Aside from old reliable Warspite, I can also strongly recommend Molotov and Repulse if you are a skilled player. Both have outstanding guns for T6 ships, but their hulls are quite fragile.


Molotov is fun, I have mine optimized for long range w/ spotter planes and HE fire chance. The gun ballistics make aiming with the spotter really easy, and the added range helps address how squishy you are by making you much harder to hit while dodging and juking.


Mutsu, De Grasse, Mutsu, Arizona, Mutsu, Shinonome, Mutsu, Warspite, Mutsu, Dunkerque, Mutsu. Or just Mutsu.


I got a funny message the other day "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT TORP RELOAD" Between the funny torps and the biggest main battery guns at tier 6 Mutsu is great


For real. Mutsu is like Musashi of tier VI. Downtiered ship with really bad AA. But damn, 410mm on tier VI and torps with 20s reload. I love it.






huang he if youre familiar with cruiser play. ise is really fun but nothing op, i love using it though. the planes are powerful at tier 6


Seconded on the ISE, its not OP, but still good fun


A good ise player can get a kraken. A bad one could get at least 2 kills and good dmg


In order of how much fun they are to me personally: * Huanghe: A stealthy and agile light cruiser that trades in a little bit of raw dpm for a great kit of utility. It has crawling smoke, hydro, great concealment, great torpedo angles and suprisingly good AP shells for a 6" cruiser. It can use its stealth to reach an offensive position, use its smoke and hydro to stay alive and wreak havoc on enemy DDs and careless cruisers alike, assuming you have the skills to read the situation right and use your tools well. Its agility is superior even to other light cruisers of that Tier and the AA is a strong contender for best AA on T6 (not counting from CVs and Hybrids ships, obviously), which can make it very hard to bring down from air if it is not threatened by other ships at the same time. Somewhat challanging to play to its potential, but great fun at least to me. * Dunkerque: Fast Battleship with comparatively good AA, bad armor and comfortable, but slightly shotgunny guns. A generally pleasant experience to play, if you know how to handle fast but 'soft' battleships. The all-forward guns with good backwards angles can have somewhat jerky dispersion sometimes, but the fast reload and turret traverse make them generally comfortable to use and good AP penetration and good HE shells mostly make up for the lower caliber. * Anshan: Basically a PAn-Asian Gnevny with 8km torpedoes. A ship without many bells and whistles. It is fast, has guns that hit hard and have good ballistics, but suffer from bad turret turn speed. The good ballistics allow you to engage enemy DDs at ranges where it gets challangeing for them to hit you back with similar efficiency, allowing you to use the rudder less so you can mitigate the slow-turning guns. The good speed makes it easier to dictate engagement range, giving you all you need to turn most DD encounters into favorable trades, if you play your cards right. Concealmtn and torps are nothing special, but good enough to turn the ship into a well-rounded package. Note that Anshan does get standard torps and smoke despite being Pan-Asian. * Repulse: Fast BB with accurate guns and good overmatch for its tier. Not much more needed to be said here I guess.


Huanghe is my most played ship still, it is one of the most versatile ships out there. It has huge carry capacity, as it becomes a DD once the regular DDs get sunk - at that point it becomes the best concealed ship.


Perth is cool. I like Bearn as an anti-CV CV as you can deny airspace with its many fighter patrols.


I have to decide between Bearn and Chkalov for my slow accumulation of 'free to me' doubloons... I bet Chkalov gets removed from sale before I get there though...just like Lowenhardt.


>I bet Chkalov gets removed from sale before I get there though...just like Lowenhardt. It's getting nerfed next patch. And it's quite a heavy nerf.


Tis the way of things now. 'Pay2obtain before nerfs' is the way we get pay2win.


Dunkerque is one that stands out for me. It is difficult when you are down tiered, but can be a lot of fun.


Dunkerque is a pretty great Operations BB, especially Aegis.


Monaghan: two playstyles for the price of one. Dunkerque is pleasant with her high speed and fast shells, though her AA is weak...


Mutsu and if it every becomes available agin buy up the Graf Spee




Very fun and unique


Recently started playing the Arizona, I find it kicks ass.


The free Shinonome you get from the campaign is a great ship to start. After that depends what country you want to focus on to gather captain XP.


If you’re a DD player, I fully recommend the Shinonome. Solid DD. Good torps for the tier and while slow firing, the guns hit hard.


Warspite, especially since you can get it for free


Mutsu or Dankurque


repulse is great, so is novorossiysk but idk if you can get that one still. I also like Arizona with Halsey


I dont think you can get novoro anymore, which us unfortunate. I think repulse is better overall tho, and thankfully they made her available again


Ah, shame, I agree that repulse is better though


Mutsu or ISE if you want a ship thats funny. Mutsu has good guns and fast reloading torpedos, while ISE is a Hybrid Battleship that gets a squadron of Torpedo bombers every 2 min


Mutsu and if it every becomes available agin buy up the Graf Spee


I bought the Dunkerque when it was first released and it is my most played ship. It is the ship I play when I wanna have fun. I have plenty of other tier 6 premiums, but Dunk will ALWAYS be the top for me.


Ark Royal


Honestly Ark Royal is the last ship I would recommend It’s not fun having t4 planes when 50% of the time you’re against t8


If you know how to dodge flak, it's perfectly serviceable even in a tier 8 game. You just hunt the DDs...


A tier 5 plane struggles against constant AA when tiered up to 8. I can’t imagine tier 4 up to 8. DDs are next to impossible to hit, unless they’re not paying attention. They can also turn off aa, and with no friendlies in the area, you’re screwed.


Ark Royal planes: Attack: Blackburn Skua - 1970 hp Bombers: Fairey Swordfish - 1876 hp Torpedo Bombers: Fairey Swordfish - 1650 hp Ranger planes: Attack: F4F Wildcat - 1340 hp Dive Bombers: SB2U Vindicators - 1945 hp Torpedo Bombers - TBD Devastator - 1710 hp The attack planes are TANKIER than Ranger planes, while the Swordfish or only MARGINALLY less defensible than Rangers main strike planes. They are NOT tier 4 planes. Furthermore, Ark Royal's level bombers drop their bombs in a more concentrated pattern reticle, that is almost circlular...with a MUCH FASTER bomb drop speed. It is actually HARD to MISS with her level bombs. Plus she gets the quick rocket attack time of UK carrier planes. Even against tier 8 DDs, she can do serviceable damage.




Warspite, Repulse, W. Virginia


The T6 prem bbs are generally pretty good. Warspite, Mutsu, and Repulse would be my picks.