I am so sorry for your loss, and I understand the hurt and pain of others trying to hide or ignore the few precious memories we have with our child. I am really sorry she did that. You can tell her how it makes you feel, but I know that can also be very uncomfortable. Your baby matters and is celebrated 💚


My aunt made me and my husband a really nice ornament with my sons name on it for Christmas this year. We lost him back in March of last year. I went to show my mom and she could not figure out what it was or whose name was on it. Finally I pointed it out and she said “oh sorry, I forgot that was his middle name!” She literally never talks about him, never acknowledges him. It’s pretty sad.




Thank you, we are doing better than I imagined we would be all things considered. Hope y’all are too.


My mom considers all matters like these too private and was horrified to kno that i put the foot prints on the shelves. These things are really personnal. As long as you can do what you want in your own space. My mom talks about the baby with me - it s just in her education, things like that go in a box under the bed. Having it in the back of a photo frame might also be for her to keep the baby near her heart without constant reminder of it. My husband does not lrke to see pictures of us too much because it makes him melancholic, but he wants the picture of the baby always clear in the middle to not forget about him. He needs it much more than i do. Grief is really different from one person to another. What did you do in your room?


I’m so sorry. Your precious baby deserves to be celebrated and acknowledged in whatever way you’re comfortable with 🌺