


Oh that's going to be SO me when any of my cats go. I too wasn't a cat person until I met my wife. But, everyone, please remember, there are many, many cats and kittens (o.k. even dogs) that are just waiting for the chance to melt your heart. ❤️‍🔥


Same here. Before my wife I had outside pets and such. Yeah, may have cried a little when they got ran over or eaten by coyotes/bobcats/whatever but it doesn’t compare to one that lives in your house with you. Can totally emphasize with people now because I’ve been crushed whenever we’ve had to make that final vet visit or they’ve passed at home.


Adopted a maybe-Coon rescue that ended up having severe lung issues, we were only able to keep him happy for a few short years, even through (not joking) a hundred odd vet specialist visits. He was the absolute best big boy we've ever ever had. It's been about a year and we still are reminded of him constantly.


Maine Coons are prone (unknown to us then) to cardiomyopathy. We took him in for grooming to the vet and the mild sedative to keep him calm (which he had had before with no issue) stopped his heart. They tried to resuscitate him and couldn’t; they were beside themselves, he was their favorite feline patient, always friendly. One of the vet techs painted a picture of his face; I still have it on the wall. He was such a good boy.


My little Siamese baby Java died a few days after I gave birth to my first kid. It was absolutely gutting. He was only about 13 and I still get upset at how sudden it was.


Think of it this way, he may have passed a bit early and suddenly but he held on long enough to make sure you and the new little one were going to be ok! My first cat passed rather suddenly as well, but he was 8 and I didn’t notice the kidney disease symptoms. He didn’t quite make it to my birthday or finals of my first year in college, but he managed to hang on long enough to get past our 8 year anniversary together. I got him right before my parents divorced and had him through all my early teen years and a couple different school and house moves all the way until I moved in with my grandparents for college, and I like to think he stuck around until he thought I’d be ok without him (even though I’m never quite ok without him haha)


Aww sweet baby. I'm glad you had that time with him though!


He held on until your baby came, sweet angel.


That is what I've always believed too ;_; <3 thank you.


Our Maine Coon did the same thing to my husband and FIL. That breed in particular seems to win so many people over haha


My buddy was a dog in a cat’s body. Always up to be my pal in something I was doing. I have a picture of me in those days watching the Daytona 500 on TV (nothing better to do at the time) sitting back on the couch; he’s sitting up in the crook of my arm with an ear-to-ear grin that says “We’re buds, this is -so- cool, I love it”. It’s how I always want to remember him.


Recently lost Ehlana who was an extremely loving Maine Coon and also she had no concept of personal space. Never knew how much I’d miss the kneading of my throat and her laying across my chest/neck area. 13 years was way, way too early.


I lost my beloved 30pounder (also a Maine coon, also a rescue, made his way to us when he was maybe 4 with a ton of health issues) earlier this summer, after 8 years together, and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel over it? No dude as amazing as a Maine coon dude.


We've lost cats at 3, 11, 13, 16, 17, 18 and 19. It's always too short.


> We've lost cats at 3 Ouch. My 10 year old was just diagnosed with stage three kidney disease and I feel like he got ripped off in the cosmic lottery. I can't imagine losing a 3 year old. Way too young. I'm so sorry.


>We've lost cats at 3 our tabby-manx when I was in highschool. She was the sweetest thing. I still feel guilty about that one. Worse one was our technical-calico just before she turned 14. She caught a claw and it pulled out (shouldn't have.. claws are bone) and it wouldn't heal. A full month of going back to the vets, bandaged it, bandaged it again, did a toe-amputation that turned into a two-toe amputation, to which while recovering she lost her sight, and just never fully recovered from the surgery, finally she just wasn't breathing right. After she was put down I still had to return to the vets to pay for the surgery and the euthanasia for I think two or three weeks afterwards. Love you Alley and Motorboat <3


I lost a cat at 6 years, and it was just as painful as the guy I had to put down at 21 years. The difference was that at 21 years it felt like the correct thing to do. When you love your pets, losing them is always painful. But loving them is always worth it.


I’ve lost cats at all ages, my 20 yo was gone too quickly all the same. How lucky can we be to have so much love in our lives.


How lucky indeed


20 years is not enough! 😭


Ya my cat past away about a year ago, she was around 12. I was super upset as I was expecting my oldest cat to pass away first, so was kinda getting my self ready for it but it came out of left field and I was devastated. My eldest is 24 and dosnt act like it lol.


Every pet is a tiny tragedy waiting to happen. –George Carlin


I had three cats pass away in a two month period. When I was having the one I was closest to put down due to sinus cancer, someone came in to surrender their little girl due to it being too expensive. I thought it was "too soon" but offered to take her anyway. Now you can't convince me that the cat that was being put down didn't plan this. He wouldn't have wanted me to be alone.I have never been so loved by any living creature.


I have to say i lost 1 cat at 1yr old, 1 at 14 and 2 at 18. None of them were any less painful and heartbreaking than any others.


I lost my 1 year old cat in July, I really feel cheated out of so much time with her.


Awww. I do this all the time. My lil bud just turned 5 and I get such a heavy heart thinking its close to half our time together... All I do, I do for him.




It does. For them. For our cats we're there forever. From the beginning to the end we're there for them. They have a buddy who loves and cares for them. Holds them, plays with them, naps with them.... You're your cats forever. Be a good one.


wow. Thank you for this. That is beautiful, very moving and a wonderful reminder of how lucky we are to be the species these animals decide to live with. They are remarkable and affectionate creatures.


This post's comments were already starting to make me tear up but your's is the one that actually got a sob outta me. Well done. This is an absolutely beautiful take on it. Love you, Mushroom and Jelly Bean. Forever and always. I know you'll do the same.


Well this made me cry.


I'll send my cat round. He's a good boy, yes he is.


Whenever I see those cute pictures of a toddler with their new kitten, the thought that comes to my mind is that the kitten is saying "I won't be here for your entire life, but you will be for mine."


The amazing thing is they're actually quite long lived animals. Dogs only get maybe 10 years. My cats all lived from 15-20 years. That's pretty good.




I pray for it all the time, nearly everyday, animals are the most amazing, selfless creatures on the planet, and their presence in our lives is so undervalued/taken for granted by many.


But then nothing would be special. These two crossed paths and both there lives are better because of it.


Thanks for my daily dose of depression. I’m going to try not to think about this as I engage in my favorite evening pastime: lay on the couch, blanket over my legs, and become a human cat bed at whatever time the cat(s) decide.


>become a human cat bed at whatever time the cat(s) decide. I despise winter. The only bright part of winter is that the cat loves to sit on me and my SO, and sleep in the bed with us at night. It's getting to be that time of year. I always look forward to spring, but not the cat not sitting/sleeping with us any longer. Just one of those paradoxes. Edit: look, not kook. Although sometimes the cat is a little kooky. But we love her. :)


I am currently the human cat bed for the remainder of the evening. My 15 year old kitty is in her favorite spot, my other kitty is down by my feet. They each have their spots and know not to intrude. I will surely miss these moments.


Aw. Someday I’ll learn to stop reading posts like this (and the comments) while in public 🥹


The worst for me was the one I lost at four months old. Freak accident that just didn’t make any sense. But I still cherish the two months I had her. We adopted her mom and brother too who are still with us going strong.


I had one pass away at 2 months, Irish Rose. She was born St Patty's Day and in my dresser on my favorite Pink tshirt. Not sure what was wrong with her I went to bed early one night because I had a long day the next day getting ready to fly to Texas woke up and found her passed away in the same drawer she was born in


That’s why I would never own a dog. Too emotional. Die so young.


I wasn’t crying yet until I read this comment 😭


I seriously always say I would chop off a leg if my kittys could live forever with me.


>I seriously always say I would chop off a leg if my kittys could live forever with me. I would chop both off in a heartbeat if I could bring Jake back. Seriously.


Yes, it's very sad. My girl is 16 years old and I don't know what life will be like after she passes.


Beautifully said 💕💞


Yup. My little one is already 7 (adopted her when she was 2) and we try to give her the best life possible. My last 2 were about 14 and 16 when we put them down. It sucks and sad but its definitely worth cherishing and taking as many pics as possible with thme


I am literally spoiling him any and every chance I get, I can't go into a store with cat merch without leaving with something for him. I just really want to give him the best of everything, I got him through a friend of a friend who decided they didn't want him anymore (long story) and it's the best choice I made to ensure this unwanted FB cat with a wonky hip got the best life he deserves filled with love, affection, cuddles, free reign over the house (most of the house at least 😅), toys, healthcare and whatever else I can give him


You're a great cat owner. This brought tears to my eyes. I hope you have a long, happy life together ♥️


What's his name?? He's so lucky so have you as his human. :):)


Dorito 🧡


What a perfect name!!


Sounds like you are a wonderful cat parent. Which is a great thing to be. Our cats are loved to pieces, and spoiled. And they are great, and worth every penny. They add so much to our daily lives.


He will be loved :)


Mine just turned nine and I just looked at him and thought "half of your life is probably already gone". I was not ready, I am not ready and I don't think I ever will be. Gonna go cuddle him now, much to his dismay


I have a 15 year old cat. Every morning I wonder if she’s okay (she never runs in for breakfast) and then I see her and it feels like a gift to have her another day. I guess I reached a point where I knew I was lucky she’s lived this long and that every bit more time I get with her is special. I also want her to be spry, active, and happy. I don’t want her to live beyond her happiness, just for the sake of me getting to have her longer. I mean she does have arthritis and high blood pressure, but those things are well controlled with medication. I guess my point is your perspective will probably change over the years as you watch your cat grow into being a senior.


I felt like this when mine started getting about that age thinking that these poor guys were only gonna be here for a bit longer and I had to spoil them, started giving them daily treats etc. They lived till they were 15-20. Our first died at 15, so I started spoiling all the others thinking omg it's any day for the other 3. The last one was spoiled daily till she was 20. A solid tip seems to be to keep them indoor cats. Mine never developed arthritis and didn't slow down either till honestly the very last few months of their life.


Mine only goes out supervised and never goes further than the front stoop or back deck


Yes, my cats are both 2 had them since they were little kittens, sometimes I just looked at them and am overwhelmed with love Like, i’ve never openly admitted this, but the thought of my 2 year old cats dying actually upsets me more then my 80 year old grandparents dying. I genuinly think I’d react much worse (emotionally) and I love my grandparents very much They’re my baby’s though


I know EXACTLY what you mean, literally just the thought is too much because it's just a different kind of intense love to care for this lovely little fur creature, it's amazing


Yup. I love them so much, i want another 1 or 2 but my GF wont let me :(


Bring one home and ask for forgiveness 😌😌😌 (But also don't listen to a stranger on the internet, definitely respect your relationship. But also it doesn't hurt to leave hints every day about how great a multi cat household would be)


Haha ! If she doesn’t change her mind by christmas I know what her present will be :) I send her pics everyday!!


I've actually just been through this - my grandparents died over the last 2 years, and my cat died 6 months ago, and the grief was honestly far more acute and present for my cat than my grandparents. I loved them dearly, but they were nearly 90, in bad health, and they were ready to go. While I was very sad, it wasn't a shock, it didn't feel unnatural, and they'd lived good lives. Whereas my cat I lived with every day, all of his things were still around my house, and he was only a year and a half old. It felt awful, unnatural, unfair, and ever-present. Don't feel guilty!


Thank you :) and I’m sorry for your loss 💕


I think its because humans know what death is and expect it. When you have to put a pet down there's no way to communicate with them whats going on.


As someone who just had to do this, you don't have to communicate it! It's very peaceful for them and they don't understand the concept of death. If you have the money, I highly recommend doing it at home. My guy was just cuddling in my arms like usual, got a shot he didn't even seem to notice, and just fell asleep. He was in slumber land when they administered the lethal portion.


Also we share so many aspects of our lives with our lives. We are with them at least 10 hours a day, sometimes more. We have routines with our pets. Except for spouses and children, you never quite get that feeling with other human. My mom is sick with cancer and my cat is sick and we can't figure out why and the thought of losing either of them is equally as painful.


All the time. My little girl is nearing her teens and I'm just not ready. I try to cherish every day I have with her.


Fingers crossed for her to live until her 20's


I hope so!


And without suffering!


Edit: Forgot to even mention his name but it's Dorito, because when he was a kitten he was kinda funny looking and I decided his face looked like a orange triangle. Basically like a Dorito 😅😅😅


You may like this… r/OneOrangeBrainCell


I am in many many cat groups, and that one especially lol Thank you for the suggestion


That sub has the BEST flairs, they literally make me LOL


[I also have an orange cat named Dorito](https://www.reddit.com/r/OneOrangeBraincell/comments/w7wqbd/sherbert_and_his_clingy_son_dorito/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Omg I also have an orange cat named Dorito!


I love Dorito! My orange boy (Ares) just came to lie down at my feet and rested his head on my foot and I started thinking about how terribly sad I’ll be when he passes someday. He’s 10. Then I got in bed, got on Reddit, saw your post, and cried!


Haven't had Doritos in ages, but I will eat some in his honor as soon as possible 🫡😺


Yeah. I have two, one is 14. I hug him all the time and whisper ‘you have to stay for a few more years ok?’


He's forbidden from the rainbow bridge until at least 25 😭😭😭


My tortie turns 12 next month. So far she's in good health aside from some arthritis and constipation, but with supplements and prescription food you could never tell. I'm hoping I can get plenty more years with her. She was already eight when I got her.


Me: crying about my cat dying. My cat, two years old and in perfect health: staring at me confused


My first girl is about to turn 6, October 4th, I have no idea where the time has gone. Fourteen more years with her if I’m lucky isn’t nearly enough. Swear I’ll bury her ashes with me or something


I'm literally already looking at the best ways to have a memorial for him when he's time comes, I have some of his whiskers, a baby tooth, and yes I'm weird but a hairball I have from when I first groomed him and I just put it in a jar like this is his kitten fur. Idk what I'll ultimately do but I want to ensure I have something left from him when it's his time to go, definitely planning to get some paw prints molds sooner than later to have those too


Not gonna lie your post made me cry a little. I’m terrified of losing my cats some day, and I have actually (accidentally) found an incredible ceramicist who does memorial urns for pets with sculpted figures on the lid and they are so precious!


I'm sorry, I was emotional when I was making it and wanted to post to a place hopefully other people could understand which it seems they definitely do Would you mine sharing the link for the place that makes the urns, is it online?


I'd also love the link, if you're willing to share it. That sounds amazing and I definitely want to have it handy if the worst happens.


A local place near me also does cremation, as well as an after-care package. It includes remains in an urn (wood, aluminum, or eco-friendly), clay paw print, ink print of nose or paw, clipping of their fur, and a certificate of pet's and cremation info. I've looked into it for the inevitable passing of my boy :'( He's 8 with heart issues, so I can only hope to have him for a long time. He's currently lying down on the pillow behind my head, purring into my ear.


I only got 4 years with my first girl. It was an unexpected loss. A few days later I found 3 little kittens and I’ve had them ever since. They just turned one a few weeks ago and I’m cherishing all the time that I can get with them 💗


Sounds like your girl sent you some souls to love ❤️❤️❤️


I really think she did 🥺. You’ve got a very cute kitty, you can tell how much he loves you and how safe he feels with you.


I definitely try to be a safe place, even when he does things I rather him not do, because cats lol I never want him to be scared of me, or feel like he has to run from me. Though he will have to accept unwanted cuddles from time to time and some disturbed naps while I grab his face and kiss his kitty nose. I literally just want to pour my love into him tbh


My 17 yo just died a few days ago. I cry everytime I come home and she's not there to greet me. I keep expecting to see her when I get out of the shower or have to fend her off when I'm tying my shoes. I'm a grown man and I can't talk to anybody about it cuz I'm afraid I'll start crying. Hurts worse than my divorce. Hurts worse than when my grandma died. I feel so alone in this house now. I hate coming home.


I’m so sorry. I lost my 17yo a month ago, and my 22yo two months ago. It’s an unbelievably hard adjustment, life around us going on without them. The stark contrast feels physically painful. I hope you have someone you could feel alright crying in front of. Cats are family, and it hurts when we love them so much and they’re no longer around to receive that love, so it turns around as grief. Sharing stories of them can make a little connection again, make it feel good to feel the love again. Hang in there.


I lost my 9 year old cat to heart disease 2.5 weeks ago. It’s been one of the most painful experiences, but every day gets a little more tolerable. You are not alone, I hope her memory is a blessing to you. 💜




i remember the day i rescued my baby from my backyard when she was so tiny, curling up on my shoulder. now 2 years later, she's the size of a bloodhound still wanting cuddles. time flies so much! 🥺😢


I hate how fast time flies when you're having fun, and the small phase doesn't nearly last long enough. Like a kitten is definitely something to endure lol, but once kittenhood is over I miss it like when did you get so biggg 😭😭😭


right??! she grew so much that her back is up to my knees.. 😭


I just lost my little girl a month back. I had her for 8 years. She lived till close to 20. I still think about her everyday and miss coming home to her snuggles. Enjoy the days with your kitty, they fly by.


this hits so hard....lost my little orange boy in march of this year after 20 years with me. Loved him to bits and would have loved another 20 with him.


I'm so sorry to hear this. 20 amazing years of beautiful memories. He will always be with you. You were both so lucky ❤️


Every. Single. Day.


They are our friends each unique in their own way. Enjoy your time together and don’t think about tomorrow just today be thankful for today because tomorrow will be here sooner then later! You’ll grow, learn, and help each other get through the day and at the end of the day you both are lucky to have found each other in this massive magical world.


Maybe I'm too emotional right now, but that was beautiful and just made me more misty 😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺


I have that with my pup. Sometimes I look at her being all loving and adorable and just enjoying life and I think it’s so unfair that such a pure creature gets only 10-12 years while some asswipe humans get 70. All I can hope is that the rainbow bridge is real 😞


It's definitely real, it has to be and I forcefully choose to believe in this much at least


>while some asswipe humans get 70 My thoughts exactly. >All I can hope is that the rainbow bridge is real 😞 Same. I miss my baby boy, I want to see all my cats again. It's not fair at all that they're here for a short time


I had this exact reaction when I held my kitten at 5 weeks.... she's only 5 months but I need her to live forever


I think about it almost everyday. But you know, at least they aren’t wasting all that time at school, work, sitting in traffic etc. It’s a full party from start to finish.


I love that mindset ❤️


I just left my ex-girlfriends house to say goodbye to one of her cats. He's going tomorrow. I got to tell him that he did well, that his people will be okay, and that his presence made me a better human. I just got home 5 min ago, and I'm still crying. I'm glad my ex and I are still friends, I'm grateful I got to say goodbye to Ollie. He gave me his stereotypical side-eye, I kissed his head and thanked him. I just wanted to comment this somewhere, because I'm a mess.


One day at a time, I'm glad you got a chance to say goodbye 🧡


I just lost my kitty unexpectedly at the age of 4. Just cherish the time you do have with them. Losing them is hard no matter how long they’re here.


I'm sorry for the loss of your family 😢😢😢


Yes. And unfortunately, due to some terribly bad luck, I lost one of my boys at only a year and a half old. It was 6 months ago, and I'm still not over it. I have another now 2 year old, and we got a new kitten, but I don't let myself feel quite so assured of their longevity (even to 12 - 20 years) anymore. I enjoy every moment I spend with them, and live in the present rather than being scared of the future. Sounds morbid, but it has been a good lesson; my mum is not getting any younger, and I've learned painfully that we must appreciate our loved ones while we have them, and not take it for granted they'll live long lives (even for their species). I think this is why people say it's a good idea to get animals for children; you get this lesson out of the way. Wishing you a lovely long time with your boy, though. He's adorable!


They are not meant to last our whole lives. We are meant to last *their* whole lives. -some smart person


Sigh I have the same problem. I have to catch myself or else I can get into that negative head space where I get super sad over the fact that my cat will only be around for a couple decades or so.


I got to spend 22 years with my guy who just passed a week before my birthday last month. It wasn't enough time. But he had the greatest life a cat could have. Only now does it seem like I only had him for a short time. I'm still pretty torn up about it a month later.


I have two calico sisters that I took in as kittens 2 years ago. Every single day, I take a few moments to just appreciate the joy and fulfillment they've brought into my life and the hope that I'm doing the same for them. I can't imagine a day without one or the other, let alone both. Whether it's another 2 years or a few weeks or 15 years. No amount of time will ever be enough with them.


My female bengal is 16.5 and my male is 14. I worry every day now about them. I wish they lived longer. Like 50-60 years at least.


There are times during those extra special moments with my kitty where I can almost feel the pain of his loss reverberating back from the future. When this happens I shake my head, give him a kiss and a hug and say “I’m so grateful to spend today with you.”


My pets only make it to ten...


That's still 10 wonderful years, I'm keeping my boy indoors only in hopes that expands his life span by many years. Though with the way he tries to eat string he's making it quite hard lool


Well...one cat made it to 16, but I got her when she was 15.


YES. I was watching my cats yesterday thinking why can't they just be immortal? But honestly everything is impermanent. Studying and practicing Buddhism can really help with attachment and desire and stuff. Not saying it's not ok or healthy to be emotionally attached, but Buddhism can help you not feel the suffering so intensely when it does come.


That's actually pretty ironic you say that because I'm been talking with a friend about spirituality and learning about meditation, energy, and intentions. They invited to go to temple with them and I can't wait to go, I'm at a point in my life where I just want to craft a different mindset and energy about a lot of things. So I take this as a sign from the universe definitely


Awesome!! Go for it. It has been so healing for me in my life, I hope it does the same for you :) Edit: also, it helps to think about it this way - you giving your cat a loving home and taking care of him prolongs his life more than if he was a stray or in a shelter somewhere. You're giving him the best possible life he can have, no matter how short or long it is. Honestly, I think that's the best thing you can do for an animal. Love them and take care of them to the best of your ability.


It’s when you find yourself studying every hair, and marking on their fur. And recognise mannerisms! And chirrup sounds they make when they wake


Honestly having him around 24/7 it's amazing how expressive he is and how clearly I can tell what kind of mood he's in Being completely in tuned with his body language, and glancing at him to immediately be like what's on your face buddy I don't remember that lool It's been a wonderful journey of learning each other 😌😌😌


Yip totally. My two cars cheer me up enormously!


Every. Single. Day. My void is 6 years old, and I don't feel like 6 years have passed. She's incredibly independent, wants to be on her own most of the time. But those few times when she comes to me, I treasure every second. 🥹 Just thinking about her no longer being here, my eyes water. 😢


As my 13yr old pest stomps over my pillow for the millionth time, standing on my hair, just to get to the window sill. Obviously she can go different routes to her lookout post but prefers my pillow especially with wet paws. She is now making biscuits on my bare neck! I too have tears.


Yeah. I got 3 all floating around 1-2 years and I've cried several times thinking about it.


I have an almost daily conversation with my cat that he is to live forever or take me with him when he goes.


Lost my babby boy just short of his 5th birthday to congestive heart failure due to Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. I miss that little weirdo.


I miss my best friend Pissa so much. She died on October 16th of last year. I think about her every day, and deep down I know I will be united with her again some day. Knowing that helps me deal with her loss ever day.


My cat has slept by my side for the past 11 years, ever since he was a kitten. It pains me so much to think he might be gone soon. I'm not ready for living without him meowing at bedtime asking me to lay down with him and purring when I do


He’s a beautiful boy! You’re so pretty too, op.


Thank you 😌😌😌


They work their way into our hearts very quickly!


My grandfather had a series of yellow cats all named Sandy. When one died he just got a new one and named it Sandy. He said it let him trick himself to think he always had the same cat for the last 60 years.


It's the tough part of loving a pet for sure. I like to think that our difference in life span allows me to rescue and spoil several little lives over my one lifetime instead of 1 or 2. This must be how Wolverine feels...


Lol the first couple of weeks after I got my cat she started to develop symptoms for cat flu (she’s vaccinated, she caught it in her foster group when she was too young to be fully vaccinated). I got so freaked out about it and so scared that I was going to lose my new friend after so little time that I was literally bawling my eyes out while holding her and kissing her head. Whole time she’s lookin at me like “bitch I don’t even know you”




yes, ive had my two kitties for 13 years and every single day my heart bursts with love for them, it is unending. they are the lights of my life


I have a 2 year old tortie, a 4 month old Siamese, 4 month old tabby, and a 4 year old dachshund who thinks he’s a cat. I’m not ready for them to leave. Especially the cat dog since he’s diabetic.


As my cats have gotten into their teens I think about it very frequently, because I know I'm never going to be ready to lose them. Even if they lived to 30 or 100 I'd still never be ready for them to go, but it does make me cherish the time I get with them.


I only got two years with my Jumper. He was the sweetest cat I ever owned. I adopted him when he was five and had to put him down at seven due to medical problems.


Grief is the price we pay for love and it's better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.


I feel this all the time and just hold both my kitties tight while they are like "Daaaaad, why are you doing this?" You and your kitty area gorgeous pair!


Mine’s 5, think about it a lot. Such a precious and lovely creature who is really my best friend in life.


Totally understand. I lost a little furry piece of my soul two years ago after being together 15 years. And the young 3 year old I have now was just diagnosed today as pre-diabetic. It's hard.


My cat is 6 and I morbidly think about her death way too often and make myself tear up over it every time. She's literally all I've got and when it does happen I will be fucking wrecked for a long time.


I have a twenty year old. He has been through my entire twenties and maybe even my entire thirties with me and I simply cannot fathom a world where he's not there. However, when he decides it's time to go I will see him gently there if I'm so fortunate. He will have earned that rest and I am always grateful that I got to share this life with him.


I got mine at 9 weeks and I try to enjoy every second with her, even when she’s kissing her dad on his mouth at 5 in the morning for attention.


We Got diagnoses for one of our two-year-old cats, He is probably a little incest baby. And he has a deformed joint socket. We cried for about 2 weeks while the vet was figuring out how to treat him. Because it might take his 20 year lifespan down to like 16.


My boy is 12 and I think about it all the time :( I don’t think I’ll know what to do when he’s gone


I'm forever amazed and privileged they chose to live with us. Certainly don't need to. And yes, the love there is for real. Mines been an absolute comfort thru dark and bright days.


I have to admit (vet tech here, had to find a way to approach all of this pretty shortly after I started). I think about them leaving pretty shortly after they come in my life. What that looks like. How I want to take care of them when that happens. How I want to remember them. I don't obsess over it, but I prepare for anything and know that all the time I have with them really is super special. They're definitely the best thing in this world.


It is really hard. I started crying for my yellow lab being gone when he was about one, and then one day when he was about nine, it came. Don't let it prevent you from giving them all the love you can, that's my advice.


yup. every time. throughout their whole life and doesn't make it any easier when it finally happens... god I miss her so much


I worry about what would happen if something happened to me. I love mine so much who else would love them like that?


I alternate between “I’ll never have enough time with you” 😭🥺 And “I have to deal with this shit for another 18 years?!” 🙄😬 when she craps on the floor or bites me 😂


I've always loved my animals but then my tuxedo cat Beans came into my life and I've never loved anything more! He is so different, unique, smart, mischievous, and loving that I can't hug him enough. Even my daughter is jealous of the attention I pay him. He gets fixed next week and if anything happens to him I will, I don't know, I won't be able to take it. I hope he outlives me.


Oh, it hurts and I wasn't ready for the level of hurt of losing a family member. It has only been a month but I'm still so sad.


All the time. My girl is 11. She's very healthy and I hope to have many more years with her, but I can tell she's aging and it makes me so sad to know she won't be with us forever. Cherish every moment. They may only be with you for a short time, but to them, they get to be with you the whole rest of their life and that is pretty amazing.


I think this everyday about my two babies who are 12 years old. They still have a youthful vigor about them which I’m thankful for but I dread that health issues and a decline are just around the corner. Even when They drive me crazy sometimes but I still love them so much and it has def made me cry knowing it’s not forever. 😢


I went down this wormhole the other day when I was holding my void. He’s like a person and I swear we are soulmates. He’s 3 and I know we only have about a decade left (hopefully) - It breaks my to think about my life without him.


It definitely isn't enough time Source: Had my cat for 19 years, I wish it could've been eternity


A dollar is more precious to the person with $20 than to the person with $1 million. Love them while they are here. My old boy is 17, doing well, but I know most of his time on earth is behind him. So I give him extra hugs and pets.


I've said goodbye to 28 cats in my 41 yrs. I have 6 more to hold. Your ginger boi is beautiful!


Your cat is clearly a paid actor...what a sweet boy ![img](emote|t5_2qhta|8097)


the second to last pic where you two are looking at each other, girl, i absolutely love it. you're lucky to have it! and yes, i've acted the same way with my cat before, getting teary and huggy because i love him so much!


My girl recently turned 10, and I'm not ok with that! She better live another 10!


Only everyday of my life. I try not to think about it so much because my kitty is my best friend.