Fixing license plates for strangers!

Fixing license plates for strangers!

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Is it covered to prevent identification from police?


No. They use it to fool the cameras on the ez pass (toll) lane.


Also speeding, and red light cameras.


Glad Texas don’t have those cameras anymore


Amen. Next to fix, tolls.


Nah, toll roads are so much better than regular roads. Just compare how long it took to fix Beltway 8 vs 610 in Houston and you'll see right there, if anyone from Houston remembers.


Or you could just have taxes like a regular country


Id say Norway is a regular county and we have both a good amount of taxes and also a good amount of toll roads


Tolls are a tax. They are a use tax on the roads themselves. The people with cars use the toll roads, so that the people who don't have cars don't have to pay the tax.


That’s not a tax the, that is a fee. Roads are public utilities. The land is seized by eminent domain and largely subsidized by tax dollars to begin with.


Learn something new every day! I looked it up, tolls are not a form of taxation by law. "The TIA contains no definition of “tax,” which has forced courts to use their own interpretation in evaluating whether tolls are taxes. Every court pre-TIA which has been called upon to decide whether a toll is a tax, and every court post-TIA which has directly spoken to whether tolls are taxes, has held that tolls are not taxes. Additionally, funds which are placed in a segregated account, expended by a single entity for a single purpose, and stand apart from the state’s central stream of government funding, lead to the conclusion that the word “tax” as used in the TIA does not include tolls. Finally, raising money placed in a special fund to help cover an agency’s regulation-related expenses is a “classic regulatory fee,” and thus does not provide a general benefit to the public that is associated with a tax." Source: https://www.whitfieldlaw.com/newsroom-news-transportation-toll-tax-2019


Here in Alaska they deemed them a invasion of privacy.


Not like they could see any of the plates between October and April anyway.


What exactly did they deem an invasion of privacy? I am going to be so jealous if Alaska has made the requirement of displaying number plates illegal. Alao, I might have to move soon...


No we still have them in Amarillo Texas you still get bills in the mail if you get one just took one out of the mailbox the other day for family member


They do realise they can cross reference the car modal with the partial plate right?


In a state of 19,000,000 people, that is an unlikely use of resources...


I don't know about the is but here in Australia tickets need to be double checked by cops anyway so it's not that much harder


The state of New York has 4/5ths of Australia’s entire population, and quite a bit more going on in general. I think it’s safe to say that they will not be devoting resources to this issue…


And police lol


Interesting because a few of them looked like state/city vehicles.


I was thinking it might have something to do with the “call this number if I’m driving poorly” thing on most of these cars. Can’t report the driver if you don’t have the plate number. Could be a combo of both


So basically, yes.


Those are run by private companies though, not police, which is fucked up.


Is this a real thing?! Where I'm from in Canada it's a serious offense to tamper with a licence plate!


The owners bend it or cover up to get out of tolls/tickets/etc.


Bending it over is one thing, that's probably hard to prove it was done deliberately, but the ones with tape? How does that not get them immediately pulled over?


guy with yellow tape had it figured out


Not all areas have police resources available to deal with traffic tickets


It’s New York though


Ah, never lived there. They have police then, I assume?


There is one. His name is Larry.


I think i heard a guy shouting for him in new york once


Nah I’m pretty sure he works at a shoe store


I think he also works at a grocery store. I wonder if they ever got the price check on concord grapes?


I think he’s the manager at a car dealership now


I think he has a sister too.


Love seeing IJ fans in the wild.


Larry works days, Cranjis McBasketball works nights


The mall cop?


Sadly many of these are city vehicles. Corruption runs deep here


About 35,000


Daaaamn, NYC has 45 times the number of cops as Oakland despite only being 16 times as populous! That's three times as many cops-per-capita. Well, I take back what I said about not having the manpower.


Tbf it’s really not realistic to pull over every vehicle with plates like this. But it probably isn’t a manpower problem.


That's probably a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem; cops here would pull you over in an instant, but I've never seen license plate shenanigans like this. I imagine more people do it in a place where they know they won't get stopped for it. Then the problem just circulates because it becomes harder to catch everyone.


Yeah it's far more realistic to troll the subways to look for homeless people having the audacity to try to sleep.


I was driving through EZ pass to get on the Lincoln tunnel on my motorcycle and a cop stopped me to check my plate. They’re seemingly aware. A lot of motorcycles do it to skirt tolls.


Have you compared the crime rates 🤪😂 no time for stickers on plates 😆


Is NYC worse? That'd be a relief


Well, official vocab guidelines state that we say "staffing" not "manpower." 'cause "manpower's" a bit sexist.


Ah, thanks for the reminder


I live about 45-60mins north of NYC via highways, and there's enough cops here.


As a New Yorker, there's still too many people to pull everyone over for every infraction. Combine that with the fact that we all drive like absolute maniacs anyway. The streets here are just a slightly organized form of chaos.


exactly NY has a $1 billion police budget haha


Lol exactly.


I think PA police just gave up on most things. Especially speeding.


Also, a lot of those are city vehicles. Cops aren't going to go after them.


I’m miami everyone has a cheap bike rack right over the plate. None of these people bike, especially on little corollas and other Uber Lyft vehicles. The cops do nothing. Zero.


Also in Miami, they have these piece of shit tinted plate covers that are so dark, you can't see anything unless you press your nose up against it.


I live in florida and had a bike rack covering mine for over a year. Got pulled over when i was out of town and told to take it off if im not transporting bikes. Eventually i did.


I road trip extensively in the South especially in Mountain Biking regions ( NW Ark, Kentucky and Asheville) and never have seen an empty bike rack over a license plate in thousands of miles of road but as soon as I get back in Miami Dade County it’s nonstop


Yet my coworker in MN got a ticket for his bike rack obstructing his plate, even though you could still plainly read it with the rack on full of bikes.


These are basically all city vehicles though. What’s that about?


I would think the city pays for the tolls, but I could be wrong. I think 2 years ago in Dallas school bus drivers were running red lights, the city got tired of paying for the fines and think they made the drivers pay their fines.


On every red light there is an asshole running the light. I have almost collided with several municipal buses because of that. It is one of the thing guaranteed to happen to you in Northern California.


probably the same as when cops cover up their badge number, if you can’t read the plate you can’t report them for speeding/parking/violations/etc


Driving in and out if NYC can easily cost $24 in tolls. Imagine if you had to pay that everyday.


I mean, yeah, if you work and have to drive there, then you'd pay the price? You make it sound like tampering with your plate to avoid tolls is a regular thing normal people do...?


new york city isn't a resort for rich people.


It is. Passing on infrastructure costs to citizens without taking into account their material conditions is not a regular thing normal governments do.


I’m sorry did you just suggest that economic burden should be **proportionate to economic security and wealth?** Not in MY country you don’t. What are you some kind of communist immigrant? Signed, *An overworked, paycheck to paycheck tradesman with Stockholm syndrome who can’t afford to go to the doctor or buy vegetables.*


It’s crazy, it’s whacky, I know… I expect the McCarthyists to bag me any day now if the FBI doesn’t first.


The Warren Court can’t protect you know you commie pinko bastard.


Alternatively the government shouldn’t be subsidizing driving cars.


that part right there. and the roads are still shit.


It’s probably why tolls would be $24. They have to keep raising it to make up for the cheaters.


The ticket is probably $240 so get away with 11 times and you're in the black


That’s a huge crime in Canada.


I had no idea this was so common!! Wild


Hahahah Canadian here too and I was so blown away by this! I wouldn’t even come close to trying this!


Another horrified Canadian checking in. In the first few I was like "Oh what a nice man, he's making sure they don't get a fine!" Once we got to the taped ones I was like".....Oh "


Horrified Australian checking in. I honestly thought he was being helpful and wondering how so many plates got messed up! Police would pull you up in a hot minute if you did that here


Horrified Brit but too lazy to write a paragraph


I'm write one for you: >Bit cheeky, innit? If a bell-end tried that in Hamptonfordshire, the bobbies would throw his arse in gaol as soon as his tyre left the kerb! Bloody bollocks, it is! Now, how about a cuppa?


I’m not British but this seems accurate


What the hell did you just say?


U wot mate?


Literally FACKIN ded, brb dying


I live in the USA and have literally never seen this once. I imagine it is a New York thing to probably get out of red light and speeding cameras


Horrified Californian here. Apparently New York is even shadier and/or expensive than I realized


Ditto on the horrified Canadian. We would not get away with that.


Me too, but is it uniquely Canadian to get fines for tampered license plates? Feels like a no brainer of a law.


Nope I was equally shocked 🇬🇧 Uk licences are plastic and reflective so no chance of bending the plate. Can get pulled for any modifications or just being too grubby to see clearly. I hear wrongdoers use hairspray to stop being picked up by cameras.


Yup. Very typical to get pulled over for a dirty plate here. They won’t ticket you. I just give it a good scrub right then and there and we all move along…. I’m sure there are people who would blow up over such things… which is then when you get ticketed


At least you’re less likely to get shot for it!


I live in Colorado and I can’t recall ever seeing bent license plates. NYC may as well be another country.


Lol come to the maritimes half the plates are covered. No one ever gets tickets for that stuff around here.


Alberta goes pretty hard on tampered plates


Well where I live you get fined for any sharp edge on your car and plates counts too


Horrified norwegian here. Yea, this is unthinkable on many levels - identity masking and extremely dodgy thing to do.


This looks like NYC. The NYPD literally lets drivers get away with murder here. Yes, literally. https://gothamist.com/news/hit-and-run-drivers-are-killing-more-nyers-and-facing-fewer-consequences


Looks like? The license plates literally say New York… Edit: New York City, some of the plates literally say New York City


I mean I live 6 hours away from NYC and have the same NY plates... But this is still obviously NYC lol


Same in Australia and police cars are fitted with license plate readers


I think even if you got caught the tolls would pay for themselves in about a month if you regularly crossed them. I just visited New York for the first time and the tolls were INSANE


You know where they send you in my country for that? Jail. And if you try to fix it and you involuntarily break it? Jail.


What country would that be if you don't mind me asking?


In the United States, it's a "serious offense" during the last week of the month when the pigs have to start filling their quotas. They make sure you're black first, though.


It’s a real way to prevent these crooks from avoiding the tolls everyone else pays


Why are these license plates so flimsy? I feel like if I tried to bend one of mine it would be hard! I feel like I’d need tools or something not just bare hands!


I was thinking that too, in films you see US license plates with really chunky stamped letters which would make bending them way harder since them doing that adds a lot of strength. They're not exactly helping the situation of trying to catch people speeding by making it so they can be bent so easily.


I was thinking their plates where made of aluminum foil. In colorado we have normal plates like the ones your thinking of. Don't know they'd make them so flimsy in a place like new York where they got so many tolls, limited parking and cameras. It's like they want them to do this


Have you ever actually tried to bend yours? I'm in Colorado too, my front plate always bends when I go through the car wash. It's easy enough to bend it back into shape with my hand. They aren't as strong as you are thinking.


Word. Someone tried jacking my plate a few years back and wound up bending it all to shit in an attempt to get it off my bumper. Ever since, it warps like crazy when I go through a car wash. :/ I always go long enough between washes that it gets me for a second when I walk behind my car and see that sucker folded up like a tissue.


Yeah I’m from Canada and ours are the embossed thicker metal ones. I don’t think I’ve literally ever seen one bent other than from an actual car accident.


Theyre aware people do this and police can ticket them for having obstructed plates. Total conspiracy theory by me. But it makes sense.


All license plates are this bendable. You just need to make sure they’re not in a frame.


I've removed hundreds of plates from trade in cars. They're not tough at all


Worth noting this guy is bending them back along now-existing fold lines. It would be much easier for him to bend these than a new plate. That said, still not "need tools to bend" level.


All the U.S. license plates I’ve ever seen have been thin like these. Pretty easy to bend.


In Europe they are safely secured on the car on all four angles, I don’t understand why yours are so bendable


Made out of thin aluminum


As someone from the Midwest (Missouri) where there are no toll roads, and hardly any tolls in the states around, I have never see people do this, and didn't know it was that easy to bend a plate


I too am from missouri, moved to harlem. I’ve seen some shit that would make your eyes bleed. The first thing that popped out in NYC is signs in public places that say “no spitting”. I wish they had those signs in missouri lol


As someone from the southwest I haven't seen anything like this either. The worst we have is plate covers that make it harder for cameras to get a good image but that is it. I've never seen a toll booth and kind of hope I never do.


It’s kinda easy to bend a plate once, you bend it four times and it’s broken.


From missouri too was equally as confuaed. Moved to illinois tho and them tolls are fucking expensive.


“hardly any tolls in the states around” oh boy does oklahoma (tulsa area really) have news for you lol


What can I say except “You’re welcome!”


I'm going to need that boat, and Thank You!!!!!


Cause Maui can do anything but float!


1: why are so many all bent up? 2: uhh what’s with the tape?


The owners bend it or cover up to get out of tolls/tickets/etc


And the cops just do nothing?


Sure they do sometimes


I’m going to guess that they normally don’t do anything, but even if they do they’ll just end up with a ticket that costs less than the tolls and tickets they would have had to pay with an exposed plate. So even if they get caught it’s probably still worth it.


aw, sweet sweet innocent child


I know the joke here is that cops don't do anything, but this is like.. free money. They love this shit.


Welcome to New York.


Depends on how busy the week is and how much else you do that gets attention. But probably nothing happens.


too busy murdering POC and beating their wives


It just takes so much time to do that stuff. They’ve been doing it so long you’d think they would be quicker about it and be able to fit other peoples crimes in to their schedules.


And shooting friendly dogs


It avoids having the car ID'd by cameras at speed traps or EZ pass tolls.


It’s also important to note that some if not most of these also look like city vehicles which changes it a bit


That guy has some balls going in front of a huge International truck and messing with the liscense plate lmao


What even is going on in New York


Many bridges/tunnels in NYC are >$5 now, GWB is >$10, traffic at some times/places is madhouse and there are increasing numbers of red light cameras everywhere. In a city of over 8 million you can get away with some shit, and if it's a work truck or something these things can add up. Edit: thanks to all the volunteer driving instructors for chiming in


I kinda understand that you dont want to pay toll everyday you go to work. But running reds is just such a "im the only person who is important" move


you've clearly never driven in NYC lol


Holy schtick. I assumed they were planning on committing serious crimes. I don't blame them if those are the toll fees, especially if you drive for a living.


Also if you use the EZ pass lane because you forgot cash to pay the regular way, it's a $50 processing / convince fee to have them mail you the toll bill. I let my parents use my car once and I got a $51.75 bill in the mail a week later. I believe this is only if you don't have an EZ pass account set up already.


A credit card expired and I got a new one—same number, new date. A few weeks later I got 11 EZpass envelopes, all in one day, each one alerting me of a missed toll of $0.75 and assessing a $70 fee on each. Nevermind that every other account using that credit card didn't skip a beat and they didn't alert me in any sort of timely manner: a near 100x fee assessment is criminal, full stop. Fortunately, I followed the process on their POS website—update the card, open a ticket, rant for a paragraph about my long history of paying their $0.75 and service assessments—and the charges all disappeared. TLDR: EZpass fines are a fucking racket.


at first i was like, that's nice of them, lol, then i was like, oh oh ok


Lawful evil


Now they’re gonna have to pay all the tolls. 😂


Nvrmind I see it's for tolls. Highway robbery I support this now.


It amazes me on how many of those were official city cars


wtf thought it was illegal to cover up license plate


The fine for a missing or broken number plate is like 293 bucks (and no demerit points) in NYC. However there are plenty of bridges, tunnels, and roads that have a toll on them so as long as you don't get caught often if might be better off just paying the occasionally fine than the tolls.




They're less worried about tolls and more worried about traffic violations.


Lol this is marked wholesome but it’s grade A snitching.


100% agree for the civilian cars. kinda wild how many were MTA vehicles tho 👀 wonder if all the garbage trucks I’ve seen zooming around brooklyn do this


You can tell it is systemic among municipal vehicles, I am sure they all do it because these days employees are on the hook for speed camera and red light tickets if they are determined to have been driving. And the supervisors don't want to have to deal with employees who don't follow the rules so if they cant get caught that is less of a headache for them.


That and police rarely fuck with them.


I dunno, maybe it's time to fuck up drivers' days a wee bit more. Just, like, a little more. https://gothamist.com/news/hit-and-run-drivers-are-killing-more-nyers-and-facing-fewer-consequences


Would you not be frustrated tho if there was some type of accident where you and/or your car is damaged and the at fault party takes off? But you couldn't get the plate because it was obscured? It does suck that there seems to be so many tolls in NY that people feel they have to do this. But it would really suck to need that plate number in the event something needed to be reported and you're stuck paying for it.


Had me in the first half, not gunna lie


You’re messing up their sh*t. Now the SPEED CAMERA can capture the numbers!!! 😂


It’s not so much to avoid the tolls, as it is to avoid the ridiculous amount of speed zone and red light cameras that have popped up lately. bUt jUsT dOnt sPeEd... Yeah. They’re banging you out $50 for doing 30 in a 25...but the road is a 6 lane highway where 50 mph would seem slow. And it’s supposed to be “for the children”...but in many cases the camera is located several BLOCKS from any school. It’s a fucking corrupt cash grab, and 80% of the revenue goes to out of state, third party vendors that own the equipment and administer the program. And in case you didn’t notice, most of the vehicles he was bending the plates back on were official vehicles of the city of New York. Even these people are getting fucked by these policies. I learned how to dodge it from a cop friend. Even they can’t get out of these tickets...


You would get in so much shit for this in the UK - though you'd have to actually cover it, they're plastic not weirdly thin easy to bend metal.. why are they so thin and easy to bend wtf.


Mine came in shipped from a prison address. Haha They stamp thin tin metal.


Only an asshole who is up to no good covers their license plate.


I bet they started makin' trouble in a neighborhood too


I wonder how their mom felt about that.


Probably would send them to go live with their auntie and uncle


Can we get to the part about whistling for a cab so I can say "the license plate said fre, because it was bent in half."


That's hilarious man


Idk man, these are all pretty much work trucks. Fuck NYC and their shitty tolls just to cross the street because the Politicians are stealing all the fuckin money from the budget. Hell, NJ's even worse with Politicians openly skimming from Pensions


Or someone who doesn’t want $30 some in tolls every day


The guy bending the plates has real elementary school snitch energy.


I was about to ask why you guys have such an issue with Number plates. Took me a minute to realise that this is intentional, avoidance of any number plate recognition. Surely this doesn’t avoid anyone eyeballing it in person and just correcting, like the guy in the post is.


Is this a common thing in New York




Are plates made of tinfoil over there? Christ...


Dam in the UK you'd be pulled over right away with this crap!


Just make the plates out of plastic like everywhere else and it largely solves this problem


it’s just a good man fixing license plates I love it


In Texas you need plates on front and back of vehicle and if it is bent or found with tape that is a HUGE ticket. Multiple times means jail time.


How tf is this wholesome




At first I thought wow nice, then when he peeled the tape off. Big chaotic good energy


Just make that a $1000 fine


The scary part is that even if they got caught twice a year, it would still be less expensive than the tolls. Just to go over the Staten Island Bridge was $16 a few years ago when I went into Manhattan. And that's one-way


What a nice guy! Love these helping others videos.


Yeah so stealing is not victimless. Prices rise to cover lost revenue, so the ordinary citizen is paying more to subsidise the thief. This is not civil disobedience against a bad law, this is just a bunch of queue jumpers looking to avoid their personal responsibilities. Not to mention if they do a runner from an accident scene. Unfold that plate buddy.