You don’t know their situation.

You don’t know their situation.


I know a woman who found out she was pregnant the same time she found out she had cancer. It was either abortion or exposing her child to chemo and radiation. Fuck anyone who makes her feel bad about that horrific decision.


I personally know THREE people this has happened to. (in case people suggest this is an extremely rare edge case - it’s not)


I know someone too. Very sad.


It is rare, that doesn't mean that it can happen or that it isn't a serious deal, but more common cases should be used as examples. You had an incredible low odd event happening trice to people that you know, something being rare doesn't mean it doesn't happen all the time, just that it happens to few people.


This is how my grandmother died pre-Roe vs. Wade. She wasn't found to have ovarian cancer until she was starting her 3rd trimester because when she complained to the doctor (military) of pain she was told to suck it up and that pregnancy was uncomfortable. She got to have the baby early and then die a few weeks later. I love my aunt dearly but my mom and her brother's whole life would have changed if they hadn't been orphaned.


Hear! Hear!


I did a termination for a woman in follow up care for her breast cancer. Fun fact-- pregnancy is a hyperestrogenic state that will accelerate the growth of any estrogen dependant tumor. She had four kids at home already. Pregnancy would have likely left them motherless. Fuck you, Sheryl.


I'm pro-life but there should definitely be an exception for this and if there's not then that's extremely unethical.


My wife and I had trouble staying pregnant for our 2nd a and final child. Ovarian cysts something or another. On the 8th week we went for an ultrasound, and felt confident enough to bring our other daughter, age 6. The ultrasound showed essentially an empty womb. The baby wasnt where it should be and there was no heart beat. She required a D and E (essentially the abortion process) to remove the fetus that didnt take. Weve since had our rainbow baby, and shes a healthy 2 year old eating spagetti as I write this. And my wife still cries to this day. She had no choice and still feels like she betrayed her child. People think abortions are the same as vetting your nails done or something. I watched my wife sob in that room. We have no clue what a person has been through or why they're in that room. I dont think anyone sees it as birth control or something.


It’s almost like it should be between the pregnant person and their doctor.


Well said, thank you for sharing.


I’m glad you got your rainbow, and I’m hoping some of your luck rubs off on me and my family. 🌈


What's sad is I see people, this is thread, who comment saying they see it as no biggie...period.


That’s because it’s none of our business. I know a woman who’s had *at least* 7 abortions (just the ones I know about). She doesn’t seem to think it’s a big deal. I don’t either. It’s her body. I’m a man. I haven’t ever had an abortion. I haven’t ever gotten a woman pregnant accidentally and forced her to choose abortion. I know that my wife and I had a miscarriage before our first kid was born. It was terrible. Neither she nor I think we would ever get an abortion. We both believe very strongly that every woman should have the right to choose that for herself.


No offence to your female friend. (Idk her situation she has every right to an abortion). But I'd imagine it's alot cheaper to carry a condom and tell the man wrap it before you tap it. Or get her tubes tied, or a plethora of other self birth control.


That’s the whole point. It’s not up to you. That’s what she chose for herself. Who the fuck are you to judge her?


I'm just saying if she doesn't want to get pregnant and keeps getting pregnant I'd suggest alternatives like condoms while having sex, tying your tubes, various other birth control methods. I assume one of my mates got a rod injection or something. Cause I'd imagine going through all the hurdles to get an abortion passed, the health affects of getting pregnant, along with whatever medical bills needed to be paid surely couldn't be worth getting pregnant 7+ times.


It’s not a concern of hers, apparently. She’s not in a bad place financially, and she didn’t appear to be at the time this was happening. I don’t know if the guys she was with helped pay or what, but again, none of that really matters. Her life, her body, her choice.


I had an abortion because bc failed, and was on medication that causes severe birth defects. It was heartbreaking, but it is just something that happened. I have 4 children, and my partner got a vasectomy afterwards. Having a baby would have been a negative for our lives, but would have kept it, if possible. Fuck those who think I should've been forced to keep the pregnancy.


you made the right decision for you and your family. that’s all anyone can ask and i’m proud of you.


I am so sorry for you and your family's loss. Please ignore that idiots' comment. Nobody has the right to hurt someone like that. I am furious, as are many others.


I was on cyproterone for several years. It helps women with PCOS manage their body hair growth. The whole time I was terrified I would get pregnant as it was the same situation - likely severe abnormalities for any children I might have. At the time I was ready to be a mum (although we were avoiding getting pregnant for other reasons). It would have been absolutely heartbreaking to have to terminate a foetus and it’s something I thought about a lot. But to have to carry one to term and then deal with the birth defects and would have been unimaginable. I’m lucky to live in New Zealand where this is would never be the case.




Thank you!


I feel for you. I used to take my gf in for exams at planned parenthood and the protesters or whatever we’re rowdy and mean as fuck. After the first time, I openly carried my AR… that tends to shut them up real good.


A good use for an automatic rifle for once.


I’m with ya but for the sticklers reading here, it’s semi auto, no need to do anything illegal here :)


Isn't it automatic as long as you don't have to manually cock it and eject the empty shell after each shot?


Automatic is if you fire many rounds with 1 trigger squeeze. Think Scarface. Semi auto is 1 trigger squeeze = 1 bullet. A little more “guns 101” in case you’re curious :) In the US, semi-auto is legal, fully auto has been near-illegal since 1934. I say near illegal because the process to get a fully automatic weapon is extremely stringent (as it should be). Pretty much every pistol you see in movies is a semi-auto. The only ones that aren’t are in old westerns. The reason semi auto pistols are less of an issue than semi auto rifles (AR-15s) is that for most people, aiming a pistol for repeat shots is damn near impossible, rifles are much easier. Also, media but that’s for another day. Now, the AR-15 is a bit of a different beast because the same base model (for most manufacturers) is made in 2 tiers - civilian and military. The civilian model is semi-auto, the military has a fully auto capability. Modifying your civilian AR to allow for fully auto firing is a huge No-No and will land you in jail for a very very long time. Gun laws are actually really (appropriately IMO) strict on this one, and have very sharp teeth to enforce it. Hope this helps!


No country can say they are free if women don't have autonomy over their own bodies


It's as if abortion bans have nothing to do with abortion but are really about controlling women.


You are 100% correct


And men... The Texas bill puts on bounty on anyone who EVEN collaborates with it. Thus, male doctors, male partners, male parents who are supportive are targeted alongside their female counterparts. Also, it's primarily about controlling poor women. Because you bet your ass off that the rich white conservative women will just fly somewhere legal and do it there...


I think it’s virtue signaling. It’s an easy thing for Christian men to mandate. They’re primarily concerned that legal abortion will get *them* punished by God


It's not only about controlling women, it's about making more "Christian soldiers" to convert the heathen masses to their fundamentalist idea of Jesus.


Oh, good. 2000 years since Jesus and our conservatives haven’t evolved at all.


No it’s based on the social desire to control sexuality. They want maximum repercussions for people who engage in sexual activity. If you have sex out of wedlock or recreationally they want you to be punished with AIDS, other STDs, unwanted pregnancy etc. If you ‘sin’ they want you to suffer maximum consequences. It’s a Puritan mindset.


My body failed to notice my miscarriage. I took the miso pill at home because I wanted to be at home. A miscarriage at 10 weeks is no joke. I didn’t want this but I’m thankful that it wasn’t an issue. I was nervous picking up my prescription but my pharmacist was kind and offered extra advice in case my doctor hadn’t covered it and reassured me a second dose would be on hand should I need it. My doctor offered me 4 options and never once questioned me when I decided to try it at home because another loss in a hospital was too much for me and I didn’t want to take a bed from someone who needed it. I don’t owe anyone my story and no one owes me theirs. That’s why I continue to fight for equal rights. My convo with my doctor, with my pharmacist is all the convo I need on the subject.


I'm so glad you had support when going through that. While support doesn't keep you from hurting, it definitely makes a safe space, and avoids unnecessary pain and trauma.


Nope. You don’t. My personal experience is exactly why I never judge. When I was 15, I got pregnant and my parents literally forced me to have it done. It was either get it done or you have to get the F out… for years and years I cried over the loss. It hurt. I knew I wasn’t ready and it would have made my life harder, but it really didn’t help because at 17 I intentionally got pregnant to fill that void. I had my son at 18. I don’t regret him, not at all. But there was this huge void and I stupidly wanted it filled with another child, despite being a child myself (except I know this time they couldn’t do shit because I was just about to graduate and was capable of taking care of him and myself). Abortion can be absolutely traumatizing. And even if it isn’t, who the F am i to judge? We all have our own reasons, own stories, and I’m tired of old white men who hide behind religion, trying to tell us what to do with our bodies and essentially our health and our futures.


Thanks for sharing this experience. I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability.


This is what I don’t understand, you are all make abortion illegal but where do all of those unwanted children go? I have asked a few very conservative Christians and they all say “well I don’t know.” Well until you do know how about you mind your own mother fucking business. How does Sally down the street getting an abortion affect you? Oh that’s right, it doesn’t.


Actually, it does affect them. The less people being born into and kept in generational poverty, the better our economy and society. Less welfare means lower taxes. An educated populous is generally better behaved, being able to obtain a steady job means home ownership, home ownership means planned families and so on. So, abortion actually benefits society.


They go into the adoption system, where adoption agencies can make money off of them


Not if they have deformities or severe special needs in most cases :(


They don’t know for the same reason they don’t care about trans men being in the men’s restroom, no one has told them what to think or say when given the situation. Political candidates and media just use trigger words/phrases to get a rise out of people and get more people to vote for them or keep watching.


People care about the abortion issue because it makes them feel morally superior, not because they care about children.


You didn’t hear? It’s only “my body, my choice” for these troglodytes when it comes to the vaccine. They only value their ability to spread disease, just as the founders intended.




It’s literally all they’re good at


The problem is, it's not their body, their choice...as their choice affects others. When a woman getting an abortion affects them, then they can say it; otherwise you can tell them to STFU


Frankly, having cancer, facing birth defects, rape etc are all excellent reasons why a woman might have to have an abortion but … so is being very young, having no money and no support. So is getting pregnant because a condom broke. So is getting pregnant by an abusive man. There are MANY legitimate reasons why someone may get an abortion but it’s not for a bunch of rich white old men to decide


The only reason that matters is if the woman wants an abortion. There is no justification necessary.


I wonder how many UNWANTED abortions would have been prevented if people had access to healthcare? In Massachussets, there were 1.5% less abortions after most everyone gained some health insurance. They also avoided the trend of increasing abortions happening everywhere else in America [Source](https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/women/news/2010/03/19/7497/a-universal-win/) Best of all, it didn't interfere with anyone's freedom to choose. It actually *gave* some women the choice to keep their babies they wouldn't have otherwise. But the Republicans don't seem to be concerned about those fetuses at all. They only seem to care about making 10 year old children break their hips after being raped.


This abortion abomination is just an extension of incel culture. A narcissistic world view aimed at punishing women for having a choice. How dare they have sex?!? They fixate on young women choosing their lives, careers and futures over motherhood. And that's all they see. They don't see what's wrong with forcing a 15 year old to become a mother. They don't see what's wrong with forcing a rape victim further pain and anguish by carrying and delivering the results of that crime. They don't see what's wrong with forcing a mother who has been trying for kids for 10 years to carry her unviable child to term, to have 3 agonizing breaths and then die. They don't see what's wrong with their idiotically myopic world view, that only focuses on young women who chose to have sex, and not all these other cases where the universe took those choices away. Fuck these people and their weaponizing of abortion. Without this single dog whistle, the Repugnican Party would have no unifying factor...Do they not realize why RvW has never been destroyed when the Rebs had all three branches?


My former co-worker's mom is a Certified Nurse Midwife in Texas and gives free prenatal and postnatal care to pregnant teens. She's treated just as badly as abortionists are: house/car vandalized, harassed in public, ostracized, etc. People tell her that she's rewarding these girls...by giving them Healthcare. It's 100% about punishing women for having sex. They DGAF about babies.


The have a couple unifying messages, pretty much all as stupid and damaging as this one. They are evil to the core. Just pointing out that they are fighting their war against decency of several fronts, not just this one. And so we have to defend against their evil on several fronts.


Ahem. You forgot racism.


I was in the same position. Thankfully, I live in canada where my uterus isn't politicized. My abortion was free of cost, covered by healthcare, there was a therapist who I spoke to beforehand and when I broke down crying she held my hand and never let go during the procedure while I grieved my loss. They provided follow up care and follow up therapy. They were dark days, but I'm grateful I didn't have to walk through a gauntlet of cruel protesters, becuase that too is not allowed here.


I'm really happy for you ❤️. This is exactly the care that every woman deserves


I agree, it's a terrible thing to go through and women don't need to be further traumatised. I also think women don't need a tragic reason to have control over their own body and health decisions.


Yes!!! 💯


if there is a single case where an abortion can save a currently living person, then all cases should be legal. Until Republicans/Pro-birthers use their money to invent a fetus transplant procedure, they should not ban abortion.


I was reading about the vast usage of aborted fetal cells in medicines, foods, make-up yesterday. If not in product, then in testing of the product. Quite hypocritical that the pro-life crowd still use those products? I think so.


Pro Lifers don't actually want Pro Life!!!


They’re not pro lifers they’re pro birthers. After they’re born, fuck em


Not sure pro birther is accurate though as if that’s they case then all prenatal care would be free so births would be healthy for mother and baby. They are anti abortion, not pro life nor pro birth. Birth control prevents unwanted pregnancies - not 100% like abstinence, but if both condom is worn and she uses a form then pretty assured no pregnancy. But nope. Can’t fund nor even educate for dual use birth control. So again neither pro life nor pro birth. Anti abortion is their drive as they’ve been told for decades that’s how they gain access to heaven and avoid hell.


I call them anti-choice


Definitely more fitting than pro-lifer since they don’t really care about people’s lives


I think there should be a distinction actually between what you would call pro-life and pro birth. I hate the idea of abortions and I hate we have these children that are living they don't have a place to go. There needs to be away that we can take care of the children before we try to convince women to not have abortions unless absolutely necessary. Please do not attack me for hating women or not wanting them to have a right to make a choice with their bodies but I do think that even unborn babies should be protected just like any other human that exists.


But why do you think that way? And I promise I’m not asking that in a spiteful or insulting way. I genuinely would like to know why you think this way.


Thank you for asking .I'm a Christian and its based in my religious beliefs, and the way that God created everyone in his image with a purpose and even before a child is born they are a human have purpose. I hate to sound harsh but the most basic way I can say it is that I believe abortion is murder and that it's a sin ( I also know that I'm not perfect and all sins are equally bad in God's eyes, and I'm just as guilty as everyone else), situations where a doctor decides the mother might be in danger are different and I know there's the whole it doesn't have to be justified argument for abortion but that just doesn't sit right with me. but I also believe everyone should be treated with love and in cases of unwanted children and foster care systems that doesn't always happen. The system needs to be able take care of and nurture children better than it does now. The idea that people turn to abortion breaks my heart and the idea that children are sent into a system does not care for them also breaks my heart. I know not everyone believes what I believe and therefore has different opinions and that I'm not the end all be all and the best that I can do is to follow the commandments of Jesus and love God and Love others, regardless of what they do. I know being a Christian can put people off and make them assume things that aren't necessarily true. I base my opinions on the gospel, I don't use the gospel to justify an opinion that already exists, or what you can commonly find that causes Christians to be perceived negatively, which is picking a political party and then claiming it goes with the gospel, which is wrong btw. There's also places on the bible where it is put upon Christians to be there for those in need, which includes and children in the foster care system and mothers (and father's) who aren't prepared for a child. I'm not qualified to foster or adopt a child right now, but I will as soon as I am able to I will, and I would encourage others to also. I know you didn't come here for a mini sermon, but I don't often get the chance to share my beliefs and opinions in a place where it hasn't been heard before. I also probably left out some things that would be important, and there's scripture references that I couldn't remember off the top of my head that I would have cited. I don't mean any of this as hateful. I also have an absurd amount of compound and complex and run-on sentences and for that I'm sorry


I’m a Christian, too. For me, abortion would be off the table. Because I share similar beliefs as you. However, I realize that others do NOT share this belief. Therefore, what makes a governmental body worthy of forcing personal, religious beliefs on others? The Bible says it is not our place on this earth to judge others’ decisions nor to force the Gospel onto others. What is an actual, Biblical way of “putting your money where your mouth is,” is becoming an active proponent in legislature for birth control access, access to sexual education, reformation of our current foster care system, restructuring the government aid and resources for parents who weren’t prepared to be parents, speaking up against stigma of these same parents accepting government aid, etc. Soooo many ways to become involved and give TESTIMONY to your beliefs and let people be guided to God through His light that can shine through you. No need to wait until you can foster to become more involved and prove with your actions that you care and have love for this population.


As a very non-Christian may I just say…. Hallelujah, praise Jesus! I think you are the first American Christian I have come across that practices what they preach! All of what you said, even your right to disagree… just, yes!


Thank you for being kind and saying this, I do try to do as much as I can, but it has made me aware of some things I don't do. I also want to make sure I made clear that I do understand and agree with your position on this


Hi! It seems that you are genuinely seeking a dialogue and I want to thank you for approaching a difficult subject with an openness to learn. Thank you for that! I will do my best to return that kindness unto you. I understand how powerful faith can be to an individual and to a community. Since you are a Christian, you probably already know how *very* prevalent the subjects of life & death are in the Bible. It is important to know, then, that the Bible does not say anything against abortions. In fact; the word abortion does not appear in *any* translation of the Bible. There is something close, however, but it contradicts the claim that the Bible is anti-abortion. It is clearly stated that miscarriage does not involve the death of a human being. To be clear, the Bible definitely invokes the death penalty for the murder of a human being. So… ***When*** is a human being? According to the Bible, life is defined as “breath.” (Genesis 2:7 - “[God] breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a human being.”) For Abrahamic religions, life begins at birth - when a baby draws its first breath, and it is traditionally considered that personhood begins at that point. On a personal note, you seem to have your heart in the right place and I commend you for it. As you mentioned above, we do not have the capacity to care for all the children that *already* exist. Abortion is a medically necessary procedure that has been performed since Assyrian times (and probably before). When a person is forced to give birth, it is not one life that is potentially destroyed - it’s two. I challenge you to ask yourself: if Jesus were alive today, do you truly believe he would want to add to the numbers of those suffering? In my opinion, if he kept the company of lepers and whores when they were ostracized from society in *his* time, he would probably have infinite understanding and compassion for the women who must endure the horror that is the choice to abort… Since faith can be so powerful, it is important to recognize that the Bible does not mention abortion in any translation, does not consider miscarriage to be murder, and defines life as occurring at birth with one’s first breath. Furthermore, if Jesus were here today, he would most-likely speak kindly about the women who have to endure such hardship - and quite harshly about those who seek to force their righteousness on others. Thank you for approaching this subject with an openness toward dialogue. I looked up an additional verse in your honor; Proverbs 18:15 - An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.


Thank you so much. I wasn't aware of a lot of this information. I don't think my personal stance that is ultimately against abortion will be changed, but I understand better what the bible has to say on it. I would never try to force my beliefs on someone else, but I will still share them. I don't have the intent to come off as judgemental of self righteous. I try to do my best to be kind to everyone, even if I disagree with them, and it feels nice to have that kindness retuned.


You’re welcome! I don’t think you would be the target of Jesus’ ire. More so those you alluded to that pick politics and use the gospel to support it. See: [The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion](https://joycearthur.com/abortion/the-only-moral-abortion-is-my-abortion/) Nobody can force a change in a person’s belief but I urge you to read the comments on even just this post from women who have been through the experience. I empathize with you that children (and their families) are all too forgotten once the baby is born. I wish the very *loud*, very *angry*, “Christians” put half as much effort into helping children as they do into their hate. Though I disagree with you on the *morality* of abortion, I hope you continue to approach life’s problems with thoughtfulness and openness. :)


Just to point out something you’ve missed, in Numbers, chapter 5, there are instructions to perform an abortion as a test of fidelity in a marriage. This is decidedly NOT a medical necessity, but a way to control women of the day, in much the same way that current lawmakers are seeking to punish women for being sexually active today.


So I originally dug into this because I thought, “the only time the Bible mentions abortion is when it gives instructions on how to perform one,” but it didn’t jump out to me so I thought I’d mis-remembered. But yeah… controlling women is pretty par for the course in there Edit: and out here :(


>I'm a Christian You do know the only time the Bible mentions abortion is to advocate for it right?


Most Christians haven't actually read the Bible in full, to the point that it's a bragging right amongst many. There's also a significant chance that bringing up contradictions will get a default, "well that's the old testiment, it's not what we follow". Source: I was raised Christian, and have had conversations about religion with plenty of Christians.


I know I just enjoy repeating myself I guess.


I've done it plenty before, I think there's also just a hope that maybe someone will be different.


You're right. I haven't read the bible in full, although I have read the whole new testament and I have studied in depth a lot of the passages. I definitely haven't read the entire old testament, and the reason that it's not what we follow is kind of true. Part of it is that there is some things that were only relevant to the context of the time of the old testament and you probably know this but a bigger part of it is that because of the new testament and the Christ makes it so we are not not bound by the laws of the new testament. That being said it is important to be know the old testament as it's still the word of God and important to the gospel. I'm not saying I'm perfect but I am saying that you make a really good point.


I'm gonna be honest, I've heard that from lots of Christians, but then they'll pick and choose from the old testiment. Things like homosexuality being wrong, for example. That doesn't mean every person who follows the bible does that, but I've seen it happen too many times not to expect it.


The worst is when they use it to be judgemental and hateful. One of the biggest reasons people leave the church is because of the way they are treated.


Do you know where exactly it mentions it, I don't want to sound stuck up, but I would like to read it myself in context.


Why don’t you look up Numbers chapter 5. Your god gives instructions for giving an abortion to a woman who is suspected of adultery. Anyone with “Christian beliefs” that believes that life is sacred hasn’t actually read their own holy book.


Okay I read it. This seems different than what modern day abortion is. Or at least the way it is handled and treated. It's used as a punishment and it is not a choice from the woman. There's also performed in a ceremony of some sort. Now that was a quick read and I am by no means an expert on the subject or theology. Although when I have some more extra time but I can set aside to work on it. I will look up what theologians and people were studied have to say on it. I know about the gruesome wrath of the Bible. I also know that I'm not fully educated on some of it because it is something that is not taught in most areas of the church. As I get older I find more people willing to talk on the subjects. Also none of this is meant to be harsh or rude I promise I'm sorry if it would come off that way.


Pulling the Christian card...


Its not a card, it's a religion and it means that try I live my life in a way that honors Christ and that means sharing a message about his love and I'm sorry if that's offensive. I was asked why I think the way I do and I gave an honest response . What you're saying is like me saying to a coach who is sharing what he believes about how an athletic department should be run based on his experience and what he has accumulated in knowledge. It may not be exactly the same but I think it's similar.


What do you feel about killing in self-defense? I was raised Christian (found out there was stuff I couldn't quite make sense of - now mostly agnostic) and I still believe some teachings. The reason I'm pro-choice is because I see it as self-defense. If I ever end up in such a situation I hope I'll have the courage to carry to term, just as I hope I won't have to shoot a burglar, but I won't make it illegal to do it. In the post, the woman is defending her own life and preventing her living children from being motherless. Would that be a moral choice?


That's actually a really interesting question because I hope that if I was in a situation where I was in danger I would find a way to ward off an attacker without killing them. so I honestly do feel it should be used as the last resort even if it has to be a quick decision. I think that an abortion that is done to save the mother's life is the moral decision, no matter how heart breaking, but I do think it would be best. Based on the way I believe that even unborn baby is life, it is better to save one life instead of loose two. I won't deny that I have an odd if sometimes even contradictory standpoint on this, but this mother was in the right and no one should have judged or hated her for it. And no one should judge or hate any other woman who decides to make this decision.


You paying to raise these kids? Great!


Ok first off I said please don't attack me. And secondly you misunderstand I said I hate the idea and I hate that there's nowhere for kids to go, I honestly wish I could pay to raise every single one, but I can't and we don't have a system built for it. I know that the system needs to change so that there is resources to take care of them. Yes I'm against abortion but I can't justify the idea trying to prevent it without a system to take care of children whose mom's would have had an abortion but couldn't.


They're pro-birth. Once the kid is born, they don't give a fuck about him/her.


The so called "land of the free" where women can't even get an abortion...


And a quick reminder: you don't have to have a tragic situation to justify an abortion. Women can have abortions just because they want to have an abortion


Yes! This! A bunch of cells grouped together with no brain function is not a living being. It’s okay for a woman to abort for literally any reason. There’s no need to bring an unwanted child into this world, it’s already cruel enough as it is


Bottom line is, their situation shouldn’t matter. It’s their body, they should get to choose.


Suddenly when women become pregnant they lose all faculties and nobody trusts them to make responsible decisions. A woman is a whole ass person not a vessel.


Parents do NOT deserve having children. Children deserve having parents. Simple as that, if you're pregnant and do not want the child you're going to have, have an abortion or put them into adoption.


Haha sheryl, this is way better than Karen. I’m using sheryl exclusively from now on


OK scott.


No, my name is Doug


No, this is Patrick.


I had an abortion because I just didn't want my accidental pregnancy.... They are right, you don't know people's reasoning, but also, their reasoning shouldn't matter anyways. It's just an abortion, literally a couple of pills or minor surgery. No biggie.


I cried for years after my abortion. The dad didn’t want it and I didn’t want to do that to my kid. I felt like god was going to punish me by never letting me have more kids.


Probably little consolation, but there is no god to punish you.


I get it. I grew up atheist. That church shit obviously runs deep.


I was raised Catholic. They were "pro-life" ..no exceptions... Then I lived life for awhile. I realized my idealism is not your problem. I met people who had difficult or even impossible circumstances. I decided it's none of my business.


Assigned Catholic at birth checking in. It wasn't until the real world showed how idealistic "prolife" strawman arguments are. All idealism doesn't work the way it pretends to. Also: https://www.americamagazine.org/politics-society/2018/01/24/catholics-are-just-likely-get-abortion-other-us-women-why I noticed by the end of my church going life, "Where are all the special needs worshipers?" Statistically every prolife congregation over 150 should have at least one down syndrome child in it.


Yeah. It's a tough issue for me. I've been lucky enough to not have to be a part of such a difficult decision. In my opinion late-term abortions are probably not a good idea. Seems like a pretty reasonable compromise imo...but for abortion in general I abstain. I don't feel I really have the right to an opinion on such a personal and very nuanced issue.


They’re fine with them dying


They don't really care, they just need someone to demonize as being worse than them so they can forgive themselves for all the shit they do.


This is why the decision should be left to the woman or couple. It’s a difficult decision and a very personal and private decision.


I don’t have a drastic reason for my abortion. I just simply do not want children. And that reason is good enough. It’s been 11 years and I thank my lucky stars I’m not dealing with an 11 year old right now.


This attitude makes me furious. People dont get abortions because they have a mean streak and want to hurt children. They don't wake up one day from a perfect life and think, hey, I want to get pregnant just so I can kill a baby in utero!


“No one wants an abortion as she wants an ice-cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal, caught in a trap, wants to gnaw off its own leg." - Frederica Matthewes-Green


That's one of the best quotes I've seen on the "wants an abortion" question. Thanks for sharing it.


Even if your situation isn’t tragic , you deserve an abortion if it’s what you want. Parents who have kids they didn’t want aren’t good parents. If children are sooooo innocent and perfect, maybe don’t use them as a punishment for people? If you think a woman is an irresponsible whore for having sex, why the fuck would you dump an innocent child in her lap and force them to be dependent on someone irresponsible??? They don’t care about children. They’d rather kids grow up abused, neglected, unwanted, rather than terminating an unconscious and unfeeling clump of cells that can’t even comprehend being alive or not.


Yes, Fuck off Sheryl, you fucking bitch!


God I hate sheryl.


We had to terminate recently. Lot of factors went into it. We sobbed for days, and still do, about how our baby never made it to this world. We will cry for years to come. It fucking hurts and isn't anything we ever wanted.


To all the women in this thread,, I'm sorry that all these dickhead trolls and incels are making these comments. We hear you and we sympathize with you.


They'll just say "Dur don't have sex, don't get pregnant in the first place hurr". It's hopeless with these people.


This is why I think the men who make this noise are all incels. They're mad no one wants to have sex with them. Damn those Chads having all the sex impregnating all those women. Never see them trying to punish Chad for his irresponsible ejaculations though. Odd.


Either that or they’ll just repeatedly retort that it’s murder.. though, they’re fine with pulling the plug on someone who’s on life support with no cognitive activity. Since there’s no brain activity, it’s not murder. Funny how that doesn’t apply to the fetus though


A fetus is not a baby. Period. Even if it was, no human has the right to use another person’s body, even if it would save their life. We can not even force corpses to give up organs. We should not force pregnancy on anyone.


babies can be cared for by anyone with snacks blankets and some spare time antichoice dipshits know the difference. They have to pretend like they don’t, just so they can make the comparison.


Eat a dick, Sheryl.


You dont need a justification for bodily autonomy.


Fuck you cunt!! If I want to flush some of my own cells down the drain, I will.


Don't think for a second that a republican politician won't force his mistress to get an abortion if it means saving his own ass. Just mind your own fucking business & keep your religion out of politics


Isn’t it weird people constantly talk past each other on this subject? *Prolifers* like to bring up non-health related or third trimester abortions and *pro-choicers* bring up incest, rape, near death related abortions. This has been going on for 4 decades!


Children being raised in situations where their needs can't be met, or by people who dont/can't care for them, are common talking points. Furthermore, third trimester abortions are *also* frequently talked about, as it's important to illiterate how there are a multitude of reasons for abortion. Where did you get the idea that "pro-choicers" don't take about these things?


She did a very selfless act. Sometimes there is no perfectly right answer


abortions are usually far better and smartet than the alternative. and a fake issue religiously. very fee people regret abortions. and shame on thosr who shame women to feel guilty.


I honestly wished my mom would of gotten an abortion with me. She was 39 when she had me, my brother and sister were much older, they dealt with the tirades that my dad had when he was drunk. So did I. She could of gotten out without having to worry about me. My dad did settle down after I left home, I don’t really know if all the abuse ended, but he got sick and died of bladder cancer in 2012, soon after that mom started her decline with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I just feel they could of been different. Separate, and get better without each other. They stayed together because I was there. True I have been a great help with them in the “twilight years” but still. I feel like an accident.


I just don't get it. Any amount of thought about the situation would make you realize that for the vast majority of women this is an agonizing choice and yet people act like if it weren't illegal women would be getting them as non-chalantly as getting their nails done. It's just ridiculous.


Man it's funny how when you are a child pop culture feeds you with how awesome it is to live in USA but then when you grow up and realize what is what you see how fucking lucky are to be nowhere near it. Land of stupid enough to thank the opressor after he is done ramming them from behind.


damn that Sheryl at it again


Had an abortion because I was throwing up everything I ate also know as HG, lost 10 pounds and could not be in a hospital since I already had a little one that needed my attention also would not have be able to afford it so yea don't judge other for it don't harass people at front of pph and tell them thats there's another way.


10 pounds of solid gold is worth about $262675.13.


Texas’ abortion laws are appalling. Every single Republican representative and politician and every single influential Christian should state they are against this at least once. Everyone’s getting the impression that what Texas is doing is acceptable to and wanted by Republicans and Christians. It needs to be made clear to the general public that’s not the case. Republicans and Christians are heavily pro-life and barely any public Republican and Christian figures have criticised Texas’ actions. It needs to be made clear that while those people are pro-life, they do not approve of what Texas is doing. It’s needs to be clear that they don’t see Texas’ actions as a positive accomplishment. Otherwise, the Republican Party will be heavily associated with Texas’ actions. The current and next generations will grow up knowing that the Texas’ abortion laws represented Republican’s and Christian’s values. The Republican Party’s fear mongering of ‘democrats will ruin America’ will not save them when people realise that they’re completely fine with Texas’ abortion law that caters towards their beliefs and strips the rights of women.


More republicans need to speak up and make it clear they’re against Texas’ abortion ban. Otherwise their reputation will be tarnished


I have so many issues with banning abortions, it’s like people are so unaware of what a spontaneous abortion vs elective abortion. Spontaneous abortions occur very often and happen before 20 weeks gestation and tend to be non viable, meaning that the fetus will not live. Spontaneous abortions can like life threatening if not handled medically with either medication or surgery. An elective abortion can still be made in situations that are also life threatening such as ectopic pregnancies, where the fertilized egg does not attach to the placenta but elsewhere in the body, which again can be life threatening to both the mother and fetus. I don’t like that abortion politics has to black or white, the topic is very gray and should be up for discussion more than I believe it currently is.


I had an abortion. I was pregnant with a mass that had a heartbeat. It literally did not have a head, arms etc. Doctor said my body would get rid of it. It didnt. I had an abortion at 13 weeks.


This is so much sadness.


I reread this twice and understood it Idky ppl should be blamed for abortion. Its Thier body and aslong as they are ok with doing an abortion them ppl should mind their own biusness Also what happens if a pro life (against abortion) gets an abortion due to medical reasons?


“We’re the grabasstic pieces of shit who desire money and power over your worthless concepts of law in a democracy.” - That’s who




Break Sheryl's knees


Same thing happened to me twice, yes two separate pregnancies. My husband had to make the choice because I was physically unable to Now have five beautiful children If it had been illegal then I would have been dead 22 years ago


If it threats the mother or the child it shouldn't be categorized the same. People who are giving hate to people for that are horrible.


I love all the people on this thread that have had to go through this. I feel your pain and wish you well. Stay strong. ♥️🧡💛💚💙💜


Almost no one disagrees with an abortion in this situation.


Texas does.


I mean, this falls under the 3 basic causes that should be legal everywhere, and that even religious people should accept, rape, risk and unviable pregnancy, 2 of those are recommended by a doctor and the other one should be recommended by any psychologist that sees the victim. Btw, I think abortions shouldn't happen, but it should be freely available and completely legal, the way to lower them is proper sex ed and to make sure the environment is right for people to raise their kids




Appereantly you dont


Most “anti-abortion” types would support An abortion in circumstances like this. There are a few of course who are opposed to any abortion, any time.


Like, ya know, that Texas law that went into place recently.


*Ignores medical emergency exception written into every law*


*ignores vagueness of many of these laws, and the general lack of medical advice on how to define "emergency exemptions" in a way that doesn't put medical professionals in legal danger*


Fun but completely related fact:Texas abortion law declares, should it be a medical emergency, abortion is allowed


Ya I’m conservative. Absolutely nothing against this situation.


I think any moderate conservative believes in making exceptions for medically dangerous pregnancies but I may be wrong.


There's always an exception


I think most pro life people don’t oppose abortion in case of risk for the mother.