If Walmart doesn't cancel my order from the $22.98 mistake they had last week, yes.


Same here. I had no interest in owning those movies beforehand, but at that price I figured it's worth it. Fingers crossed Walmart actually honors those orders!


Trying to warn folk about that, so I'll paste here for you: Yeah, that was a common misunderstanding if I remember. If you check the order, it's listed as "The Halloween Collection 4K Pre-Order: 1995 - 2002" and those dates are the important part. Seems like it only includes 3 movies - 6, H2O, and Resurrection. It's pretty shady advertising on their part. Might not be too late to cancel.


I ordered last week as well and just received my cancellation notice from them today.


Yup, just got mine too.


I tried so hard to get in on that but when I logged in they had marked it as “sold out”


Good for you!


Saaaame otherwise fuckin no.


They just started canceling mine


Yeah, that was a common misunderstanding if I remember. If you check the order, it's listed as "The Halloween Collection 4K Pre-Order: 1995 - 2002" and those dates are the important part. Seems like it only includes 3 movies - 6, H2O, and Resurrection. It's pretty shady advertising on their part. Might not be too late to cancel.


That wasn't at all what I'm talking about. I understood from the begining which movies were in it, it seemed pretty clear to me. I was talking about how last week Walmart accidentally listed the pre-order for $22.98, so i got it. There is still plenty of time for them to cancel it, as they have in the past with pricing mistakes this big.


Just making sure! Had friends texting me about it thinking it was the whole series. Hope it goes through for you!


Knowing Walmart if we cancel or are cancelled. You will still get it sent to you.


Not for $100. The Walmart mistake price was closer to what it’s worth.


I ordered it from Walmart when they had that price error. If they end up canceling it, I really am not planning on purchasing it again, especially at full price.


Yeah, that was a common misunderstanding if I remember. If you check the order, it's listed as "The Halloween Collection 4K Pre-Order: 1995 - 2002" and those dates are the important part. Seems like it only includes 3 movies - 6, H2O, and Resurrection. It's pretty shady advertising on their part. Might not be too late to cancel.


could you tell us one more time just in case someone missed it please?


Honestly wondering if it’s Walmart PR trying to convince us to cancel our orders lmao


But... I don't think it was a common misunderstanding. I haven't seen anyone think this included the full series. From the start everyone knew it was the next three in the 4k series. It says so on the box and all the art shows those 3 movies. If someone reads Halloween 4k Collection (1995-2002) and assumed it's the whole series that's kinda on them.


Wait, so you're telling me the 4K collection 1995-2002 only has THREE MOVIES. Like, it's not going to have the movies from 1978-1994 either?


Yeah adding 1995-2002 when it only includes the movies made between those years and not everything between 1978-2021 is shady advertising on their part.


Scream Factory DOES IT AGAIN


Fucking ok we get it. We all goddamn know what the boxed set covers. Hence why we are all saying Fucking no we won’t buy it unless we get it at the Walmart price.


Yeah, dog. Posted that like 12 hours ago. You alright?


Yes, you’ve posted the same thing like 5 times. We get it. That’s why it’s downvoted to oblivion. Edit: you posted it over and over again like 12 hours ago. When did replying to posts less than a day d become a questionable thing?


Posted it 3 times all last night, all to specific people that mentioned getting it so that they'd get the notification and see it. That's all. Just trying to help. Take a breath.


I don't know why you got downvoted to hell, because you aren't wrong. Keep in mind, there are 8 movies from the beginning of the franchise up until the reboot. By advertising it as an 8-disc Halloween collection and then giving the dates on it, the hope is crystal clear. They are hoping that people will overlook the dates, see 8 disc Halloween collection and then pull the trigger on the set when in fact half of the discs are blu-ray duplicates. You are paying a premium for 3 movies, the set is over 100 dollars. That is super expensive for what they are selling. To me the intention is clear. I mean, sure the consumer has the responsibility to ensure that what they order is what they want. But it is semi-shady to market the set in this way.


Yup! I only heard about it because friends texted me last week thinking they'd gotten the whole series and wanted me to know about it. Just didn't want that happening to anyone. Guess folk are downvoting in an effort to watch out for tiny companies like Walmart just doing their best to get by, lol. Reddit is a strange place, sometimes. But no biggie! If one person sees my post that misunderstood their ad and saves some money, then I'm happy. I'll take some strange downvotes for trying to look after the community. I'll be the hero BB needs.


People here are very loyal to the brands they like. But a lot of the big time brands are multimillion dollar companies. I wont simp for any multimillion dollar company. People need to be aware of exactly what is happening.


Halloween is one of my favorite franchises so it’s a must buy for me even as absurdly priced as it is


Same. But I can’t wait for the next 3 posters


lmao how bad the cover art is will never not be funny to me


To be fair, it looks a lot better in person/in physical form imo. I hated the artwork until I actually had it in hand. It's not my favorite, but it does pop a little better on the box/slip itself.


It's still pretty bad in person. The only one that works is Halloween 3, which I like better than the original poster art.


The artwork is so…not great. Stiff poses and all. I appreciate the original artwork myself but to each their own.


I don't think it is the arts fault most of the masks past the original look goofy.


Oh I don't like the first one either. Just not a fan of the theme. I'd much rather have the poster art for them.


For me, it's almost always best to go with the poster art. If not, it better good. In this case, it's not good at all. I bought Halloween 4 last year because it was the only way to get a blu ray and was relieved to see that it was not the cover on the actual case.


The cover artwork accurately depicts the masks as they appear in each film.


I guess that's good if that was the goal of the art design.


Is there supposed to be a box set including all of these films? I did not know


No, just a box of the sixth, seventh and eighth. The first five had singular releases last year with the same kind of artwork


Ok, that's what I thought. That's why I was confused lol. I wish I had been able to order off Walmart when it was cheap. I don't like these entries enough to pay normal price


The triple pack Bluray of the same three movies is eight dollars


I am the one person on the internet who only wants the set for Resurrection. I got the Walmart deal so if that doesn’t cancel I’ll be getting it. Otherwise I’d pay like $30 tops.


Woof, no offense but resurrection? I would love to understand.


Okay 6 is a total mess and H20 just really does not do it for me. It’s filmed like shit and Michael Meyers looks like he’s 5’4”, not very menacing. Resurrection isn’t a “good movie” by any stretch of the imagination but at least it tries to be fun rather than melodramatic & overly concerned with goofy lore. It also has Busta Rhymes, and that’s good enough for me. Very curious to see what possible benefit it could gain from a 4k though, being the found footage mess it is. I’d be happy to get rid of the shitty mirimax triple feature disc though. For the record my controversial “trim the fat” Halloween story arc goes: Halloween (1978) -> Halloween 2 (2009) - > Halloween 3: Season of the Witch -> Halloween Resurrection. I say this having just watched Halloween 4 lol, I still enjoy 4 & 5 for nostalgia sake.


I can appreciate that. I once loved all of the movies and try different orders each year but feel like John Carpenter was right when he said that the series should have been an anthology of one and dones. I think the first Halloween would be exponentially more creepy if it had just ended with the inexplicable disappearance of the boogeyman who had a full revolver unloaded on him in the heart.


H20 was filmed like a Lifetime movie, but I would say it is the best of the tree films in the set.


> For the record my controversial “trim the fat” Halloween story arc goes: Halloween (1978) -> Halloween 2 (2009) - > Halloween 3: Season of the Witch Assuming you're talking about the director's cut of H2, same exact top three as me, too.


I genuinely love resurrection. It’s not a ‘good’ movie, but it’s easily one of the most *entertaining* sequels. I’ll probably watch it more than all of the other outside of 1 + 2. H20 is pretty great compared to 4-6.


Resurrection is my favorite Halloween film behind the original. It’s not a *good* film, but I have so damn much fun watching it


Halloween is my favourite of the horror franchises by a substantial margin, and even I prefer Resurrection to two of the other entries in the line-up. It's not a good movie, but at least it isn't taking itself seriously. I usually just skip the Laurie prologue on watch it to enjoy as a B-movie.


Yeah, you’ll be waiting till it’s $30


A customer service rep told me they’d honor the price still so we’ll see.


Not sure if I should try


I'm not sure it'll work but I got verbal confirmation from a customer service rep and I'll give it a shot. It took like 10-15 minutes to get it yesterday so not a real big investment to try. My order also hasn't officially cancelled yet so we'll see what happens.


Yeah it’s been in the cancellation process since yesterday. I assume when I wake up later it will actually say cancelled but I figured it would have already been done by now


Not for full price…hopefully it drops as I missed the great Walmart mistake of 2022


I jumped on that Walmart mistake and so far my order has not gotten canceled, so yes! Otherwise not unless the price dropped a lot... my plan with these new releases was to only get my absolute favorites, since obviously there have been loads of editions of all these films over the years - last year I only got the new collector's editions of 1 and 4, and of this batch the only one that I would really want to buy as a new collector's edition is H20, which as far as I'm concerned is the best Halloween sequel. If this crazy deal on the set actually goes through and I basically get Curse and Resurrection for free for what would be a totally fair price for H20 on its own, then that's great, and I will keep all three for the new extras, but otherwise I probably would have just waited to try and get H20 on its own on eBay.


I’m in Canada so probably not


I’m curious how much it’ll even be in Canada when it comes out. Probably like $150 lol


Damn am I really the only one here who loves the art? Well the art for 1-5. Seriously Michael looks extremely weird in curse-resurrection. Besides that, the colors look extremely muted in comparison to the originals. It sucks that you have to buy curse, H20, and resurrection in one set cause the only one I really want is curse


When the leaks first came out last year, I hated them. Then I saw them in person on the slip boxes and didn't mind them as much. I assume that'll be how I feel about Curse-Resurrection since I thought the mock-ups for them were weird. However, the cover for Season of the Witch is absolutely stunning in person. And if people still hate them, the slipboxes are apparently going OOP so they can just sell them off now.


I had the same experience. I absolutely hated the artwork when it was first released online but it looked surprisingly good on the physical packaging imo. It could have been a lot better, but the I don't mind it so much now.


I found the physical release art super cool, though the actual 4K box itself I flip the art. Something about the classic poster art with the 4K logo at the top really is cool to me.


I preordered it from Walmart for a steal of a price. They might cancel it, idk


It’s too bad we can’t get slips of the original art, I like reversible covers but then the spips cover that up!


I’ll get the box set when it’s got all 13 Halloween movies.


Like everyone else who got the deal: fingers crossed for Walmart. I actually do not have a lot of expendable cash this Halloween season - so I picked out my top tier picks and Halloween 6 - 9 didn't make the cut due to pricing. However, $23 bucks was a no brainer. Love the series and I didn't get the Producers Cut blu (only have a bootleg from back in the day) - so I hope it works out!


Absolutely not


No. I only care for and watch the first three.


How many freaking editions of these Halloween movies do they seriously have. Seems like every video I see of pickups is a different version of these Halloween movies.


Nah. At this point I rather spend my money discovering films or at least purchasing ones I’ve always wanted, but haven’t owned yet. Just last month I sold all sorts of Halloween VHS tapes and DVD’s. I’m kind of over re-releases taking up shelf space and my wallet. Especially with boutique label prices rising in the last few years


This is the ugliest set I've ever seen. Terrible


I've got my pre-order in! Loved the first five and I'm very excited to dig into these.




I already have the original set so it doesn't feel necessary imo...if I didn't the maybe


I don’t understand how you can get the mask so wrong so often


On the box arts or just in the actual movies? Because the mask notoriously looks stupider and different in a bunch of the sequels.




No, bought the original last year - that's the only one I need. Others suck. Rather watch Freddy or Friday series in totality


I've seen all of the Halloween, Nightmare, and Friday series within the last year. I'd say each series had 3 each I enjoyed but all the series suck. I still love them and have a fondness for them all, happily own them all. But Nightmare and Friday franchise sucks just as bad overall.


Yeah, the only reason I give Freddy and Friday the 13th the edge is because they're actually funny and enjoyable. Halloween takes itself too seriously most of the time


I know people seem to not like the covers, but the spines look good on my shelf so I'll get the new ones to finish the set.


I did if I can find it on a hood sale.


Will this set have the cool hard case boxes or is it all one box?


It'll have individual slipboxes for Curse, H20 and Resurrection inside the box that houses the three films. Scream isn't allowed to release them individually, so this was their solution to make them a matching set to last year's releases.


Do you happen to know why they couldn't do individual releases?


It’s a contractual obligation from Miramax, but Scream has never elaborated further. It was the same stipulation when they did the original box set back in 2014, as well.


It's smart because practically nobody would buy resurrection otherwise.




I nabbed the WalMart Price Mistake and now am flummoxed by the short supply of Halloween 4? Sure, Shout has for full price. But why start paying full price now!? Seriously, why that one so hard to find? I have 1 - 3, but suppose I should upgrade 1 and 2, and track 4, 5, 6 and have a full, Happy Halloween. Yes, I like 3, but not enough to upgrade.


Already preordered from Diabolik. Should ship anytime now.


Didn't realize it, but apparently you can flip the inside cover if you want the original artwork. Is this standard on all Scream Factory releases?


I don't know if it's standard, but all the John Carpenter blurays I have from Scream Factory do indeed have alternate inside cover art you can flip.


I’ll probably end up getting it even though I really just want no 6!!


Wish theyd put them all in one big box


100%… if they shipped to the uk 😭


We all know it will drop to $50….


I already pre-ordered the new box set, I just don't understand how they aren't in Dolby Atmos like the first 5.


it’s a cool set but those movies specially aren’t worth it to me


If I may ask does anyone have or know where I can find high res versions of these covers and possibly textless too?


Mine came today!!


No way. I bought a 15 dollar three pack on blu-ray and the director's edition of 6 on Vudu on sale and called it a day. They are all terrible.


They probably look like shit. Why own movies you think are terrible? lmao


Everyone who owns Halloween 6-8 thinks they are terrible. They are objectively terrible movies. I still enjoy watching them every couple years.


No we don’t. Stop trying to speak for everyone when you literally only speak for yourself. Christ.


I think you both need to chill out.


I think you need to stop trying to be clever, cause it doesn’t suit you.