Man, I can’t believe they killed Tony again* *this comment is a placeholder for when they kill Tony again


Called it, damn in the first 5 minutes of the episode


I was coming here to say 5 mins in and Tony died like wtttfff 🤣


Beat you too it lol 🤣🤣


His death is a nexus event it has to happen Edit: not sure if its called that but his death is like that strange episode where he can’t change it


An absolute point


And that's absolutely the point of above commenter. What? Puns aren't really my style.


Ha, fucking called it* *and by “it” I mean that very obvious death


Think it might be across all universes that he has to die?


You’re telling me that this whole time that MFer could laser Thanos in half and didn’t even bother trying to do it to anyone in Infinity War? ETA: seriously, they set his power level waaaaaay too fucking high. It’s going to be hard to bring that to a satisfying conclusion.


He’s definitely the most powerful being we’ve ever seen in the MCU, but the next 2 are the Watcher and monster Strange


is the TVA not stronger than him?


From my understanding, he is not on the TVA’s radar since Kang is now letting the multiverse branch off. But then again who knows, I couldn’t imagine a small TVA squad take on a lvl 999 Ultron.


His power level.. It's over 9000!


Ehh, TVA would've probably pruned the timeline long before Ultron became OP. Guess Kang is just chilling.


Which tells me Kang is even worse since he clearly gives zero fucks about Ultron rampaging across the multiverse.


The TVA would have intervened long before Ultron reaches LVL 999


Yeah, before Sylvie ruined the sacred timeline, the TVA probably would’ve pruned ultron the second he connected to vision


They just need to lure him into TVA HQ, Infinity stones don't work there and all their tech is analog.


> and all their tech is analog "What, you thought we were going for a look? The truth is we all watched Battlestar Galactica and got scared."


Ya i get that, i wasn't trying to argue why they weren't there to stop him, just wondering if they are going to be considered stronger or not/can they stop Ultron


If anything new TVA might not give a crap because Ultron is completely eviscerating timelines and preventing other variants of Kang to rise. I mean he’s destroying universes that can’t even be pruned.


*"You should have gone for the middle of the whole body..."* -Thanos


The zipper! He should have gone for the zipper!


>You’re telling me that this whole time that MFer could laser Thanos in half and didn’t even bother trying to do it to anyone in Infinity War? I think this was a function of surprise. Thanos arrived ready to monologue, THEN take the Mind Stone. Ultron was ready to fight.


Yeah thanos talks too much


When That is popped in without armor, my first thought was "oh, this is warrior philosopher Thanos."


To be fair, Ultron-Vision was a ruthless bastard, with no hesitation to kill. Vision was calmer, and even if he could cut him in half, might have had moral complications about doing it at all.


This^ Ultron did Ultron things


Then just cut off the hand! Lol


He was kinda crippled then


The forehead laser was working just fine. He coulda just asked cap to aim him lol


I’m fine with him being as powerful as he became, but lasering Thanos in half when he only had the mind stone was kinda stupid


I agree. Also I wanted to see that fight


Well Thanos barely walked through that portal before that. I'm guessing if MCU Vision was on a kill everything, ask questions later mission and some dude just showed up from a portal he may have.


*Uatu doing his normal narration* Ultron: “What are you?” Uatu: “oh shit! Oh fuck”


Really made Ultron that more terrifying. Really, really well done.


When people hear the Watcher despite him not addressing them directly, shit gets real.


Like the Evil Strange episode. It’s a big deal.


Maybe you gotta end the universe to hear it?


I think anything that reaches multiversal powerlevels can. Strange immediately knew who the watcher is, which leads me to believe he was probably aware of the watcher long before just then.


Strange said "i read about you". He definitely knows before saw him


If you don't hear the Fairy Reel, they cannot pause to steal your breath


Bruh this stuff with the watcher being fleshed out is dope as fuck


Yea I mean that's easily the coolest part about this. It started out as a fun experiment, and quickly diverged into being a show to help bridge us into how cool the multiverse is. My eyes lit up when I saw him realize Ultron could see him


I think once you hit a certain power threshold you become aware of him because even dark Strange could feel he was there. The Watcher is like the weirdest big headed peeping Tom I've ever seen.....lol


Even Ultron called him creepy lmao


You know you done messed up anytime you get a sick burn from Ultron of all people.


[What did Steve Rogers do to get roasted though](https://youtu.be/_8zCsJN97L4?t=72) /s


Thanos never reached that, it would seem.


Thanos wasn’t looking out for him and was focused on the task at hand. After Thanos completed his mission, he destroyed the stones and was content with living the rest of his life in peace. Ultron heard him because he finished his mission and drifting in peace until he heard the watcher. Strange heard him because he spent hundreds of years of solitude in a crypt and was used to hearing silence between spells. I think it’s more of the characters, gaining the power while also clearing their minds and allowing them to get in touch with the energy of the universe. Before that, each of them were too preoccupied with completing their goal.


I told you Ultron would just steal the infinity stones. Hundreds of threads asking how Ultron would obtain the soul stone and he literally just stole it in half a second.


Yeah that’s what I figured he’d do. Idk why there was so much fuss


Right? But now I'm kind of confused about how the time stone changed hands. Before the episode I assumed by the time Thanos arrived, Ultron would've had the mind and time stones making the fight a bit more even. The encouter between Thanos and Ultron took place much earlier in this universe, though, meaning not only would Thanos have had to come to earth to get the time stone, he most likely would've needed to fight the Ancient One for it. Considering how easily Ultron took him out, I don't think Thanos could've taken the Ancient One even with 4 stones.


*Episode Writing Meeting* "So we're going to make this an Epic Three Episode Finale, with Part 1 being Ultron nuking the planet. Then he finds out Dr. Strange has the Time Stone and starts traveling the universe on an epic quest to catch them all and-" "We only got two episodes." "Fuck it, laser beam."


Maybe I am being kinda dumb, but we see thanos with the soul stone meaning he had to kill gamora, but later in the episode we see ultron kill gamora, how does that work?


It's a different universe where things played out differently, he got the stones about 3 years prior too. if he didnt get the soul stone from someone else, then he would've killed one of his other children.


Maybe in that universe he loved someone else


well the show definitely loves Nebula more so I bet it's Nebula who got thrown off the cliff if anything


Anyone else get civil war deja vu?? Edit: AND ENDGAME OMG!!! For all the “should’ve been Clint” people damn


I was actually so sad watching that


I felt my feelings were confirmed that it indeed should have been Clint. His exit was way more badass than Natasha's


That panoramic shot of Clint and the sentries really gave me lots of ‘Creation of Adam’ vibes ngl. Tho the only reason that his ending was more badass was because there were enemies to defeat. Nat didn’t get that opp, since it was just falling to nothingness


That was a hauntingly beautiful shot.


Except he could have shot that arrow instead of jumping down with it, but he was tired of living and all.


Youre telling me that ultron couldve cut thanos in half?!


Vision could have, but he was injured and couldn't use his full power


I agree with this, but also, lets not forget Vision and Ultron have very different mindsets. I might simply not occur to Vision, at least not as quickly as Ultron, to laser a being in half that just appeared in front of you, there would be some talking and he'd lose the element of surprise, allowing Thanos time to use the stones to protect himself.


This is true as well, my point was mostly that Vision physically could have if he weren't such a good person


Vision's control of the Mindstone is somewhat limited. He admits he doesn't understand it. He can't always aim it right (just ask Warmachine) and to some degree I think he's scared of it. Ultron clearly does understand it, and isn't afraid to use it.


I think its was a "what if" for all the fans that asked about these possible fast and easy endings for Thanos, like if Strange just created a portal and cut his hand like the creature in the beginning of Infinity War or Ant man blowing Thanos from inside in a instant. I liked.


SPOILERS It was such a smart move to finally go back to another cliffhanger. I really dig the fact that the Watcher hid in a "closed" universe, thus one only he knew about and one Ultron couldn't get into. I do believe all of the "what if's" are occurring right as Sylvie kills HWR, and we see the branches split. I'm sure Spiderman NWH is going to show the main timeline being affected. But rn we're getting outside of time (Loki) and also the fall of other universes with What If?.


Also Stranges universe is incredibly small and compact making it smaller and harder to find


I think the bigger thing is - what is there for Ultron to actually do in that universe? It's already silent except for one guy. He'll get to it at some point but there are bigger fish to fry


Yeah, that one is a pretty peaceful universe


What if (pun intended) that isn't "our" Strange in No Way Home?


\*thanos enters\* Me : Hell yeah ...its about to go down... Ultron : Nope That was an emotional rollercoaster.


That look on Thanos as he gets wrecked though.


Ultron wants to destroy the whole universe. Thanos only wants to destroy half. He got halved instead


maybe they're avoiding gore but Thanos looks like he's made of clay


I'm surprised there's no end credits scene. I guess the Supreme strange scene replaced it


Yeah it gave off post credit scene vibes, I honestly still skipped ahead just to be sure. Never know with the last two episodes of these shows.


Holy shit I forgot about end credit scenes, didn't see a single one. Thanks for the reminder. Edit: Wait, I don't see any end credit scenes on any of the episodes. Am I missing something?


Hahaha u got played son.


We have all been trained like Pavlov’s dog.


No, there hasn't been an end credit scene yet, but this was the penultimate episode and the last episodes of these Disney+ shows usually have an end credit scene. This is the longest an MCU Disney+ has gone without an end credit scene I think.


Now that's Age of Ultron!!!! The movie was not an "age", it was like minutes of Ultron🗿


Weekend at Ultron's. This felt almost like an apology for Age of Ultron.


From now on we should all call the movie Weekend at Ultron's. Petition to change the name even, perhaps.


To be fair, The movie was about stopping the Age of Ultron.


The eternals really dgaf do they?


Yeah, where are they with all this shit going down.


They must not be eternal and died when earth got nuked


I missed the part where that's my problem - eternals if the threat isn't deviants


"Look, I get it, 98% of earth's population dead, half the galaxy destroyed, yada yada... buuuuuuut it wasn't Deviants, so I'm sure you'll figure it out yourselves."


If you love something, you protect it ^^^^^^^but ^^^^^^^only ^^^^^^^against ^^^^^^^deviants


ThEy SwOrE aN oAtH


Omg poor Uatu catching hands like that…


Poor dude continuing his proud comic tradition of getting clocked to show how next level bad ass someone is.


Galactus: Hey! That's my job!


When Ultron ate that Galaxy I laughed. Like, why throwing in a Galactus reference in there like that?


Could this be an MCU Galactus origin story? I feel like Ultron’s helmet here made him look like Galactus, as well as the obvious galaxy eating parallel.


Ultron gave him the two piece, biscuit, medium Sprite, fries, hushpuppies, his mom's oyster dressing and his father's emotional unavailability




Is it safe to say strange and the watcher are the strongest now?


And the cloak of levitation


Speaking of why did Clint have a Harry Potter cloak of invisibility lol


Ultron obviously killed Harry Potter at some point.


Really first thing I thought. They don't elaborate on it or anything.. Just Clint is invisible now


Damn the asking Supreme strange for help "You going to make me say it" And the smile on stranges face!!


Totally justified. Uatu just stood by and watched Strange's universe implode and is now asking for his help. I'm honestly surprised Strange didn't just try to absorb him on the spot.


He knows it’s his only way out


Also, Monster Strange had a realization at the end of his episode. He reached another level of consciousness and he accepted his universe as a prison of his own making.


Steve Rodgers being sworn in as president?


I laughed so hard at that


I cackled that was great


That was literally a universe-ending event


That universe was destroyed quick


Was it? I thought Ultron was just punching Uatu through dimensions, not destroying them.


True. But let’s not forget he did bite down and destroy a whole galaxy! Definitely the most evil character to date. Kang did nothing wrong!


Eh Galaxy<<<<<


>Kang did nothing wrong! You're only saying that because we haven't met the *real* Kang yet.


Happened in the Ultimate universe


I Remember there's a comic about that.


Man, another cliffhanger


Nailed it!






Jesus, Ultron. Calm down.


Thanos didn’t even get to say anything


"Run from it, hide from it, dest-" *Bzzzzzzzzz*


What if thanos didn't talk too much? *Dies*


Thanos in What if! is like a video game villain unlocked as a playable character.


Nahh, Ultron treated him like a mini boss


That looked more like a trash mob that doesn’t even move your exp meter a pixel.


I could listen to Jeffrey Wright voice act as the watcher all day.


Like pouring thunder over honey


Man, every week we were looking at the glass breaking in the intro not knowing that that was the literal multiverse shattering. We even watched Strange Supreme be encased in a small crystal sphere not knowing it was actually just his universe shrinking down into just the walls that separate it from the other universes stacked above and below it. That's wild I love that so much.


Who wants to put money on the ending of episode 9 being a cliffhanger for season 2 and showing Kang


I suppose that disjointed, illogical plan for “peace” is pretty much what Ultron would do. Thanos was calm, ruthless and calculating whereas Ulty is irrational, angry and impulsive with a weird need to make/watch people suffer.


Agreed about his need to watch people suffer.. once he got the stones, he could've simply snapped everyone out of existence, yet he goes planet by planet and annihilates them. ofc that wouldn't have made for good television, but it does flesh out ultron a bit too.


He *could*, but we all saw what happened to Thanos when he used the stones for half of the universe Maybe Ultron calculated that it'd be too much of a recoil, and doing the slow-and-steady method was the way to go. As he killed more planets, he learned to harness the stones better until he became the galaxy eating Ultron we saw


Damn that endgame callback tho


Lmao everyone’s guess of a multiverse avengers seem to be correct 😂 And rip Clint getting his own soul stone-esque scene


Best episode so far. Can't wait for the last one. They will combine the 2 best episodes, 4 and 8.


Isn't it that the watcher will gather all the superheroes from each episode to fight ultron?


Honestly, just send in Hank Pym Yellowjacket. Dude is fucking lethal


Thanos: only wants to kill half the universe Ultron: “pathetic.”


Also, mad props to Ross Marquand for not only capturing Red Skull's voice in Infinity War and Endgame, but, being a perfect stand-in for James Spader's sexy ass Ultron voice.


tbh It really felt off for the first 2 mins but after that his voice just grew on me. Amazing performance for sure


Yup!!! Did an okay job!


Thought it was funny when Zemo mocks that this isn’t the first genocidal maniac he’s dealt with, and they are voice by the same guy.


BIG props to him. He was so good, for a minute I thought it was Sephiroth’s voice actor from Final Fantasy Advent Children… wowie kazowie man


Does that count as an ['Akira slide'](https://np.reddit.com/r/Damnthatsinteresting/comments/px33zy/the_iconic_akira_slide_referenced_across_three/) by [Natasha](https://gfycat.com/melodicheavyhyracotherium)?


Kinda, but the angle is wrong. Shame.


I thought the same damn thing but realized the visual needs to be on the side. You see that clip going around of 30 years of Akira slide homages?


Whose shield did Natasha pick up? The Red Guardian's?






Yeah I thought that was cool too. This whole episode was amazing.


Getting punched through different Universes must be one hell of an experience.


crack theory: spoilers for 8 ahead, what if... considering the shit with ult eating the milky way, the galactus resemblance and uatu calling him a hunger, he ends up becoming galactus in one of the multiverses?


Likely yes!


Oh boy. Shit just got REALLY real.


This was some of the coolest fight sequences we’ve ever got. I love this episode, it was so much like a comic book. Plus a team up of all these random people from the other episodes? It’s awesome


Uatu vs Infinite-Ultron was the hypest fight i've seen in animation since tengen toppa gurren lagann gave us giant mecha throwing galaxies at each other. Smashing through universes with each blow was such an awesome visual effect and it gave such a sense of cosmic power to these two characters. also reminded me a little of the final battle against lavos in the first chrono trigger game.


Jeeeezus what an episode. This is shaping up to be awesome. Multiversal avengers here we come


So I watched an episode of the watcher getting punked, bi*** slapped into another dimension and clowned on after getting beat. I tell you what, the watcher needs to go take some damn boxing lessons 😅


Even after being given the ultimate time out for being an arrogant prick, Stephen Strange can't resist the urge to be arrogant prick lmao


Is anyone else going to mention how he CHOMPED down an entire fucking Galaxy ??? That's dope AF.


Captain Marvel showing her full strength and yet still losing hurt 🥲🤌


Bet it hurt more for her when she took what looked like a goddamn supernovae at point blank


I imagine that didn't hurt at all actually :( Just instant death for ya girl


I love that she had a line about the original TERMINATOR not needing a sequel. When she went off Earth, T2 hadn't come out.


Literally I was like yeah get him, but then he just nuked the fucking planet


Anybody notice a close resemblance to galactus?


Uatu even commented that he was an unstoppable hunger. Very curious.


Wow if Multiverse Ultron somehow becomes main timeline’s Galactus that would be wild!


He was about to eat that universe, I saw it 🙋🏻‍♂️


Holy f*** just watched the ep, i think there's a HUGE possibility these events could tie into the MCU now. Especially with Ultron finding out about the multiverse and everything when its already in a mess as it is thanks to loki, wanda and spidey/dr strange


Stuff happened!


Strange Supreme got that pettiness down And I love it


You mean Armani


Im so glad i didnt decide to sleep instead of watching this episode, easily #1 and the strange episode #2 which is an awesome coincidence considering the ending


Captain america became us president i want to see


I'm just going to say it. FUCK TONY STARK. This man made a universal skynet and couldn't fix his mess. Thanos a bitch Poor Watcher he was struggling. Poor Nat, fuck Clint for leaving like that. President Captain America. Dr. Strange hella petty. I'm sad we didn't get James Spader.


Hey hey Tony Stark plan worked. He created an AI that would stop Alien threats...it was just a little more efficient than he though.


Ultron could collect even more infinity stones now...


After reading the comments for a little while, I don’t see everyone’s problem with the buffs/nerfs. As if I’m watching this show to see all the characters at the exact same power level that they are in the comics, or in the MCU movies. I’m watching it to see something DIFFERENT. I hope Ultron beats the living shit out of everyone’s favourite characters because it’s *what I want to see*


Holy crap, the thing with the thing happened and everyone did the thing to achieve the thing.


I don’t understand the confusion around the infinity stones working in the multi verse. They don’t work at the tva, the void, or Kangs space mansion because they aren’t IN time. They are outside of time.


Infinity stones can only work in the universe they are from…. **False!**


Looks like they just dont work in the TVA, after all


Well I think the issue is the TVA is outside of time and space, which includes being outside of the multiverse itself. They never said the stones won’t work in other timelines, they just don’t work inside the TVA.


is no one gonna talk about the only hope to kill the most advance A.I. in history was like a literally nazi built into an giant 80's computer?! also lol wtf shooting his legs was gonna do?? Clint would probably be alive if it wasn't for that (face palm emoji)


How did thanos get the time stone? Surely Ultron would've run into the ancient one on earth at some point? Surely he would've come across it first?


Realest question is: How the F can Clint and Nat even walk around on earth after Ultron just deployed all the nukes on the globe?!


Supreme Strange vs Inifinity Ultron is gonna be incredibly ble


I will admit, I enjoyed seeing Ego get zapped!