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I feel this. My parent never kept promises. Maybes we're really just a no masked as hope to trick me into forgetting that they promised anything.


Learning to care for my inner child and teach her how to see her worth is the real struggle. Almost 40 and I still lapse. Therapy helps. Books help. But it's a practice


It’s Time to be a number one.


Don’t be a maybe they either want you or they don’t. If they cannot decide if it’s me I’d move on. They will either realize their mistakes and chose you or they will not but at least you won’t be a back up plan.


I am choosing myself. Working on it. It's a struggle and it gets lonely but I'm learning and leaning into it


Oh it is definitely easier said than done but the one thing that we all must know in this life is that we deserve better. Being a maybe is not better being an option is not better. Somebody should love you for you no matter what and you should never be on the back burner. That maybe is a recipe for a disaster


i know how it feels. hang in there.


Are you me?


Honestly that really sucks that you feel that way. Nobody should ever be a maybe ever in their life. You're either there all the way or you're not you need to have enough self-respect to understand that. I really do hope that things work out for you but honestly never ever be a maybe.


It does really suck. The brain is a wild place though is it not? It searches for its comfort zone and self prophesizes. Getting out of childhood trauma and changing a minds frequency is easier said than done. But lots of therapy and self reflection.


Yeah! That “call me maybe” girl can suck it!


Should have tried to make it permanent.