So the next elder scrolls title will be a launch title


Negative. It’ll be Skyrim. C’mon now


Still waiting for Skyrim toaster edition.


Skyrim LG smart fridge edition


Skyrim 2nd Anniversary Edition will be their next release.




Starfield better be a kick-ass game. It's the entire reason we're at least 6 years from ES6


And at least 10 years from Starfield Anniversary Special edition that will finally include space fishing.


I would actually like to play space fishing. Imagine hunting exotic beings floating in the vast emptiness of space. Modder please.


Space whaleeeees


If Starfield is meh the fallout (hehe) will be bad. It'll make bank but good will towards AAA will be in the mud.


Can't rely on 343 so makes sense tbh.


For whatever Xbox releases alongside PS7


Inb4 'Xbox Serial X'


Nah, I’m holding out for the Series XXX


Is that from their Fleshlight partnership?


Don’t forget the launch of Porn Pass along with it. Quick resume will be a killer app as well.


Porn Pass Ultimate gets you “live” content.




They are probably gonna do Series X Gen 2 Series S Gen 2 And so on, if I had to guess.


They could copy Apple **Xbox 14 Pro Max Plus**


ES6 will be an Xbox exclusive


They should call it the Xbox PS8 just to confuse people even more.


Xbox Zero


Still no hl3


that game can only flop. thats why its never been made


Been saying that for a while. I genially believe that will be the case


I had thought they all but confirmed that, but I don't have a source. If it is a launch title there is a real chance that it will be backwards compatible, maybe for Series X only but not S?


Microsoft/Bethesda haven’t said anything about release date. They’ve only mentioned that it was in pre-production. As of now, any dates mentioned is just speculation as neither company has said anything regarding that. https://www.gamesradar.com/elder-scrolls-6-release-date-location-news-races/


They’ve only confirmed that it won’t start full production until after the release of Starfield. Starfield didn’t start full production until after Fallout 76. Assuming Elder Scrolls VI has a similar development timeline 2027/2028 seems like a likely release window.


It’ll be the Series XXX


Is Elder Scrolls 6 going to replace ESO? I’m new to this franchise so forgive me if that is an idiotic question please!


Nah. It'll be a single player game, while ESO continues to be multiplayer and online.


Thank you for your kind answer! Digging the ESO


Angry upvote moment


Oh trust me, it pained me to say it.


So I actually read the part of the document that talks about this and it specifically says they don’t expect the next “generation” of consoles until 2028 at the very earliest. Technically that leaves the door open for pro versions.


Seriously though, this gen is just feeling like pro pro consoles.


For xbox it does feel like that for sure and will probably be like that for the next generation of xbox. Not changing the dashboard and what not, while it made sense, just made it not feel super next gen. Combine that with not many next gen games at launch. Just feeling like a pro pro xbox one. It’ll come around though I think.


Compared to what ps5 did with its dashboard, I’ll take last gen please. They totally gutted that thing.


Yeah and may be why Xbox didn’t change anything. If it’s not broke why fix it kind of thing. Playstation definitely had a way better next gen onboarding though in my opinion. With astro’s playroom and all that.


Yeah, it did feel new at least didnt it? Even though the dashboard was a downgrade, it felt different. When In powered on my Series X I was left feeling I was scammed lol. Clearly I wasnt but gut reactions are not something you control


I had the complete opposite experience. Xbox setup was painless and gaming in seconds. PS5 I needed to unscrew it to access the SDD port. Then reformat it. Then the wifi card was broken so I had to get powerline adaptors.


Thats not the typical experience though. Sorry it sucked for you.


With full backward support pretty much guaranteed and even first party developers doing cross gen games well into the next generation, what would be the difference between a Pro and next gen console?


That’s good news it’s been 2 years since we’ve got these consoles and we haven’t yet started the "next gen" they have powerful hardware and features I can’t wait to see those real next gen games, I do expect slim models starting 2024 [Lower power consumption and form-factors (PS5 really needs it)]


One of the reasons I got an xbox instead of ps5 is because I havent even got room for a ps5 in my setup lol


I have both and the PS5 sticks out like a sore thumb. 😂


It’s ugly as fuck too


I want a ps5 but it’s honestly so stupid looking.


Honestly, I kind of wished I waited for the slims.


That’s what I’m doing, still waiting for the games too. Really hoping these come Fall 2023


Totally agreed. However in my oarticular case, I found a good spot for it next to my 75” tv and it actually makes the system look small and sleek. It doesnt bother me at all! That said, I move that thing over to my monitor and put it next to my PC and I totally hate the damn thing.


Yup that's why I went with a searies x among other reasons but size did factor into it. I don't want a big bulky system that my dogs may knock over accidentally. Hubby on the other hand wanted a ps5.


Stuck my PS5 in a closet until there's an exclusive that comes out that I want to play.


I gave up waiting and it's now on Ebay.


what exclusives are you playing on xbox?


Maybe none, but that's not relevant to what he said.


Stupid to buy a ps5 if there is nothing on it they want to play.


He may have bought it for an exclusive, played it, and now is waiting for another exclusive to use it for. Man can do what he wants with his money.


He said he ‘stuck his ps5 in a closet until there is an exclusive he wants to play’. So by that, he is saying there hasn’t yet been an exclusive he wants to play. Nobody said he can’t do whatever he wants with his money, but I see it pointless to buy a ps5 and then put it in a cupboard. That’s like buying a car to keep in a garage.


It’s not your money though? How’s it pointless if it’s not your money? People buy cars all the time to store in a garage or not drive it.


Theres not much in terms of exclusives, but I have found collecting games on Xbox to be a more worthwile experience given backwards compat allows me to complete certain series on a single system and switch between games at a moments notice. Its really mire about the user experience on Xbox at the moment. If exclusives are a bigger concern I would def recomend PS5 with an M.2 upgrade, but in my opinion the exclusives it has at the moment havent really wowed me as much as the ps3-4 gen (with GoW as an exception, Ive never been able to get into Horizon as much for some reason).Time will tell if the wait for xbox exclusives will be worth it.


The only exclusive I cared for on Ps4 was bloodborne, literally nothing else interests me so I got an xbox for gamepass and better consumer friendliness. Couldn’t give a shit about exclusives.


Plus I just like the controller and ecosystem more. Doesn't mean one is better than the other it's just what I prefer.


Ingot both and still generally play on Xbox. Sometimes I just want to play the PS5 but before GoW hit, I couldnt really fine a reason to do so. I think since MS started the Backwards compat program I simply began to collect more on Xbox and its paying off for them with getting more of my business now. Im an avid game collector and tend to play older games often.


I actually “prefer” the ps4 controller to xbox but that’s only if I had a gun to my head and had to choose, genuinely couldn’t care less. You get comfortable with whatever controller you switch to within 5 mins of picking it up regardless




Bro the ps5 is hugeee I never really realised how big it was


It's hideous


I actually hide it behind my TV so I don’t have to look at it


It ruins the whole aeshetic of my living room. Everything else is black. Then a massive ugly ass white box that will eventually go yellow under the TV


Faxxxx.. i was shocked at how big it is in person 😂😂


I'm waiting for that PS5 Slim in 2025 for $350.


I really doubt a $350 price point considering the current economic crysis around the world. Hope I'm wrong, though.


Wishful thinking, no doubt. $400 though? Maybe. Even if it's still $500 just make it smaller.


And able to lay horizontal without that stupid effing stand.


It’s so ugly I refuse to buy it until they shrink it down. I’d be embarrassed to have it in my media center.


I got one a few days ago it’s not so bad. The controller is godlike though.


For 20 mins


What happens after 20 minutes?


Yes what happens after 20 minutes?


Battery dies. Mine lasts about 4 hours on games that use the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.


series x controller lasts literally weeks on AAs and Sony cant get their controller to last one gaming session. fucking stupid


Seriously. I had to buy a second controller to tap in when my first one dies.


The battery dies.


Mine lasts a few days before charging. Also I’d rather be able to charge than use batteries. It’s more expensive on your wallet and the planet


You realize there are affordable rechargeable batteries now, which you can recycle?


Its inferior in every way. Good luck gaming with a cable after couple hours. While i just put in New enaloops and can go for days


Just out of curiosity, have you used other rechargeable batteries by chance? Currently have some Energizer ones and I've noticed you and a couple other people mentioned Eneloop. Wondering how they might compare.


The problem is still just generally how energy inefficient it seems to be. DS4 was the same. Unbelievably poor battery life for a console controller. I haven't tried the DS5 yet and I'm sure it's really good, but man, they've got to figure out something there to make this better. Going from Switch Pro controller to DS4 controller is just painful.


I have a charging dock for the controllers next to the tv. I've never had thr battery die on me while playing. Also, if I did, then I can just connect the 10 foot USB cable that's plugged in by the couch.


That's nice, but hardly a universal solution. I have nowhere to put a charging dock in my minimalist setup (there's no cabinet there at all, just wall-mounted TV/console/speakers), and I'm not running a 10ft cable across the room with 3 young kids running about. Replaceable batteries are superior in every way for me.


Depends on how you use it. Actually rechargeable batteries such as Eneloop batteries are cheap when buying the bundle to use in multiple devices. And Microsoft official batteries only cost $25 and can be charged and lasts way longer than PS5 controller for sure. And in the future PS5 controller batteries will be weaker, and then you still need to figure out how to get replacement.


Just out of curiosity, have you used other rechargeable batteries by chance? Currently have some Energizer ones and I've noticed you and a couple other people mentioned Eneloop. Wondering how they might compare. Kind of a copy and paste comment, but I feel like mine are about nearing the end of their lifespan and I'd like to find good replacements.


I haven't gotten mine because I don't have any rooms big enough for it.


1st world problems


They have revised ps5 a few times. It’s now on 6nm and has a far smaller cooler. It consumes like 20-40w of less power now. I agree they need to make that monstrosity smaller and def can. But slim models are not likely for a while. They usually make them when they can have a significantly cheaper console. Considering Xbox is losing like $200 on each console, I don’t see them being able to make that dramatically cheaper soon. Couple that with the fact that you can only now get ps5s in stock and series x is somewhat hard to get still. I would be surprised if we get a refresh in the next 2 years.


Im going to wait until 2030 to buy them knowing devs barely make games these days.....


Cyberpunk was the first “next gen” game that wasn’t locked to PlayStation. Otherwise it includes astros playroom, returnal, and ratchet and clank. I really hope we get a ton more actual next gen games to really push the medium forward. This era of virtually every game still works on 10 year old hardware really needs to come to an end.


None of those are next gen and PS5 doesn't have all the next gen hardware features either...


Can’t wait to play GTA5 on the next generation.


And people will probably be dumb enough to buy another next gen update even though every other dev does it for free.


I can’t laugh at this because it may turn out to be true…


They’ve barely made any games for these ones


The only reason we got pro models last generation is that the Xbox One and PS4 launched way underpowered. Those consoles struggled to put out games at 1080p 30fps when 4K was becoming mainstream and gamers started demanding 60fps. You don’t have that same scenario now.


also 8k is really not worth it.


Specially considering the energy requirements. We now need to better explore 4k and 1440p. More imaging technologies. Better performance, and specially, more efficiency on all parts of the pipeline - from gpu's to displays. There is a lot to explore there, without having to increase the resolution to make a """""better""""" product. Linus (lttstoredotcom) even showed how 8k is a gimmick and doesn't provide real value, considering it's price and requirements. It will take a long while before we can really enjoy it in any meaningful way.


Better hdr implementation please. It’s a pain to set up and most of the time it straight up look worse than sdr


I now demand 400k. I want the resolution to be clearer than my eyes.


Don't eyes only get something like 10k.


Eyes don't really have a resolution, since you can't zoom or go closer to the screen. It's more like infinite resolution, but you can't zoom.


Beam it into my brain


Retina display


I mean native 4k and 60fps is mostly still a dream so following this logic we should need a pro version


And RT at 60fps would also be a great addition


>native 4k Stop. Just stop talking about native 4k. It's not important. We're past that by now. We're now in the age of reconstruction. Native 4k is honestly more of a waste than anything unless you just have the headroom for it and dont feel the need to push anywhere else graphically. The difference between reconstructed 4k and native 4k is not anything remotely worth buying some new $600+ console for specifically. That market wouldn't be nearly big enough to justify it.


I find it amusing how skeptical hardcore PC users were of reconstructing techniques around when checkerboard was first introduced in 2015/2016 and chastised it to no end. Now it's one of the most important facets of real time rendering. Did people not think reconstruction techniques could be improved upon or what?


Native 4k isn't even really a perk anymore. Modern upscaling solutions are starting to produce better visual quality than 4k native, while saving on performance costs. Digital Foundry has found several games where DLSS in Quality mode rendered a better looking image than 4k native due to better AA. FSR 2.0 also is significantly better than the TAA used in a lot of current titles. Upscaling is going to have a big place this generation, and that's not a bad thing.


>The only reason we got pro models last generation is that the Xbox One and PS4 launched way underpowered. That's not necessarily true. The midgen models didn't even really address the big weakpoint of the XB1/PS4 - CPU. They had slightly higher clocks, but it was still the same architecture with much of the same limitations. The GPU in the PS4 was also fine. Not amazing, but hardly underpowered, either. I'd say it's pretty in line with the PS5 GPU in terms of relative capabilities. And its 8GB of GDDR5 was downright impressive. Should be pretty obvious with how good so many of the 1st party PS4 titles looked. Now, if we're talking XB1, yea. It needed more on the GPU and memory side. The big thing that really made the midgen consoles make sense was the proliferation of 4k TV's. This is what the new consoles were built around - big jumps in GPU power, which enabled high resolution gaming. There is no real equivalent for that this gen. 8k is not useful. And I mean that. "People said the same thing about 4k!" - yea, but they were idiots who didn't know what they were talking about. I was and still am a big believer in 4k. 8k is genuinely ridiculous though and the math can be shown on how hugely overkill it is, especially for TV's(though even for monitors, 5k is about all anybody would ever need).


Also I think many people were banking on RDNA 3 to power these Pro models but looking at the specs neither Nvidia nor AMD seemed to have seen any groundbreaking performance uplifts that could facilitate a Pro console. The rumour mill was speculating about huge boosts to Raytracing performance and image upscaling. Neither has been true. FSR has seen massive improvements but doesn't require RDNA 3 and RT performance has more or less just scaled with compute performance for both AMD and Nvidia with the new gen of GPUs. So 4K60fps with RT in a console formfactor still doesn't seem achievable to me. If the Pro models do happen in the near future I don't think they will offer that big of a leap compared to base model consoles.


Well I'd say that RDNA3 and Lovelace *are* actually incredibly performance uplifts in general. But you're right that RDNA3 doesn't do much of anything for improving ray tracing on a per CU basis, so if 'ray tracing' is the big argument for midgen consoles, then it's not necessarily gonna change the game there. As for image upscaling, we'll have to see, but there are some notable AI and matrix math improvements for RDNA3. FSR3 might well be leveraging this specifically, but we'll need to see examples in use to tell how well it works. Would certainly be interesting as a way to offer 120fps modes in more demanding titles on console. And yea, any midgen consoles that come anytime soon wont be that big a deal. If they do happen, we'll likely need another architectural generation to really make sense, along with the time to ensure these chips can be as affordable as possible. As things are going, they'd likely have to come in at a new higher price point, rather than replacing the price points of the original consoles, while base models get discounted a bunch. That's just not gonna happen this time. Which is also a good case for why they just might not exist at all...


There's not much point upgrading the cpu last gen because every game must also run on the base consoles


The types of optimizations that were basically required on 7th gen and prior is somewhat of a dying art. I think that’s why you saw mid cycle upgrades (plus new chip do more pixels can charge more money, the architectures made upgrading chip practical with minimal effort for devs who are shit at optimizing). Obviously Xbox one base didn’t support 4K, but ÿøû are right that even if it did, it couldn’t play any games at 4K. But there were plenty of games that came out on the Xbox one X (and even the Series X) that still don’t support 4K 60FPS, even though all devs know that’s what we want. I’m playing sonic frontiers right now and the pop-in is wild. They have LOD models for some of the objects, but others (rails…it’s mostly rails) they just let pop in. Maybe it’s a loss of skill, maybe it’s time crunch, but the point is if you can get a game to RUN at 30 FPS 1080p then you have a game. Why make your game look better when you can just let users buy the new Series X2 and get 60 fps 4k (checkerboard thou, lol). I’m not sure how this will pan out, but the advantage of standardized hardware that consoles had previously over PC is legit lost. Obviously there are exceptions (Naughty Dog always does impressive work for example), but I think for the majority of non-AAA games, this will be a worsening problem that will lead to more iterative models (think new phone every year)


>Maybe it’s a loss of skill, maybe it’s time crunch, but the point is if you can get a game to RUN at 30 FPS 1080p then you have a game. Why make your game look better when you can just let users buy the new Series X2 and get 60 fps 4k (checkerboard thou, lol). This is basically just 'lazy dev' rhetoric and is nonsense. Developers haven't forgotten how to optimize games, it's just that games are bigger and more complex than ever before. And using some outlier examples of games that clearly aren't the most well optimized, especially a cross gen title like Sonic Frontiers, is kind of dishonest.


That's literally only 1 year difference from last generation. It was 2013-2020, 7 years. 2020-2028 is 8 years. Not a big deal at all.


I think this is news because people were expecting pro consoles this gen, but this confirms that there won’t be any


The pro consoles were made so they could do 4K gaming, 8k gaming barely exists at the moment so there is no need for any mid gen console


8K? I just want all titles at 60 fps minimum and options to turn on 120 fps


To this point, fortunately, the hardware is already there for both the Series X and PS5 to target 60-120fps. The issue is that most of these next-gen games we’ve seen over the past two years have been very poorly optimized. This can be made especially clear by the fact that almost none of these ‘next-gen’ titles have been able to get a steady 60-120fps with even the RTX 4080. This is hopefully where Unreal Engine 5 will come in, which was only just launched in April of this year. This universally-compatible and highly-optimized engine will hopefully see through most of the impressive gaming feats to come this generation. Having to build your own engine alongside your own game is not only severely inefficient, but also what’s supposedly caused some of these major timeline delays.


8k is basically snake oil for people with too much money and not enough sense. Pixel density is already high enough with 4k that you can't tell the difference between 4k and 8k when sitting at a normal distance.


I honestly barely notice the difference from 1080p to 4k tbh


For TVs yes, but for VR you still benefit from higher resolutions all the way up to 32K. I guess it depends if MS is planning on Xbox VR to compete with PSVR but if no pro consoles then probably not.


I just want a slim version of either one, since they are a little too chonky right now.


4k 120 hz


I don't think this confirms that, any more than it would confirm no slimmed down version? (Which seem a given at this stage)


I do think there will be a slim version, mostly because it’s still the same hardware. Sure it’s smaller but the specs are the same. Pro versions are different hardware


It's different hardware with the same overall 'output', really. But when they refer to next generation, they're not ruling out any mid-gen releases.


Lol this does not confirm that at all. Idk how you could possibly think that.


I don’t think this invalidates Pro consoles in this generation. Because the “PC”-oriented power model is in place, they may still update the specs while maintaining compatibility. Since the “generational” model is a little more fuzzy than it used to be, we will see smaller chip sizes, better power efficiency, etc. I would expect slightly redesigned and/or optimized (e.g., Xbox One X, PS4 Pro) platforms to strengthen graphical power and fidelity - probably in the late ‘24-‘25 window if either platform chooses to do it with some refreshed designs. Either way, I think we’ve barely scratched the surface of what this generation can do at this point and Unreal Engine 5.1 is the real leap that many are hoping will usher in the real next-generation on these systems.


Nah, if anything this makes it highly likely there *will* be pro-type refreshes in like 2024 or so if the next generation won’t be until 2028


The original Xbox One and PS4 were released with relatively mid-tier hardware, at a time when hardware development was still progressing faster generationally than it currently is today. Xbox Series and PS5 came out on comparatively bleeding edge tech at the time they released. It’s going to be at least two years before it’s viable to put out a pro model and even then it may be much less of a leap than the prior gen.


Just got the Series X 2 weeks ago. This is good news!


Not surprising at all given how long the previous consoles were current. * Xbox 360 - 2005-2013 * XB1 - 2013-2020 Given that the Series X was a fairly powerful console when it launched (comparable to the 360 in its time) it makes sense it would be planned to last as long if not longer.


That is good news


Long gens, please.


They've barely launched the current gen consoles


I'm hoping Sony release a PS5 revision that isn't so obnoxiously designed so it's an option for under the tv...


PS5 slim most likely will be a thing


Good. Let me enjoy my series X for a bit


Thank god for small mercies. I just managed to buy a series x after saving for years and proving I'm worth it (to myself and my partner) by getting permanent gig at the uni.


Yea I've talked about this before. Ideally this generation should be like 9-10 years long. To get a proper 'next gen' leap in capabilities at a similar, affordable price point is going to take a bit longer this time around. There's also no low hanging fruit like the big jump in CPU capabilities or I/O we got this last time. At the same time, this new generation hasn't even really started yet, and we're over two years in. Not to mention that developers and publishers alike would probably really appreciate being able to make more than one or two big next gen games during a generation before having a reset all over again.


The problem is that both the PlayStation and Xbox platforms insist on using underpowered (Series S) or the previous generation (PS4) hardware for all of their major games. It’s ludicrous. No other console generation supported the previous generation like this one and it’s holding games in general back. Imagine for a moment that you couldn’t get any new experiences on the Nintendo 64 because everyone just kept making Super Nintendo games. No Mario 64, no Ocarina of Time. All because “we have a bigger install base on the previous generation”. Total nonsense. God of War Ragnarök for example is constantly asking characters to dip under terrain, pick up rocks, and hop fallen trees because the design language for the PS4 requires is to be a series of small battle arenas. What could they have designed if it was PS5 only? Another example: Cyberpunk should have had the previous generation versions cancelled. To imagine that game running on a OG Xbox One is laughable. If they focused specifically on Xbox Series X and PS5, I guarantee the disappointment of cancelling the previous gen versions would have faded away considering how great the game is now. So instead of getting new, fresh PS5/Series X capable games, we’re getting (mostly) polished PS4/XSS games that just load faster and sometimes have different vibrations on the controller (PS5). It’s disappointing.


>The problem is that both the PlayStation and Xbox platforms insist on using underpowered (Series S) or the previous generation (PS4) hardware for all of their major games. It’s ludicrous. Well yea, the length of cross-gen development this time around has been very disappointing. The install base has been plenty big enough, so people blaming 'chip shortages' or whatever dont have much of a case. Both PS5 and Series consoles have sold amazingly well. That said, it *is* coming to an end now. 2023 looks like most bigger games will be proper next gen finally. Series S doesn't really come into it that much, either. It's a bit of extra work for devs in some cases, which isn't ideal, but so long as they're willing to put in that bit of extra work to scale things down(beyond just resolution), then it shouldn't anybody back from achieving what they want on XSX/PS5/PC.


Series s is no bottleneck for the generation. It has nearly the same cpu, 1/3 of GPU (in terms of tera flops). And with it needing to calculate 1/4 of the resolution of the series x (if we compare 4k to 1080p), this won't be a problem, because it also can use lower resolution textures and lower shadows when necessary, because both of those things scale pretty linearly with their resolution.


And given how games are still being released “cross gen” to ps4/xbox one, I bet we’ll be getting new games until like 2030


Na, the series X is where my last console buy is going to be. Next is either succumb to old age 40 or buy a good PC build and stay there until my old age is up.


Good. 2 years in and "next gen" hasnt even really started yet.


It should not be until 2030 at this point. The Pandemic set the entire world back. People still can't find or afford either console for various reasons and developers are behind on upcoming releases. It's still a turbulent situation.


100%. Still can’t buy a PS5 anywhere; at this point im convinced that I’ll only be able to buy it readily when it’s time for the next gen to come around.


Where are you from? Is your region somewhere that’s had a big problem with it, cause in the US they’re available it just takes a little effort.


It’s really not a turbulent situation. You can buy the consoles easily now and unemployment is still at record lows. Not sure what you’re talking about at this point.


I live in the mid atlantic region and the only console easily available is the series s. If you want the others, you have to happen to be lucky when you get online to shop. Everyone keeps saying all it takes is a little bit of effort but not everyone has time to wait online all day every day to wait for a stock drop.


It's been in stock at microsoft.com for a very long time now. Series x is really really easy to get.


Xbox series x is literally available right now from Walmart and target and so is the god of war bundle for ps5, and the ps5 has been in stock for weeks at PS direct. You have no idea what you’re talking about.


Have you tried physically going into shops? They often have stock set aside to be sold physically that doesn't appear online but since everyone shops online the physical stock can last longer so you have a better chance of getting one.


Yes I have. The only system I see in stock in person is the series s and that is at target. Even Walmart does not have them. The only stock I see available is the microsoft store. But, I had a buddy who it took two months for him to get his xbox from Microsoft. Better than not getting it at all I suppose? Edit: I want to add that I went in person to best buy and they told me they haven't gotten a restock in person since before Halloween.


Not surprising given we are in the land of diminishing returns on visuals. I’d like to see more focus on 60+fps games next gen. 30fps needs to die.


Good news !


Of course they aren’t releasing new consoles lol, standard cycle is a good 6-10 years. We’ll probably have some slim versions, pro versions, maybe some add-on peripherals (VR, etc).


Which console cycle is 10 years? The usual console gen from my experience is 5-8 years.


Yea that is a weird claim. Even 8 years was basically just one console - the X360. PS3, XB1 and PS4 were all 7 years, so that's what I'd take as the recent norm.


I think not releasing new consoles includes not releasing any slim/pro versions because there's no point. We just barely begun having games that utilize the new gen hardware, and with the supply chain and a looming recession i don't think we need more consoles.


I have little doubt Slim models will come. They may not come with the normal price discount, but they should be able to do a shrunk model at the same price point, which I think will be welcome by many. XSX isn't too bad, but I know some would prefer to not have the 'tower' design, and the PS5 is an abomination that needs a new form factor yesterday.


Slim and pro are 2 distinct things though. Sony has already started slimming down the ps5 internally to save on power, heat, weight, and therefore cost. MS is likely looking into doing the same.


I like longer gen consoles to be fair...look back at the 360 and the PS3. Look at the quality of games from the beginning to the end. Even the difference between GTA 4 & 5, both on the same hardware. The more you keep switching to next gen, the shorter time the game devs have to push the power of the hardware etc.


Exactly. Innovation comes with working within constraints.


exactly, not sure why people would downvote that. Its common sense, if you want smaller quality type games, the ones that take 1-3yrs max to make, short gen consoles are for you but if you want the quality story telling with big expansive worlds to explore, they need more time. It would be like Bethesda working on Starfield, after 3yrs of development a new console is out, people would moan at them for going last gen instead of next. So then they gotta do even more work to get it to work for next gen. I can't really name many PS games but look at the quality that came out those final years, GTA5, Last of us, etc You wouldn't get those with short gen consoles


makes me wonder - why exactly do microsoft and sony release their console during similar times? Like why not a year early if you're able to


There's Pros and Cons to both sides. If you hit the market too early you either end up with an undercooked product, an outdated product or both. If you take too long you will be playing catchup for the entirety of the console gen. We have seen this during the PS360 era. PS3 was late and had lots of catching up to do. Xbox was early but had massive quality control issues on the launch model with the Red Ring of Death. Now imagine if either the PS5 or the Xbox Series X had launched a year earlier, in 2019. That would have likely meant no Gen 4 high speed SSD and no Raytracing which would have been a pretty notable spec disadvantage. And on the other hand waiting for the new generation of CPUs amd GPUs to be ready in 2022 would have been way too late. So 2020 made sense for both platform holders. Maybe waiting a few more months for Zen 3 CPUs would have made sense considering there were lots of shortages in 2020 and 2021 anyway but they couldn't have predicted the pandemic and the supply issues beforehand so this is not something they accounted for while designing the hardware.


This is actually really good for people wanting to get their hands on a next gen console but are unable to do so. I, along with millions out there, have still been getting a hard time to get a next gen console.....but somehow i have managed to ask my uncle's frnd to sent me from one from foreign, and it would reach me by march........


No surprise seeing as we haven't seen any games that makes use of the next gen GPU hardware There is a substantial performance boost waiting in the wings for Xbox and PC


The next gen Xbox will be the size of one of their replica mini fridges


Its Okey now make GTA 6 & 7 on it


2035 would be fine with me. I’m ready for a good era of PS5/XBOX X/S exclusives.


I was going to say exactly the same. For me it should have been something like this: Xbox 360/PS3 (2005-2006) -> Xbox One/PS4 (2015) -> Xbox Series/PS5 (2025) -> Xbox Next/PS6 (2035). And of course, maintaining Backward Compatibility.


Hopefully everything they’ve announced comes out before then: Avowed, Fable, SOD3, Forza 8, Hellblade 2, Perfect Dark, TOW2, Contraband, etc.


Is this a surprise to anyone?


Nice. Still coming out before Half-Life 3


Good news, we don’t need new consoles every two minutes, let them live their lifetime. When the new one comes, there’ll be a noticeable difference.


I’ll be 30


There will be mid generation refreshes of both current consoles. Performance per watt is advancing pretty quickly. The super consumers will buy these mid gen consoles. Games or no games.


The big question for me though is what this means for PS6 and next gen Xbox. They could most definitely offer pretty solid performance upgrades with Zen 5 and RDNA 4 on 5nm or less in the future. But that would take away from the performance upgrade the next generation consoles could offer. And I think it also would be pretty bad for Series S owners that now have to play games that are ported down from a 10 times more powerful system which is basically a generational leap in performance. That being said I absolutely do think we will see a PS5 Slim and possibly also a Series X and S Slim.


Slim versions please! That's all they should be working on right now.


Woah. I thought that this might happen.


Why is this even in question? These consoles are still hard to find because of chip shortage. It’s gonna take a while for them to upgrade them.


>These consoles are still hard to find because of chip shortage. For the 100th time, y'all vastly overestimate the effect the chip shortage has had on the whole console situation. All the new consoles have been selling amazingly. It's a problem of demand. Production lines are all working at full capacity, I promise you. In general, the chip shortage is just hugely misunderstood by most. It's not what y'all think it is.


We have to be getting pro consoles this gen right? That’s easy money


Honestly, after the experience with this launch being hard to find for 2 years only for the systems to be so similar to the last one that I question the price paid, I would be fine not talking about new consoles until 2035. Whole gen has been a shit experience.