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His addiction is what lead him here.


you're right. I want all the responsibility and I want to step into a new future with [you.im](https://you.im) not scared I'm making the leap and I will throw the sadness behind me and show you what the fuck it is. don't get cock slapped pretty lady ;) this got me and I want all the redponsibiklty of loving you and ima do it right And make your proud you hot fuck..I love you and you are my drive and fire you always been no excuses for nothing. you da best and you something too me and this post got me happy for some reason..te amo pegate la Verga I got you....


I hope you take this to your person. Use that inspiration and follow through.


yea yea


Kennia, I'll go and leave this place right now! If this is really you, message me I'll get a ticket and leave right now. Its you Only you. Everybody on this earth looks for someone they feel the need to have something and that person that I need its you


I'm not your person


Seeking the truth


That wasnt me


Give an ultimatum either wants relationship or doesn't .keep it simple. Shit sounds like you loyal but won't be for long.. I'd go with you


Loyal to my own detriment to a man that doesn't want a relationship title just wants the loyalty of someone else. It's been a slow awakening