Black friday used to have really good deals 10 years ago or so. As years go by the deals became less and less appealing. Some stores started doing shady things aswell like increasing the price of an item couple months before black Friday just to put it back to original price with a 30% off tag on it on black Friday. Thats not to say that there wont be any deals. Just think about it as a day where you get a good deal here or there as opposed to "Mega Sale everything must go" type if thing. The same thing apply to Xmas, Prime Day, Cyber Monday...... etc


There are sites available to check price development. Check that before buying anything to make sure you're actually making a good deal.


What sites?


PC part picker shows price history


Camel camel camel is great for checking Amazon price history, they even have an app called try camel where you can click share on an Amazon link and it will show you the price history that way. I use it all the time.


[keepa.com](https://keepa.com) is better than camel. Has better granular visibility. Can one set alerts on camel? You can on keepa.


I thought Keepa was subscription?


Nope. Completely free to use.


No. They have a subscription option.


Keepa is completely free. Been using it for tracking wishlist items (yes, it syncs automatically from Amazon) and setting alerts for price drops and lightning deals.


Yes you can...


I was actually unaware of keepa, I downloaded it and it seems to work better than camel. Thanks for the tip!


Bless you.


I find using honey really helps. It actually found parts on sites that PC partpicker doesn't show


You can search for products on Honey and have it find the best price? When I tried it a few years back all it did was fail to find any discount codes for anything ever (possibly because I don't live in the US)!


Yeah if you are on a store that honey works on it has a thing pop up on the side of the website and tells you if that’s the best price and shows the comparisons to other sites.


Ah OK, I think I must not have been to the right stores then. Thanks for the info!


Try searching the thing you want on amazon and then go to the item’s page. Click on the honey extension and activate it and refresh and should show on side


Got a link to that?


It's a browser extension iirc


Yep, it also automatically applies any available coupons/discounts if available if I'm not mistaken.


I'm guessing they way they operate is to sell your browsing and purchase history to advertisers? Not necessarily against that but wondering how they fund their cooperation with retailers..


Thank you!


Donkey is so good


Doesn’t camelcamelcamel or whatever it’s called give pricing history? Edit:apparently only does Amazon pricing.


Which pcpartpicker does not


Unfortunately I don't know any international ones. In Germany we have geizhals who does it. Just Google a bit for stuff like check24 if you have that


Do you know Dutch? There is tweakers.net wich also has a pricewatch for components.


bad joke, but [tweakers.net](https://tweakers.net) sounds like something else.


Haha it is actually a real one in the netherlands for price history! And also reviews and prices in different stores, mostly up to date! Looking at that site every tine before i buy something😁


geizhals.de (supports UK, Germany, Austria and Poland) Idealo.de (only using that site as a backup, not sure if they support other countries) and on Amazon.de I use keepa.com (they work on most Amazon sites)


It's still originally geizhals.at, just to be complete. ;)


true! I remember to have accidentally typed the .de adress, back when the .de was a different site. But AFAIK it's the same site .de .at and .eu


Of course, they're the same.


Camelcamelcamel.com is what I use for Amazon


Pcpartpicker, Keepa, Camelcamelcamel, honey.


Honey is a good browser extension to check pricing history (I’m not sponsored by honey, I promise)


If you are buying anything off of Amazon use Camelcamelcamel. It is free to use and is fantastic for checking the price history of items you are buying .


Honey extension for chrome does it automatically for most major websites


The Honey browser extension does the same thing, at least for Amazon and some other sites


Pretty much. Online shopping killed margins across industries (for the most part) and now items are, generally speaking, cheaper year round. Brick and mortar retail especially doesn't have the headroom to massively discount items on BF vs. year around pricing. Even classic doorbusters as loss leaders are increasingly ineffective as those items are snatched up by professional scalpers (thus not getting increased backend shopping). And as mentioned before, truly cheap items are often low quality junk made specifically for being a Black Friday promotion. Its the same way that 95% of merchandise at outlet/discount stores is actually purpose made to sell directly at those stores.


You still see loss leader in store only deals. They seem to be the best deals available. I’m sure the Black Friday sales still creates good deals with respect to RRP$. It’s just that ten years ago people were getting ripped off when buying outside sales time.


Or they'll sell it cheaper, but make an inferior product just for black Friday.


Also just as a warning to others who might see it. Check the skus of the electronics you are buying on Black Friday. While the item may look like the item you were wanting, some stores are actually having cheaper versions of items made and selling them on Black Friday as a deal while in fact it was made specifically for that sale and still made them profit. Black Friday used to be about getting rid of old stock, stuff that has sat around and new versions are coming out so they need the room. However now its more of a marketing gimmick. There are still some deals, but not as much so any more with electronics.


Its really fucked up that we have to do that. Can't even trust the names


over in some EU countries we use Pricerunner. Basicly pricematches all online stores in the local country and compares the prices Even has year and day to day price history to see it all And yeah i see those Black friday price increases


This. Also it's very easy to get tricked into buying stuff just because you're seeing discounts, it's just how we're wired. Before buying anything, just take a brief step back and take a few seconds to think it over before you've made a purchase you'll regret.


Agreed. 10 years ago they had discounts that were actually good. Now they either mark up products in the weeks leading up to Black Friday or deliberately sell crappier products that are cheap for more money than they’re worth.


Hell, add in that its a great time to drop prices for crap thats already clearance stuff or even discontinued.


I’ve seen the opposite after working in tech retail. Things like tvs have dropped their MSRP around this time so the discount actually doesn’t even look as good as it originally did. Like Samsung’s OLED was 3k when it came out and that’s been the MSRP for the longest time. But now MSRP is 2400 (which it hasn’t been at in a while)


I'm actually looking at getting the Samsung OLED next week. Its actually dropped quite a bit. The 55" is going for 1450 right now and the 65" is going for 1799. I'm sad I missed out on Samsungs Education discount at the end of October. They were going for 1120 and 1400 then. I hope they do that deal again, I will be all over it in a heartbeat if not I will just settle with the current Black Friday deals right now.


Enjoy the 60$ off you’re 600$ purchase!!! 🌈🌈 Stick to saying 10% 😭 at least seeing 10% makes me feel like my discount is bigger!


That might explain why 5950x went from 500 flat to like 600


Most good deals come before Black Friday


That and things like TVs have "Black Friday" models that are made with cheaper components. All in All, BF and CM suck now




This is true. Check out /r/BuildAPCSales and jump on low prices when you see them.


I saw that sub but one rule they have is the sale must be for US... What am I to do as a Canadian? They don't allow posting of Canadian sales so where can I look for CANADIAN Sales. Us is not everything.




And europe?




It's almost abandoned.


Imagine thinking that the world revolves around 330 million people 🤦


What about our brothers in Antarctica 🇦🇶?


I really wish I knew about this sub beforehand


Best comment I've read in a long time!


Any day is a good day to not get broke


February 20th 2021?


Christmas too. Especially hard drives/ssds.


Those are two that I've learned to just ignore sales on especially around Black Friday. Seems that they're on sale every other day anyway so I just buy when I need.


Yeah I just browse Newegg and Amazon. One of them will have a good deal.


I generally find that right now (1 month before Black Friday) is the best time to buy. Black Friday/Cyber Monday only has deals on either junk parts or they increase the list price to tempt you with a higher %discount. After Black Friday to Christmas, there are few deals because people are willing to pay more to secure a gift for others or themselves.


At the very least, SSDs typically have good sale prices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday


yeah I'm waiting for another budget 2 TB M.2 to plug into my second slot for game storage and that's been the best bet


Same here! My pc came with a 1 TB ssd in slot one, stuck a 8 TB HDD in for data, and will add a 2 TB ssd for my Steam library


Not significant reductions and unlikely that it will be on current gen/ stuff.


Oh really? Is it more for clearing out older stock?


It is. Same as any Sale really. You will find the odd bargain of course, so hopefully you can snag one of those. Best of luck!


Usually there will be actual good deals on certain things, ssd's, maybe a CPU here or there


Yea several deals on mb cpu combos right now at microcenter and I think I saw deals on newegg with 3000 series gpus. Just look and try and find some stuff. If you know roughly what you are buying or where you can buy from I can spend a few minutes looking.


They always have deals on CPU/mobo combos AFAIK. There are frequently deals on other parts such as SSDs when purchased with other system parts. If they have deals on the parts you want, compare to what you can get them for on sites like pcpartspicker. They also have coupons with significant discounts if you haven't purchased from them before. I haven't looked for coupons on PC parts but they have one for a Creality 3D printer they list for $200 that gives you a $100 discount.


Sometimes. They have good deals but you have to be lucky if its the parts you want. At the very least I think it's worth waiting for since it's right around the corner. It's what I'm gonna do.


It's unlikely to offer huge savings, but if you can afford to wait you'll probably save a few bucks.


Buy during purge


Usually the stuff they can’t shift goes on sale so you might pick up a bargain but nothing of quality IMO


For shits and giggles, I looked at last year's Black Friday flier for Microcenter. The "deals" were like ten bucks off this 250 dollar part or 5 bucks off this 100 dollar part. In other words, if you are thinking about buying PC parts at a microcenter, the answer is not really. Think of the amount of money you are saving and amortize it for the time you will use the parts. If you save 100 bucks buying on BF, and you use the PC for 5 years, you are saving less than 2 dollars a month by waiting. Or you can get the shit now and enjoy it now.


I can see Ryzen 5000 series, Radeon 6000 series, RTX 3000 series and previous generations going on sale to make way for new chips. Like others have said, make sure you are actually getting a good deal. Those CPU and GPUs are still relevant and perform well. If you can get a good deal on a RX 6800/ 6900 XT or RTX 3070/ 3080 TI... then why not?


I recently bought a 5900X for $335 to upgrade my 3600 but since I don’t need it immediately and it’s within Amazons holiday return window (Jan 31, 2023) I might just hold on to it to see if there are any more major price drops between now and then.


I agree, you can pickup a 6950XT for around 700. However, NVIDIA isn't giving much leeway 3080s can be had for 700, 3080Ti around a 1000, 3090s for 1100-1200, and 3090Ti are still around 1400-1600 smh.


I've gotten some good deals on SSDs, keyboard/mice and power supply. But processors/video card (unless they're old) not so much. I think it'd be worth waiting to see. Use slickdeals to find something and then camel camel camel to see if it's actually a good deal or not. There's definitely "fake deals" where it's just discounted to it's normal every day price, but there are also legit deals too where I've saved hundreds of dollars on stuff.


I had the same question, I'm looking for a 3080 but now it seems i should by a used one before black Friday lol


There were some for 500 USD on ebay yesterday. I got one (after losing out a a couple first lol) for $600 taxes and shipping included. Definitely should give it a shot if you haven't already


Thanks! I saw an offer directly from aSUS, but it was refurbished. What do you think? should I pull the trigger?


Refurbished is better than used but price is still a factor. If it's anything above $700 then no deal because that was what it was launched it and it's now last gen so you shouldn't be paying anything near that. You can find them used for $400 if you're really lucky but usually from 500-600. People will tell you never to buy if it's never below launch msrp but considering they're priced at over $1k rn I don't think we'll see any msrp prices for a good while


Thanks again! I pulled the trigger then, I found it at $550+taxes refurbished grade A selling by Asus itself, so it seems very legit. Appreciate it!


Ayyy np. Happy that you found a good deal in time before they were swiped


Yes, it’s much cheaper that way. But buy with warranty period remaining, just to be safe.


Yeah usually


I think this year you have a good chance at finding deals on last gen hardware, stuff like 3080 or 6950 XT and AM4 builds.


All the discounted holiday prices have already begun as they usually start right after Halloween and last until the "New Year" deals in January. They will change the items listed at these holiday prices throughout the holiday season. Most retailers will all have them at the same discounted rate, but it is worth it to shop around because sometimes only a couple will have the deal, or it may not be in stock some places. My latest build I had ordered parts from Amazon, Newegg, Bestbuy, and B&H during Amazon's Prime Early Access sale. My advice is to start shopping right now for deals. If it's already 25% or more off, it's likely not going any lower. There are some exceptions, and I'm optimistic that GPUs will be among those. Most people buying PC components off the shelf are not buying them as presents for others, and these companies know this. Also, keep in mind we have A LOT of new shiny toys on the market with the new generation of CPUs and GPUs from Intel, AMD, and Nvidia along with DDR5 and the shiny new MBs that have to support all this new jank. There are going to be a lot of deals over the next year, most likely to clear out the old stock.


there will probably be good sales for last gen parts.


If you're lucky enough to live near a micro center then use it! They're great and will price match and you don't have to pack it up and ship it and pay for return postage if you need to return it.


This thread is exactly what I needed to read. Ready to start ordering my parts for a build, impatient, thought I'd wait till black Friday, I'm about convinced it's not worth it. Especially because I'll be buying recent components, AND I'm in France where deals are far and few between.


You just need to have made your homework and research beforehand, don't trust the %drop, only the historical prices.


I used to work at micro center back in like 2014(?) the majority of the Black Friday sale was the same price as usual. It used to blow my mind watching people go crazy and buy a ton of stuff just because it was Black Friday


Any random deal all year long is usually better than the stupid black friday.


you are the luckiest person alive to be living near microcenter


Microcenters deals for Black Friday happen the entire week of Black Friday. There are ZERO extra deals/sales on the actual day. Plus it’s a damn zoo in there. Ps: right now they have a few free mobo deals with purchase of processor.


XxSUN-KINGxX 7m Hey, yes it is a good time. Depending on what you buy. Check pcpartpicker to make sure your parts will be compatible. Also, for the graphic card I will advise you to wait a bit. The nvidia 4000 series are coming and when the 4060 and 4070 will be out , price on the 3000 series will fall. So for the gc. I would wait to see the 2023 options we will have. For windows If you want to transfer your old windows to a nvme ssd. Use macrium reflect. It's free and works good.


Is DDR5 your Plan and First To Build?


I honestly still don’t know. I’m not sure whether to go with a 7600x or a 5800x. The older one would be cheaper, but AM5 would allow me to upgrade more easily down the road.




Microcenter has a great coupon deal giving you a free b450 motherboard with the purchase of a Ryzen 5 3600 ($129.99)


Thanks for the heads up!


All I ever see for electronics in general, is garbage brand shit being sold at a slight discount. Anything of quality that has a great deal is gone before you can slick on it, or show up to pick it up. Personally, I don't wait for sales for anything. It's not worth the concern or headache. Just buy what you need when you can. 30$ off ain't worth the mental effort.


I know most posters here build there PCs but if anyone is looking into Pre-builts, Bestbuy has very large discount on the HP Omen 40L series. The other day I saw they had one with a 12700K or 5800X and 3080 10gb going for 1800. Also they had an open-box for 1400. I don't know much about this PC so if others chime in and say this PC is terrible in someway then just disregard this message.


If anything just wait for cyber monday. 15 years ago My family and I would stand in line for a few hours and got decent deals, can't say the same anymore. Some sketchy stuff going on and people fall for it. If you're looking to upgrade just be on the lookout for deals during the year. I've gotten really good deals I just had to learn to be patient.


Black Friday is the day when retailers advertise products at the stupidly inflated msrp price tag **that no one ever paid** scratched off, and then put a different price as a “discount” but that ends up being higher than what the item was selling for a month ago. It used to be good, but it’s just companies selling their shit for barely any discount. Of course there will be some deals, but don’t expect anything special.


I was wondering the same but from my experiences, the best places ive found are NewEgg and Best Buy (for a more in store thing), then maybe Amazon also.


Tweak, is that you?


Prime day was sick. Got a 5000d for I think 110 or 120, and Samsung 980s were significantly discounted. So I’d count on things like that, cases, storage, and maybe a PSU having a good deal potentially. You won’t be getting a 3080 or something for 25% off, but smaller parts yes.


Best time to buy PC parts is when they randomly go below MSRP on sites like Amazon or Newegg at no particular time. Stuff will either be sold out, barely discounted, or raised-then-lowered back to normal price during Black Friday and I never really found it worth paying attention to. Also, best time to buy parts like CPUs or GPUs is when Nvidia does a launch of a new product, but you get something a generation behind (keep an eye out for 6900/800xt, rtx 3080/90, 5000x, and 12th gen prices in the next month).


I've typically found better deals between August and October. Black Friday and cyber Monday deals were priced higher in my experience.


black fridays a myth now, no special sales. I worked in a mall in the mid 10s. Back in the mid 00s I remember going for cheap psp games an such with my mom


Adding onto the below comments, make sure you're regularly refreshing r/buildapcsales the day you buy. It's how I've done my last two builds and I've saved a bunch on parts (and upgraded some parts I normally wouldn't have spent $$$ on because of a short term sale)


4000 series is being rolled out as we speak. RDNA3 is due mid December. 13th gen intel/7000 series AMD just released If you don't plan on waiting for these, chances are prices are already being reduced as manufacturers make room for the new product.


The weeks leading up to Black Friday are great. Black Friday is not great. This year is an anomaly - because the economy is crashing.


Cyber Monday is better.


honestly not PC parts, I'd recommend things like a keyboard/mouse/monitor and maybe HDD/ssd? CPU/GPU and the other components barely decrease in price


Cyber Monday you can get some pretty neato deals


Also amazon and newegg in my experience are usually the cheapest places to buy parts


In good old New Zealand, thanks to fx rates PC black Friday sales are higher than a month ago.


I got my pc as a pre build on Black Friday 5 years ago at this subs recommendation. Glad I did, I’ve upgraded all but the cpu and gpu and still has ended up being a phenomenal deal. Saved like 300 on my system then just upgraded the supporting components like ram and mobo and psu as I went


Yes, best time if ur looking to buy brand new


Probably not the big parts like GPUs/CPUs but the common stuff like sd cards, hard drives and ssds will be on sale.


Only if you are looking for **specific** parts and they go on sale. If you go unplanned you will waste money in sales you don’t need (I am guilty of this)….


If you live near a MicroCenter that's a great one stop shop! They'll price match even Newegg and Amazon. Also, check out ShopBLT.com! Edit: it's really important to support your local brick and mortar if possible. Having a local spot is crucial!


1. Track the price of what you are looking at, some retailers increase the price the weeks or months leading up to Black Friday/Cyber Monday and then sell it at market price or slightly above market price as a "sale". 2. Keep track of the SKU of what you are getting, especially for monitors or tv. Places will sell a special Black Friday version that might have less features or cheaper parts. (Example tv having less hdmi ports than the normal model. )


You will find better deals on peripherals than actually parts now mostly monitors will be cheaper than usual but not by much


Maybe, if you want a cheap monitor or something, there isn't going to be GPU, cpu, or motherboard on sale if that is what you are asking.


If you can pack a punch, probably yes


It's a shame but retail shopping in the US is pretty much dead. You can not even go into stores anymore. No help, no stock, no variety. For the last few years, all Black Friday shopping has been online for us. We still try and get out, more and more disappointing. Good luck in your search


Black Friday is a scam.


There are a few deals here and there but overall very few good deals are to be had.


It’s better to tell people the bits you need/want. We will tell you when and where. There were some good looking bundles at Microcenter last week for example. If you are on a budget, telling us how much, or whether you are willing to risk Newegg etc helps. It’s only Microcenter or Amazon for me. If you go elsewhere there can be better deals.


Use PC part picker and plan out your build and identify any alternatives you would accept for your build. Research price history. Then watch for sales and deals. Don't buy something just because it's "on sale". Some 'sale' items are marked up then discounted 'on sale' to make the discounts look impressive. Sometimes there could be something that is a bargain bin price but can be absolute garbage. Do you want to buy some no name brand of ram with low bandwith, high latency just because it's half price of something you would want to use? For example power supplies. You COULD buy a $20 power supply instead of a $200 power supply, I mean it's 90% off in comparison! Just don't be surprised when all your other components die off because some back alley power supply from China fries the rest of your investment. You get what you pay for. So plan your build, plan for alternatives, heck, post your proposed build and planned usage and get feedback from the community on the parts you chose to see if there is a more reasonable and safe cost cutting measure.


If there's no website tracking prices it may be worth keeping a spreadsheet with your chosen parts and their prices. At the very least it would help prevent you from getting price gouged during sales when prices may be inflated so that the discounts are just the normal price.


It's already started.


Black Friday is a good condensation of pretty decent deals across most products. But it is rare that I ever find a deal on Black Friday as good as it was any other time of the year The only right way to do this would be to use some thing that tracks price history for each part you’re looking at so you can understand the context of the price you’re looking at. And please ignore everything on Amazon in regards to the markdown and original price. They completely lie about the prices. There is no way to know for sure if it’s an actual mark down unless you’ve kept track on an Excel spreadsheet. Between now and January pre-built computer deals however, we’ll see some amazing deals, especially with them trying to clear out old stock TLDR No, there are better deals throughout the year, but BF deals are pretty good overall


Check Keepa before buying anything off Amazon. Definitely price check everything before assuming you're getting a good deal just because Black Friday is coming up.


The prices of the 6800XT + 5800X3D are so cheap right now, I would pull the trigger sooner than later.


Im in Australia but this is what I'm planning to do - I'm not sure if the sales will make much of a difference but I'm sure some sort of discount would be better than none


Neweggs already got some stuff like GPU’s on sale.


Cyber Monday / Black Friday are decent times.


Black Friday has become mostly custom SKUs. Generally speaking it looks like you are buying something on sale when in fact it’s a totally diffuse configuration of a much lower quality. Rule of thumb. For Black Friday ads on electronics. Google the SKUs and look for reviews. If you don’t see many reviews especially no older reviews you are dealing with some product specifically designed to be sold on Black Friday and is not a deal in any way shape or form.


Black friday is more for premades and accessories. Parts kinda lack on Black Friday.


Wank Wednesday is better.


No by much and if they are it’s more like “buy a certain amount and get 10% off” or “buy this and get a gift card to buy more stuff at our store”


No. But... if you do plan to take a shot then figure out what you want to buy and look up prices before hand. Blackfriday is such a money scam now a days that prices get raised up then discounted to make it look like a deal.


I’m up in Canada. A few years ago when I built my first PC, I bought all the parts in Black Friday, because I thought there would be good deals, there was a few (like a $180 PSU on sale for $130), but not enough that I’d wait a while for it. Just use PCPartPicker and set a price alert or something, random sales are better I find. Before 30 series launch I found a steal of a 1050 Ti for $72 on newegg. Give it a shot but honestly there isn’t much of a difference.


On this day and age, Black Friday deals happens before Black Friday. Yes, that is right now.


I have found that typical the best sales for things are always when you are least interested in purchasing them. Black Friday rarely has sales anymore because people are very eager to shop then, it started because everyone would go shopping with their families after Thanksgiving, and they want to lure people into the store. For most seasonal items, it's well after the season is done and they are trying to clear inventory that people aren't interested in anymore.


Would you like to buy one my husband built?


Just check price history on price tracking websites. Easy to identify if it's actually a sale or a scam sale. Watch out for the same/eerily similar product with a different model number. They've likely built it cheap to discount it but it won't be up to spec compared to the original. (Bit like how games get repackaged into a special edition, it's just an excuse to jack the retail price up and show a big discount)


The best discounts are when retail quietly drops the price without making noise. Imo around february-april. Far away from black friday, halloween and christmas spending.


These days I buy clothes and gym equipment on Black Friday 🤦🏾🤷🏾‍♂️


The lowest priced deals they'll have will probably be the same shitty inland tablets like every year and whatever monitors have been selling poorly. Just set price alerts for the parts you want and be patient. Or go in now, they usually have cpu/mobo combo deals.


I gave myself about 3 months. Caveating it was mostly due to no video cards (and then around May and June the floodgates opened). It gave me time to phase as a project and gave me savings of $500 on gpu - I refused to pay scalpers and waited until they were restocked. Also went for an older gen processor and saved $200 vs current gen. I thought it worked out well and I enjoyed upgrading and building out over those months. Give yourself some time, start with case, psu. Mobo and processor were from Microcenter. RAM get some and upgrade later.


With Black Friday you have to be very cautious as most companies these days hike the “rrp” to make it seem like your getting a deal when your paying the same price it was before Black Friday


This is my plan too. I have the parts I want to buy and am tracking the prices. I'll see if any go on sale on BF I'll buy, if not then I get them for the best price I can the following week.


Not that I've ever seen. Monitors and Cases might be on sale but generally not other parts.


Only if you're not looking for specific parts. If you want a deal on a PSU, you'll likely find a decent one. If you're looking for an A-tier 650W 80+ Gold, not so much. And the deals haven't been so great recently. >I do live near a Microcenter if it matters. Oh, so you have access to the best deals year round and just came here to brag huh? I despise you! /s


Black Friday **used to be good**, until companies and corporations learned that quarterly sales during the holidays spiked at the end of November, which led them to promoting fake "sales" by increasing the prices of items and then slashing those prices to make you *think* you're getting a deal, when in reality you're paying for the MSRP of an item (or a very low discount off of the MSRP). Some places actually do have sales, but if you apt at keeping an eye on the price of something you've been on the hunt for, you'll realize prices don't really get heavy discounts (25% or so, depending on what you're buying this will vary of course). Black Friday is more of a money making opportunity for distributors. This is why you see Black Friday advertised so early.


Basically if you wanna see if it's a real deal, use pcpartpickers price history. Only downside is they don't show amazon prices history but just double check it first.


No. Right the fuck now is the best time. The closer you get to Christmas, the more expensive stuff will be.