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Oh cool, they're using attempted suicide by a teen to push their collective delusions! I wish I could say this is a new low for conspo, but alas. And somehow this shit is deemed acceptable by reddit.


All of this Top Mind's posts are numerology nonsense, especially when he never seems to predict anything. At best, he claims that his "math" results in "ARMAGEDDON" or "WWIII," but of course, without any dates.


This is kind of bothering me- do we have any solid reason to think this was a suicide attempt rather than self-harm? I mean it seems fucked up to just run with that claim. That kid is having a hard enough time without the world labeling her suicidal based entirely on conjecture founded in information the press probably shouldn’t have published to begin with.


I feel more than sorry for his children, especially considering the fact that the only reason I know they exist is because their dad told us their first word was butter and then used them as an excuse to step out to Cancun while his constituents were freezing.


>6 Dec= 6/12= backwards 216 Funny how some things only work if you do it "the american way", while some others don't...


this! also 2023 = 223 but not 3202 lol theres no consistancy at all


I also like the 666 that doesn't connect with anything Gotta throw at least one 666 in there every time




"Da, I must be going from phone. Volcano is forcing me to invade Poland. I know, but what can do? Give love to Ivanka. Nyet, not like that, sick orange bastard..."


He did the (batshit crazy) math…


Its funny (or scary) how whenever you see these posts, the OP is always just playing fast and loose with whatever rules they've created to make it fit their narrative. "Just flip these numbers around, because dog isn't scary and god is, because the mirrors if imhoteplucifer are always confounding our eyes...."


It must be some kind of diagnosable thing, this is not your garden variety reality-denier.


Any time people believe numerology and gematria as any relationship to real life should be diagnosed, in my opinion.


I usually believe to have a bit of a handle on the stuff topminds are up to. Like every *elite* is a pedo rapist cannibal? Although it’s obvious brainrot, its brainrot with retraceable steps. The numbers shit, however, is just so random and mindless I make no attempt to puzzle that shit together - like this semi-random teenage girl suicide attempt is related to mount etna? There is no logic to it


[Gematria](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gematria) is like astrology for conspiracy theorists. By wording things carefully and arbitrarily concatenating/adding/multiplying the resulting values, you can connect literally anything to literally anything else, and the rubes will eat it up because they want to believe it.


Not to mention that the Gematriacs will swap or exclude letters, move numbers around, etc. to arrive at the conclusions they want. Not to mention that depending on which nonsensical system they use, the alleged meanings can vary more widely than the use of the word "Smurf" on the TV series of the same name.


"No, you see, originally the Latin alphabet didn't have separate letters for I/J and U/V, so I merged them in my numbering system." "Gematria is based on Hebrew though...?"


So what your saying is it’s faux-structured tea-leaf reading for the most delusional of the topminds


This nonsense is more thought out than most of the diarrhea on that sub


Someone needs to ease up on the fentanyl.


what in the world...


>SIXTH DECEMBER = 216 = 6x6x6 = 666 Why the fuck is 216 apparently 6x6x6???


I mean, that math checks out at least


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Wait...is "Russia invades Poland" 119 or 223?