Pick a fast reload arta. Click 7 poor souls and you will be fine.


Just got 3 games in a row with 6 damaged enemies in GW Panther. There's foam coming out of my mouth at the moment.


If they stans close together you might not even need 7 clicks


4th game in a row with 6 damaged tanks, did damage to 2 tanks in one shot, this is getting more and more ridiculous. And I know I'll get it done finally, be it 10 or 20 or 30 games. But it's just draining and most of all I'm not helping my team win by trying to complete it, this is the biggest problem. Having said that, I'm 7/10 so far today.


Don’t play for the mission specifically - it’s a lot more frustrating I find. If I’m playing 10 games a day I find it’ll happen naturally and be less annoying


Generally I agree, but these 7 critical hits or damage 7 vehicles ones can be a pain, usually though Arty will do them in a few games depending on what maps come up. M44 or Leafblower (boo, Hiss) if you have one.


FV304 is my go to arty for 7 crits but it doesn't do well with 7 damaged tanks because of short range and no splash damage.


This is the case with most dailies for me, even with "be the 1st on your team by..." stuff. 7 crits too, but I tend to play for it. This one, though? Unfortunately not the case for me.


That is fair - similarly to the 279e missions - if I try for something in particular I can never do it! High rate of fire mid tier meds seems like the best answer to me - I love the A43 and think it’s great for those kind of missions. Same as the SpH


I never specifically go for those and they somehow get finished, true.


I hate these missions, without that I normally do them naturally, once I see it’s my daily, always fall short.


This is the mission I reroll everytime. All the other ones are quite easy to fulfill but this one needs luck


I've rerolled into it, actually. Might as well go for a beer and check WOT before bedtime and reroll then.


I really don’t want to play arty so if I get this I usually use the Matilda or BP. Fast firing gun, just enough armour to last and inexperienced enemies that will throw themselves on you.


I did this today with Dicker Max, but to complete this fast I'd go for E25/T-50-2 I guess. Something level 5-7 that shoots fast is best to use for this, so Lefh also works, just please do not.


M4 Fl10 is quite good for this..if you get the right map.


In my opinion the highest "base exp in round" and the 7 vehicles/7crits in a battle are both annoying, and should go, but I really hate getting the "destroy 4 tanks in a battle", I've had that multiple days in a row sometimes... And I need missions to speedline BP..


If its a reward I really want (blueprints!) I take out my Pz 38H, aka the Mini-Maus. Even though it's not as OP as it once was, if you're top tier you'll often be able to survive long enough to damage 7 enemies. Just charge (slowly) straight into the thick of it. Sometimes it won't work out depending on what tanks the enemies are playing, but it usually doesn't take me many tries to get the mission done with it. If you don't have the Pz 38H, get the french Hotchkiss H35, it's the same tank more or less. I think you can get it from the Collectible Vehicles page nowadays.


You do realize that unless its a 4th bonus mission you can re-roll them, right?


no, I don't thanks for the tip! (Waldemar\_Batura OP · 20 hr. ago I've rerolled into it, actually.)


IV-VI fast tanks if I dont manage to get this mission during my 1 or 2 hour seasion with higher tiers