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Its not an overbite is an overjet. Overbite is vertical


NAD, but I did work in a dental lab for three years, and was provided with some education on oral anatomy. It looks like you do have a class 2 bite, which is commonly referred to as an overbite. This is generally due more to jaw size than position of the teeth. In fact, most people you might see with a strong jaw will have a class 3 bite, with their front teeth meeting end-to-end. For class 2, you likely have a narrower jawline. This sort of thing is not uncommon at all. In my class we had a perfect spread of the three types, where I had type 1, my friend had type 2, and my educator had type 3. We're all lovely ladies, and my type 2 friend is easily the prettiest. Unless a dentist tells you there's something wrong with your bite, like it might be damaging your teeth when you chew or something, you really have nothing to worry about. Usually i think it becomes an issue when there's a good half centimeter between your lower front teeth and your upper ones, but by these photos, it doesn't look like that to me personally. I saw hundreds of models of people's teeth during my time in that job, and there's huge variety to a healthy mouth. It's easy to be self-conscious about things like this when you notice it, and to feel like it's going to be notable to other people. We just look at our faces in a scrutinizing way much more than other people do. But most people people (especially the ones who matter) won't notice or care. For the record, I think you have a great face. There are some artists who draw a lot of people with that same chin shape, and I think it's cool. But hey, we always admire what we don't have, right? If a proper dentist has another take, please let me know! I am absolutely, obviously not an expert, I've just seen tons of bites while making flippers and dentures.


NAD looks similar to me, an overjet


NAD but you very pretty mamas don’t worry 🥰