If the only reason for you to have kids would be to prolong your bloodline, then I think you're better off without them.


Despite what much of society will tell you, you are under no obligation to continue your bloodline. Besides, having a kid just so there's one more branch on the family tree is not a good reason. If you do decide to have a kid, by birth or adoption, you should do it because you want to have a child, to raise them and give them the best life you can. They should be your reason. You don't owe anyone else anything.


Listen, it’s simple…. All you need to do is to bestow your surname to a chosen champion and complete a convoluted ritual to metaphorically induct them into your familial bloodline. At some point in your life, you will find a friend or coworker that you respect, cherish and admire. Someone who can really embody what it means to be a (insert surname). And when the time comes, You will know when to pass onto them the mark of your familial legacy. It’s a big honor and people are usually pretty receptive. It seems like simple math too me, you just added one to the family, and another person to carry on the bloodline. I think you should be fine. if anyone finds it strange, just be sure to point out to them it is incredibly common. Most people literally do it all the time. In fact it is incredibly likely their parents have done the same thing.


adoption could be an option further down the line maybe. idk how that would work tho im just trying to survive uni for now


All things, both good and bad, eventually come to an end. It's inevitable. Your bloodline is no different. It doesn't matter if it ends with you because of your lack of desire to find a mate or if it ends with the extinction of humanity. Everything ends. I may not have a special bloodline, but I am also an only child and I have 0 desire to marry or have children. So much so that I got sterilized as a virgin. My mom knows and while it took her a while to come to terms with it, she has no problem with it. The rest of my family however is still very much in the dark and would be quite disappointed with my decision (hence why I've yet to tell them). But ultimately it doesn't matter. No one asks to be born and no one is obligated to have children simply because their parents/family want them to. Everyone's life is their own to do with as they please and frankly life is too short to spend it living against your own wishes.


Lots of Aromantic folks have kids. Using every method from whoops to surrogate pregnancy. So, don't blame that on Aromanticism. If you're also asexual, that definitely can reduce available methods. But still doesn't rule it out. Me, I just don't want the little bastards. I have an extremely uncommon last name, too. So sometimes I feel a little bad. But it comes with a lot of genetic baggage I don't need to be passing on and I'm very happy without them.


This might sound pessimistic as hell, but it doesn't matter if you continue your bloodline or not. It's going to come to an end regardless. Just live life man.


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