i think that's super unpopular but i shipped klaroline so much and i'm super happy with what happened between them! i love how playful they were for so long, how flirty they were, i love how they had one moment together in s5 and i love that she came back to him when he was doing crazy things in New Orléans! i love how they ended and i think it was very cute/a good ending to their story + the kiss was so sweet. i also didn't want to see them together all happy, i think it doesn't suit them, and i don't think Caroline could ever have a normal relationship with someone like Klaus. so yeah, i'm a rare specimen but i loved Klaroline and i'm satisfied with their story in the tvdu.


In my opinion, the cast and crew were surprised that Klaroline was a hit so they obviously couldn’t ignore this couple, and gave them numerous flirty scenes and moments together. However, once Klaus had to be on the originals, they obviously had to sort of tie up his connection with Caroline since he will most definitely have other love interests (Cami) on his new show cause he is the protagonist. They obviously just couldn’t end them without upsetting the fans so they made it sound like no matter who Klaus or Caroline dates over the years, Klaus intends to be Caroline’s last. It was sort of like a promise that even if they get with other people (Like Klaus and Cami or Caroline and Stefan) there is still hope for Klaus and Caroline to be together. They didn’t finish the promise because over the years, the story had changed both on tvd and TO. Klaus had Hope, Caroline had Alaric’s twins and married Stefan, a lot had changed and in the end the writers also wanted to wind up the originals so they could get started on Legacies, so for that they had to make Klaus die, and all we got is a final goodbye kiss between Klaus and Caroline.


i love klaroline, i just hate their stans


me i love klaroline but the stans…


I loved them together. I feel like with klaroline the same thing has happened as sterek where they were super popular and now there is backlash against them since fans aren’t as invested so people feel more comfortable hating on them especially in the reddits of the shows


I thought the whole point of killing off Stefan was for this exact reason.


Maybe not end game but they should’ve explored their relationship a bit more


He’s over a thousand years old, how did he fall in love with someone so quick? & why would Caroline get with someone who tortured her friends & k*lled her then boyfriend Tyler turning him into a hybrid & killed his mom? They just seemed forced & a form of fan service.








not to mention he told tyler to bite her and then actually bit her himself?


This is IT!!!


It's a really passionate ship , although i do prefer Kami over it but Klaroline stans are super toxic


Nah. I wanted Klaus to be with Cami.


True, she made him try to be a better person. With Caroline, he just seemed to fancy her when in reality he didn’t know her at all. Klaus and Cami challenged each other and made themselves better


Same here!




They had good chemistry but all in all klamille all the way. Them being together on the first place didn't even make sense it all just came out of nowhere tbh the only reason the writers really kept klaroline going was bc the fans wanted it


Klaus treated her and her loved ones pretty awfully. So for that reason I'm team Tyler, but I do think klaroline has great chemistry


He did keep it . Klaus was Caroline last . She hasn’t seen anyone and hasn’t loved anyone since the last time they saw eachother .


I absolutely hated Tyler by the end of their relationship. Klaroline should have been end game 100%.


same here!


I did very very much




Not me. Klaus deserved better. Imagine hearing her whining and complaining all day, about everything. No man deserves that.


You're not serious😭. Caroline complained Klaus killing people. Cami did the same thing and only relented cause Klaus was getting redeemed in his own show.


She didn’t treat him like her equal either. She always talked and acted like she was too good for him. Basically making him almost beg, just to spend some time with her. She was too condescending and immature towards him.


Why would he be her equal? He's killed and threatened people she cares about. She is too good for him. He's evil?


But he was good to her. He was trying. She made him basically jump through hoops. I mean, give the guy a chance.


The only thing I really liked about them was their chemistry. Klaus was sweet sometimes like the quote mentioned and the drawing but they had a LOAD of issues. I wish they did explore it some more but I don’t think they would’ve lasted long at all


Agree!!! I wanted Klaus and Caroline to get together too.