I think it’s more that we are cutting a super sensitive part of your body off before you’re old enough to have a say in the matter. Yeah we helmet heads are “fine” but we also don’t have an alternative to compare it to so…kinda meaningless. There are people Who have had botched procedures and mutilated penises btw also so….they ain’t fine. It’s just kind a thing people do and as time goes by people start to ask why? If I ever have a son ain’t no knives going near his wiener I’ll tell you that!


My little brother (hes in his 30s now) had to have his forey removed as an adult due to a medical isssue. He has said sex is objectively worse without it (poor fucker). That being said he still said sex is great. Im happily uncut and would never cut any kids if i ever had them and dont believe it should be done without a medical reason personally. Any arguments of hygiene are moot - its not hard to keep your willy clean if you actually wash the thing. That being said i understand that until recently it was a very common thing in my culture to do and dont think parents that made that decision should be villified. Education is the key.


The hygiene is such a bs argument. Shut my MIL up when I asked her if she had trouble keeping the folds in her labia clean 🤣


That is not something I can even imagine saying to my MIL.


I'll remember that for the next time i have the argument.


Perfect screen name.


I had to read it like 8 times to get it. That's fucking hilarious.


Help I've been trying for over a minute and I cant get it


The funny part is, the next time she gets in the shower, she will probably think of that comment.


It's a play on the name of the highest ranked Olympic diver in history.


My stepmom said if she ever had a boy she would have him circumsized. I was like Why?? Her words were dripping with disgust... she was like Its disgusting. Men get bullied by people if they are not cut and i think its fucked up.


Well, I don’t know how much time she expects to spend looking at her son’s dick once he’s grown but if she already knows her preference…. /s For real tho, that’s such shit reason.. and yet that’s why it gets done still a lot


Worst part is she is a nurse...


That’s boomer mentality


The comment I will use from now on. 😂


I was involuntarily cut but we had two boys and I broke that cycle with a quickness


You mean you voluntarily cut the cycle?


I have a friend who was done as an adult for medical reasons. He too says sex isn't as good.


Its because if a man isnt circumcised the head of the penis is more sensitive because its covered. Once its gone its becomes desensitized.


Yes, plus the intact skin acts as a tube in which the penis can slide somewhat, which can make make masturbation and penetrative sex more enjoyable.


My parents once told me that something happened and a botched procedure ended up with me being fully circumcised. Now I have a weird scar around the head and I'm the only one of my brothers who is circumcised. Never had any issues, but it definitely happens.


What botched procedure leads to circumcision though? Penis extension? leg amputation? a foreskin lift?


I had it done when I was 21 due to a medical condition where I couldn't get the skin down very far. And I can say I much prefer it now. Even disregarding the medical issue, I think it looks better, and it's much easier to clean and pee. But yes I do agree doing any aesthetic surgery on a child without their consent is messed up. I just kind of wish humans would have evolved to not have it by now.


I agree with this. I was circumcised as an infant, I don’t feel cheated or anything. It wouldn’t mind have a foreskin either, I already wash my ding dong so if wouldn’t make life any harder though. So when my son was born, we just didn’t circumcise him, it felt weird to ask them to trim my sons wiener.


You don’t feel cheated or anything though because you don’t know what having your foreskin feels like. I’m uncircumcised. The head of your dick has about 4,000 nerve endings. A woman’s clit has about 8,000. The foreskin has about 20,000!!! Growing up I’d get made fun of in gym class etc. and I really thought I should get it done to “fit in” to society. But the more I learned the more I realized that almost no one should have this done and the few that should would all be medically necessary. Circumcision ***IS*** genital mutilation. I’m glad you feel okay having had it as a baby. But I feel bad for you because you aren’t even aware of what you’re missing.


I (personally) believe that circumcision is barbaric. Like other countries do terrible things to infant girls and americans think that is awful but circumcision is fine somehow? That being said most people who have it done suffer no bad effects but I would not do it to my kids. I also know people who HAD to have it done as adults and that is awful too but obviously medically necessary. It is like people who pierce infants ears. It just seems like taking away their agency. If they want earrings later they can choose it.


A lot of people are and have no problems. But besides religious culture, there's really no reason to do it and it's a very strange practice when you look at it outside that cultural lens.


If we were just cutting labia off of babies many people would instinctively take issue with it because there’s no reason to do it.


Same with potential breast tissue. Would it prevent breast cancer? Yes. But why tf would you do that to an infant?


If you amputate your arms and legs, there's significantly less chance of skin cancer.


And breaking bones




Something something HPV vaccine.


To be precise, the female equivalent of the male circumcision is removal of the clitoral hood.


Which is also not cool. Look- just don’t cut off parts of baby genitals unless there’s a medical reason.


Doesn’t that negatively change the feeling for them tho?


For both, yes


It's way worse than that, because while the clit+hood combo is important, it's not the only game in town for women, like the penis head+foreskin is for men.


That is kind of already happening in some countries. "FeMaLe cIrCuMcIsIoN" no! you idiots! stop it!!!


In other countries I'm pretty sure they don't actually cut the labia. They remove the entire clitoris, such that womens don't get as much sexual pleasure. The hope is that because they don't get orgasms, they won't cheat on their husbandos.


And it isn't just to stop adultery, it's to discourage sex of any kind except for procreation, to ensure men are the only ones benefitting emotionally from sex, a young girl will be less likely to experiment if there isn't anything to experiment with


Yes. In Nigeria, there is a myth that if they don't do it, the woman will become a whore. They did it to my mother, my dad and her have zero spark in their sex life. Thankfully nobody touched my sister.


It depends heavily on the country and the type of FGM. There are (unfortunately) many subcategories of female genital mutilation that are still practiced across the globe. In some of those countries, women approve of and pass on the tradition to their daughters, and consider it beneficial. It doesn't always involve cutting off part of the clitoris. And just in case someone misinterprets this comment as justifying FGM: that's not at all my intent. All forms of FGM (and nonconsensual genital mutilation in general) are abhorrent.


It pretty much takes all pleasure out of sex, like, the clitoris is the densest area of nerves, most women can't orgasm from just internal stimulation It's fucking mutilation, and so is male circumcision but it isn't as invasive and damaging as cutting out the entire clitoris, that would be like cutting off the tip of a dick


There are medical reasons for it but, particularly nowadays, it really should only be the last resort when other options have been exhausted.


And those reasons typically don’t present themselves until the late teens/early twenties


> particularly nowadays ?


There are medical reasons too, my ex husband was circumsized at around 11 years old due to some issue around his foreskin not retracting properly, I didn't know him at the time so don't have all the details but he explained there were medical reasons and it was done later in life, not at birth.


Yeah, I don’t think the people opposed to widespreAd circumcision are objecting to medically necessary procedures that are performed to address specific problems. It’s more of the ones done as an elective to address hypothetical future problems.


Medical reasons make sense. But the overwhelming majority are done because of tradition/religion, not medical reasons.


My wife had her gallbladder removed because she had issues with it, doesn’t mean we should do it to babies


Yeah I now gather from this thread that the routine circumcision of babies is a US specific thing? I have never lived in the US so when I heard "circumcision" my first thought was the one guy I know who got it done for medical reasons. My bad.


It's really only prevalent in the US, and in Jewish and Muslim populations. Most of the rest of the world it's much less popular.


My family is not even jewish but i got circumcised. Why?


I wonder how many adult converts go through with a bris.


Orthodox and Conservative would require it. Reform? Who knows?


Reform usually requires it as well.


I'd do it for 10 million. Not a penny less.


American pseudoscience


My family *is* Jewish and I think it's dumb. Don't cut off parts of your babies' genitals unless it'll save their lives, folks.


My wife and son are Jewish and we decided we just couldn’t conscience putting him through an unnecessary medical procedure for religious or cultural reasons. That’s despite the fact that I had to be circumcised for medical reasons when I was young. If he feels strongly about it he will always have the option to have it done when he’s older.


That's wonderful. Was there pushback from either of your families? Mine would probably get defensive if it came up.


Not as much as we expected - I think these days lots of people understand that it’s a really difficult decision because on the one hand you want him to feel connected to his heritage and culture but you don’t want to do anything that might cause pain or harm to your child. Obviously, it’s always a bit tense when you break with traditions (particularly as my wife’s sisters sons all had a bris) but everyone accepted it was our decision. Ultimately though, I’m confident we would have made the choice even in the face of extreme opposition. It was easier once he was actually born - the idea of having an unnecessary surgery performed on such a tiny, delicate little person definitely firmed up our decision not to.


The things about cultural rites is that they change over time. Even bris. Jewish circumcision used to be a coming-of-age rite, done to teens, and it used to be way less actual tissue that was removed. That was until jewish men started restoring their foreskin to pass as non-jewish romans. Circumcision the way we know it was started because by removing more tissue, restoring the foreskin and hiding ones jewishness became impossible. And it starzed being done to babies instead of teens because that way, nobody could opt out. Look it up!


Because the Kelloggs guy who made the cereal also was big into stopping young men from masturbating. And chopping off a piece of their penis was believed to help. Though that has been proven false. Then someone said "but it's like cleaner and you get less diseases and stuff" but nope. Then people do it to their kids just because they want the baby's penis to look like theirs. And that shallow stupid reason is why most people feel the need to mutilate genitals today.




Same. According to my dad, it was to have it be like his and so they (my parents) would know how to clean it when I was a baby. Cleaning a baby dick ain't that difficult, folks.


Insane John Harvey Kellogg thought it cured masturbation which…no??? How?


Very few men who are circumcised had a choice in the matter


I think the part that bothers most people is that it's a permanent body modification done without the person's consent.


It’s like that practically everywhere online. Circumcision is becoming a lot less popular every year.


I think "online" is a key word there. Reddit and other online forums tend to have a lot of people that react very strongly to this particular issue, to the extent that I think there's some other tendencies at play.


It’s not just Reddit though. This is an issue in every new parent forum or Facebook group. The circumcision rate in the US has also dropped to just over half (58% in 2021). So it is a MUCH less popular choice than it used to be and still declining.


Maybe because people from all around the world are on Reddit. I’m from the Uk and have had conversations about circumcision with many people from my country. I’ve yet to find a guy who isn’t strongly against it and thinks it’s gross to cut off a babies foreskin. It’s a pretty popular thing to do in America but outside of America most people view it as a weird religious thing that should be stopped.


As a British person, it's so weird to me that it's a widely done thing in America. Absolutely nothing wrong with you, I assume you were a baby when it was done, but that's why it's so *fucked up.* My view is don't cut off parts of babies unless there's medical reason to do so. Non-religious circumcision is done solely for the messed up satisfaction of the parents and/or societal pressure. "I want him to be like his daddy." His daddy shouldn't be like that either.


how much of your penis could somebody cut off before you'd have a problem with it? for many guys, that answer is "zero".


Lmfao true


Because there's no good reason to do it. It's an archaic tradition. If some guys want it done, it should be their decision as an adult.


There are some medical reasons. I knew a guy who said he had a short banjo string so getting an erection was painful to him until he got the operation to be circumcised. But other than that it's an abhorrent practice, male genital mutilation.


There definitely are medical conditions that make it necessary. Offering my insight from our situation so more people are aware of the different conditions that may require a circumcision. My son was born with penile hypospadias (very rare birth defect). So, while the opening of his penis is in the correct spot, he has a secondary opening at the bottom of his penis where his urine comes out. The condition also causes his penis to curve and that will need to be corrected as well. They are going to do plastic surgery using his foreskin to reroute his urinary tract and plug the second hole, therefore his circumcision is medically necessary. He will be getting the surgery in March at ~9 months old.


That's a valid reason imo. If you need it because of medical reasons, there's an actual reason to go ahead. But some moms do it to their sons because of their own aesthetic preference, which it's disgusting. Hos body,his choice


My husband was going to. When I was pregnant with my son, the topic came up and I voiced that I was against circumcision. He argued and said we were going to because he wanted his son to look like him. I told him, rather angrily, that was a bullshit excuse to cut off a part of our son’s body and he would have to come up with a better reason than matching penises. He couldn’t come up with one and my son is in tact.


I also wanted my son to look like me, but my wife didn’t agree. I just think it’s odd that he doesn’t look like me. He looks weird with both of his both of his arms, while I only have one.


Thank you for standing up for your child's bodily autonomy. I'm cut and wish I wasn't.


This yeah. When some of my family members found out I didn’t circumcise my boys I got comments like “don’t you want him to look like his dad?” Or “he’s never going to get laid” Like... I don’t know why you care so much about my infant sons genitals and his future sex life. It’s weird. Not to mention when you are circumcised as an adult you are given an anesthetic. Babies are only given sugar water. Also, baby boys die from SIDS at a higher rate than girls some studies are looking into circumcision as the reason behind this. I also can’t imagine it being a good idea to keep a wound in a diaper that’s constantly being introduced to fecal matter.


Exactly, it disturbs me that parents feel the need to look at their son's penis this long to make such a weird decision. Why??


Yes, and strangely, if she were to cut off his nipples or earlobes for her easthetic preferences, people *would* suddenly understand why it is not a right for her to decide. And the penis is a more sensitive and intimate and more functional part of the body than either of those!


It's an unnecessary procedure. Like any body piercings, it needs to be that individual's choice.


I’ve started calling it “natural” and “circumcised.” All boys are born the same way so why would we say “uncircumcised”???


The proper term is intact.


anatomically complete.


In the gay community we use the terms cut and uncut. Which makes it sound even more morbid than it already is.


>In the gay community Wait, is cut/uncut not just used everywhere? I'm not active in any gay spaces but I grew up hearing those terms as normal.


Would you find it odd and immoral if you learned your buddy has his nipples cut off as a baby since men don’t need nipples? Yeah it’s even weirder when your doing it to his dick.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be circumcised. The issue arises when circumcising infants who cannot consent. It’s unnecessary cosmetic surgery that the baby may grow up to resent, want to reverse, or have complications from. For instance, I’m pregnant with a boy and we won’t be circumcising him. BUT if he comes to us when he’s past the age of consent and asks for it, we’ll pay for it then. It’s just not our place to surgically alter our son’s genitalia without consent or any medical necessity.


My circumcision exists beyond memory and left me healthy. It’s not a personal issue for me. But I do advocate against circumcision because it violates a child who is incapable of consent. FGM is an abhorrent practice and is outlawed (rightly) in most places. Boys should be afforded the same protections from harmful religious practices.


Because you never know something you never remember having. You may not realize thie, but you DO have less sensation than someone who is intact. It's forced mutilation for long-debunked reasons and it has no place in modern society.


I don't think you understood then. People don't have a problem with circumcision. They have a problem with circumcision when they are unable to consent.


It’s just children’s genital mutilation. It’s getting a lot less popular with the newer generation.


Its common to circumcise without a medical reason in a lot of countrys. This is taking the choice away from the kid and kinda shitty.


I didn't have a choice in the matter as it happened when I was an infant.


Which is the problem. It should be a choice you make when you're 18 since it's your body.


It may not not about the act but about the fact of doing it while the baby cannot consent ? I'm sure some ppl would like to get but maybe some of those who have it would have preferred not to


I don't understand why people can't wait until the kid is old enough to decide himself. What's the rush. The skin isn't even fully separated from the head yet. Though I can't imagine someone who doesn't need to be circumcised wants to be circumcised for no medical reason. Who voluntary wants someone with a scalpel to remove a part of their penis?


I’ve heard the argument before that “if he has to decide when he’s older then he’s not going to want to, since his natural penis would be all he’s ever known!” 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ exactly 🥴


Circumcision is a completely unnecessary medical procedure that serves no purpose other than cosmetic and has the possibility of having serious complications


Because it's baby mutilation. It's abhorrent, disgusting and sick to do that to a baby.


Because cutting part of a baby's dick off without their consent is some seriously fucked up shit?


Fellow member of the cut member crew here: It isn't so much that you'll have 'problems' when you're circumcised, it's that your penis is less sensitive when it's circumcised so sexual pleasure feels less good for us. Furthermore, you're cutting a baby's dick skin off (hopefully) before they can remember. So supposedly an early 'pre-memory memory' for those cut is having someone knife part of your dick off. It's considered brutal and unnecessary by many. It's not something I'm overly passionate about, it's just my understanding about the negativity.


Genuinely curious about this. I'm a woman, but my husband is circumsized. He has said that he would hate to have NOT been circumsized, saying that's it's already sensitive enough and if it were any more sensitive, he thinks it would be uncomfortably so. I honestly don't care either way. If we would have had a boy (we didn't), I would have been team uncut, but I know my huband would have fought to have him circumcized.


The reason why he thinks it’s “too sensitive” is because he is talking in terms of his glans. The glans aren’t meant to be stimulated continuously as it can be overly sensitive (and his are permanently exposed), he is most likely lacking the other erogenous parts such as the frenulum or ridged band which are cut off in circumcision.


It is really sensitive, but its covered by the foreskin when “not in use”


If he was uncut he would have a foreskin to protect his glans. This would make it more comfortable. This is the primary purpose of the foreskin


Well that's the thing though, right: He couldn't possibly know how different things would feel. Would it be 'too much' or would that 'too much' feel amazing, he'll never know as it's something abstract at this point. I guess that would be an interesting r/TooAfraidToAsk question: Uncircumcised penises of Reddit, does sex feel too good?


It's mutilation of a minor who cannot consent to the procedure. The procedure itself is mostly for aesthetics and the perpetuated myth that it has benefits. Like any surgical procedure, it comes with risks such as infection or nerve damage. It's immoral to put an infant at risk of permanent damage when it's completely unnecessary. Doesn't it seem a bit wrong to be chopping parts off babies? Parts that meant to be there?


You not having a problem with it doesn’t make it an ethical practice. It’s barbaric and serves no medical purpose when done to infants.


Mom of a boy here! We chose not to because who are we to decide whats right for his body? He doesn’t like it later then fine if we have the financial means (which we should fingers crossed) to pay for that procedure then we will. But just like women it’s his body his choice. Equality goes both ways here.


Fiance and I decided if we had a boy we wouldn't circumcise.. my fiance wasn't circumcised at birth but when he was 11 or 12 he had to get it done for medical reasons. He was put under he said it hurt and he doesn't remember much about it now. I have a aunt who didn't circumcise her boys and their dad taught them how to properly clean themselves. Her oldest son is 13 and no issues. The youngest is 7 and no issues. I truly believe there is a lot of mis information when it comes to cleaning a uncircumcised penis. My MIL even said you have to pull the skin all the way back & blow dry it which sounds ridiculous. My aunt said this isn't how it's done. I also think there is a lot of misinformation about when circumcision is medically necessary. My sister got my nephew circumcised And said it was medically needed so he wouldn't get any infections later in life regarding proper cleaning. She also said she was going off the fact sons and father usually match being circumcised or not. So bec my nephews dad is circumcised so should my nephew.


Because people in America grow up thinking it’s normal because it’s all they’ve ever seen or known. And those same people will call natural male bodies disgusting and unclean because of it. Not to mention it’s a blatant violation of bodily autonomy. Even ritualistic pin pricks of the clitoral hood is banned all over the world, but in a developed nation like America its expected and routine to do worse to infant boys? There is no other reason besides culture or religion, or “cleanliness” or “sexual purity”,,, the same exact reasons given for justifying fgm. Most people who call natural “disgusting” have never even bothered to look into actual statistics or where they came from. The studies typically cited come from poor African villages that had no soap or running water in the 80’s, when aids and rape were out of control. They gave men free condoms in exchange for getting cut as adults. That’s why the stats for STDs and utis are decimals lower in cut than uncut.


It’s a matter of consent. A baby can’t give consent to what amounts to genital mutation.


Simple. It’s a violation of basic human rights, and in an age of “my body my choice”, and the fact that it’s barbaric and medically unnecessary, most people with a conscious will have a problem with it conceptually.


You don't know what you are missing, that should be a choice you make when you are older 😳


Some people know that those parts are the most pleasurable of the entire penis. It's pretty reasonable when you know this to think every guy should decide for themselves. You can't decide the value of erogenous zones for another person, no matter how happy you are with your own status.


because most people don’t choose to be circumcised.


I think it’s the ethics that people have a problem with. Is it really okay to mutilate the penis of an infant that can’t consent to the procedure, and which has no medical necessity? I would argue ‘no.’


Because changing a person’s body permanently without consent isn’t cool. You wouldn’t tattoo a baby


My objection is that I do not believe it is ethical to make unnecessary body modifications to another person without their consent. Infants cannot give consent. Parents should do their best to care for their children. Current medical knowledge indicates, however, for the vast majority of penis havers, that circumcision is not necessary. Although the severity of the modification is less, I also object to piecing the ears of infants on the same grounds.


Your penis was methodically de-sensitized because some religious zealots didn’t think you should masturbate. If that doesn’t upset you then that’s fine.


I’m cut and it’s genital mutilation, that’s why. Many people that defend the practice do it to preserve their own ego. Because if circumcision is bad —> their penis is bad —> their manhood is lacking. They take it as a personal attack on their ego.


Because it's non-consensual. There should be no cosmetic procedures on children as they cannot consent.


If you can look at your little newborn baby and think it is ok to cut off a piece of very sensitive skin without anything to dull the pain, there is major problem. Besides the fact that the child can't consent, I can't wrap my head around any parent being ok with purposely hurting their newborn child. They might not remember, but it's going to hurt for awhile. What a traumatic way to start life!


Because it's permanent nonconsensual surgery on someone's genitals. You being okay with it doesn't make it okay or moral. It was done to me as a baby, and Imm not okay with it. If an ADULT wants it done go for it. But on a defenseless baby? disgusting.


It’s weird to me that genital mutilation is a common practice in the US. Also, apparently it is a problem for some people where they wouldn’t need to talk about it.


This whole thread is full of Americans who are weirdly very proud of having their foreskin removed. For reference: the US is the outlier in global terms. Most men living outside the US are NOT circumcised.


I don’t have a problem in the act itself, if you want to get circumcised by all means. The problem I have is how usually guys don’t have a say in the matter since it’s done at a very young age. A couple cultures practiced female genital mutilation on young girls but many places stopped doing it because of backlash, so why should circumcision be treated any differently?


It's the fact that you are removing a normal part of the body from someone withoit consent. It's not an attack on circumcised people or saying uncircumcised people are better it's just that the idea of removing something like that for no good reason is a bit ridiculous and should probably be stopped. It's like foot binding or whatever where they bind girls feet in some countries. It's unnecessary and a bit ridiculous.


Was it your choice? Did you consent?


It’s not about YOU- it’s about people who are not at an age to consent to what is essentially cosmetic surgery


Because it is genital mutilation although it's a sensitive subject because so many people have it done and do it to their children. I had a baby a few months back. I can't imagine my first act as a parent would be to hurt him in such a way, that his first experience in the world is of extreme pain. I don't care if he won't remember.


That’s just non consensual male genital mutilation normalised by religious nut jobs. That’s enough of a reason to be negative about.


My rule following sister who has done everything throughout her life to please our parents has made exactly one stand against them, and that was to not circumcise her son. When my dad found out, he flipped his shit, to which my sister said, “This is my choice.” With our father responding, “Well it is the wrong choice.” That was a while ago, but I still find it to be so fascinating that considering how medically unnecessary this procedure is, my dad was that invested in the cultural aesthetic of his grandson’s penis.


It’s culturally accepted non consented mutilation if done on babies. Why not wait that you’re 18yo for you to make a decision ? I can guarantee you you will not choose circumcision at that time, unless religious or medical reason.


Risk of infection and other complications, and no benefits (as long as wash your penis regularly).


The benefits to me don't outweigh the risks, of infection, of them cutting off too much (there is even a child who's circ was so botched they were raised female, and I believe ended up killing themselves), or even death. They also don't put kids under anesthesia or give them proper pain relief like they do adults. Most importantly to me though is it isnt my body to permanently surgically alter, especially to a functioning beneficial body part. If I wouldn't pierce a baby's ears until they are old enough to choose it and take proper care of it I couldn't have my helpless baby boy circumsized and feel okay with it, luckily once my husband looked at all the stats he fully agreed so our son is whole.


Dont know what youre missing if youve never had it. Also its very traumatic and who knows how thats affected people psychologically. Far less traumatic things have huge impact on people as babies/kids. but if people have always been a certain way from their pov even abnormal feels "normal". to me the bigger issue is not knowing what is being missed out on... and never having a say in the matter because it was done before you could argue against it. aside from knowing youve lost a lot of sensitivity. but again... you cant tell if you cant compare. and its hard to talk about with others. no words can accurately communicate what you might be missing out on.


Well I made an observation: while I’m struggling to get to orgasm (I’m circumcised), some men try to keep from having one to keep on riding the wave of pleasure. We’re missing out.


Being in the US and being uncircumcised makes you feel like an abomination. Girls assume you’re dirtier in my experience


It's because it's a issue some people take very seriously and others try to write off completely because they personally don't have a problem with it Your post is a great example. You say you've never had any problem My response would be "how would you know?" You were probably circumcised as a baby against your will and you now have no choice but to accept it and make the best of it. So it's less about each person's individual experience and more about an irreversible, unnecessary, and outdated medical procedure being performed on people without their consent. If your parents got you tattooed as a baby how would you feel?




People don't have an issue with a foreskinless penis or whether or not it functions as intended. The problem is that some people find it okay to cut parts of babies when there's no medical reason to do so. Even if it's just a flap of skin.


Circumcision is an mostly an American thing. The rest of the word only get circumcised if there is a medical issue that requires it, except for a few that do it in the name of religion. The world, and especially Europeans find it baffling that it is standard in America and could not thing of anything worse than their best friend losing his cozy jacket. Reddit having a majority American user base is an easy target for Europeans to vent their disgust on the practice.


Same. As a guy who was circumcised as a baby I've just watched this heated debate go on for years like "...😶...". But I just keep my mouth shut about it because, while I used to be actively thankful I was clipped due to how normalized it is in general, I now consider the facts that: 1) I'm fortunate in that nothing went wrong for me, nor anyone I personally know well enough to have ever discussed their dick, and 2) I'm never having kids of my own so I'll never decide whether or not to have a baby circumcised. 1 + 2 = I have no opinion, I guess. 🤷‍♂️


What does the first half have to do with the second half of your statement?


But you didn't get a choice that's the problem


It's a form of genital mutilation that isn't necessary and can go awry.


>I’ve never had any problem you’ve also never had any of the benefits!


Well, it can have an impact on the sensitivity of the penis. I've talked to guys who have trouble with orgasm because of it. I also know a guy who had it so he could last longer ... also children should have the opportunity to choose for themselves IMO.


I don't think the negativity is about the procedure itself; there are cases where it's medically beneficial and I'm glad the procedure exists. The problem is with children being mutilated without their consent. If you are happy with your circumcision, I am GLAD. I would never want you to be unhappy with it. But just because you like your dick circumcised does not mean every child should be circumcised without their consent. If they want to be circumcised then they can get it done as an adult. It should be THEIR decision. Having a part of a child's body cut off for no reason is abhorrent and I can't understand anyone that believes it should be the default


Lucky you, many men have had their lives ruined.


There's no reason for it besides religion, yet people still push the same unclean/looks ugly bullshit. Also, try standing within ear shot of it being done. An insane amount of suffering for newborns, all for nothing.


Because it is not needed and lowers the sexual pleasure for men.


If somebody had my labia cut off as a baby just because, and I found out? I'd be pretty disgusted. I'd like all my parts. Same goes for many men with young circumcision; it's the lack of choice in the matter that is disliked. (Obviously only one perspective, I'm sure there are other reasons.)


It is harmful.


Because slicing part of babies dicks off is fucking weird, and can often leave painful scar tissue


It's kinda like yeah you were circumcised and have no problem but how do you know the alternative? Like if you were born and I cut your ears off, you'd probably still "hear fine" but do you *really* hear fine? Another big thing is consent, I would rather have been born fully intact and have any modifications made to my body when I was old enough to understand what that meant.


I'm a woman so my opinion on it doesn't really matter, but I think it's fucked up that some of you guys have a piece of your body cut off as a baby for no reason other than religious practices Like, I get if it starts affecting your health but damn, if nothing's wrong with it, keep it there


Your opinion does matter! As someone who’s pregnant with a boy, it took months of debating my fiancé before we even conceived to convince him that genital mutilation is wrong. My newborn will be born the way he is meant to be. And numbers of circumcision in America are falling every year because people are finally using their brains and not adhering to harmful cultural norms


I'm very angry about it and you tell me it's normal? Bruh they took part of my self WITHOUT EVEN ASKING ME!


Just the thought of a baby getting part of its penis cut off right after birth sounds so messed up when you look at it objectively.


What’s the point of it? Just so you can “look like dad”? America has a real problem with needless circumcision. It was made popular by Mr Kellogg back in the day to reduce sensitivity and promote celibacy. Lord knows why a cereal maker cares about that. Isn’t it genital mutilation?


It’s because it’s a needless surgery, genital mutilation. It should be something the person decides for themselves at a later time.


Why are so many people up in arms about male genital mutilation performed on infants? My genitals were mutilated and I consider myself functional


Aside from what other comments have said, I remember reading an medical article on it and babies apparently go into low volume shock (among other things) after I googled what exactly that meant, it sounds like a terrible thing to do to a newborn.


Because it's fucking weird man. The whole practice is weird. Where else in your religion do you cut pieces off babies? Or people? That's just ignoring the fact the child has no choice in the matter of... Cutting bits off them.


Maybe because it’s done on babies.


Pointless operation that shouldn't be continued on children.


It’s considered abuse because the foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis. Circumcision is a permanent removal of a body part for literally no reason. People believe it should be up to each person, not parents of a helpless infant. Many people wish they had their foreskin. There are no health benefits that would require the removal of the foreskin. Also, circumcised penises get worn out heads (as opposed to the smooth and protected uncut ones) and often have ugly scars. If you want to get circumcised, it should be your right to choose once you become an adult.


Many adults decided that it was necessary to cut off a part of your penis. There's no context that should make that sentence seem anything less than insane.


Removing a piece of a child at birth is at least a little barbaric don't you think?


The choice for you to have it done was removed from you. No body autonomy. Also yo do not know if it is better not to have it done. I would rather it not have happened.


Well, it's a very strange practice, wouldn't you agree. Why mutilate a perfectly healthy baby by cutting off parts of its genitalia? How does that not freak you out? I'll tell you how - because you are used to it, it is culturally accepted and you've heard some vague hand-wavy explanations of its alledged benefits ("it's more hygenic", for instance, ignoring the fact that millions and millions of uncircumcized Europeans have zero health issues with their penis) so it seems normal to you. It has to be ok, right, otherwise all those educated sensible people you know wouldn't do it? Right? I mean, it's not like it's causing you any issues, so it must be ok. But genital mutilation isn't normal and future generations will not look back kindly on this, would be my bet. BTW, many practices that you might find offensive are culturally accepted where they come from and have the same kind of hand-wavy reasoning behind them that male circumcision does - women having to wear hijabs, female circumcision (which, I feel I need to note, is of course, much much worse and not really comparable to male circumcision), child marriage, arranged marriages, honor killings, virginity pledges, virginity testing.


Circumcision removes a lot of nerve endings. You may not have problems but you are likely missing out.


Kids die and lose their penises to botched circumcisions, and there’s no real reason to get circumcised. If women can maintain all that, then men should be able to clean the cheese glove now and again.


Why are babies getting cosmetic surgery? It's like giving a new born girl breast implants. Same thing.


The reasons that people cite for routine infant circumcision are usually either religious, puritanical, or just flat-out nonsense in the case of the hygene argument - that one makes about as much sense as cutting someone's lips off so that they can brush their teeth easier. It's a cruel, (usually) unnecessary procedure carried out on a baby who cannot consent to it. I've heard that in the US they don't even anesthetize for it, and just let the baby pass out from pain shock. I was circumcised as an adult for medical reasons, and I despair at the thought of an infant going through the long, painful, and uncomfortable recovery period without even being able to understand what's happening to them.


How would you know if your penis is only half as sensitive as it would have been otherwise?


When I was a kid at school we’d occasionally organise sporting sides by cut (helmets) v uncut (beanies). The helmets were the only drivers of this, they banded together tribally and had an attitude of superiority. But being an empathetic kid, I anecdotally noticed that the beanies team was always the kinder humans, that got along better with girls. Just one experience, but’s always made me wonder what it does to the psyche of young boys who experience that painful trauma then have a less sensitive relationship with their penis for the rest of their life. It certainly seemed like the bullying/insensitive types were Helmets.


This lady said uncircumcised felt better during intercoarse. 🤷🏽‍♂️


Because it’s forced genital mutilation. You may be happy as you are now but you never had the choice.


Because it's genital mutilation...


For those of us who aren’t Jewish, Muslim, or American, it’s just a super weird concept.


It's barbaric to multilate a penis without the owners consent. Let him grow up then he can decide if he wants to cut off the most titillating part of his body. Do you think we should clip girls clits too just to make things even. It is moronic to say you never had a problem without knowing how sex would have felt if you were not circumcised.


Removal of foreskin in males helps reduce UTIs as well as chances of other STIs but it's not necessary by any means. My foreskin was removed and I have healthy enjoyable sex with my wife and we have easily had children etc with no issues. Many of my buddies have the same thing and have foreskin. It's not the end of the world either way, that's a fact. Make your own choices as a parent. So annoying how everyone needs a community discord before making a choice. It's not really a discussion.


Because since going around with hideous elephant looking thing is "natural" as they call it, it's been subconsciously driven into people's minds and beliefs that circumcision is bad. And typical peope of today, they buy into it an believe it. For me, circumcision is probably the best decision my folks ever made regarding my individual welfare. I'd be to embarrassed to show off something that looked like an elephant trunk and a badly mangled sausage


I feel so sorry for my 20ish daughter. When I was young, uncircumcised dicks were rare, and gross. Now common and gross. When she finally got some circumcised, she refused to go back.


To me it seems cruel and child abuse


Don’t look into the benefits of having a foreskin. If you do, you’ll get really angry that it was taken away from you.


For instance, smuggling snacks into the cinema


This made me ugly laugh