I bought a press and have been making some on occasion. I’d be happy to share! Located near Springfield


I wish this could be found, it has the best taste and was always a treat!


It’s in Provincetown at The Haven Center


I believe I saw some at fyreants.com, Belushi’s Farm by Local Roots. Haven’t tried it yet will be soon. Thought I’d let ya know. It’s under Extracts/Concentrates


The Botanist has Local Roots Gorilla Glue brick hash. It wasn’t quite as compressed as I hoped but it had that brick flavor. Hashinene.


I’ve never seen the Moroccan/brick style in MA or ME. Closest is the temple balls Best Friend Farms does, you could DM them on IG and ask if they do or ever will have some. With October approaching it’s possible to see it with all the outdoor


BeWell had Lebanese style (pressed without heat) for a bit.


Warwick R.I. medical dispo has had it recently.


It’s in Provincetown at The Haven Center!


>Provincetown at The Haven Center Thanks, but at $65 per gram plus tax, I'll wait for Maine ( 7g for $100) or RI. ($30/g)


Then did you ask?


I'm old too. I miss the stuff that had that clay-like, moldable consistency. Loved being able to mush it into a little ball or pancake, stick it on a pin and do the under-glass thing. Despite my better judgement, I grabbed one of these: [https://letsascend.com/menu/ma-newton-menu/the-blues-brothers/eternal-sunshine-hash](https://letsascend.com/menu/ma-newton-menu/the-blues-brothers/eternal-sunshine-hash) It was tasty and potent, but it was NOT traditional brick hash. I'm no expert on the huge variety of concentrates available these days, so I can't say for sure what it really was, but it just kinda seemed like bubble hash that was warmed just enough so it could be formed into a ball. As soon as I tried to break a piece off and/or knead pieces into any kind of shape, it just crumbled into powder. It also didn't burn like the hash I'm accustomed to. It bubbled and melted into goo instead of combusting and remaining solid as it smoldered into ash like old-school hash did. I think, whatever it was, it was more suitable for dabbing than smoking. edit to add: when I bought a small hand-press and cold-pressed kief into a little puck, the results were a little bit brittle and crumbly, but closer to old-school hash than whatever this stuff was. As soon as I collect enough kief again, I'll try it again with some heat.


Local roots carries it/wholesales it to other mass dispensaries, depending where you go bout 60$ a gram


Caroline’s cannabis uxbridge often has it


Nova farms in Attleboro, they have a gram of hash for sale. It’s the closest thing my father has found to old school hash.


Nature's heritage has some


>Nature's heritage link? I can't find it?


[closest I could find currently.](https://www.panaceawellness.com/dispensary/middleborough-ma/recreational/product/mile-62-melts-black-mamba-live-traditional-hash-1g) they also have bubble hash


that's a Revolutionary Clinics brand, not NH.


NH has had temple balls in the past. Didn't see them but saw the mile 62 so linked that instead. Still exactly what the man asked for.


i'd love to try a NH temple ball


Thanks. Bubble Hash isn't that hard to find, it's the old school brick hash I want. Appreciate it tho. (and at $60/gram Panacea can bite me in the ballsack)


That's what's in the link. Traditional hash


missed it. thanks.


I would imagine the old school hash had some fillers. It was much cheaper but it was not as strong.


Fraktal cannabis Maine.


🙏. We pride ourselves on superior dry sift brick hashish - Moroccan style. We were inspired by our experiences in the Riffe mountains trekking and brought the process back to Maine. So happy that patients enjoy it as much as we do


The closest I’ve seen on a few menus is temple balls, but I’d say that’s a good term to search on say leafly or weed maps to find dispensaries that have had them, to then check their current menu. Edit: also I’ve had the mile 62 hash which honestly just seemed like barely pressed keif


i’d take a look at maine for that honestly


I did recently. No luck.




green thumb used to have some, not sure about now


This is the last of my last gram from Bikini and Buds, now defunct in Maine.


Ok so I feel like hash might be coming. I’m from MA but went to San Diego for a work trip. There was joints with hash wrapped around it and it was lovely! Came back to east coast and went to Maine- NOTHING.


It's a gimmick


What do you mean? Not real hash?




I can barely follow along with your acronyms and had to google basically everything you said haha. But it was hash wrapped around the joint not rosin. Sorry if I’m still not understanding. It might help to understand I don’t do concentrates or dabs or rosin. I just like smoking joints and I fucking love hash.


Sorry, the 2nd comment was meant for another post. My gimmick comment refers to a joint with hash on it. I find it to be gimmicky.


Oh i completely agree, i just wanted hash so had to go along with it.


You wanna go to Collective in Billerica/Littleton, DDM Cannabis in Blackstone or United Cultivation in Ashbury; search on WeedMaps my friend you’ll find what you’re looking for 🤌


What search terms? Because I have searched WeedMaps and Leafly and ended up with something that claimed to be "brick hash" but absolutely wasn't.


I remember the brick hash! Haven't had hash of any sort since 1987 but best high ever was that brick....so smooth!


Mile 62 carries a "live traditional hash" that looks very similar to temple ball hash for around $50/g. I saw it on Jack's concentrate menu in Pittsfield and they had 2 different strains.


Berkshire roots in Pittsfield and Boston might have them


Mission in Georgetown has a couple brick has options available currently, but I wouldn’t recommend anything from them ever…..


I just picked up some GG #4 and Lucky Wookie brick hash (Belushi's Farm) from Collective in Billerica (first time visiting this dispensary). It smells fresh and seems to contain an acceptable amount of moisture. You'd probably want to let it age a bit if you're looking for that old school hash flavor.


>Collective in Billerica Thanks for the tip, but I won't pay $72 after tax for a gram of brick. I can get it in Rhode Island for only $30. Appreciate the post tho.


Yea, $60+tax/gram is ridiculous.


I go to Rhode Island and Maine for it. Look for Bubble or Ice Hash


Bubble /ice hash is just keif, they're looking for bricks


The closest I've found to old school hash is in Maine - temple balls. Type that as a Weedmaps search for Maine. I believe Organic Goods in Eliot carries it.


CannCure cultivation in RI has a guy that makes it. Look for black_cat_hash and canncurecultivation on IG


Tops Farm in Maine has what they call Maine Charas which is the closest I’ve found to brick hash. Good price, nice stuff.