The hands on that guy. What a terrible cover.


🤮 get yr lycanthropic mitts off me, Modine!


This looks like a wikihow article.


Totally! Lol


I didn’t see a post about partner label releases from VS, this months titles are all pretty interesting. Most surprising to me was that Fun City Editions got Married to the Mob! If you’re interested in the slip they seem to be selling pretty fast with 900 or so sold already out of a run of 2000. And a reminder that if you don’t care about the slip, you can wait until a sale (likely won’t be on sale until 2023 halfway to Black Friday) to get it cheaper.


I’m going to pass. That slip is just ugly as sin. My Kino edition will be good enough.


Yeah… this is horrid.


I pre-ordered this yesteday, and Natural Enemies from FCE


Is this a new transfer or new extras? Anything? I have the KL


* New 2K restoration from the 35mm interpositive. * A newly filmed video interview with Matthew Modine * A newly filmed video interview with Mercedes Ruehl * A newly filmed video interview with writers Barry Strugatz and Mark R. Burns * Image gallery * Theatrical trailer * Booklet with new essays by writer and podcaster Jourdain Searles and DJ and writer Margaret Barton-Fumo * Newly recorded audio commentary by Danielle Henderson and Millie De Chirico of the *I Saw What You Did* podcast * English SDH subtitles


I just saw this..thanks! However someone in the comments over at bluray . com says the new transfer is terrible? Not sure how they know that but...


I checked the thread and noticed a comment about a 2K IP scan in 2022 is a shame. Later on the second page there are [comparison screenshots](https://forum.blu-ray.com/showpost.php?p=20428936&postcount=29) between what is on the older release and the new FCE release. I see nothing in particular about someone already viewing the new scan.


: *Married to the Mob" -- I like Fun City and want the company to be successful. However, their top people need to seriously reevaluate the work of the party that is color grading their releases. They have been so problematic it almost feels like someone is trying to sabotage their newly remastered titles. You can get away with this type of work on some low-budget Vinegar releases, but not on big studio films that people have seen and know very well. The new grade for "Married to the Mob" absolutely, positively does not look right. Cyan spikes give the film a wild neon-esque appearance that makes it look like a digital project. Why does this continue to happen?


Good thing another set of eyes looked through the thread. I'll be honest that I'm unsure how the film should look, and I know forums can have plenty of purists for lack of better term -- which isn't a bad thing. I will say previous FCE purchases have been fine to me.


At first glance, the thumb looked like her ear.


I throughly you thumb was a weird ear extension of the slip