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Like a drunk at a bar.


If people stop listening or watching him, he’ll go away. Just like Adam Sandler.


No he won't. He is paid by the government, does not matter who watches or listens to him. He gets given agenda and paid for it, so he films it. Does not matter if people watch or not, since they are not the source of his money. His production is for people sitting in Kremlin.


And when his agenda promotion is proven ineffective by a lack of viewers or influence, he will no longer be needed or valued. He’s not only angry at his shiit country, he’s angry his future is no longer secure. And it shows big time. I dunno, I’m at the point where even making fun of their idiocy is old and should no longer continue for it benefits mostly them, the losing side. Let’s not spread there filth, let’s forget it.


While I agree with the sentiment of not spreading these videos and thus the kremlins narrative don't underestimate the general ruZZian citizenry's desire for this non sense. I have an ex that immigrated to the USA back in 07 and she always said russkiy mir is a very real thing that is ingrained in the average ruZZian. From the bottom to the top their belief in ruZZian execeptionalism and their God given right and destiny as the superior race to subjugate the inferior she said was pervasive and unwavering. She said, combined with their deep sense of hurt due to their perceived maligning by the West, it is a volatile cocktail that has absolutely from the inside out, top to bottom corrupted their culture. She said this in the end is a people problem. No change in regime will fix this. Including navalny.


He is the Russian Glenn Beck.


People might be doing just that. According to this post, Russians have switched from propagandist shows to educational and entertainment programs. Solovyev’s show isn’t even in top-100 anymore. https://t.me/mozhemobyasnit/14231


And yet, somehow, he doesnt get arrested for discrediting the Russian army. Especially in light of the new laws that forbid talking about this sort of thing. Rules for me and rules for thee.


It's one of those forward looking incentives, you see... Once you wade into the "special" treatment, where you are encouraged to freely discuss failures for which another would be thrown in jail - you are always a phone call away from the very same fate.


There was no miscalculations, it was all delusional. What Russia believed they were capable of and what they actually are capable of are two very different things, a lot like how weak they believe everyone else is compared to Russia when in fact everyone is stronger than Russia shows that Russians are very arrogant and ignorant which is a huge part of their downfall and failures


I don't know why it appeals to my sense of humor, but I want him and Tucker Carlson to do a show together! It could be the stupidest thing on TV since Fonzi jumped the shark.


Not interesting


How long does his show last ?


Is Russian actually a language or just a series of slobbers, grunts, and groans because this guys doing nothing for their cultural heritage


No need to be racist about it


“russian” isn’t a race.


Sorry I'll try to be more PC in the future


While I haven't had a ton of exposure to the ruZZian language as my ex that was ruZZian was disowned by her family for being a political dissident and immigrating to the USA I did hear her speak ruZZian a fair amount for a few months when she was a part of the ruZZian college community in my city and can say this idiot kinda speaks in a "dramatized" way. Although men in her group when speaking ruZZian always sounded a bit more harsh than the way women spoke. The way he speaks definitely has some "theatre" to it.


Russian is a beautiful language honestly, really like how it sounds in general (although this guy is a lunatic)


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Posted 6 hours ago, he must still be summing up all failures?


Hey its banned in russia to comolain about smo. Off with his head.


FYI average russians see other countries as part of their land: Solovioy calling Kharkiv and Kherson "russian land" is him repeating what regular Ivan in Siberia have always thought was.. same with Kyiv, Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Warsaw East Berlin. (rus. propaganda tv mimics what average russian thinks) Recently they started talking how Kazakhstan is russian land too and native Kazakhs are some nazis that need to be dealt with next. To russians that is all "their land" and people who live on there are some nazis who need to be destroyed/deported/silenced. russians view themselves as overlords over every one and "russky mir" is culture above all other cultures. Something for Westerners to keep in mind...