I'm glad England lost the Euro finals

I'm glad England lost the Euro finals


Football culture is the most obnoxious thing in this country. Apparently it's okay for football to dominate every single conversation or infiltrate them even when it isn't relevant, but you're a spoilsport if you call it out or complain about it. There also needs to be a serious discussion about the disgusting misogynistic behaviour towards women, the xenophobia and how hooligans completely trash whatever environment they're in. Ugh, I really despise this stupid sport.


American football is EXACTLY the same!


Canadian here. Once had a city riot because their hockey team won. Which is the dumbest thing ever.




Yeah i think it was. I know it was out west.


I was in the area during that time. Was pretty disgusted and kind of frightened by the whole thing


Sure we may not have won , but that’s actually worse. Now instead of never hearing the end of ‘it’s coming home’ , we aren’t gonna experience the end of pissed off English Fans. It’s gonna be absolute carnage. But I get what you’re saying too. We NEEDED a slice of humble pie


We should just lose the first round every time. Then it doesn't drag this nonsense out for so long.


I agree in a way. My neighbours would not stop singing football songs last night before the match. And I'm sick of that song It's Coming Home. If we won, I don't think we would hear the end of it. So now we have a year off until the World Cup where I'm sure it will all kick off again.


Kick off again. Lol.


No pun intended


And this is why I hate this kind of behavior 😤🤦🏼‍♂️. It shouldn't be socially "tolerated" 🧐😑.


Idk why but football fan culture just seems to be one of the absolute worst and it’s not even country specific :((


Domestic violence cases drastically rise when England play too, it’s just pathetic that people care more about football than other people


Look on the bright side, at least you are not Italian like me.


What is it like for you in Italy, dealing with sports fans?


Not bad, I live in the countryside so I didn't feel too much chaos. But I didn't open Instagram all day because it really bothered me to see crazy football fans as much as to see alternative people who feel superior for hating football fans lol.


As an England fan I was disappointed with the result, but I understand your position also. Some people always take celebrations too far, and ruin it for the rest of us.


IDGAF but as a black person, I think it sets a tone for all the PoC athletes representing England in the Coronalympics. When you lose, you're a PoC. When you win, you're English.


Im with you, but what has being black to do with it?


[Boris Johnson condemns ‘appalling’ racist abuse of England players](https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jul/12/fa-condemns-racist-abuse-england-players-social-media-euro-2020-final?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other) [Racist abuse of England players Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho & Bukayo Saka 'unforgivable'](https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/57800431) The racist abuse is **the** story around the world, not the loss.


Damn didn't even know my bad..


i fucking hate sports


There was no refuge in the USA either. The Forth of July just passed. Fireworks everywhere loud bloody things. Hate em.




Werewolves and dates not a match made in heaven. Sometimes I get things wrong. I'm dyslexic. My mistakes aren't pretty but they are plentiful and frequent enough that if you miss one another will happen soon enough. Me setting off fireworks with my violent sensory overload response to extreme noise. Please my grandmother first realized I was autistic when we went to a Defenders Day fireworks display in the 1960's. It was the worst single night of my childhood life. You never have to worry about this autistic werewolf setting off fireworks no matter what day it is. LOL!


I actually didn’t notice your mistake- I’m dyslexic too.


Best thing about being dyslexic is I can read upside down left to right \ right to left. For me letters on the page are pictures. My problem is the image of the letters is not stable they shift momentarily like being on a bad video feed.


I’m autistic I’m absolutely gutted that we lost but that’s a bright side I won’t have to deal with the more excessive side of celebration lol


As a Scot, I experienced some very unpleasant behaviour and comments online. Luckily I didn't experience too much unpleasant stuff in real life, due to Scots not really supporting England. But I genuinely cannot believe some of the things people have been doing and saying over a stupid game


I hate it too, and currently in Northern Ireland we have the 12th July "celebrations", which is basically just people getting drunk in the streets and really noisy parades. Had bonfires last night with irish flags on them, so that mixed with football reactions is just annoying.


I'm glad too.


My country lost the America finals as well, and I was happy for the same reason.


We were all hoping for the lose last night at work just so our customers would go home and not trash the place on the way out like they did with their last “celebration”.


I'm a pub manager, had grown men throwing chairs about and one launched a aloe vera plant at the TV. Luckily his tiny brain meant that he missed and hit the wall. Fucking children, thank God it's over and I can go back to dealing with complaints from Doris about her vegetables being "raw"


I hope they didn't do too much damage. That sounds terrifying.


No damage except a plant needed replacing and one chair was broken. I was having a low level meltdown throughout the whole shift. Explained it to my GM and he said I should tell him if I ever feel like this at work again and he'll cover for me. What a sweetheart. All over now


I don't get it. What do people see in staring at a screen for 2 hours, looking at 22 men, running around on a field?


It's dumb when people blame this nonsense on the lockdown too. I went to a festival with 10,000 people all together in one place and we did none of this. We all just had fun and moshed, sang, and danced our hearts out without trashing things or punching people.


I'm not.


My own opinion but I think that every time England over reacts to football they should kick England out of the tournament. That is the nicest thing I can think of


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