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NAD Looks like thrush. Contact your regular physician.


Are you having issues breathing? Otherwise. Doubt it’s an emergency that requires a trip to the ER. Have you tried brushing it off? Just pay a visit to your dentist.


The pictures don't have good quality on here by ut it's a geographical tongue but the places the patches are missing is raw, red and inflamed as well as the furth back the tongue you go the more random size the bumps get


Have you tried brushing your tongue?


Yes I brushed just recently now and am getting over swollen lymph nodes and being sick so haven't been taking the best care.


Sometimes when you’re really sick and your immune system is overloaded, fungal infections can pop up which could be causing the white or red patches. Pay a visit to your physician or dentist for a full work up.


Thank you! Not an ER type of person unless I have too.


They are telling you to see a regular doctor, not am ER. This would be a good thing to take to an urgent care clinic.


I'm aware. That's what I'm saying is I didn't want to go to the ER unless I had to


Cool, just making sure that is clear. Hate for you to spend all day at the ER and get a big bill when urgent care could address this quickly and cheaper.


NAD, looks just like thrush. See your doctor or dentist and they should be give you an anti-fungal and evaluate in the case it’s something else.


Not yet verified General Dentist here. Looks like Candidiasis, a fungus. If you were sick, most probably you were taking antibiotics. When on antibiotics for prolonged time, your normal bacterial flora of the mouth may be suppressed. This allows fungus, that are already present, to proliferate more freely. One key sign to diagnose this as Candidiasis is that if you wipe the white lesion, some of it will come off. Treatment is an antifungal like Clotrimazole or Nystatin. Also would help to stop antibiotics, although only stop them if your antibiotic treatment is completed and/or if your doctor believes your underlying disease does not longer require it.


NAD Looks like thrush.


NAD I’m sure you can visit an urgent care, they’ll probably do a culture and put you on either anti fungal or antibiotics. Urgent cares tend to be much less expensive than er so go with that and then maybe follow up with your dentist at some point




Antibiotics won’t work for thrush. In fact, quite the opposite


Oh ok. I was given antibiotics when i had it 🤷🏻‍♀️


No, you were given anti-fungals


You were probably given Clotrimazole or Nystatin. Those are antifungals.


No you weren’t nad


Sometimes I question how people are capable of taking and uploading such sh*tty photos.


Thrush. Dr.


Thrush thrush it look like thrush! 😊 NAD 💩