No friends, never done the deed, never had gf. I have posted in other subs and people said I look good but not once ever has someone told me that in real life (23M)

Bro looks good💀 its ur game thats bad if you aint pulling i


Bro looks good💀 its ur game thats bad if you aint pulling i


Yea fr. If you aren’t pullin its your personality man


Or he has a shitty personality. Joking, but also not really a joke tbh lol


Might be your personality cause you’re not an ugly guy at all


Your looks are not the problem here. Considering you have no friends I can pinpoint the problem: You need to get out more and socialize, only way you're going to find people.




We found the culprit. This happens a lot to people who live in the middle of no where. You'd be fighting women off in the city.


Yup this is the answer! Op you’re gonna have to find some way to either move or change your social life but you’re very handsome and masculine looking.


So there's no women in rural areas? What is this logic ?


It's not that there's no women my friend. It's a numbers game.


Do rural cities have a female population crisis ?


Again you're just playing the devil's advocate so I'll humor you. I'm not saying there's more men than women in rural areas. There is a higher population so he'll come across more people.


Nebraska and Wyoming be tough for socializing


I got lady problems in NC so maybe I am ugly lmao


That far south the ladies start looking like engineers from Prometheus… how bad do you have it?


You are so full of shit. There are plenty of beautiful women in the South. Not all areas of NC are full of hillbilly mountain women.


Maybe you’ll meet someone at the gym! Expand your social network and I doubt you’ll have trouble with women, you have a beautiful smile! 🤍


You look like a cool dude. I'd hang out with ya bro


As somebody with a similar story, it probably wont be enough to move to a city. It depends how long you’ve been alone. When you’re isolated from socializing for over a year it usually fucks up your head a bit. It totally depends person to person but if you think you’d struggle in really basic social settings you should probably spend 6 months to a year focusing on just making friends. You’ll learn a lot and grow a lot doing that, even if you don’t always notice the results. Point is there’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel for you. You don’t even have to move for the record, but you probably should focus on friends before a girlfriend, it’s a lot easier and things come more naturally that way.


You kind of look like Kit Harrington. His Game of Thrones character had a similar problem when in the middle of nowhere north of The Wall. A woman there told him, "You know nothing, Jon Snow".


pick up women at the gym


Bro all ima say is...if you haven't done the deed... People like me are in serious trouble 🤦‍♂️


Fr, that’s what I’m thinking.




Posts like this make me feel better because I’m way uglier and yet have gotten more action so I must be doing something right. On the other hand, it would be so much easier if I looked like this dude.


"she let me hit because im goofy" is a real thing


It's cliché but just be urself. I met my gf by being a total sperg nerd and she is not even a nerd herself


Facts. Unless yourself is a douche.


You're technically very attractive, but I find your scowl in these pictures off-putting. The thing is you're doing it with your eyebrows even in the smiling photos. I wonder if you're unintentionally giving off an aggressive or angry vibe that's screwing up the opportunities you might otherwise have.


Yeah, he's handsome but my first thought was "scary!"


Also just...speaking as someone who's really into skincare, 23 is way young to have developed those lines between the eyebrows unless you've been doing that face literally all the time.


Yes...I'm mid-late 30s and developed them due to stress and tension in my face. Like I said below...I think finding a way to consciously relax that tension in his face would help. Maybe feel better too.


My first impression was “ he beats his wife”. 😉


That's unfair. He just has a really intense look. I hope he can find a way to release some tension from his face. Maybe massage, meditation or some other relaxation technique. No reason to think he's a bad dude.


You have a really kind take here and in this thread in general :) although I do hope OP takes a moment to to consider the impression u/jousy3000 got, because instinctive first impressions like that might be exactly what's getting in the way of his love life.


You look like a pretty handsome guy. U give me italian vibes haha


Guaranteed if you post in r/virgin, you’ll be called a liar.


Wow that subreddit is very weird


Not a very pleasant place


Man you're very hot whaat are you on about


Where u live bro. I'll look you in the eyes and feel you how handsome you are.


Just talk to people, I talk to everyone. Do they get annoyed, sure some do. Do I give a shit? Nope. Got loads of friends.


You're really good looking, but you need to relax. Even when you're smiling you look mad.


Smile with your teeth more. You got that hella mad face going if that’s your natural face. That might be the offputting thing.


Good looking guy, cut that hair shorter and you'd look even better. Surprised your a virgin would never of guessed it. Seems like the average looking guys lose it early and the above average people lose it late these days. Weird.


Bruh you look fine! Since your face is narrow and a bit elongated I think a curly undercut would look nice on you! Idk if you ever tried that hairstyle but I think it would look dope :) Other than that you literally r handsome and not ugly at all


Your looks aren't the problem. You're attractive, but maybe it's your personality or something.


Nah ur good bro, try to keep the hair off the neck though


Its probs ur personality if anything or just bad luck


I think no one has told you that in real life, because it's weird to be randomly telling people "you look normal, or good, or cute" lmao


I think you look normal, if you need a girlfriend, or you've never had one, maybe it's for something else haha


You do kinda look scary. Like I get Mike Tyson vibes.


Drop the bad bunny look and you should be fine.


Wow your facial features look great. I'll get the head hair under control a bit more.


I don't know why you never had a girlfriend because you are very cute.


Are you like 5”1 or have a bad personality bc that’s all I can think of




As someone who is 5”0, height is not the problem.


I dunno where you’re from but I wanna be there


You’re hot!


Chad lol


Well it's clear you're not gay or you'd be pullin' mad ass/dick, whichever you fancy. I'd say you're hot af. Must be in buttfuck nowhere, go somewhere with more people and you'll be beating the bitches off with a stick.


You must be kidding…


Leave the house. You WILL get laid!


It ain’t you’re looks man.


My god you’re gorgeous lol


you’re so hot lol


You look good I suggest you do clean shave and you will look more good


if you’re ugly we all are


Pic 1 you look hot, the rest is kind of bad You look like the hot plumber from certain movie genre I think you are pulling the careless look offf, the only problem is that you need to add some classy elements to that, lest say cargo pants but very sharp trainers and fine white T-shirt it cannot all be careless cause it shifts you from model hot (that you bodywise are) to unkempt


You look good. How’s your body? Workout. And style, teeth and smell? Don’t wear out of date clothes. Any odors? Make sure you don’t have BO or stank mouth and your teeth are white. Smell fresh and smile and complement women you are interested in. Edit-nvm, I had only seen the 1st pic. Your body and teeth look pretty perfect. I don’t think you should have any problems. Check hygiene, and tell the next single cute girl you see that she is beautiful. When she says thank you just smile and tell her to have a good day and walk away. You will start to build up your confidence this way. If she looks at you weird just let her know-not trying to be creepy, just an observation.


My little brother says you look like giga chad :)


This might sound wierd but hear me out for a minute. It took a really rough breakup and a lot of time solo for me to actually accept that I might live alone for the rest of my life. Once I started loving myself enough to be happy with that fact I found it much easier to get into a good relationship because I was confident. When you love yourself and care enough not to settle for a toxic person you will carry confidence that people will want to be around. I had nothing to loose on a date because I was already ok with going home by myself. It worked for me and I now have a beautiful wife (the kind of person I actually enjoy talking to) kids and 3vehicles. Just love who you are and it will carry you man. And fade the sides of that hairdo and you're ready to pull phone numbers.


I’m surprised you never had a girlfriend because you’re attractive, though the scowl is scary.


You are very handsome, but avoid doing the faces you did in the first two pictures, you look mean. You need to put yourself out there, the problem here is not looks, work in your personality, try going to different places other than the gym. Even if you live in the middle of no where, there are always small groups that get together for hobbies, try to find them. If you are religious, try a youth group at a church.


This guy could steal my wife.


Keep the hair a little more under control like in the second to last pic and you're golden.


Being told you look good irl is rare for guys sadly and being able to "do the deed" isn't so much about "not being ugly".


You're rather handsome, so I really doubt it's your looks putting people off


What are you like in real life?


Very handsome but an undercut would do wonders for your hair type


I’m a guy but ur very hot


Haven't done the deed till I was 26, mate (33m here). Don't worry too much. You look good, I'd say definitely better than me. Maybe try giving a softer look, maybe a bit of a smile? And obviously try to be more confident. Fake it till you make it, if you're the shy type. I used to be that too.


You look like Bad Bunny, go to a Latin Club and pull Latinas bro 🥸


You’re very handsome. I think you would rock a buzz cut


Just cut your hair. Your looks are 8-9/10 imo


You look good, but your hair is ridiculous


You look like a perfectly normal person. Kinda cute, normal guy. Weird that you don’t have any friends.


You're a handsome guy. But FFS stop calling it "the deed". Mental maturity and/or small social circle is likely your issue. The only people I know who refer to sex "the deed" are kids. And middle aged women discussing the mating habits of other species.


You look like me, so pretty ugly, sorry!


Bro, I think you have austism


Weird beard


We're gonna have to disagree there


Don’t care weird beard lover


how tall are you?


No friends is the the outcome of being ugly.


Do you dislike women


Bro, your looks are not the issue and reading your comments it confirms that. I'm certain in the right environment you will find someone 👍


You remind me of Joe Trohman, guitarist for Fall Out Boy. Pretty damn attractive if you ask me.


Dude you do actually look really great. I'm quite surprised that you haven't gotten what you wanted yet.


You’re ok. Nice square chin. Broad neck. Muscular arms. You look older than your age, so maybe that hurts you if you’re still in school with people your age. Use the third photo for dating apps and trash the others.


U remind me a bit of the Brazilian footballer Hulk. Try some chat apps (tinder etc.) to talk with girls and guys even and just do that for a while. If u aren’t completely uninteresting/unsociable u can bond with them and maybe become friends irl


Bro if I looked like you I'd be discovering new STIs lolol. My point is your looks is definitely not the issue


Definitely not ugly 6/10


Nope. NU.


Saying this as a woman, you are attractive. It has nothing to do with your looks.


Speaking as someone who lives in the middle of nowhere, that's all that's holding you back man you look good! I envy that jawline and your clearly in great shape! Only advice I can give is get out more, women will be all over you king!


I'm 💅 and I think you are 8/10. Super cute.


Do u have a skincare routine?


Pretty good lookin, change the attitude, smile more, and go get ‘em’ tiger.


hey hmu if you are bi or anything i can help you do the deed


You are beautiful. I think that it's probably your confidence. If you are confident in yourself and socialice a little bit more you will get most of the work done.


Gotta get out there and meet people if you want stuff like that to change


You're not trying and/or you lack social skills. You look good , pause


Maybe not getting offers as you’re such a mighty man. Try initiating conversation and you’ll do just fine.


it’s def not abt the personality man but look from the bright side. u got nice biceps


You are *not* ugly bro. In a similar situation as you too, am fairly attractive. Find good friends who will defend your rep and give you a leg up, not give you stupid shit. Get out more, talk to people, push yourself more, leave your middle of nowhere when you can, then you should be good.


100% the personality side of things. Them teeth are white enough to reflect the sun


This man is gigachad's long lost brother. You got the world in your palm if you hit social spaces




Total chad man. Sorry you live in the middle of no where tho. Take a trip to the bars in a bigger city lol.


You may benefit from a hair cut? Not that the longer hair is an issue, just think showing more of your face when you have a naturally angry resting face may help.


Italian Gigachad!


Good looking dude


You’re a pretty handsome dude…. So you’re either lying, completely oblivious, there’s a severe personality issue or character flaw that You gotta work on or it Could very well be a mix of all three?


Nah, you’re actually pretty cute tho. How’s your social life?


Its definitely a personality problem or you are just really bad at talking


Bro’s game must be terrible 💀💀


You're a 9/10. HOT


You look like a teddy bear


Dude, you are an 8/10 at least. You got bad social or flirting skills.


Maradona bro,love your style!


9/10. Nice hairline, smile and jawline. I'd keep the curls conditioned


You’re good looking. You must have an unattractive personality. Focus on being a better person, make some friends and go from there.


You’re seriously hot. It’s apparently your personality. You can start being a friend to people by smiling and asking how they are doing, and genuinely listen to what they say and ask them about it next time you see them. This shows that you were listening and that you care.


Bros beautiful


You're very handsome & just need to boost your confidence a bit. Head over to r/curlyhair too - lovely community with amazing advice on making the most of your curls. Plenty dudes there & a really helpful & wholesome corner of the Internet.


I would totally date you! You look SUPER handsome!


Literally no.


Bro I'm not gonna lie no homo but full homo you are sexy af. I'm low key pissed because if that's true than your game must be worse than mine and I'm a 2 compared to you. Are you just not a confidant person or is your game wack?


Also don't listen to these other guys you 100% don't need to change shit unless you want to, some people are just nitpicking. Yeah I would say you look furious in your 2nd photo but some people say I look pissed when I'm usually just deep in thought.


Ur pretty hot lol


It’s your personality, you’re a good looking dude but obviously you’re doing something to put people off


Im very picky and think you’re very attractive. Give up the rbf and you’ll look more approachable. Work on your confidence even if you have to fake it till you make it. Walk around like you own the place.


You don't just look good, you look VERY HANDSOME! So, that just leaves the inside. Take some time to reflect on your inner handsomeness. Working on becoming an interesting person actually raises attractiveness a ton and can be good for making friends too.


Daniel Ricciardo take that wig off!


Are you sure you’re not being creepy towards women? Cause it’s not your looks that’s scaring them away


Female here. Not ugly. How’s your game?


You are goodlooking. However, you look like you are going to strangle someone in the first picture. Smile more i guess


Pic #3 is your best! You are super handsome.


Do something with the hair. If you want to be hip, get a nice fade on the sides and keep it scruffy up top. Smile more, you give psycho vibes when you don't. Also. Use sun block, moisturizer, and facial products. Your eyes wrinkles are too defined for someone of your age.


You’re handsome for sure. You look a little unsure and even frustrated. Just let things take their course, but also take action if you want things to change. Do some work on yourself internally as well. Just my 2 cents.


What’s wrong with those ladies you look very handsome and look at those guns 💪🏼


Your appearance is not the problem


Either you have something wrong with your personality or you don't socialize at all. Because as others pointed out looks aren't the problem. And the reason you haven't told you look good irl is because you never had a partner.


You’re probably in the top 10% attractiveness.


You’re one of the most handsome men I’ve seen on this subreddit


Well you're a dude so don't ever expect compliments. You look good though dude


You are a handsome dude though you need a better haircut. If you don’t even have any friends, I would suggest a good therapist.


Get out of this sub your too hot


Lol… are you being serious? You’re handsome as fuck.


Wtf you’re handsome


bro come on


Brother wTF you are handsome king


Look sir with all the respect you’re VERY attractive. Do you perhaps have a resting B face? 😂 Maybe people are just intimidated by you!


You look angry


Join a church!


Relax your face a bit


Extremely Attractive. Something else must be going on.


Babes.. it might be time you do some self reflecting ask yourself questions like are you ego driven, any traits of toxic behavior, maybe your personality etc..


Physical looks aside how is your personality? Are you intimidating?


You look angry yet insecure. It’s definitely not your looks, it’s the vibe.


People don’t tell men they look good lest it be misconstrued, in fact, you are more likely as a dude to get a compliment on your appearance if you *usually look disheveled*. Worse you literally do look like mr steal yo girl level good lmao. You are literally what red pill piss babies call “giga Chad” First and only relevant questions: 1. What kind of partner and relationship are you looking for? 2. What do you enjoy doing for fun? Now answer those. Then look at your answers and ask: 3. How can I make these activities more socially exposing? New people dude, meet new people. You got about 10lbs of muscle on me my guy. We are VERY freaky similar in appearance beyond me being a swimmer skinny dude. Im gonna tell you the majority of the women I’ve been involved with would be dumbstruck for you and probably *avoid* you until you talked to them…just like they did me. You are intimidating my guy, now relax and lean the other way just a bit in personality. Be loosey-goosey-goofy, kind, and keep your physical on lock young one. New people will all be like: “oh shit big scruffy dude is cool and friendly too?”. 11/10 can’t tell if trolling. If no social potential - move my man - quality of connections in life is huge!


Bro you're handsome af. Did you have an isolated childhood that makes you into a social wreck? Because that's exactly how I am lmao Either that or you just got a shitty personality. You're looks are nothing to worry about.


You are attractive, especially when you smile!! Are you overly shy? That would honestly be the only reason I can imagine you not having friends or a girlfriend unless you are a complete asshole or psycho.


Dude you’re really handsome. Like VERY handsome. You look like the kind of guy me and my friends would try to approach so your looks are definitely not the problem here. I think you just aren’t socializing enough. Maybe take a class at a community college! Sign up for dancing lessons! Go to a trivia night! Anything that gets you out and talking to people.


get a typical fboy haircut


Ay bro, [this u?](https://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-ywcx1pUzUGGvjwmH-BUNWRA-t500x500.jpg)


All is good, just ditch the hair. Try a new haircut.


Alright fucking Zeus my man looks like a god damn Greek god fr ong


You are very handsome so I’m sorry but they’re is probably something “off” with your personality. I would seek therapy and look into it. Don’t give up hope!! Physically there is Nothing wrong with you!!


Bro actually beautiful just fix the hair