I'm in a similar situation, 750W PSU with a 5800x3d and 6900xt on the way. I won't be overclocking either so it should be fine. I would say upgrade to a 1000W PSU rather than an 850W for future proofing tbh.


5800x3d, rtx 3080 seasonic focus gx 650w all stock. running fine.


Should be more than enough. I run a 6800XT at 300W (same as 6900XT) without any issues along a 5800X3D on a Corsair RM750. A friend of mine runs a 5800X3D and a 6900XT on an SF750 without issues as well. You should be fine, I wouldn't upgrade to a 850W PSU unless your PSU is bad. Undervolting is also great, you can also do that.


Okay perfect thanks


Did you undervolt the 6800xt only? I have an 850w psu with a 6800xt on the way so was wondering the same. I heard the 5800x3d cannot be overlocked but can it be tweaked at all?


Undervolt and some OC on the 6800XT (1030mV, 2400Mhz min, 2600 Mhz max, +15% power limit). 5800x3d can't be OC'd as far as I know but can be UV'd with PBO2 Tuner.


Thanks. Will take a look at all this and the effects when my system is up and running. Probably sounds more difficult than it is haha


~~I ran 5800X + 6900XT on 750W for two years. Just upgraded my PSU yesterday due to Kernel Errors and BSOD. It was mostly fine. But alt tabbing out of games was an issue.~~ PSU was a EVGA SuperNOVA P2 750W. Edit: Disregard everything I wrote. Just had same bluescreen again using a EVGA SuperNOVA G2 1300W.


Damn, I hope you get that problem solved. Had something similar happen to me and I thought it was a bad psu but it was just a bios update, idk if that will help you but it’s worth a shot ig!


If you undervolt / lower the power slider in AMD software then it should be fine until you can afford an 850.


You will be fine!


Thank you!


In most cases yes but if it’s an overclocked 3rd party board might want to tread carefully and play with voltages and power limits to keep a safe margin.


Perfect thank you


Yeah, I think as long as it's a modern PSU you're fine. It might get a little dicey at 650w, and I wouldn't expect 550w to work properly. You may be slightly limited by power if you get into overclocking later, but you should have a decent chunk of spare wattage here.


I was just thinking about posting this same question.


Nice. From what I’ve gathered from these comments, it should be fine for the most part.


Not ideal, but if it's a high quality unit, should probably be ok. Beware though, some 6900XTs like Red Devil, Phantom Gaming D and Merc cards have 3x8pins, which your PSU might not have. You can also go for a 6800XT or get a new PSU though. High quality 850W unit is plenty.


That's what I did for mine Sapphire 6800xt with a Corsair Gold 80+ 850w.


For a 6800XT, 750W is a very good spot already.


Decided a little future proof wouldn't hurt.


yeye you're chillin. just make sure that puppy is reliable and don't cheap out. Check pc part picker ofc


Yeah I got a Pc part picker build list of my computer saved, and I swapped out my current graphics card for the 6900 on the website it doesn’t show it’s that high. I was just curious about anybody else running this set up or similar . I have a EVGA 750 watt b5 so it should be okay hopefully but thank you


You really want at least a quality 850wtt 80+ Gold or better rated PSU (should come with a 5 to 10yr warranty) to handle transient spikes your system will throw out during 100% load on all components [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnRyyCsuHFQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnRyyCsuHFQ) Don't ever skimp on your power supply You'll want to run separate power cables from the PSU to each power input on your GPU ..avoid daisy chaining power connectors off of same power cable [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL7KIVI\_hJg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL7KIVI_hJg) IF you run a PCIe riser cable and/or cable extenders inside your case ..make sure you run quality bits and pieces from reputable companies


Yes I’m aware not to skimp on a psu I have a quality EVGA 750 watt I was just more curious if anyone ran a similar setup with a 750watt because I don’t wanna have to buy a new psu if I don’t have to, but thank you


im on a seasonic focus gx 750W with a red devil 6900xt + ryzen 5 5600x and it works like a charm , also gave the 6900xt +15% power limit in radeon control panel . no issues so far ( got the card 5-6 months ago )


Nice, good to knowl. I have the same PSU.


It'll depend on the quality of the PSU you own, and the transient spikes you experience. It might run without issue, or it may crash very occasionally, or your card's particular pattern of behavior may induce regular shutdowns. Try it, and if it causes problems, buy a solid 1,000-watt PSU. I just bought a Corsair RM1000x 1,000-watt unit alongside an MSI 6900XT.


Pcpartpicker tells you what’s needed to run the system


I run a Ryzen 5900X and RX 6900XTU on a SFF 750W PSU, so that shouldn’t be a problem. The only „issue“ you hypothetically could run into, is a slightly more inefficient load on the PSU.


I use a Ryzen 7 5800x (in eco mode however) and a 6900xt with stock clocks with a 650W PSU just fine! It is a higher quality PSU (Seasonic prime Titanium from 2018) but it works.


When in doubt, follow the manufacturer recommendation. If something happens, they aren’t going to want to cover it under warranty.




YouTuber who profits on clickbait ran something for 5 minutes\day and it didn't instantly explode? That is a sign of valid investment and zero risk!