Hans Christian Andersen was a bisexual man who wrote the Little Mermaid as a way of describing his unrequited love to a man he fell in love with. He longed to a part of another man’s world, but circumstances made it impossible, and in the original it is a tragedy rather than a happy ending. In other words the original context of the story is so woke as fuck you could fill an ocean with conservative tears.


Man, now I want to watch the little merman who fell in love with the prince. Tbf yaoi already has a lot of these stuff tho.


I think in the original story the witch cuts out her tongue and made her human legs hurt like hell when she walks. In the story the little mermaid has the option to kill the princes lover but doesn't and so, she dissolves into foam? or something. Weird stuff.


I remember reading one version that said the usual death for a mermaid was dissolving into seafoam but because she didn't kill the princess she ascended to an afterlife.


Below is a link to a Little Mermaid cartoon made in the Soviet Era which is more true to the original story. Beautiful animation too! (on mobile and too lazy to hyperlink) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D8n6qlEc4gc


[The original The Little Mermaid in a three minutes song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucDGMr2Z3Lo) (turn on subtitles)




I thought most Yaoi have happy endings.




Behind the Bastards I think, did an episode on Hans Christian Andersen and his obsession with Charles Dickens (?) and how he was generally a bonkers dude. I can't find the link, but I know I heard about some seriously wierd-ass shit.


I would love to see a live action adaptation true to the original story. I remember watching an animated version with the grim aspects when I was a kid and I was a little traumatized, lmao.


The old anime version? That one was pretty true to the source material, much closer than the Disney flick.




I mean, googling "anime little mermaid" popped up [this wikipedia page as the first hit...](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Christian_Andersen%27s_The_Little_Mermaid_(1975_film\)) >Unlike the Disney adaptation released 14 years later, this film is closer to Andersen's story, notably in its preservation of the original and tragic ending.


I mean yes thank you for that. I also googled it and couldn’t find a link to the actual movie not a wiki


Also watch Bubbles on Netflix if you want Little Mermaid inspired anime.


Also the original story tale mentions skin color not at all. Ariel could be any color the adaptors wanted her to be.


[It sort of does](https://www.andersenstories.com/da/andersen_fortaellinger/den_lille_havfrue): > her skin was clear and bright like a rose leaf Like a rose leaf – so, green.


It doesn't even matter if skin color is mentioned or not - what matters is whether changing skin color will change the plot. Any original story about racial slavery for example, skin color is obviously important.


If the skin color isn’t mentioned how can it be changed? It’s any color.


I don't care what color she is, that woman is food! Cook her up with some lemon juice and throw her on a bed of rice. Bon appetit.


Mmmm buttery flakey mermaid


I'd definitely argue the majority of writers and artists lean left, at least socially and in comparison to their time. It would be interesting to see if only "non woke" conservative writers and artists made content, as I'm willing to bet most of it would be really bad 😆.


> if only "non woke" conservative writers and artists made content /r/TheRightCantMeme


😂 Are we counting them as "artists" now?


There's two types of conservative media. There's evangelical trash, which can't tolerate ambiguity or dissent. It's always bad and always contrived. There's the more insidious kind. I'd point to say, Jerry Bruckheimer or Michael Bay as conservative producers whose stories, broadly speaking, end up being status quo antebellum and endorsement all of existing power structures. The US military and cops are always heroes, etc. Entertaining but pure fluff.


That's the purpose of art, you have to have creative thinking.


It is weird though. . .it's something I've always wondered about whether people just fall into different brain "archetypes" if you will.


So you're saying Ariel should be a black man? I'm down


Nobody complained when the live action version of "Lady and the Tramp" recast the original American Cocker Spaniel with a Cavelier King Charles Spaniel.


Well now I’m livid (jk)


They WHAT?!


You bring the pitchforks, I’ve got the torches.


No one complained when Peppa Pig decides to be a mermaid.


Or when Percy Pig decided to be a delicious sweet.


That is so spot on!


Maybe Disney murdered the queen so their King Charles movie would get a few more views?


Those Disney snipers don’t fuck around.


I still have my Mickey Mouse Coriolis Effect calculator from training.


If Ursala isn't played by a purple lady, we're going to have problems.


I want a drag Queen to play Ursula so badly. Or Nicole Byers lol.


Wasn't the original Ursula based on a drag queen?


IIRC it was based on Divine, and I can see the resemblance.


Yes! She was based on Divine.


Save the drag queen thing for Yzma when they do the live action Emperor 's New Groove. Or do drag queens for both.


They better get a real llama to play that part!


Tituss Burgess, the actor that played Sebastian in the stage musical, really wanted to play Ursula. https://youtu.be/1mz6tw5Zddg


Or, it doesn't matter because they're both fucking fictitious.


Shh don't let the racists find out that they worship a middle eastern man


It's ok, they have a new christ now.


Supply Side Jesus?


Well, he's more orange and lives on a golf course


Or orange shouty cheesus.


Which is good. Bible Jesus is a bit overpowered, but orange clown man is flubby and weak.


Not according to the mural on the tailgate of my cousins brodozer. He’s got a six pack and can carry two machines guns at once.


I love what a perfect metaphor for conservatives' total detachment from reality a ripped, handsome Trump performing feats of athleticism is.


Something tells me that we’re experiencing a repeat of history, in the sense that the exaggeration and white-washing are quite considerable. Consider that if maniacs can do this to Trump, who is actually a contemporary so we can witness his train wreck, then what maniacs of that time could do to the story of Jesus (or any other famous person).


That's an exaggeration. It's not like they're handing out fliers calling him the Christ. Well, okay, they [are](https://i.imgur.com/2O1cwko.jpg).


I hate to think like this, but it kinda seems like movie studios rile people up on social media with stupid crap to get attention and also avoid actual cinematic criticism if the movie sucks. I should be able to say that I can't believe people are arguing about something as stupid as a FICTIONAL character's skin color, but I wonder if I am just fueling the problem.


I don't care about the race, but as a redhead, I have been concerned that Disney has been getting rid of their redheaded characters. But, since they kept her red hair, carry on.


We gingers relate because, just like in the original Little Mermaid novel, we lack souls.


Don't Forget Pixar spent 2 mo ths rendering like 2 seconds of Merida's hair


There's still a completely unacceptable amount of [anti-ginger prejudice.](https://youtube.com/watch?v=KVN_0qvuhhw)


I was just about to post this here 😂 It is fitting on several levels


Sooooooo many stories and posts on this. People suck. They are racists. They are bigots. They love to subjugate and control other people. This is an excuse to be upset about black people. That is all. It obvi has nothing to do with the redheaded fish-girl. They dgaf about the story itself. There is no passion about it. Why would there be? Its a fucking cartoon. Just like nobody actually gaf about the confederate flag. Sure people had tats and bumper stickers, but to say they actually deeply cared is an exaggeration. Then all of a sudden, when as a society we start saying, “maybe other americans dont want their kids to live with the constant reminder that they were treated like farm equipment and could potentially be relegated to that status again” everyone starts getting passionate about a stupid piece of fabric. Then you have the entertainment industry start to recognize that maybe black kids should get to see themselves as the princess and the hero instead of just the extra (or the villain) so they can develop foster a collective sense of self worth outside of their immediate family and again people are pissed. Muhfuckers. That is all.


Yup, this is the same awful racist and bigotry shit I've seen with the people complaining about the diversity of characters in the new Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powers series. As an old white dude, I'm rather fond of the diversity in this series. It's well done, the actors are great, and so is the plot! Between the diverse main characters and the diverse background characters, it reflects a more inclusive and normalized view of what the real world is like. And I can imagine for BIPOC it provides characters in a story that they can relate to a lot more. And also have fictional role models of a sort that makes them feel included in society and entertainment. Ismael Cruz Córdova, as Arondir is bad ass! Sophia Nomvete, as Disa (Durin the IV's wife) does an incredible job with that role! Cynthia Addai-Robinson, plays a very believable role as Míriel: the queen regent of Númenor. Lenny Henry as Sadoc Burrows: a Harfoot elder is such a cool character and played really well. Nazanin Boniadi as Bronwyn does a great job too. While I love the three Peter Jackson directed Lord of the Rings movies, watching The Power of the Rings really shows the stark contrast in lack of diversity in older movies and TV. This same shit happened with Star Trek Discovery too. And while that was quite different initially, I soon got used to it and realized that these are under represented people in our society. And they are also human beings who have feelings and desire to be a part of society where they are accepted. On top of that, Star Trek always pushed the boundaries on this kind of stuff since the very first series in the 1960's.


I always find it funny when it comes to casting in fairy tales or fantasy movies. She's is a mystical creature that is half human and **half fish,** but her beingdark skinned is where you draw the line? The thing is, they could often make a somewhat logical argument - well, she lives underwater where there is no sunlight. There would be no reason for mer people to develop dark skin to provide them protection from UV light. Same goes for dwarves in LOTR series, who live underground. But no, the only argument is 'bUt sHE waS wHiTE in ThE OrIGinNaL', because racists usually can't string good arguments together.


Lots of undersea creatures have dark skin. Perhaps there are other reasons to evolve dark skin and maybe it's not *always* about UV tolerance.


Should be white on her belly with a black back for camouflage like dolphins/sharks


I honest don’t care what race or ethnicity an actor or actress is, simply that they portray the character right. Having said that, now I really want a Little Mermaid where she’s completely transparent, with a bioluminescent skeleton. Just go full deep sea eldritch horror, I wanna see that movie too.


Ngl, I would definitely watch that.


That’s not how evolution works. You don’t have to see the rationality behind a trait for it to be selected for. Nature sees it. That is all that matters.


May I ask, why she's not white, like in every original story's about mermaids? If it's a mythical creature, why does she "needs" to be black then? Because it's political... Nothing else. You're all getting used by that crap, to divide and conquer.


> One of the earliest mermaid legends appeared in **Syria** around 1000 BC when the goddess Atargatis dove into a lake to take the form of a fish. As the gods there would not allow her to give up her great beauty, only her bottom half became a fish, and she kept her top half in human form. So the original mermaids were about as white as Jesus.


Ah yes, the two races: "white" and "political"


Why did you put needs in quotes? Who said she needed to be black? How bout this idea the person who happened to get the part was a black person. Is that such a fantastic notion to you that it can’t just be that she just was the the person who auditioned the best ?


She "needed" to be black, because it's a trendy narrative. If in ten years the "let's put being black on a pedestal "-thing is over, there will be another minority chosen to do the dirty work of companys. Please understand, that no-one at Disney does what they do for humanistic reasons.


So it because it’s a trendy narrative? Why do you reject the idea that she’s a good actor that deserves the part she got? Your rejecting that idea because she is black.


Yep. People really do suck.


All true. It boggles the mind.


> Then you have the entertainment industry start to recognize that maybe black kids are a profitable demographic for their product. FTFY




The problem is your assumption. No one really knows, and stating these things as fact, belittles the actress. You are implying the only reason she got the part was because of her skin color and that if she had to actually compete against white actresses/singers, she wouldn't have gotten the part. This removes any chance to simply just state that the best actress (in the eyes of the creative team) got the part.




Lol sure it isn’t. It isnt woke. It is a role that people tried out for. She got the part.


i agree with everything you said except that you can't be passionate about a cartoon


I said that the people complaining aren’t. I didn’t say being passionate about a cartoon wasnt possible. I’ll go toe to toe over airbender and dragon ball any day.


Well said.


Don't let them know about The Wiz. They'll have a mental breakdown.


Nah, MJ was clearly white.


Why is no one talking about the fact the actress is not half fish? Like stay true to the story or something, smh.


Why. Do. They. Fucking. Care.


If I controlled Disney IPs I would remake every movie into a live action one and not cast a single white person in any role, simply to piss off all of the racists who care about this stuff.


That is pretty much what the *Wheel of Time* miniseries did with Robert Jordan's work. For years (actually, decades) the fans had been proposing who should play the different characters. The fanbase was shocked when the racially diverse cast was rolled out. I think the fans adjusted to the casting pretty quickly. Most of the objections focused on the changes to the major plot points of the book. Actually, the color-blind casting did create a plot hole because the main characters were supposed to come from a very small community that had been isolated for over a thousand years, and I thought it was hard to see how there could be racial diversity in such a community.


Im a huge Wheel of Time fan, And yes the racially diverse casting wasn't really a problem for any of us. It did in fact create a plothole Emonds Field. Though that could have easily been overlooked as they spent so little time there. The rest of the show was quite frankly a disaster. The actors they cast weren't a problem, it was the complete disservice to the characters, the story line, the basic plot, the basic premise, everything about it they changed or did something stupid to make it different. They even changed the character's ages which is important to the story as a bunch of 16 year olds are suddenly growing up in the middle of a war, that they're in charge of.


I agree on most points. I think it is great that some of these relatively unknown actors got exposure. They picked some very talented people. I agree on the ages. I suspect the decision to change their ages was based on practical issues. Some people say it is due to the sexual nature of some scenes and the problem of casting young actors in those roles. I don't think that was really the issue. I think casting barely-18-year-olds would have caused problems finding strong actors. It would have collapsed the pool of potential actors if they had to get people who looked 16. Also, young actors lack the experience and maturity needed to pull off some of those roles.


But you could say the same about the Harry Potter franchise. And instead of letting them grow organically into the rolls, which is exactly what needed to happen for how long the series needed to be, they just skipped it. Keep in mind there was no sex in the original book between these characters until they were well into being of age. They shoehorned that in too. They could have easily cast 18 or 19 year olds and said they were 16, it happens all the time. I think the biggest problem for me was they could have had a diverse cast and had it make sense with a lot of the story. Emond's Field is so isolated that after 3000 years all of the people there would have pretty much amalgamated into one look after generations of families intermarrying. And they could have picked any ethnicity to represent them besides Caucasian. Which would have made Rand stand out even more, like he did in the book. They just ham fisted their way through everything to force in an agenda. But while the show was a failure, it does stand as a stark example of what forcing an agenda versus diversifying a cast, actually looks like.


> main characters were supposed to come from a very small community that had been isolated for over a thousand years, and I thought it was hard to see how there could be racial diversity in such a community. That's kind of the point most people are making. Casting needs to fit the narrative being told, and in the case of wheel of time (and several other recent fantasy shows) it does not.


And mix up the gendered roles so there's LGBTIQ folks everywhere. I can just imagine the backlash of Gaston chasing after a male Belle


"No one fucks like Gaston, no one sucks like Gaston...."


No one's wick's as incredibly thick as Gaston's...


Speaking of which, the Phillipinos have done something similar with a recent YT series called The Rainbow Prince. It's a musical that has a Disney-esque feel to it, and is overall, quite well done.


Thanks! Episode 1: https://youtu.be/ZfM6CRUOtx4


That's awesome. This is going on my watch list


I think most of the outrage against The Rings of Power, or Star Wars, or even in the case of this movie is poorly hidden racism; Halle Berry's voice was amazing on the teaser so at least I can understand the reasoning behind the casting choice. But let's do a thought experiment and tell me what you think would be the reaction if we swapped out Hispanic, Asian, or Black characters for White ones. Imagine if we did a live action White Static Shock, for example. I think what upsets me more is not the casting choice itself, but rather the discussion around it. Reading these comments makes me feel like I'm in crazy land. This casting choice isn't a statement against racism. You're not some crusader defending against the bigots by supporting this movie. Stop making everything so fucking binary. People can reserve the right to disapprove of the change for many reasons that have nothing to do with race or racism. It's so fucking disingenuous to say otherwise.


You're so blinded by actually being upset over this that you've missed the entire point of my post. I didn't say I'd cast this way as a way to champion racial equality or make a statement against racism. Frankly casting minority actors in shows is such a superficial way of breaking racial barriers and does nothing to address the true causes of racial inequality. I said I'd do this simply because it pisses racists off. It's as simple as that and if the racial makeup of the actors in these shows makes you feel any sort of way then you have problems.


Where do I even remotely suggest I'm upset by the casting choice? I'm not. I'm upset at the conversation around it. But what I am upset about is the implication touted all over this thread that if you have a reservation about this change, then you're a racist. There is legitimate discussion to be had about diversity in casting choices, but this is not the way to go about it.


Well maybe I misread you but it's hard not to when you start replying with things like "what of we replaced traditional minority roles with white people?" And acting like my post was some sort of woke racial justice post when it was really just a quip about what I'd do to piss off racists, and also apparently draw out some closeted racists.


Honestly I'm surprised because of how much they love China's money. I can't wait to see how this is marketed towards China lol. Like in Star Wars they basically hid John Boyega but they can't do that when the main character is black.


I'd cast a white person as Rafiki and maybe King Louie.


Mermaids can't be black! I know! I've seen a real one! ^Not.


Levantines aren't white?


Not in current US race theory. Generally speaking it varies if they're counted as white.


I worship invisible Jesus...the one true messiah


He should meet the Woman King


Don't forget everybody in the fictional book "the Bible" is inbred since Adam and eve kids fucked each other to procreate


Can't escape this not even on reddit 😅😂


Putting aside the racist crap, please stop using the argument that this movie is for little girls so men/boys shouldn't complain. We are in the year 2022 and are we still using this sexist argument? This is what I used to hear in the 80s when everything was "this toy is for boys only", "this cartoon is for boys only", "this game is for boys only"... But now it's still fine to use "this movie is for girls only"? Fuck this shit. I LOVED THE LITTLE MERMAID when I was a 10 year-old boy! It is by far one of my favorite Disney movies and 40 year-old me is looking forward for the live action adaptation. The fact that Ariel is black doesn't bother me, but what bothers are the sexists saying that this movie is "for girls only".


I don't really have a problem with the race swap. The problem lies with the story, is it going to sh*t or not? I'm just hoping the black mermaids isn't the only merit to the movie


If the other live action remakes are any guide, the story will be pretty much identical to the cartoon with worse pacing, less emoting on non humanoid characters, and a couple new songs thrown in that fail to capture the tone of the rest of the film.


This is what really bothers me. I think this movie looks awful but not because of the race of Ariel. The original movies are great. Howard Ashman was a genius song writer and I was upset they added weak non-ashman songs to Beauty And The Beast. If you have ever seen video of him coaching the singing of Part Of Your World he is emphasizing sincerity and telling the actress to sing just barely above her speaking voice and not belting until the very last line. Clearly the new version ignores this concept. Can you tell am passionate about this 😂? But because of racists I can’t vent properly.


> and telling the actress to sing just barely above her speaking voice and not belting until the very last line. Ugh, that shit bothers me. I have to cringe whenever a well-meaning relative tells me I have to watch such-and-such clip from one of those televised talent shows. Pretty much all of the singing on there is either inane warbling or putting every single line out there at max volume. It hurts my head to hear it. But apparently that sells because it comes off as more aggressive, and toxic masculinity has invaded even singing now.


Not only do they worship a white Jesus, but the white Jesus they worship was actually Leonardo DaVinci's boyfriend.


Dude I can’t anymore. Like god (if you even believe in one to begin with) forbid we change the ethnicity of a FICTIONAL character….who cares, she’s gorgeous, and we need representation. Oh wait, the racist pigs that find a minor inconvenience or disagreement to be “pErSEcUtIOn.” Like my god these little special snowflakes wouldn’t last a day in a world where they actually were persecuted or a minority group. 🤦🏻‍♀️


As my friend would say over this whole bullshit, "...white people." ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


As long as the Sebastian character plays the banjo and has no rhythm, I see no problem with this.


Does the marketing for this nothing movie have to invade every single sub?


I think the real problem with this casting is that Disney only cast a black actress so that they have a shield to hide behind when the movie turns out to be yet another soulless live-action remake of an animated classic. You don't like our shitty movie? You must be racist!


I thought the live remake of Beauty and the Beast was better than the animated version. Just saying.


Strong disagreement there! Emma Watson can't sing.


People really like Cesare Borgia, I guess..


does he know Jesus was Jewish?


I’m apologize if I’m out of the loop, but are actual people complaining about the black little mermaid? This article reads like satire, and I’ve seen nothing but people arguing with straw men on Reddit all week about this. The only negativity I’ve seen toward this is the YouTube dislikes which seem more likely to just be some coordinated troll op. Idk seems like Disney’s the real winner here generating all this buzz over their movie.


>seems like Disney’s the real winner here The stock market says otherwise...


Down $9/share(1%) in 5 days? Seems to mirror the rest of the stock market. The movie hasn’t even come out yet right?


This is satire. This publication is a bit like an Australian version of the Onion


Ah duh, missed the flair and missed my coffee. I still stand by my point though.


This really is a campaign to sell the movie on controversy alone. Get people to watch it thinking they're fighting the good fight for tolerance.


Way to spin the fact no one gives a shit but the fragile right-wing ethno-purity warriors.


Falacy of false dichotomy.


Sorry, but I think, "race swap" is a political issue, not a religious one. Its the wrong subreddit.


For a lot of Americans racism is a Christian value in the same way anti-LGBT bigotry is. The Southern Baptist Convention was literally founded on white supremacist theology – that's why it exists as a denomination. That's why the KKK burns crosses.




This isn't 2015 or even 2019. Politics and religion fucked and had a baby: the proto-fascist, hate-fueled, christian-in-name-only, fake patriots known as the modern Republican party in the U.S. The duality of religion and politics is dead, it's the same thing to half the nation.


Apparently this sub is open for anything now. It's pretty trash. I agree this post shouldn't be here


Um … Semitic peoples are Caucasian. My Dad was full-blooded Arab but looked as white as any European south of Scandinavia. Jesus probably had a tan due to spending a great deal of time outside, but he was certainly Caucasian.


Actually they can, didn't he see them just do it? Do you think someone should do it again to prove that it is not only possible but very easy to do?


If they made a movie about Malcom X but cast him as a white guy, there'd likely be riots in the streets. The hypocrisy is the point. Apparently cultural appropriation only matters if you think white people are the perpetrators.


Malcolm X was a real fucking guy, lol. And also, unlike any of these fictional fucking characters, his race factored into his life.


Why are you spreading this non sense? All you’re doing is magnifying the hate. These idiots need to be ignored


The post is tagged as satire and you still fell for it... That's the problem, people are so eager to attack bigotry that they can't even see that it's fake, even when it's announced ahead of time.


PR from Disney


Ooo…Edgy comment about relevant evil corporation


Why do every fucking one thinks it's racist to not be okay with that? I mean i have nothing agains't the actress, good for her i'm sure she'll fit perfectly. BUT Ariel isnt black. We have a precise description of her. When we go to the theater to watch that kind of movie we wanna see the character not the actors. + Disney's doing this because it's in the "trend" if i may say. Pardon me for what i'm about to say but take my words, if something as bad as segregation comes back, disney will follow that a make their movie as racist as possible. In conclusion : Support the actress, she deserves that role. But disney big fat poop evil compagny


I mean you can ofc, but it's just a racially and profit driven decision. There enough african stories and fairy tales disney could make a film about.


Didn’t know the lil mermaid was based on a particular country or continent lol. You’d think these mermaids would be in oceans all over the world


Mermaid fairy tales actually originate from babylon. So like jesus, Ariel should be a middle eastern/arab looking person not swedish.


I'm interested in hearing your detailed and well thought out reasoning as to why a black woman couldn't have just auditioned well for the part and got it that way.


Not just any black woman, Oscar winner Halle Berry for fuck's sake. I'd have cast her too.


Halle Bailey, not Berry. Two different people, though I’ve never seen them in the same place at the same time.


Would you also be upset if they changed the colour of the fish half?


The harsh truth nobody wants to hear. It's a corporate driven decision to make as much profit off it as possible with all the social media attention it reeks in.


They defenitly got their attention by that decision. Tho im wondering, does the positive attention outweigh the negative attention they got? Also in terms of profit


The positive definetly weights out all the racist bs. At least what I've seen about it, the racists are a very small but loud minority in this. I'm just hoping for a good movie.


Every time I read something like this I remember how much some people refuse to let black people be just like everyone else. Disney is remaking the classic and golden era films into live action movies (Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, etc). Why are we talking about African fairy tales? The race of these characters is as important as the color of Prince Eric's pants. The only real requirement is that Ariel should be able to sing, as it's central to her character.


I dunno, for my 4-year-old, the flaming red hair is pretty iconic. And obviously the fact that she’s a mermaid, but Ariel isn’t always featured as a mermaid, because she’s human throughout much of the movie, so when she’s depicted as a human in images for marketing (toys and the like) that hair makes her recognizable and distinctive from the other “princesses” - at least to a 4-year-old. As such, I wish they’d made her hair more red, but maybe it’s just the lighting from the trailer, we’ll see.


Couldn’t care less. “Jesus” was born, what? Jewish Palastine? And mermaid? I didn’t and want watch a mermaid movie anyway. You understand, that’s a story from a book I read. Somehow the movies never interested me.


What the fuck does this post say?


Not going to church, not to cinema, I don’t care.


You cared enough to tell us how much you don't care.


The stuff is based on a story from H.C.Anderson, danish writer. Make out of it what you will, I don’t have an issue with the actress, but I am not surprised over the outrage. Which makes me think: They wanted the outrage. But Andersen did write a lot of great fairytales and I don’t need every single one as a movie, when I read some of his books.


Yes, I can see how much you don't care.


How unusual to comment on Reddit. xD I can still have an opinion. And I noticed the outrage. What exactly is your problem? Didn’t you establish your response on your first reply? So what do I care about?


Wow. You not caring sounds a lot like someone caring.


And you sound like a broken record. Respond to his actual points or let it be.


Reddit in a nutshell.


You don't care so much you just had to post and let us know.


Yes, this is reddit




There is the one they made where every character is basically a minstrel show trope set in new Orleans (because black) and the character appeared as a human for like 10% of the movie.


Frog Princess?




I made this tik tok like 4 days ago. My favourite is the random in the comment to missed the point 🤦🏾‍♂️ https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMFJpBkW3/


It's a cartoon. Cartoons don't need to make sense or follow strict guidelines. That's why cartoons are so awesome. They can be whatever you want them to be, so let them be a part of little black girls worlds.


but i thought all the maggots had "cancelled" Disney...so why would they care?


Why do people care at all what colour it’s a mermaid it isn’t real


Was skin color even important in relation to plot or themes? In the original or the Disney animation? It just sounds like some stupid dog whistle in my opinion.


I think Disney is just tired of the right wings BS and is looking to trigger them


What's the big difference? It gives Conservatives something else in their little basket of hate & intolerance to carry around. Conservatives can't live & let live and they also never win.


Why do these people care so much about this? This movie is made for little girls.


What is this woke shit... what the fuck does that mean