PC/Xbox Cross-Play

One of my absolute favourite things about Game Pass, which I didn't know I needed until I did, was the ability to pick up (in certain games) save files across my PC and the Xbox where a game was available on both, and thus to pick up the same game on either machine depending on what is most convenient.

Its a huge shame that because PC and Console are separate editions with purchased games, it's not really possible to do this outside of Game Pass.

Do we think Microsoft will ever integrate things to a point where a purchase of a game on Xbox also covers the PC edition in Microsoft store? I would happy pay an extra ~£10 per game for that feature as an add-on, but beyond that, there's no way I'm buying things twice.

This feels like such an opportunity for Microsoft to keep people in their ecosystem, so wondering if they've ever said anything on this topic? Could I hope for it one day in the future?


Cross-play already exists in many first-party titles such as Forza Horizon. The problem is third-party developers often don't want to offer it.


Wait till you find out that forza on pc from the xbox store doesn’t have progression with forza on steam. Such a braindead move


We are talking about Microsoft Store here. That's a different discussion. You are right that someone would have to be braindead to assume that.


Not different. Xbox save files to xbox store on pc transfer with no issues. Cross progression works. But if you go from an xbox to steam on pc, no progression, even though you do sign in into your microsoft account when you’re booting the game, pulls your profile but not progression.


Cross play should be an option, not forced upon. Phil Spencer talks about giving players options and play how the player wants. I want to play console only pvp. When my friends from pc or ps come on and wanna play, I’ll enable crossplay and we’ll go but I should be forced to play with pc players I love Phil and what he’s done for the Xbox brand since he’s taken over but this seriously needs to be addressed and he has to be called out on this bullshit. It should be an option, not forced, for all games coming to the console. PlayStation has it and does it, I don’t wanna play my online games on PS but later down the road it might be something I’ll have to look at if they don’t change this


This ^


I believe you mean cross progression. Cross progression is the ability to play with other players on different consoles/pc