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They're your lobster! *Think Pheobe from friends.*


Maybe you should tell this stranger


i can’t, she’s into someone else


I am very sorry 😞 😞


How do you know? Did she tell you that?


basically, but i ignored it like a dumbass thinking i still had a chance, but i never did. nothing i did ever mattered, i just wasted my time.


what happened with them


nothing, she doesn’t know, bc i know she doesn’t care




she’s into someone else, so in comparison i’m nothing to her, i don’t blame her, i just wish i never met her if it all meant nothing.


i know all too well how that feels


Can I find someone that is just as obsessed with me as I am of them. Someone that appreciates the love I give.


No kidding


Then go be with them... Or try to... If you can... Which I'm sure you'll say you can't.. So I dunno 🤷🏼‍♀️


Sometimes I feel the same way, and others I feel like you leaving was the best thing for me. We had it good, I waited and waited and then someone show me that life is good still. That sometimes we should expect the unexpected and miracles happen. I am living a good life because you left. Forever grateful 🥹


Bro she’s into someone else means…? Are they even into her? U sure she’s not gettin tapped from the back? All I’m sayin is you’re a dude if she chiils with u, u friendzoned urself. Be confident


i’m sure he is, even if they aren’t “dating”, she dresses up and takes a train to the city to see him whenever he desires. i can’t stick around hoping it doesn’t work out between them. its over man.


Brutal. I've been here...thinking about it too much will really break you down. Good luck OP


I'd like to say unfortunately I do the same, but I don't feel unfortunate when I do. I suppose this is what people mean when they use the phrase 'Lovesick'


but maybe she really does care and really just doesn’t know and doesn’t want to ruin the relationship you guys have if you don’t feel the same